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COMIX-LOAD | Yoko Tsuno () () | Comic | German | Format: CBR. Yoko Tsuno - 03 - La forge de | 20 MB | LINK: Yoko Tsuno There's a German version of issue Any chance to. Yoko Tsuno. By Leloup. cover-comics-yoko-tsuno-tomele-temple-. Export to PDF .. Besides being very pretty, intelligent and combative, Yoko Tsuno is an.

Dutch - Ce que le vent apporte. Dutch - Bob Morane Lombard. Yoko Tsuno - 02 - L'orgue du Diable. Dutch - Les Innommables. Danish - Le Spirou de …. Dutch - Emma et Capucine. However, their filming operation turns out to become the first of a whole series of strange adventures, as they stumble upon a secret underground enclave inhabited by a highly advanced, blue-skinned people, the Vineans.

Sunday, October 11, Yoko Tsuno. Through twenty-six volumes, the series tell the adventures of Yoko Tsuno, a female electrical engineer of Japanese origin surrounded by her close friends, Vic Video and Pol Pitron see Yoko Tsuno characters.

Deutsch yoko tsuno pdf

Despite the often exotic settings and science-fiction plot lines, the stories generally remain realistic on the personal level between the characters and friendship, love and spirituality are some of the key themes of the series. The art is drawn in Ligne claire style. When depiciting real-world settings, Leloup aspires to be as true to reality as possible, with places like Burg Katz or Rothenburg ob der Tauber depicted with almost photographic skill.

Yoko Tsuno - 02 - L'orgue du Diable. Anonymous June 24, at 5: Dutch - Le Dernier livre de la jungle.

Dutch - La Branche Lincoln. Dutch - Manhattan beach Dutch - Les Chroniques de Panchrysia. Dutch - Les Carnets de Darwin. Dutch - La Pension du docteur Eon.


Dutch - Les Fils de la Louve. Dutch - Lester Cockney. Dutch - Sept balles pour Oxford. Dutch - Jeune fille en Dior.

Yoko Tsuno

Dutch - Mermaid Project. Dutch - Sur la route de Banlung. Dutch - Marshal Blueberry.

Tsuno pdf deutsch yoko

Dutch - Insiders Genesis. Dutch - La vengeance du Comte Skarbek. Dutch - La danseuse du temps. Dutch - Pendant que le roi de Prusse faisait la guerre qui donc lui reprisait ses chaussettes?

Deutsch pdf yoko tsuno

Dutch - Bulles et nacelle. Dutch - Les exploits de Poison Ivy. Dutch - Le Sang des Porphyre. Dutch - Les Trois cheveux blancs. Dutch - Le Camp-Volant. Dutch - Les chevaux du vent. Dutch - Une maison de Frank L. Dutch - Godefroid de Bouillon. Dutch - La foire aux gangsters. Dutch - Bravo les brothers. Dutch - La Lecture des ruines.

Yoko Tsuno 03 - La forja de vulcano.pdf

Dutch - Louis le Portugais. Dutch - Jessica Blandy. Dutch - Vitesse moderne. Dutch - Gueule de Bois. Dutch - La Jeunesse de Thorgal. Dutch - Bob Morane Lombard. Dutch - Bruce J.

Yoko Tsuno Deutsch Cbr File | notreicoma

Dutch - The Girl from Ipanema. Dutch - Famille Pirate. Dutch - Terres Lointaines. Dutch - Insiders — Saison 2. Dutch - S. Dutch - La Femme accident. Dutch - Quelques jours ensemble. Dutch - Secrets Samsara. Dutch - Secrets Le Serpent sous la glace. Dutch - Titoss et Ilda. Dutch - Sur la route de Selma. Dutch - Les Olives noires. Dutch - Insiders — Saison 1.

Dutch - Emma et Capucine. Dutch - Natures Mortes. Dutch - Guide mondial des records Le. Dutch - Complainte des landes perdues — Cycle 1. Dutch - La petite souriante. Dutch - Gagner la guerre. Dutch - Le chalet bleu.

Deutsch pdf yoko tsuno

Dutch - Les Petits Hommes. Dutch - Signe de la lune Le. Dutch - Les Tuniques Bleues. Dutch - Vol du corbeau Le. Dutch - Tigresse Blanche — Cycle 1.

Dutch - La Fille du professeur. Dutch - Michel Vaillant. Dutch - La Terre sans Mal. Dutch - Jeunesse de Blueberry La. Dutch - Monsieur Blaireau et Madame Renarde. Dutch - Cinq branches de coton noir.

Dutch - Le Chat du Rabbin. Dutch - Monsieur Mardi-Gras Descendres. German - Franquin Patrimoine. German - Perroquet des Batignolles Le. The flaw she does admit to having is the typically Japanese trait of valuing personal honour highly, which leads her at times to be trusting to the point of blindness. Yoko Tsuno's first name was inspired by Japanese actress Yoko Tani. Vic Video Dutch: Ben Beeld , but sometimes also referred to as Max: He has a strong personality, and is a close friend of Yoko whom he seems to be in love with, though this is only hinted at.

Before meeting Yoko, he directed live TV shows. He is often the voice of reason and prudence moderating Yoko's impulsiveness. Pol Pitron Dutch: Paul Pola , German: Knut Knolle is the comic relief of the trio.

Yoko Tsuno (01-27) (1982)

His name comes from French "pitre", literally "clown". Before meeting Yoko, he worked as a camera operator under direction of Vic. Pol is often lazy and grumpy, as well as a real gourmet. He is also playful and thus quite fond of children, and during a time travel adventure to 16th century Bruges , he gains a fiance named Mieke, which brings his childish side down by some degrees L'Astrologue de Bruges. Where almost all other characters in the comics are drawn realistically anatomically speaking, in the early albums, Pol's nose and eyes are cartoonishly large and round.

Khany is a member of the extraterrestrial race of Vineans , who left their planet when it faced destruction by its twin suns and erected secret subterranean colonies on various habitable planets, including Earth. As of the end of La Forge de Vulcain and the fall of Karpan's leadership, she is also their undeclared leader who directs the return of the Vineans from Earth to Vinea.

She is also undertaking expeditions to find lost Vinean colonies. Like Vic, she is quite careful in her actions. Khany's younger sister, and originally her twin sister, who was revived from suspended animation much later than Khany after their arrival on Earth and has thus remained a child.

She is quite attached to Yoko and has become close friends with Morning Dew. Roosje ; German: The child of two biologists who experimented with the artificial enlargement of animals, she was orphaned when her parents perished in a storm.

She had been raised by her grandfather, but due to his deteriorating health, he entrusted guardianship to Yoko. She has so far also participated in Yoko's time travel exploits and her trips into outer space. She was inspired by Leloup's daughter, adopted from Korea. Monya is a fourteen-year-old time traveler from , whom Yoko meets during the events described in La Spirale du temps.

After changing history during this adventure, Monya is unable to return to her native time. She is adopted by Yoko's cousin and the two girls become fast friends.

With the help of Monya's time machine, the translateur , Yoko and her friends undertake several time-travelling adventures. While she is not a skilled violin player as her mother was and wanted her daughter to be , she demonstrates a natural aptitude for piloting. In La Servante de Lucifer , she is also revealed to have some latent telepathic talent.

Two female Vinean nursery androids. The moment the men confront her, the owner of the laboratory explains that he hired the Japanese girl to test a burglar alarm system.

Vic, intrigued by Yoko's knowledge in electrical engineering and planning to do an independent television production with Pol as the cameraman, asks Yoko to come along.