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The Shotgun Diaries is simple, fast-paced roleplaying game designed to 1, The Shotgun Diaries PDF, The Shotgun Diaries 1 · John Wick Presents · , The Shotgun Diaries is a roleplaying game about zombie survival horror. Specifically, this is Nick's roleplaying game about zombie horror. The Shotgun Diaries RPG - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The Shotgun Diaries is a roleplaying game about zombie survival horror. Specifically, this is Nick's roleplaying game about zombie horror. I designed it. Watermarked PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (19 ratings). The Shotgun Diaries is John Wick's zombie survival horror roleplaying. Indie Press Revolution (IPR) is a direct sales network of quality independent publishers, dedicated to bringing you the best of small press tabletop roleplaying .

The Zombie Clock can be mitigated by only by the storyteller as he spends points from the clock to make bad things happen. Jenny Mosher. Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. I purchased this product thinkingit was a story. Common Questions FAQ. These count as bonus dice he may roll to succeed in a risk. Older posts.

Whenever your Survivor sees one of the following events. Your character starts with one Fear Rank. If the result is higher than your current Fear rank. Just seeing zombies is not enough of a reason for a Fear Check. We call this a Fear Check. If your Fear is 3 and you are rolling four dice.

He rolls a die. Zombies are everywhere and you see them all the time. Because Nick rolled higher than his current Fear Rank. Your friends on the other side of that door?

Lock it. This is a valid cause for a Fear Check. If you ever choose your Fear Die as a success.

The Shotgun Diaries RPG | Zombies | Dice

That is your Fear Die. The result is 4. Whenever you make a risk. But your Fear Rank is always at least one. If you write an entry in your diary. Not ever. Some examples of what could cause a Fear Check: Every entry lowers your Fear Rank by one. Someone will come. Waiting for you to make a mistake.


Every day is another day. It must be a full page. Every day. Every day is one page. You may have hope. Make sure to underline this or highlight it in some way. A break in the horror will allow us to escape. Zombies win a die roll when the Survivors fail one.

You can even write down things that are true about zombies. Only a wanker would do that. Complication Point: You made it. Anyone who makes it to the end of the time period gets rescued by the helicopter or by the army or by rednecks with shotguns in pickup trucks. A real time. Until next time.

Each game session is one day. Zombies can use their special abilities at will. But deep in his dim and dead mind. Survivor Zombies 13 If a Survivor dies.

Note the difference between zombies and Zombies. All of these turn back the Zombie Clock by one rank if a Zombie chooses to use them. He should do this at the most opportune or inopportune time. If the Zombie Clock is at zero. If the player wishes. If the Total Fear of the Survivors is greater than the number of Survivors.

Infection Instead of dying from zombie attack. This happens when the Survivor fails to roll a six. The Zombie Master shows mercy on the poor Survivor and allows him to live just a little bit longer.

Just make sure. Whoever rolls the most sixes says what happens. Watch critically. Both the Survivor and Zombie roll appropriate dice. That means. Watch Zombie Movies No kidding.

Survivor vs Zombie The only time Survivors roll against zombies is if they encounter a Zombie. Zombie Master Notes Finally. And that means you have to be a little mean. Find out what scares your players and use it.

Think to yourself. Ties go to the Survivor. Know Your Players This is a game about being afraid. Know it. Also know when not to do things to your players. And when a Survivor dies or gets infected. Fun is fun and scared is scared. So run.

And get a helmet. This is a game about zombies eating your brains. That gets them worried right quick.

Know the difference. But not for long. Use them. And if they joke around too much. If Jessie is afraid of spiders and Joannie is afraid of drowning and Jacob is afraid of clowns. You give them Fear Points. Run you bastard. So run! A six means the player says what happens and anything else says the Zombie Master says what happens. Last Words If you. Keep running. Everything else is just clever dice tricks. JW 16 A previous version of this game was privately distributed. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Reece Miller order Went to the grocery store today for supplies. Dominic Richard. Edgar Gonzalez. Joshua Bumpus. Jeremy Shepherd. Jorden Taylor. James Williams. Mr Mat. Lucas Gillispie. Tom Nolan. Felix Qui. Robert Bersch. Christina MacDonald. Rupert Dangerfield.

More From Rhys Miller. Rhys Miller. April Bremner. Guy Razer. Popular in Violence. Deb Bie.

Pdf diaries the shotgun

Neil Gillespie. Odell Kominers, F. Scribd Government Docs. Fauquier Now.

Jenny Mosher. Winston Brown. Akili Mwalimu. Marriage, Formal and Essential Requisites B. Requisites of Marriage Formal and Essential Requisites. Mitsuko Ogatis. Jojo Leaon. Leonard Enkeleida Doka. Martin Scott Catino. CJ Angat. Anonymous 0ppGK23h. Legal Cheek. Milton Rudolph v. Shotgun Diaries is a game where you can let that instinct go nuts.

The book itself is sixteen pages, two of which are fiction. Each player is a survivor with one stat; what kind of survivor are they? If you are a fast survivor, you roll a minimum of four dice when you need to be fast.

That means running from zombies, getting into a car park as the automatic gate slowly closes, that kind of thing. Any other challenge, you roll nothing. Well, technically zero dice. There are ways of improving this, either with supplies from a communal pool, or teamwork. If someone helps, you get one more dice per person, which is specifically there to create a Left4Dead style attitude of teamwork or death.

Players also get a diary. It could be a piece of paper, but a physical diary is kind of better, just for the feel and the theme. Every day that your character survives, they write one more entry into the diary and underline a truth. It could be about that character, the zombies or the other survivors.

Diaries pdf shotgun the

Each truth adds one dice to a roll relating to that truth, and your pool of Fear dice get lowered by one, as reflecting on the events and rationalising them makes you a little calmer.

What are Fear Dice? This is the diary of Jacob Smith. The characters were attacked at Brighton Station while they were still on the train. They escaped and seeing the berserk fury of the zombies in the station, they ran along the tracks to get away, across the viaduct and down into London Road Station. The pub there, The Signalman, looked safe.

They started to prise off some of the barricades someone had hastily built, but Mahmoud was bitten by a zombie no one noticed in time. A damn tragedy, a taxi driver would have been useful. Steve made Jacob Smith… character creation is basically a stat and an opening diary entry only a sentence or two long. They rolled to see if there was enough sanctuary… When they entered, they could hear the cinema was running.

It was playing Night of the Living Dead, and all the people in the audience were zombies.

Diaries the pdf shotgun

They ran as fast as they could next door to the fire station. They broke in and sealed the doors shut. Sanctuary, and Jacob Smith who was perplexed about what was going on, although his access to a fire engine and axes helped them a great deal.

Sanctuary is a big part of this game. Rescue is coming after a fixed number of sessions and the characters have to survive that long. You lose one and you make another.

The Shotgun Diaries RPG

Simple, but can you stop them dying just long enough to get invested, to get them some neat abilities and then have your beloved character escape? My group went through easily a dozen or more characters in two sessions. Sanctuary will keep you alive just a little longer. The problem with a sanctuary? The Zombie Clock. Every ten minutes of real time, the Zombie Clock goes up by one. If it beats the security rating of the sanctuary then the zombies get in, no matter how secure you thought things were.

Maybe two supporting characters get in a fight and one ends up being put through a shop window, letting them in. The Zombie Clock can be mitigated by only by the storyteller as he spends points from the clock to make bad things happen.

Now what? This is a game which requires basically no prep as the storyteller throws these situations at players and they fight back with innovation and a lack of forethought. This is a game about impulse, after all. The Diary of Jacob Smith, continued…. I was holed up in the fire station until a bunch of other survivors turned up.

Someone suggested parking the fire engine in such a way that it blocked the zombies off from getting in. He was deep into playing the system now.

The Shotgun Diaries

They had a nice time with the rides all still working but abandoned, a few characters singing karaoke… It was good for a time. You have Fear dice. If you see a friend get turned into a zombie, if you suffer some hideous problem, you get Fear dice.

They act like normal dice, so a result of a six will help you in a roll, but only if you do something selfish and costly to the group. You run away, but you leave your backpack behind. You shut the door but the other characters are outside.