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read pastor charles taze russell's most celebrated works!. studies in the scriptures - download your free copy today!. these writings are in pdf. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Studies in the Scriptures is a series of publications, intended as a Bible study aid, containing . ( of PDF). Retrieved 29 November ^ Chryssides.

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Text version of Studies in the Scriptures, Volumes Volumes were written by Charles Taze Russell ( edition) and were originally. It was a cult in the past, and it's a cult in the present with its cultish doctrines that against every main Biblical doctrine (Like being against the. Studies in the Scriptures. byCharles Taze Russell. Publication date PublisherInternational Biblestudents association. Collection.

Rutherford Conrad C. How do we tell if this stuff hasn't been altered? Those "mentally diseased, spiritual fornicators" who dare to question Watchtower teachings frequently cote from these books. The New Creation http: Books by Language. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thy Kingdom Come http:

If you wish for me to post a few of the changes that were suppossed to be truths and dates of God, as far as Russells opinion, I will gladly do so.

Studies in the Scriptures - Free Download

We're not talking about Russell's chnages to his writings, we're talking about Bible Student changes to his writings. And I can assure you that the volumes on the Bible Students.

In case you didn't know, unlike the Society, Russell told his readers of the changes he made in the volumes, there is a list in the Early Watch Towers, where he advises his readers to note certain changes and then begins to document these changes, aside from that any new thoughts were published in the Towers, and then noted in the forewords of teh volumes.

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So much for Russell's promise of His meanings as well as the dates and measurements he set were in fact changed by Russell himself. There is no reason for changing the figures; they are God's dates, not ours; is not the date for the beginning, but the end! I wonder how one can be a Bible Student in the sense of promoting Russell's works, when there is a division amongst the BS faiths as far as what is accepted in the works of Russell.

Russell then had no choice but to make the correction, the change did not it any way alter the theology. The change in the measurements may not have altered the theology, but it did change the date to The gathering of the armies is plainly visible from the standpoint of God's Word.

The above date was changed to in the later editions of SS. Russell himself changed the DATE. Either you must not be aware of this change as many Bible Students are not, or you chose to ignore the obvious.

Studies in the Scriptures Volumes 1-7

I own both editions and of Studies in the Scriptures. Just thought I would mention that so as not to be accused of mis-typing or mis-quoting Russell as far as his date changing. Toggle navigation. Sign up Sign in.

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Studies in the Scriptures - Download your free copy today! These writings are in PDF format.

Studies in the Scriptures

You need the Adobe Acrobat reader software to view them. Edited by - apostate on 10 March Frenchy Now you can check for yourself if they lie or not Hmmm How do we tell if this stuff hasn't been altered?

In the scriptures pdf studies

Scorpion Rolando, Why should we accept your word for what is or is not altered by the BS? Copyright-region US. Identifier studiesinthescri00unknuoft.

Identifier-ark ark: Pages Ppi Scandate Scanner uoft6. Scanningcenter UofT.

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Apeism is Stupid - favorite - September 10, Subject: A Cult It was a cult in the past, and it's a cult in the present These doctrines have always been a part of their teachings. Studies in the scriptures volume 2 This is volume 2 of studies in the scriptures written by Charles Taze Russell President of the Watchtower Society till his dead in Interesting for researchers of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible Students.

Also for Jehovah's Witnesses that are interested in the history of their religion.

Claeyborn - favorite - April 23, Subject: This book is from the cult named Jehovah's Witnesses. Kelly Library.