Samsung note cannot pdf

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I located the PDF file I wanted to print until the Samsung -> My Files. That was available in previous Android (kitkat )/Note3, but now in Android under Note 5, it doesn't work. My phone wont let me do drive mode. Basically I tried yesterday to download a pdf, the first red flag was that it wouldn't let I can download and open etc. on my phone ( Note). So I just got my note yesterday and I sent up my email. My teacher emailed us a pdf filed but I could not open it! It keeps saying, "The document.

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Why I am not able to open PDF files on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device? It always shows "Failed to load file". I have not installed any third. same here (on a note 8) It's lined, one page at a time, export one or all pages, write on PDF's, I'm having the same issue with a Note 9. I simply get the error saying: The document cannot be opened because it's not a valid pdf-document. However I have no problems opening the file with my laptop, only my phone and tablet (Jellybean ) won't open it. You mentioned that your friends are able to open up the same PDF.

Did you mean: I'm using Samsung Notes on my Galaxy Tab 3 to write a large amount of text. I can download and open etc. You can use Word on your mobile device to save your documents as tagged PDF files. With stock emails and third party email apps, this solution should work just fine and you should be able to get rid of the problem that prevents you from opening email attachments on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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Note pdf samsung cannot

Basically I tried yesterday to download a pdf, the first red flag was that it wouldn't let me change the destination to the external storage, the external sd card wasn't showing as if there wasn't one in. I thought little of this thinking I'll just move it later.

I can download and open etc. And I also managed to download the file on my computer and transfer it via USB, this also works no problem, I can open it and move it around etc. I've tried a few files multiple times and the same thing is happening so I don't think its a case of the download being incomplete.

I'm using Dolphin and the firmware updated a few days ago. Any ideas?

Senior Member. They are much better apps for email, but the hope was to not muddy the waters any further for the OP, lol.

Save a PDF of your file on your mobile device

Just wanted to get one of the 'stock' apps working. CharlenaP Newbie. May 10, 11 0 May 23, 3 0 5. Dolphin Browser doesn't work and, as I mentioned, the browser that comes with a lot of current phones does not work. Nov 21, 37 1 Oct 29, 5 0 5. Did this ever get solved?

Note pdf samsung cannot

I'm having similar problems. Some PDFs are "unrecognized format". You will know what type of file an email attachment is by looking on the filename extension or like filename.

Cannot samsung pdf note

In this case, you need to access Google Play Store to look for the required software or application. Update your email app.

Developers usually rollout periodic updates to keep their apps optimized and stable. Other updates are also pushed to keep apps at pace with the new changes brought by new versions of Android firmware issued. If an app is not set to automatically install updates, then you need to configure it manually instead. Clear cache and data from your email app. Temporary files stored on the email app as cache can also caused pertinent issues to arise. Thus, getting rid of these corrupted contents is necessary.

Follow these steps to clear cache and data from your Galaxy Note 8 email app. Uninstall and reinstall your email app if applicable. Should this be the case, uninstalling and reinstalling the email app can potential fix it.

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Remove and set up your email account again. If none of the prior methods is able to fix the problem and that you still cannot open or view email attachments, then you should now consider removing and re-adding your email account.

Pdf samsung note cannot

It is possible that the email account itself is the problem and therefore needs to be reset or set up as new. Once everything is set, proceed with these subsequent steps.

Can't seem to download pdfs anymore

Then search for the email app you used like Yahoo Mail, for example. Finally, tap the Uninstall button to remove the email app. If you are using a third-party email app, then you can just install the apps and set up the account again. Once the account has been successfully setup, restart your Galaxy Note 8 then retry to open the attachment in the email message.

If the problem persists after troubleshooting the email app and your email account, then your next option is to troubleshoot your Galaxy Note 8. To eliminate this from the possible culprits, you can try the following workarounds.

Fix Unable To Open Email Attachments On Galaxy Note 9

Before you do anything else, make sure that your Galaxy Note 8 firmware is updated. Otherwise, consider installing the latest update available. If your device firmware is already up-to-date and the problem persists, try these methods.