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New dcr mumbai 2012 pdf

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Items 1 - 6 Development Control Rules, Mumbai - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read For construction of new buildings. foot-over bridges turn- tables. Maharashtra Housing Regulation and Development Act shall be called the Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay, .. extent of space within the boundaries of a road when applied to a new road/ street. Road widening and construction of new roads. 2). Building of .. Development Control Regulations for Greater Mumbai. Now, therefore, in.

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prepared the Draft Development Plan of Greater Mumbai As part of the Revision of Development Plan, these Development Control. Regulations - JOOOOOO. Development Control Regulations - For Manori Gorai Uttan Notified Area. (1) Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development authority (MMRDA ). Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, Sanction to modification to the Development Control Regulation for Greater Mumbai

This floor space index will be subject to the Regulations in Appendix III so far as construction or redevelopment by such co-operative societies is concerned. The premium for the area of the staircase and lift-well will be recovered after working out the area of the staircase and lift-well in the proposed building minus area of the existing staircase. Location Total FSI 1 2 3 1. Once the plans have been scrutinised and objections have been pointed out. The same concession would be available for buildings with apartment accommodation provided the additional floor space is limited to sq.

For reconstruction redevelopment to be undertaken by co-operative housing societies in respect of cessed properties located in the Island City which attract the provisions of Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Act. The F. Reconstruction in whole or in part of a building not being a building wholly occupied by warehousing user and also not being a ground floor structure.

The floor space index shall be 2. For the purpose of calculating the FSI. Provided further that in cases of composite redevelopment scheme for plot having 'A' category as also 'B' category cessed building the above FSI shall be available: Provided further.

This clause is further replaced by subsequent modification as mentioned vide [ ] 9 9 [ ] This clause was added vide Government Notification No. This floor space index will be subject to the Regulations in Appendix III so far as construction or redevelopment by such co-operative societies is concerned.

Government of India vide Notification dated 19 February and orders issued from time to time. Jail and Home Guard of Government of Maharashtra. For the construction of the building by the Corporation in the category of "Housing the Dishoused" in the Island City for the purpose of the Housing those who are displaced by the projects undertaken by the Corporation for Implementation of proposals of the development plan.

For the construction of buildings by the Corporation in the category of Housing the Dishoused in the Island City for the purpose of housing those who are displaced by projects undertaken by the Corporation for implementation of proposals of the Development Plan the FSI shall be 2. I c in Table 4. The development of land for Department of Police. Jail and Home Guard of Government of Maharashtra shall be permitted by the Commissioner after due approval of the committee mentioned in Note-3 below 26 regulation 33 3 A.

Such additional FSI will not be available when owner undertakes development as in Sr. Each scheme shall provide inter-alia the size of tenements to be provided to the slum dwellers.

Government of India vide Notification dated 19 February and orders issued from time to time.. Clearance and redevelopment Act. II Definition of Slum. Clearance and Redevelopment Act. Development undertaken by the Maharashtra Housing and area Development Authority. Slum Rehabilitation Authority on being satisfied that it is necessary so to do. This clause is added vide Government Notification vide 37 2 orders under no. For development of sites and services and smaller size tenements for housing schemes under the Urban Land Ceiling and Regulations Act.

Location Total FSI 1 2 3 1. Difficult areas comprising of Dharavi and such other areas as 2. III Joint ownership with spouse: The reconstructed tenement shall be of the ownership of the hutment dweller and spouse conjointly.

Island City applicable only to lands belonging to Government and 2. Small Size Tenement. With the previous approval of the Government.

For Development of sites reserved for resettlement and rehabilitation for the purpose of housing Slum dwellers who are displaced by projects undertaken by the Corporation. After that period.

Provisions of Sub-Regulation 8. F The additional FSI shall be permitted also in cases where construction has already taken place consuming full or part of the normally permissible FSI.

Suburbs and extended suburbs 1. B The normally permissible FSI on the plot may be used for the purpose for which it is designated in the Development Plan. Location Addl.

Dcr 2012 new pdf mumbai

Difficult areas comprising of Dharavi and 1. Island City applicable only to Government 1. G For the purpose of slum rehabilitation projects. C The additional FSI could be used for construction of transit camp tenements having a carpet area of Even in areas where the normally permissible FSI is less than 1. For the purpose of the Regulations the contravening structures shall mean: Structure situated outside the original plot but included fully or partly within the final plot allotted to a person in the Town Planning Scheme.

Such tenants shall also be granted accommodation at the rate of Structures which are included in the Town Planning Scheme area but situated outside the final plot allotted to a person and are affected by sites reserved for public purpose.

Condition to this effect shall be prescribed by the Corporation while approving redevelopment proposal. Municipal Corporation of Chairman Greater Mumbai. ADF Department. Mumbai Member 3. Mumbai 2. For Development of lands becoming vacant consequent upon shifting of cattle sheds existing thereon.

Suburbs and extended suburbs subject to terms and conditions as he may specify. The Superintendent of Land Records. Mumbai The proposed development shall further be subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Committee and payment of such amount of premium as may be fixed by Government in Urban Development Department. Mumbai 4. Member Mumbai Suburban District. This clause is added vide Government Notification No.

Cattle Controller. If the amalgamated plot is developed by taking advantage of these Regulations at no time in future any sub. Total area excluding area of construction permissible in open space over sq.

Industrial Layouts - 1 Plots of sq. Total area excluding 15 percent of the area for recreational open space under item iii of clause a of sub-Regulations 1 of Regulations Total area subject to a maximum of sq. Total areas subject to a maximum of sq.. Regulations shall be followed while allowing development of such amalgamated plots.

That the amalgamation is proposed after the DCR have come into force. Industrial Plots - 1 Upto sq. That no single plot in the amalgamated plot is larger in size than sq. A new and separate property card shall be produced in respect of amalgamated plots. Total area 2 to sq.

Area in sq. Transfer of Development Rights In certain circumstances the development potential of a plot of land may be separated from the land itself and may be made available to the owner of the land in the form of Transferable Development Rights TDR.. All other provisions of D. Railway authorities and the Mumbai Port Trust.

2012 pdf new dcr mumbai

Defence authorities. These words are added vide Government corrigendum under No. The premium for the area of the staircase and lift-well will be recovered after working out the area of the staircase and lift-well in the proposed building minus area of the existing staircase. Suburbs and extended suburbs with the special permission of the Commissioner: Provided that in the wards of the Island City such exclusion from FSI computation will be available in respect of buildings to be constructed or reconstructed only.

While working out total existing built up area. Service floor of height not exceeding 1.

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Air-conditioning plant rooms. Meter rooms [vide sub-Regulations 13 of Regulations 38]. Electric Sub stations vide Regulations Canopies [vide sub-Regulations 21 of Regulations 38]. Lofts [vide sub-Regulations 5 of Regulations Porches[ vide sub-Regulations 20 of Regulations 38]. When additions are made to an existing building the new parking requirement will be reckoned with reference to the additional space only and not to the whole of building but this concession shall not apply where the use is changed.

In the case of parking spaces for motor vehicles. Transponders or similar IT related structure or equipment] 5 Wherever a property is developed or redeveloped. Parking Spaces. Off-street parking space must have adequate vehicular access to a street. Fort and Colaba areas in South Mumbai. In addition to parking spaces specified in a.

One parking space for every 80 sq. Nepean Sea Road. Suburbs and Extended Suburbs. Pali Hill. Sassoon Dock and Jagmohandas Marg.

Mumbai 2012 pdf new dcr

B In the rest of the Island City areas. One parking space for every sq. One parking space for every. Cumballa Hill. Juhu-Vile Parle Development Scheme. In addition to the parking spaces specified in a. Shopping not included under One parking space for sq.

Cinemas and theatres. Here the parking space may be an unenclosed covered space. Provided that the same is 1. In addition to the parking spaces provided for mercantile commercial buildings like offices. Where to be accommodated-The parking spaces may be provided. The space shall not be less than 3. If such common parking space is proposed for a group of buildings. Some of these items depend on the number of persons who would normally occupy the building.

Requirements of parts of buildings- 1 Plinth. In areas subject to flooding. Theatres and Assembly Halls. In conformity with the Maharashtra Cinema Rules. The minimum and maximum height of a habitable room shall be as given in Table 19 hereunder: Provided that in sites and services projects.

Provided further that an additional bedroom for occupancy of a single person with a size of 5. Subject to the hazardous or storage occupancies written permission of department stores. An alcove cooking space with direct access from the main room without a communicating door will suffice.

The height of a kitchen shall be the same as that of a habitable room as stipulated in clause ii of sub-Regulations 2 of this Regulations. Provided that- i the minimum clear head-way under any beam shall be 2. The area of a kitchen shall not be less than 5.

Development Control Rules, Mumbai | Street | Building

One full side of a habitable room must abut an exterior open space save as provided in sub-Regulations 9 of Regulations If a separate kitchen is provided. No kitchen need be provided. It shall be enclosed by walls or partitions and the surface of every such wall or partition shall be finished with a smooth impervious material to a height of not less than 1m. No room containing water closets shall be used for any purpose except as a lavatory.

In High Density Housing. Where no such system exists. Every room to be used as a kitchen shall have- a unless separately provided in a pantry. No bathrooms or water closet shall be situated directly over any room other than another water closet. It shall be provided with an impervious floor covering sloping towards the drain with a suitable grade and not towards a verandah or any other room. Every bathroom or water closet shall have the platform or seat or flooring made of water-tight non-absorbent material..

The area and floor dimension of a bathrooms or water closet shall not be less than the values given below: The minimum dimensions of an independent bathroom shall be 1. Serial Rooms over which permitted Coverage percentage to area of room No. The size of a mezzanine floor shall not be less than 9. The area of the mezzanine floor shall be counted towards FSI. The head-room under a mezzanine floor shall not be less than 2. The area of a mezzanine floor shall be counted towards F.

The size of mezzanine floor shall not be less than 9. Lofts having head room more than 1. The area of the room shall be limited to 12 sq. Open ramps may be permitted in the open spaces except in the front open space subject to b above and the fire protection requirements. A basement may be put to the following uses only: National Building code. Any access to the basement through a staircase or pedestrian ramp shall meet requirements of clause 18 of this Regulations.

In every residential building. The height of the basement from the floor to the underside of the roof-slab or ceiling or under side of a beam when the basement has a beam shall not be less than The size a cabin shall not be less than 3 sq.

It may be in one level or two. Where cabins are provided. A letter box of appropriate dimensions shall be provided on the ground floor of residential and commercial buildings with five and more storeys to the satisfaction of the Commissioner. The extent of ventilation shall be the same as required by the particular occupancy for which the basement is used.

In an already developed property. Any deficiency must be made good by resort to a mechanical system. Provided that user strictly ancillary to the principal user may also be permitted in a basement. The total area of any basement shall not exceed twice the plinth area of the building or the area of the plot. The minimum height of a doorway shall be 2 m.. Provided that any corridor identified as an exit vide Regulations 43 shall also conform the requirements therein. The door to the room shall have fire resistance of not less than two hours.

Handrails with a minimum height of 0. The minimum head-room in a passage under the landing of a staircase and under the staircase shall be A door shall be at least It shall have a non-slippery finish and shall be maintained in that fashion..


Stairways shall conform to the following provisions in addition to items i to vii below. The minimum width of the tread without nosing shall be 25cm. In other occupancies. In all multi-storeyed or high rise residential buildings. The maximum height of a riser shall be 19 cm.. Doors shall conform to the under mentioned provisions. The minimum width of a common corridor shall be as shown in Table 20 hereunder.

No flight shall contain more than 12 risers. The number of each floor shall be conspicuously painted in figures at least 15cm. The minimum width of a staircase other than a fire escape shall be as given in Table 20 hereunder.

It shall be of non-slippery material. The total height shall not exceed 16m or ground and five upper floors. A parapet wall 0. In case of buildings more than 24m high at least two lifts shall be provided.

In any residential zone R-1 and residential zone with shop line R Such ramps may be permitted in the side and rear marginal open spaces after leaving sufficient space for movement of fire-fighting vehicles subject to the provision of sub-Regulations 6 of Regulations A handrail shall be provided on both the sides of the ramp.

The lift machine room shall be separate and no other machinery shall be installed therein. Provided that in the case of an existing building with height of 16m or above one additional floor may be permitted without insisting on a lift in the case of chawl like structures.

A ramp shall have a slope of not more than 1 in In multi-storeyed and high rise residential buildings. The same concession would be available for buildings with apartment accommodation provided the additional floor space is limited to sq. A ramp in a hospital shall not be less than 2. A cantilevered and un-enclosed canopy may be permitted over each entrance and staircase. A porch. Provided that in the case of a building with ground floor stilts for parking facilities and serving upper floors not exceeding The Commissioner may permit larger porches for mercantile.

Development Control Rules, Mumbai

At ground floor level. When balconies are enclosed. For parking spaces in a basement and upper floors. The number. National Building Code of India.. The width of the balcony will be measured perpendicular to the building line and reckoned from that line to the balcony's outermost edge.

The minimum clear height of the canopy shall be 2. A temporary or exposed kutcha well shall be permitted only in fields or gardens for purposes of irrigation. A boundary wall upto 2.

Rain water pipes shall be affixed to the outside of the walls of the building or in recesses or chases cut or formed in such walls or in such other manner as may be approved by the Commissioner. No revas projection shall be at a height less than 2. The well shall- a. Parapet walls and hand-rails provided on the edges of the roof terrace.

Terraces shall not be sub-divided and shall be accessible by a common staircase. Such pipes shall be so arranged. The entrance gate to it shall open inside and fold back against the compound wall.

Every overhead water storage tank shall be maintained in a perfectly mosquito-proof condition by providing a properly fitting hinged cover and every tank more than 1.

The roof of a building shall be so constructed or framed as to permit effectual drainage of the rain water there from by means of rain water pipes at the scale of at least one pipe of 10cm diameter for every 40 sq. To facilitate the construction of a staircase.

New DCR 06 01 2012 – Mumbai

The Commissioner may require rain water pipes to be connected to a drain or sewer through a covered channel formed beneath the public footpath to connect the rain water pipes to the road gutter or in any other approved manner. Where no lining is used. A masonry ring should be constructed at the top of the pit to prevent damage by flooding of the pit by surface run off. When the disposal of a septic tank effluent is to a seepage pit.

The lining above the inlet level should be finished with mortar. Each dispersion trench should not be longer than 30 m and trenches should not be placed closer than 1. The installation of the electrical backup in all such water heating systems shall be optional depending on the nature of requirement of hot water.

Septic tanks may be constructed of brick work. Hospitals of Schools and Colleges and other Institutions. The length of the tanks shall be at least twice the width. Under no circumstances should effluent from a septic tank be allowed into an open channel drain or body of water without adequate treatment. Solar Water Heating Systems should be made in the building for Hospitals. It shall also be as far removed from the nearest habitable building as economically feasible but not closer than 2 m.

Colleges and Other Institutes. The gradients of land-drains. The minimum nominal diameter of the pipe shall be mm. The top of the pipe shall be provided with a suitable cage of mosquito-proof wire mesh.

A sub-soil dispersion system shall not be closer than 12m. Septic tanks shall have a minimum inner width of 75cm. When the disposal of a septic tank effluent is to a dispersion trench. In the case of pits of large dimensions the top portion may be narrowed to reduce the size of the R. Every septic tank shall be provided with a ventilating pipe of at least 50 mm.

The solar water heating systems should be mandatory in the hospitals and hotels.. Laboratories and Research Institutions. Open joined pipes placed inside the trench shall be made of unglazed earthenware clay or concrete and shall have a minimum internal diameter of 75 to mm. The pit may be lined with stone. It is suggested that solar water heating systems of the capacity of about liters per day on thermosyphon with necessary electrical back-up be installed at residential buildings like hostels.

The inlet pipe should be taken down to a depth of 90 cm.. The ventilating pipe shall extend to a height which would cause no smell or nuisance to any building in the area. Guest House. In these buildings.

Type of Buildings Per capita capacity recommended litres per day. The best inclination of the Collector for regular use throughout the year is equal to the local latitude of the place. The Collector should be facing south. The Commissioner may insist on installation of Collectors on the terraces of the buildings for harnessing solar energy for purposes other than water heating as well. Note — 1. Transponders and similar IT related structures or equipment] 1 [ ] 1 This words are added vide Govt.

These can either be put on the parapet or could be integrated with the south facing. Note — 2: Per sq. The Commissioner may add to the list of buildings mentioned above on which installation of solar water heating systems can be made mandatory.

Flat plate Collector confirming to IS No. Institutions 6 An open area of 3 sq. At least 60 per cent of the roof area may be utilised for installation of the system. In order to facilitate the installation of the solar water heating systems. Common antenna for Television Transmission Reception: The norms for hospitals. Level of the roads. Total blindness or impairments affecting sight to the extent that the individual.

The standard size at wheel chair shall be taken as mm. Special Regulation for physically handicapped persons: Impairments that cause individuals to walk with difficulty or insecurity. These bye laws are applicable to all existing and proposed buildings and facilities used by the public.

Individuals using braces or crutches. Impairments that. Requirements of Educational Building: X mm. These requirements may be amended by the Commissioner in consultation with the Education Department of the State Government. Chair used by Disabled people for mobility. Deafness or hearing handicaps that might make an individual insecure in public areas because he is unable to communicate or hear warning signals.

Entrance landing shall be provided adjacent to ramp with the minimum dimension x mm. Access path from plot entry and surface parking to building entrance shall be of minimum of mm. Finishes shall have a no slip surface with a texture traversable by a wheel chair. Curbs wherever provided should blend to a common level. This entrance shall be approached through a ramp together with the stepped entry. High hand rail on both sides of the stepped approach similar to the ramped approach.

Minimum gap from the adjacent wall to the hand rail shall be 50 mm. Every building should have atleast one entrance accessible to the handicapped and shall be indicated by proper signage. Finishes shall have a non-slip surface with a texture traversable by a wheel chair. Ramp shall be finished with no slip material to enter the building. Minimum clear opening of the entrance door shall be mm.

Approach to plinth level. For parking of vehicles of handicapped people. Threshold shall not be raised more than 12 mm. Minimum width of ramp shall be mm. Curbs wherever provided shall blend to a common level. For stepped approach size of tread shall not be less than mm. The corridor connecting the outdoors to a place where information concerning the overall use of the specified building can be provided to visually impaired persons either by a person or by signs.

Drinking Water. Building Requirements: The specified facilities for the buildings for physically handicapped persons shall be as follows: High hand rail on both sides extending mm.

One special W. Suitable provision of drinking water shall be made for the handicapped near the special toilet provided for them. In the buildings meant for the predominant use of the children.

Clear internal depth: The steps shall not have abrupt square nosing. Wherever lift is required as per bye-laws. Entrance door width: Clear internal width: Above Where lighting and ventilation requirements are not met through day-lighting and natural ventilation. Lightning and Ventilation. Lighting and Ventilation: Fire Protection Chapter. Building Service Section I. A bathroom. All parts of any room shall be adequately lighted and ventilated.

These open spaces shall be free of any obstruction and shall be motorable. Cross-section of ventilation shaft in Side of shaft in meters-. They shall be capable of taking the weight of a fire engine weighing upto 18 tonnes. Upto The planning design and construction of any building shall be such as to ensure safety from fire. For this purpose every room shall have - a one or more appertures. For multi-storeyed high rise and special buildings.. Fire Protection Requirements: The approach to the building and open spaces on all sides upto 6 m.

Provided that for all multi-storeyed high rise and special buildings. Exits should be horizontal or vertical. Minimum Multiplier width in meters Multiplier width in meters 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Residential Dwellings 1. A vertical exit may be a staircase or a ramp. A horizontal exit may be a door-way.. Exits from all the parts of the building. When more than one exit is required on a floor. Every building meant for human occupancy shall be provided with exits sufficient to permit safe escape of its occupants in case of fire or other emergency for which the exits shall conform to the following: Their number shall be calculated by applying to every sq.

The travel distance to an exit from the dead end of a corridor shall not exceed half the distance specified above. No deductions shall be made in the gross area of the corridors. Requirements of individuals exits at each floor. Any stairway served by a revolving door shall discharge through a lobby or foyer. For multi-storeyed. They shall be swing type doors opening in the direction of the escape. No door. National Building Code of India.

All burrow pits dug in the course of construction and repair of building. The number of risers shall be limited to 16 per flight. Structural Safety and Services:. Quality of materials and workmanship: The provisions of the Regulations are not intended to prevent the use of any material or method of design of construction not specifically prescribed in them provided any such alternative has been approved.

All exit way signs should be flush with the wall and so designed that no mechanical damage to them can result from the moving of furniture or other heavy equipment. Foundation Section 3-Wood. The Commissioner may approve any such alternative if it conforms to the provisions of the relevant parts of the National Building Code. Alternative materials method of design and construction and tests:. Section 6-Steel. Where the building is served by more than one staircase.

Section 4- Masonry Section5-Concrete. Nothing of the provisions of these Regulations intended to prevent the adoption of architectural planning and layout conceived as an integrated development scheme.

Installation of lifts and Escalators. The planning and design of the lifts including their number. Electrical Installations. Building services — 1 Electrical installation -The planning design and installation of electrical installation air-conditioning and heating work shall conform to the provision of Part VIII Building Service Section 2.

A log book to record all items relating to general servicing and inspection shall be maintained. These test shall be made by an approved agency at the expense of the owner as follows: The electrical circuit diagram of the lift with the sequence of operation of different components and parts shall be kept readily available for reference by persons responsible for the maintenance and replacement. National Building code of India. Section 3. For methods of tests for building materials reference shall be made to the relevant Indian standards as given in the National Building Code of India published by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The display of advertising signs and outdoor display structures on buildings and land shall be in accordance with Part X-Signs and Outdoor Display Structures. Tests- Whenever there is insufficient evidence of compliance with the provision of the Regulations or evidence that any material or method of design or construction does not conform to the requirements of the Regulations in order to substantiate claims for alternative material design or methods of construction.

Lift Inspector of the Government of Maharashtra. Power of Granting Permission. The Commissioner may. Provided further that in congested localities where it is not possible to provide a separate building for a school.

The school shall also conform to the requirements of educational buildings stipulated in Regulations He shall also ensure that staircase is easily accessible from the entrance and serves the classrooms. Uses and Ancillary Uses.

Such ancillary uses will be subject to fulfillment of the prescribed conditions. Such shopping uses will not be permissible in more than two adjoining plots in any locality land shall not cover more than 5 per cent of the plot area.

Provided further that the above restriction on space shall not apply to any poultry kept for domestic consumption only. Government sub-office [only in the suburbs and extended suburbs] 1. Sion Road. Provided further that the above restrictions on shopping will not apply to areas falling in the Local Commercial Zone C-1 zone and in the case of reconstruction or redevelopment of an existing building having existing shopping users.

Manav Mandir Road. Shahid Bhagatsingh Road. Babulnath Road. Mohamed Ali Road. Walkeshwar Road. Lokmanya Tilak Road. Dahanukar Marg Carmichael Road. August Kranti Marg. Veer Savarkar Marg. Jamshetji Jeejeebhoy Road. Khar coveringMadam Cama Road. Purav Marg upto Anushakti Nagar d Other roads viz. Purav Marg. Jagmohandas Road Napean Sea Road. Bhulabhai Desai Road Warden Road.

Lala Lajpatrai Road. Dadabhai Navroji Road. Justice Patkar Marg. Vithalbhai Road upto its junction with Chitrakar Dhurandhar Marg. Netaji Subhash Road. Ambedkar Marg. Purandare Marg. Mahim Causeway. Napean Sea Road. Barodawala Marg Altamount Road.

Ibrahim Rahimtulla Road. From Regal Cinema junction to V. Tatya Tope Road. Provided that where the above-mentioned roads intersect other roads. In the Island City. The uses permissible in the R-2 zone shall be restricted and subject to the conditions below: Not with standing anything contained in these Regulations.

These uses may be permitted in combination with permissible non-residential uses except that of petrol pump. In gaothan and Koliwada area. Provided that such shopping users and department stores may be permitted in the entire building where the whole building is in occupation of one establishment or of a co-operative society only and subject to the above conditions. Provided further that development of residential hotels of the star categories shall be permitted by the Commissioner.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. The Commissioner shall not permit such use unless he is satisfied about the provision of these arrangements: Provided that residential hotels of 4 and 5 star categories may be allowed only in an independent plot of size not less than 2.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Order and Traffic and the Managing Director. If only electrical ovens are used an additional load of upto 25 KVA may be permitted iii Auto part stores and show rooms for motor vehicles and machinery.

Service industries may be permitted as indicated in Table 23 hereunder in an independent designated plot or in an I-1 zone; or with the Commissioner's special permission in the R-2, C-1 and C-2 zones and subject to the limitations of area permitted, maximum number of persons to be employed, maximum permissible power requirement and the special conditions given in the said Table.

Further, watchmen's quarters, canteens and banks may be permitted within a plot, building or premises for service industries. Maximum Maximum Maximum permissible permissible permissible power employment. Food Products- 1. Ground nut 7.

Wood Products and Furnitures- Manufacture of 2. Paper products and Printing Publishing- 17 Manufacturing of 3. Leather products excluding tanning-. X Transport Equipment - 31 a Servicing of 3. Industries and Services- 32 Manufacture of 2.

Act under NO. XI Other Manufacturing and Repairs. And filling and pumping station service stations. Compressed over a. CNG and any other motor vehicle fuel stations may be permitted in existing authorized petrol.

C-1 and C-2 zone. Business offices may be permitted on roads of width 24 mtrs and above in the 3 Island City and 18 mtrs and above in the suburbs and extended suburbs.

Information Technology Establishment shall be permitted in I-1 Zone and Services Industrial Estates on all plots fronting on roads having width more than Buildings or premises in the General Industries Zone I-2 Zone may be used for any industrial and accessory uses except the following: The General industries Zone I-2 Zone includes any building or part of a building or structure in which products or materials of all kinds and properties are fabricated.

Tar distillation or manufacture. Sugar manufacture or refining. In general. Yeast Plant. Wax products' manufacture from paraffin. Soap manufacture. Shoe polish manufacture. Wood and timber. Soda and compound manufacture. Stone-crushing and quarrying. Vegetable oil manufacturing and processing plants. Tar products' manufacture. Wool-pulling or scouring. Stock-yard or slaughter of animals or fowls. Other uses in the General Industrial Zone Zone:. Parking lots iii. Convenience shops. Branches of banks.

Electric sub-stations. Non-residential buildings. Petrol pumps and service stations. Government 2 and semi-Government offices.

With the prior approval of the Government. The Special Industrial Zone I-3 Zone includes any building or part of a building which is used for the storage. These areas will be addition to those to be earmarked for public utilities and amentias in accordance with clause c i above and in addition to the recreational space as is required to be provided under these Regulations and further 10 per cent shall be provided as additional recreational space.

Hotels each with not more than 50 rooms. If a plot in the General industrial Zone I-2 becomes unbuildable for industrial uses because of any restriction in the Industrial Location Policy or restrictions regarding segregating distances as provided under these Regulations.

Warehouses in the suburbs or extended suburbs only. Examples of buildings in this class are those used for: The following types of industries however. The words are deleted in reg. Buildings or premises in the Special Industries zone I-3 Zone may be used for industrial and warehousing purposes.

These areas will be in addition to those to be earmarked for public utilities and amenities in accordance with clause c i above and the recreational space as is required to be provided under these Regulations and further 10 per cent shall be provided as additional recreational space.

Government and Semi-Government [offices in the suburbs and extended suburbs only] 4 municipal sub-offices. Provided that in the Island City. Development or redevelopment of lands of cotton textile mills.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations. Development Rights in respect of the lands earmarked and handed over as per column 3 shall be available to the owner of the land for utilization in the land as per Column 5 or as Transferable Development Rights as aforesaid.

FSI is in balance in the receiving mill land. Mumbai owned or held by all cotton textile mills, irrespective of the operational or other status of the said mills or of the land use zoning relating to the said lands or of the actual use for the time being of the said lands or of any other factor, circumstance or consideration whatsoever shall be regulated by the provisions of this regulation and not under any other Regulation.

Dated 14th June, Coastal area Classification and Regulations of Development. Category I. It shall comprise lands in these areas upto- a a depth of m. Category II. However, in any case, the beach area proper of upto 50 m.

However, in any case, the. Provided further that. FSI of 0. Public parks. Regulations of traffic approaches to the park etc. At least 5 trees per sq. Golf clubs and links. Subject to the approval by the Director of Industries.

Anand Gandhi, director, acquisition, at Sugee Group, points out that the residents of old buildings, have been facing a lot of problems and they continue to live in small houses.

See also: Now, the residents of old and dilapidated buildings who were unable to afford redevelopment and buildings that had exhausted their FSI, stand to benefit, as these buildings can be redeveloped and the cost of construction can be recovered from the built-up area given to them.

Suresh Parekh, a resident of Ghatkopar , feels that the revised rule will particularly help suburban areas. Moreover, buyers in the market are also likely to get more options, owing to supply generated due to the redevelopment of such buildings. At present, the regulations make it obligatory on the part of every owner and occupier of buildings, which are in existence and in use for more than 30 years, to have them inspected through a qualified structural engineer registered with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

The said period of 30 years shall be from the date of i issue of its completion certificate by the corporation, or ii issue of permission to occupy a building under section A, or iii its physical occupation of at least 50 per cent of its built-up area, whichever is earlier. This creates many issues related to maintenance and the building begins to deteriorate after years.

As a result, redevelopment becomes the need of the hour. Experts point out that many of the housing societies in the city, when originally constructed, had consumed low FSI. With the government changing the FSI rules, now, developers and residents stand to gain.