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Enjoy Neville Goddard PDFs Neville Goddard Free PDF – At Your Command Posted by mrneville on May 29, AT YOUR COMMAND NEVILLE. This book by Neville Goddard is Available for download as PDF ebook format and you can listen to it on YouTube, Spotify, Itunes Music, Google. Neville's Mp3 Audio · Collection on Two DVD's $2 'Free Adobe Reader' Download. (required for files). Classic Neville - Class begins here.

And you must persist in that feeling in order to achieve it. These sacrifice offerings are your body of suffering. In the Book of Genesis the story is told of Jacob's desire to increase his wealth. Faith in God. In this same 13th Chapter of Matthew, the question is asked, "Have you understood this?

Then, remembering what she had heard, she tried to revise the letter. Assuming it was there, she did everything she would do if it was a physical fact — and six weeks later it was. That is what I mean by imagining creating reality, for an assumption is faith; and without faith it is impossible to please your own wonderful human imagination.

Divine Imagination, containing all, reproduces itself in human imagination; therefore, the human imagination contains all. The world is the human imagination pushed out. Not knowing this, man cheats himself, murders himself, declares war against himself, and does all sorts of evil against himself; but do not let yourself be intimidated by the horror of the world. Leave it alone, for it is only the misuse of the power exercised by sleeping mankind.

Now, another lady shared this experience with me: You all know what the Mennonite look like. Originating in Zurich, Switzerland in the year , they moved into Germany, France, Belgium, and Holland, to finally arrive in this country in the 17th century.

Now numbering around , to ,, they continue to dress and live in the same fashion they did when they arrived here years ago. Here is a fixed belief which has perpetuated itself year after year. Although she tried to tell them that it was wrong to take the life of another, as far as they were concerned it was the right thing to do.

He had joined their society and knew their laws, which stated that if a man mistreated a woman, he was to be killed. No matter what argument she used, she could not persuade them that what they had done was wrong. In the 16th chapter of the Book of Proverbs you will read: God has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble. Suddenly a limousine appeared and men dressed in black and carrying machine guns entered the house.

As she watched, the leader, pointing his gun at the lady, ordered the others to search the house. Then the lady awoke, not to find herself on her bed, but standing in the room of her dream. Suddenly realizing that she was awake in her dream and the action was taking place within her, she stopped the activity, which allowed her to see anyone as alive and independent of her perception, and they all froze. Turning to the leader she said: Turning to go into the kitchen and release the animation there, her alarm caused her to awaken to this level of her dream.

This world is just as much a dream as that one, but man is sound asleep and does not know that he is dreaming. No one will sentence a man for dreaming he killed another; rather they will try to analyze it for him, and most of our so-called experts on dreams are past masters of misinterpretation.

They do not realize the great mystery surrounding us. I tell you: Then she awoke to an activity within her, which was animating and making alive all that she perceived. Arresting it, everyone became frozen, like statues. She changed their intentions, then watched as they were reanimated once more — but now bewildered, because of the radical change in them which took place in her. The story is told, that at his trial, the Risen Christ said to the symbol of the authority of this world: Functioning from above, this lady is tasting of the power of the age to come.


In the 10th chapter of Luke, the story is told of seventy disciples, who — having been sent out into the world — returned thrilled beyond measure, and said: Nevertheless, rejoice not that the spirits are subject to you, but that your names are written in heaven.

This is infinitely greater than demonstrating your power in this world. Now, Luke does not speak of seventy individuals which were sent out, but the numerical value of the Hebrew letter ayin, whose symbolic value is the eye. This is not the outside eye, but the incurrent eye, which sees inward into the world of thought. You have the incurrent eye, nevertheless rejoice — not because the spirit was subject unto you, but because your name is written in heaven.

One day when you are called into that assemblage, you will see that there is such a record, and your name is written in heaven. This may seem stupid to the intelligent mind. That is because they are sound asleep.

This Manson boy, now on trial for the murders recently committed by his group, fell into a power of which he is totally unaware. Many who became his slaves were simple people, some cultured. One had attended college for three years. His power, exercised without love, resulted in a horrible experience; but she exercised her power in love, saying: You love her and she loves you.

This world is every bit as much a dream as that world, and you, its dreamer, are God learning to exercise your powerful imagination, in love. You can take this message on either level. Use it as my friend did, when she would not accept the fact that her luggage was missing, or test your power from above.

Scripture claims that: Whatever you desire, if you will believe you already have it, you will. Refusing to believe her luggage was missing, my friend fulfilled her desire by placing it on the bed, removing its contents, and putting them away.

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This she did every night for five weeks, and then one day she received a notice saying that if she did not pick up her luggage within five days she would be charged storage! When you know what you want, you must think from your belief in its possession, morning, noon, and night. If you do, no power can stop its appearance, because you are the dreamer of your dream, pushing yourself out, shaping your world by your imaginal activities. Your own wonderful human imagination is the Jehovah and Jesus of scripture.

The words mean: You are not John or Mary, but simply I am. But when you call with the name, you say: I am unpacking the suitcase. I am hanging the clothes in the closet. I am putting the presents away. I am arresting the activity within and silencing those who stand before me. I am saying: And from that moment on, men began to call with the name of God. If you really believe me, you will prove my words in the testing.

The two ladies have proved it and shared their experiences with me. One who is the incurrent eyewitness took it into the depth and saw into eternity.

The other knows the truth, and believes it on this level of her being. From this level she brought her luggage back with all of its contents in place, while the other went into a deeper level of her being to discover that there was nothing on the outside but herself.

Mennonites are only expressions of fixations. Satisfying their conscience, they will loan you a dollar and not accept any interest on the loan; but they can feel justified in buying land and holding it until the price goes up. You see, man has a peculiar, innate something that justifies everything he does, thereby making him pure in his own eyes. But I say to you: The world is playing its part, because you are imagining every moment in time. Who knows who is treading in the winepress tonight, causing the subtle change in the minds of men.

If you are in the habit of thinking negatively, you are not going to sustain the thought that you are all you want to be. You may hold it for a few seconds, and if it does not prove itself instantly you may deny it. But in order to play the game of life you must know the rules and apply them. And remember: You cannot deceive yourself, for God is not mocked; as you sow, so shall you reap.

In the world you may get away with a violation that the referee did not see; but you cannot get away from the observer in you, for he and you are one. If you know what you did, then he knows, for your awareness and the father of your world are one. You cannot deceive yourself.

You cannot mock yourself. God is going to record your every violation and mold your world in harmony with your feelings. Let me now share a letter I received from a friend. In it he said: Speaking with authority, power, and joy, he used the identical words I heard when I imagined him confirming the fulfillment of his desire, and I felt the thrill of completion.


It is my hope that confirmation will come in the immediate present, and my friend will hear the man tell him in person of the fulfillment of that imaginal act which was set on fire by his friend. Now, in another part of his letter, my friend said: As I watched, the man marked a bold seven over my name on the card; then I awoke.

This is a marvelous vision, as seven is the numerical value for spiritual perfection. It also has much to do with gestation and incubation. In the insect and animal world, I am told, that days is a multiple of seven.

Here we find birth has multiples of seven, but in his case it is incubation of spiritual perfection. Another lady wrote, saying: Suddenly a giant of a man rose out of my body. Let me tell you the story of a wonderful artist, who was also a mystic. His name was George Russell, but you know him best as A.

He said: It was a vast hall with the columns made of living opal as though the colors of dawn and evening had blended into something alive.

Between the columns were thrones upon which fire-crested kings were seated. One wore a crest of the dragon, another, plumes of fire. In the center a dark body was stretched out on the floor as though in a deep trance. As I watched, two crested kings rose, and stretching their hands over the body on the floor, sparks of light came out of them.

Suddenly a figure as tall, as majestic as these fire-crested kings rose out of that dark body. Looking around, he recognized his kin and raised his hand in salutation. Then they leaped from their thrones, raised their hands in the same wonderful greeting and — like brothers — walked toward the end and disappeared into the sun.

Each vision is a foreshadowing of what will take place. They are both adumbrations of a wonderful event which will take place in everyone; for that crested king, who is the Son of God, is housed in all. It does not matter whether the body be that of a woman or a man, or what the pigment of the skin may be; within each one of us is the Son of God, who — radiating his glory and bearing the express image of his person — is the great lamp of the Lord.

And one day this majestic being will rise out of your garment of death, and you will enter the land of life. But while we are here, let us learn the rules of the game of life and play it. Life itself is caused by the assemblage of mental states, which occurring creates that which the assemblage implies.

My friend mentally heard the words he would hear if his desire for his friend were fulfilled. Its assemblage, occurring within him, created the event to be played out in the game of life. After you have assembled your mental state and allowed it to occur within you, you do not have to repeat the act.

You cast your bread upon the water the moment you felt relief. Although you do not have a physical expression in a sexual manner, relief is possible; and of all the pleasures of the world, relief is the most keenly felt.

When someone you dearly love is late, you anxiously await that key in the door. And when you hear their voice, your relief is keenly felt. That is the same kind of relief you will have when you have imagined correctly.

If you find it necessary to recreate the act every day, you are not casting your bread upon the water. You may imagine over and over again, but you are only going to impregnate once; and if you reach the point of relief, your bread has been cast upon the water to return, perhaps in the matter of an hour. I have had the phone ring — minutes after I have imagined it — to hear confirmation that it has happened.

Sometimes it has taken days, weeks, or months; but I do not repeat the action once I have done it and felt the feeling of relief, for I know there is nothing more I need to do. Learn to consciously play this game of life, for you are unconsciously playing it every day. I am sure the millions who are on relief feel the government owes them a living; but there is no government, only we who pay taxes. The government has no money and can only give what it takes from our pockets.

Those on relief are complaining, claiming they are not getting enough out of our pockets, and that mood persists throughout their day.

Their mood never varies, so they see no change and recognize no law between the mood they are sustaining and the outer world they dislike. If they were told that their mood was causing the phenomena of their life, they would deny it.

No one wants to feel that he is solely responsible for the conditions of his life, yet there is no other cause. When I speak of imagination I am referring to God in you, of which there are two sides: Contacts are what imagining is all about.

When you imagine, you contact a feeling, and the feeling you imagine, you create. You are the same God who created the world and all within it, but while you are clothed in a garment of flesh and blood your power is keyed low.

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I do hope you understand the rules to the game of life; and — because there is a positive as well as a negative rule — I urge you not to curse anyone. A person need not be a millionaire, however, to be envied. He could simply be a little bit better off than another. Someone could live in a better neighborhood, pay more rent, maybe even go to a better restaurant, or buy better clothes, to be envied.

Awareness seems to be scattered, as everyone on the outside is aware. But no one needs ask another to aid in the change of his world if he changes it on the inside.

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If another is necessary to bring about the change, he will — with or without his consent. You do not have to single out the individual to play the part in bringing about the change you have imagined. He will play his part if necessary because we all intermingle.

All you have to do is stand at the end, from within. I remember visiting my family in Barbados, when I was told I could not leave the island for seven months; but I wanted to leave on the next boat out. I did not know how I would get on it, but a week later when the boat left the island I was there.

This I know from experience. In your desire to go anywhere you must first go there in your imagination, and even those who may deny your request will aid you when the time is right. I got out of the army that way. Knowing I wanted to be honorably discharged and in my apartment in New York City, I slept as though it had already happened and I was already there. Then my captain — who had previously disallowed my discharge — had a change of heart and aided in my release.

Anyone can do it. This game is easy to play and can be lots of fun in the doing. Think of an object you would like to hold. Think of a place you would desire to be. Then find an object in that room and feel it until it takes on sensory vividness. Sit in that chair until you feel the chair around you. View the room from that chair and you are there, for you are all imagination and must be wherever you are in your imagination.

Now, cast your bread upon the water by feeling the relief of being there, and let your genie — who is your slave — build a bridge of incident over which you will cross to sit in that chair, hold that lamp, and touch that table.

In Genesis, the story is told of Isaac — who was unable to see, but capable of feeling — calling to his son, Jacob, saying: Your voice sounds like my son Jacob, but you feel like Esau. So Isaac gave the imaginary state the right to be born.

As Isaac, you can sit quietly and with your imaginary hands you can feel the difference between a tennis ball, a baseball, a football, and a golf ball. If they are nothing because they are subjective and not objectively real to you at the moment then you could not discriminate between them.

But, if you can feel the difference between these so-called unrealities, then they must be real, although not yet made objective to your senses. Try it just for fun. Take an object and thank the being within you for the gift. Then thank the one on the outside, for within and without are vicarious, as is life; for by observing an odor, a look, or a feeling within, you will discover you are life itself. Yes, life is a game.

Pdf neville goddard

Paul calls it a race, saying: Both are competitive; but the opposition is with self and not with another, for there is no other. Do not try to get even with another.

Grant him the right to use the same law to achieve his goal, even though it may be similar to yours. The knowledge you share will never rob you.