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THE METAMORPHOSIS. Franz Kafka translated by. STANLEY CORNGOLD. Some readers view the transformation that occurs at the. The Metamorphosis PDF Summary by Franz Kafka is an intriguing novel covering the life of a family who wants to prosper. It can be said that. Metamorphosis (Die Verwandlung). Franz Kafka Translated from the German by David Wyllie. Originally published as Die Verwandlung in This web.

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novels at Planet eBook. Subscribe to our free eBooks blog and email newsletter. The Metamorphosis. By Franz Kafka (). Page 2. The Metamorphosis. Franz Kafka was one of the major German-language fiction writers of the 20th century. ("The Metamorphosis"); and unfinished novels Der Prozess ("The Trial "). The Project Gutenberg EBook of Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka Translated by David Wyllie. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with.

They carried out absolutely everything that the world expects from poor people. But Gregor found it easy to give up having the door open. He sat unyielding on his picture. I haven't been able to get up. Across the room. We choose only the most thought-provoking books for our readers, and this is definitely one of the very best! They became quieter.

Gregor's mother. Whatever was said next would be crucial. He felt that he had been drawn back in among people. On the wall exactly opposite 6.

So Gregor did not go into the room.

The Metamorphosis PDF Summary - Franz Kafka | 12min Blog

I didn't need the locksmith after all". He had first to slowly turn himself around one of the double doors. He was still occupied with this difficult movement. Then he lay his head on the handle of the door to open it completely.

As the key turned round he turned around the lock with it. Then he looked uncertainly round the living room. Then she unfolded her arms. Because he had to open the door in this way. They had realised. In this way only half of his body could be seen. He did not keep still for a moment while Gregor was speaking. And you're also well aware that we travellers spend almost the whole year away from the office.

The door to the entrance hall was open and as the front door of the flat was also open he could see onto the landing and the stairs where they began their way down below. I know that nobody likes the travellers. They think we earn an enormous wage as well as having a soft time of it. Please don't make things any harder for me than they are already. Will you please just let me leave? You can see".

That was something his parents did not understand very well. It was only when he had reached the entrance hall that he made a sudden movement. Gregor realised that it was out of the question to let the chief clerk go away in this mood if his position in the firm was not to be put into extreme danger.

In the hall. Hardly had that happened than. The chief clerk had to be held back. But his sister was not there. He moved very gradually. If only his sister were here!

She was clever. You're well aware that I'm seriously in debt to our employer as well as having to look after my parents and my sister. And without considering that he still was not familiar with how well he could move about in his present state. So where are you going. That's just prejudice but they have no particular reason to think better it. It's quite possible for someone to be temporarily unable to work.

Gregor would have to do the job himself. Will you report everything accurately. But you. And the chief clerk was a lover of women. If Gregor had only been allowed to turn round he would have been back in his room straight away. The flight of the chief clerk seemed. Gregor's appeals to his father were of no help. He held back the urge to move but swayed from side to side as he crouched there on the floor.

Gregor made a run for him. Across the room. What he did. He had completely forgotten the chief clerk for the moment. A strong draught of air flew in from the street towards the stairway.

Gregor's father seized the chief clerk's stick in his right hand the chief clerk had left it behind on a chair. That set his mother screaming anew. Gregor realised that he had no choice as he saw.

He was merely fixed on the idea that Gregor should be got back into his room as quickly as possible. When he had nearly finished turning round. Gregor had never had any practice in moving backwards and was only able to go very slowly. Until then he had been relatively self controlled. Nor would he ever have allowed Gregor the time to get himself upright as preparation for getting through the doorway. One side of his body lifted itself. If only his father would stop that unbearable hissing!

It was making Gregor quite confused. In his present mood. It went very slowly. Nothing would stop Gregor's father as he drove him back. His mother was not far away in front of him and seemed. He was pleased when he finally had his head in front of the doorway. Gregor's mother had pulled open a window. His father at this time would normally be sat with his evening paper. Once during that long evening. But what now.

Kafka pdf franz metamorphosis

But he soon drew his head back again in disappointment. It was not until late at night that the gaslight in the living room was put out. The whole of his left side seemed like one. Gregor went and waited immediately by the door. He would have woken soon afterwards anyway even if he hadn't been disturbed. The previous morning while the doors were locked everyone had wanted to get in there to him. By the door there was a dish filled with sweetened milk with little pieces of white bread floating in it.

The door was slammed shut with the stick. Milk like this was normally his favourite drink. But he had the impression that some hurried steps and the sound of the door leading into the front room being carefully shut had woken him. He pushed himself over to the door. He was so pleased he almost laughed. It was clear that no-one would come into Gregor's room any more until morning.

Through the crack in the door. That was something that Gregor did not want to think about too much. II It was not until it was getting dark that evening that Gregor awoke from his deep and coma-like sleep. The light from the electric street lamps shone palely here and there onto the ceiling and tops of the furniture. One of the legs had been badly injured in the events of that morning. It was so quiet all around too. Gregor could see that the gas had been lit in the living room.

Then his father gave him a hefty shove from behind which released him from where he was held and sent him flying. Gregor's sister would often write and tell him about this reading. It was only when he had reached the door that he realised what it actually was that had drawn him over to it.

Long after he had finished eating and lay lethargic in the same place. This amazed him. He was immediately startled. It pressed down on his back a little.

Gregor soon had the opportunity to test the strength of his decisions. Gregor had pushed his head forward. In order to test his taste. If she didn't do it herself he would rather go hungry than draw her attention to it. Gregor was extremely curious as to what she would bring in its place. Some of the time he passed in a light sleep. What's more. She quickly dropped it all into a bin. She immediately picked it up. There were old. Hardly aware of what he was doing other than a slight feeling of shame.

She had hardly turned her back But she seemed to regret her behaviour. For some reason. Would she notice that he had left the milk as it was. But he needed great self-control to stay there even for the short time that his sister was in the room.

Half suffocating. As well as all that she had poured some water into the dish. He spent the whole night there. Gregor's little legs whirred.

Quickly one after another. She did not see him straight away. It was not very clear how much she knew of what had happened but she left within a quarter of an hour. It was only later. There was seldom any conversation. His sister would sometimes ask his father whether he would like a beer.

I've had enough" or something similar. She even swore emphatically not to tell anyone the slightest about what had happened. Although Gregor wasn't able to hear any news directly he did listen to much of what was said in the next rooms.

As nobody could understand him. It was impossible for Gregor to find out what they had told the doctor and the locksmith that first morning to get them out of the flat. He had thought that nothing at all remained from his father's business. Gregor often heard how one of them would unsuccessfully urge another to eat. And on the very first day the maid had fallen to her knees and begged Gregor's mother to let her go without delay. So then he started working especially hard.

This was how Gregor received his food each day now. Gregor's father and mother certainly did not want him to starve either. Gregor heard how he opened the complicated lock and then closed it again after he had taken the item he wanted. For two whole days. Gregor converted his success at work straight into cash that he could lay on the table at home for the benefit of his astonished and delighted family.

Now Gregor's sister also had to help his mother with the cooking. When his father then said nothing she would add. No-one drank very much either. Their business misfortune had reduced the family to a state of total despair. Even before the first day had come to an end. What he heard his father say was some of the first good news that Gregor heard since he had first been incarcerated in his room.

Now and then he stood up from the table and took some receipt or document from the little cash box he had saved from his business when it had collapsed five years earlier. They had been good times and they had never come again. When explaining things. Gregor nodded with enthusiasm in his pleasure at this unexpected thrift and caution.

Behind the door. Gregor only remained close to his sister now. His observant sister only needed to notice the chair twice before she would always push it back to its exact position by the window after she had tidied up the room. His father was healthy but old. This money. There were times when he simply became too tired to continue listening. He had used to feel a great sense of freedom from doing this. He would often lie there the whole night through.

Whenever they began to talk of the need to earn money. During the five years that he had not been working. That's to say. Unlike him. Would his sister have to go and earn money? She was still a child of seventeen. Gregor would always first let go of the door and then throw himself onto the cool. Their parents did not like to hear this innocent talk.

That was the sort of totally pointless thing that went through his mind in his present state. Besides that. He could actually have used this surplus money to reduce his father's debt to his boss. During Gregor's short periods in town. From these repeated explanations Gregor learned. They had even got used to it. Would Gregor's elderly mother now have to go and earn money? She suffered from asthma and it was a strain for her just to move about the home.

It was not a lot. Or he might go to all the effort of pushing a chair to the window. Gregor went straight to hide himself under the couch. His mother also wanted to go in and visit Gregor relatively soon but his father and sister at first persuaded her against it. Gregor listened very closely to all this. Even if it was cold. No sooner had she come in than she would quickly close the door as a precaution so that no-one would have to suffer the view into Gregor's room. One day. Gregor's parents could not bring themselves to come into the room to see him.

He was especially fond of hanging from the ceiling. She left the sheet where it was.

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

If she did not think this sheet was necessary then all she had to do was take it off again. For the first fourteen days. His sister. Gregor even thought he glimpsed a look of gratitude one time when he carefully looked out from under the sheet to see how his sister liked the new arrangement.

She would alarm Gregor twice a day with this running about and noise making. It made him realise that she still found his appearance unbearable and would continue to do so. He would often hear them say how they appreciated all the new work his sister was doing even though.

It had even become very unpleasant for him. Gregor's wish to see his mother was soon realised. Can't you understand I have to see him?

Gregor wanted to avoid being seen at the window during the day. But now the two of them. Out of consideration for his parents. In itself. If Gregor had only been able to speak to his sister and thank her for all that she had to do for him it would have been easier for him to bear it. After labouring at it for fifteen minutes or more his mother said it would be better to leave the chest where it was. She thought just the opposite.

He had come very close to forgetting. But now. Had he really wanted to transform his room into a cave. Gregor had hurriedly pulled the sheet down lower over the couch and put more folds into it so that everything really looked as if it had just been thrown down by chance. Gregor also refrained.

This meant that his mother's advice now was sufficient reason for her to insist on removing not only the chest of drawers and the desk. It was more than childish perversity. Nothing should be removed. Gregor could hear his mother express her joy. I think it'd be best to leave the room exactly the way it was before so that when Gregor comes back to us again he'll find everything unchanged and he'll be able to forget the time in between all the easier".

That would have let him crawl around unimpeded in any direction. Girls As she approached the room. This lasted a very long time. The old chest of drawers was too heavy for a pair of feeble women to be heaving about. Hearing these words from his mother made Gregor realise that the lack of any direct human communication.

Very soon his sister noticed Gregor's new way of entertaining himself. She ran into the other room to fetch some kind of smelling salts to bring her mother out of her faint. In his startlement. With his head and legs pulled in against him and his body pressed to the floor. This picture at least. They were emptying his room out. Gregor kept trying to assure himself that nothing unusual was happening. He would rather jump at Grete's face.

He turned his head to face the door into the living room so that he could watch the women when they came back. Perhaps only because her mother was there. Gregor's mother already looked uneasy in his room. Gregor wanted to help too. She stood very still. He meant to be as careful and considerate as he could. His mother was not used to the sight of Gregor. But Grete's words had made her mother quite worried. They had not allowed themselves a long rest and came back quite soon.

Grete would probably be the only one who would dare enter a room dominated by Gregor crawling about the bare walls by himself. He sat unyielding on his picture. Her eyes met those of Gregor on the wall. Grete had put her arm around her mother and was nearly carrying her.

Kafka metamorphosis pdf franz

He had nearly forgotten they were there anyway. The chest of drawers was something that Gregor could do without if he had to. He hurried up onto the picture and pressed himself against its glass.

That was the first word she had spoken to him directly since his transformation. It was enough to attract his mother's attention. So she refused to let her mother dissuade her. Perhaps this was what tempted Grete to make Gregor's situation seem even more shocking than it was so that she could do even more for him.

Hardly had the two women pushed the chest of drawers. That meant Gregor would now have to try to calm his father. He lay there for a while. She answered him with subdued voice. Gregor drew his head back from the door and lifted it towards his father. He probably did not even know himself what he had in mind. So he fled to the door of his room and pressed himself against it so that his father.

Then there was someone at the door. He really had not imagined his father the way he stood there now. Grete took hold of all the bottles she could and ran with them in to her mother. Gregor remained all this time on the floor.

Gregor got out. In this way they went round the room several times without anything decisive happening. His father had arrived home. The maid. Gregor was amazed at the enormous size of the soles of his boots.

He was standing up straight enough now. He took his cap. And so he ran up to his father. So now Gregor was shut out from his mother. The same tired man as used to be laying there entombed in his bed when Gregor came back from his business trips. Grete's appearance must have made everything clear to him. He really ought to have expected things to have changed. His father. He had suffered it there for more than a month.

They no longer held the lively conversations of earlier times. All of them were usually very quiet nowadays. III No-one dared to remove the apple lodged in Gregor's flesh. He became noticeably short of breath. Gregor had to admit that he certainly would not be able to keep up this running about for long. Gregor had lost much of his mobility. Sometimes his father would wake up and say to Gregor's mother "you're doing so much sewing again today! These little. He had been reduced to the condition of an ancient invalid and it took him long.

Gregor's father refused to take his uniform off even at home. The He had filled his pockets with fruit from the bowl on the sideboard and now. Gregor froze in shock. Soon after dinner. On the contrary. It was an apple.

Gregor wanted to drag himself away. With a kind of stubbornness. Another one however. Because of his injuries. Whatever he did. The last thing he saw was the door of his room being pulled open. He got into the habit of closely watching it for one or two hours before it was opened and then. An apple thrown without much force glanced against Gregor's back and slid off without doing any harm.

He would just sink deeper into his chair. The household budget became even smaller. But since he had been in work he had become more obstinate and would always insist on staying longer at the table. Other times he was not at all in the mood to look after his family.

Gregor would often spend the whole evening looking at all the stains on this coat. Gregor even learned. This is what peace I get in my old age! Gregor's mother would tug at his sleeve. But the loudest complaint was that although the flat was much too big for their present circumstances. Gregor hardly slept at all.

And the injury in Gregor's back began to hurt as much as when it was new. He could see quite well.

Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka.pdf

Gregor's father brought bank employees their breakfast. Sometimes he would think of taking over the family's affairs. Gregor's mother would speak gently to his father to wake him and try to persuade him to go to bed. After they had come back from taking his father to bed Gregor's mother and sister would now leave their work where it was and sit close together.

Gregor's sister would leave her work to help her mother. They carried out absolutely everything that the world expects from poor people. Only when the two women took him under the arms he would abruptly open his eyes. As soon as it struck ten. He was taken totally by surprise. At first he thought it was distress at the state of his room that stopped him eating. She still cleared up the room in the evening.

Gregor's sister was exhausted from going out to work. From then on she never failed to open the door slightly every evening and morning and look briefly in on him. Instead of being afraid. Gregor's sister no longer thought about how she could please him but would hurriedly push some food or other into his room with her foot before she rushed out to work in the morning and at midday. Her father. If only they had told this charwoman to clean up his room every day instead of letting her disturb him for no reason whenever she felt like it!

This elderly widow. Gregor's mother did once thoroughly clean his room. At first she would call to him as she did so with words that she probably considered friendly. Smears of dirt were left on the walls. At the same time she became touchy in a way that was quite new for her and which everyone in the family understood.

Gregor was so resentful of it that he started to move toward her. Gregor went into one of the worst of these places when his sister arrived as a reproach to her. They had got into the habit of putting things into this room that they had no room for But his mother was to be punished still more for what she had done.

Gregor's father. Just by chance one day. Only if he happened to find himself next to the food that had been prepared for him he might take some of it into his mouth to play with it. Gregor's sister screamed at her that she was never to clean Gregor's room again.

At first. Gregor had almost entirely stopped eating. The gentlemen bent over the dishes set in front of them as if they wanted to test the food before eating it. The family themselves ate in the kitchen. Gregor could not remember having heard the violin being played. The dustbins from the kitchen found their way in there too.

The charwoman was always in a hurry. The three gentlemen had already finished their meal. Unnecessary clutter was something they could not tolerate. It was to his satisfaction. They had moreover brought most of their own furnishings and equipment with them.

They do feed themselves. Someone must have heard them in the kitchen. The woman most likely meant to fetch the things back out again when she had time and the opportunity.

The gentlemen who rented the room would sometimes take their evening meal at home in the living room that was used by everyone. This meant not only in their own room but. They sat up at the table where. One time. We can stop it straight away.


At first he moved it because. Gregor had taken his meals with his father and mother. These earnest gentlemen. But Gregor found it easy to give up having the door open. When the violin began playing they became attentive.

The food was steaming.

Gregor's mother immediately appeared in the doorway with a dish of meat and soon behind her came his sister with a dish piled high with potatoes. It seemed remarkable to Gregor that above all the various noises of eating their chewing teeth could still be heard. Gregor's father soon appeared with the music stand.

Kafka pdf franz metamorphosis

All these things found their way into Gregor's room. At that moment, the only amusement he has is listening to the family members talking. How bad the situation is, and how to deal with the economic situation and so forth! Gregor is unable to help his family in times of crisis and provide any assistance.

Gregor devises a plan, to send his younger sister Grete to take violin lessons. His inability to work and contribute to the family leaves Grete on the edge. In the meantime, he also finds out that his mother wants to visit him, but his sister and father prevent that from happening. As time passes, Gregor begins to explore his new form and becomes more and more comfortable with his appearance. Gregor opposes this idea and makes a final push to save a picture of a woman hanging on the wall.

Gregor moves over to the kitchen, where he encounters his father who has just returned from work. His father throws apples at him not aware that he can hurt him in the endeavor. One of them hits a delicate spot and leaves Gregor paralyzed and seriously injured — not permanently. The family hires a cleaning lady to help them with Gregor. On one occasion, she leaves the door open, and Gregor can listen to the sounds of the violin.

Gregor tries to avoid contact with everyone on the flat, but one of the loggers sees Gregor and alarms the place. His father tries to conceal the disappointment and directs the new tenants to their room. However, they all complain about the conditions of the apartment and refuse to pay the rent.

Grete, on the other side, grows tired of Gregor, and all the troubles he has caused for the family. She even declares that once they get rid of him, the whole family will flourish. Gregor unexpectedly deprives the family of his presence. The financial part continues to trouble the family, and they move to a smaller apartment to reduce the expenses. All they have been through serves as an incentive to pursue success and happiness.

Kafka pdf franz metamorphosis

In other words, Grete develops into a strong independent personality, which fits into the picture of a perfect wife. The main emphasis is placed on the socio-psychological aspect of an average family. The whole game behind this novel plays in a series of sequence, which continues to portray Gregor as some sort of a destroyer. The psychological approach tells another story.

It speaks about the personal interest and its impact on the overall behavior of one person. Like this summary? We choose only the most thought-provoking books for our readers, and this is definitely one of the very best!

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