Mazda 323 manual pdf

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View and Download Mazda manual online. Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: , The Mazda /F series of premium compact cars is a Total Vehicle All /F models are equipped with improved manual 5-speed transmissions. Mazda Manual. View and Download Mazda Protege owner's manual online. Protege Automobile pdf manual download. Also for:

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P=LA L. NaDa. Mazda F. Owner's Manual. 8B FIMI Nó. EBÉ7-EE-Giç. MGda Autor (oi por Aton. Printed in Japani D. Keep this manual in the glove box as a handy reference for (he safe and enjoyable use of your Mazda Because improvement is 11 constant goal at Mazda, we. View and Download Mazda F owner's manual online. F Automobile pdf manual download.

Page 74 P. To unfasten: They may damage It Use only a cau;,c elcctrical failure. H5 USqt 0. Sheet Metal. If you have no borrow same rating cin:

Mazda recommends that the Seat Befts: Page 34 T.. In If the system docs not operate correct! This puts more force on tlte iH: Page 35 Knowing Your Ma Page 37 Knowing Your M1I7.

Page 38 Kno"ing Your "la'lela Shoncn.. I To fasten: To unfasten: The lap portiotl of the seat belt ,. I f YOllr Mazda was ill a c: The system in an acrident. I f you don't remember this when changing laflcs, you 'Quld hit a "chicle. Page 51 Roof Carrier Conm. Authorized Dealer. Page 54 Protecting ' our: Before Driving Jour around your vehicle.

323 pdf mazda manual

Tire chains L1: Install num w tire chains on steel wheels only. Vehicle Information Labels Proteclillt,: Occupams"hould fasten theIr scat belts. Page 68 Mazda Drivini:: Hold indit-utor This Shirt pultcrn indicator indil-alor cOllies on "hen the hold mode is selected.

Manual pdf 323 mazda

Pushing this again deactivates Ihis mode. Page 71 Oriving Your M! S Second Tips Passing position I S n driving helpful slow-moving traffic and when climbing a t: Page 73 Driving Your: Don'l rive D Drh e mph in this p siti faster than 56 km 35 r. Page 74 P. If the sy! Recharge the ballel. Page 86 Supplemental Restraint This also signals need for servicing. Page 89 Driving Your Mal.

One-touch The ;gnmon switch must be on. Sct the lever at lind dl X: Press MIN M: RESET blltton to They may damage It Use only a cau;,c elcctrical failure. To open the storage compartment. Page Your Mazda This position can be used on dusy roads or ill:.

323 pdf mazda manual

Page Your Dri' ing Milah. Fluor-dcfro IiTlg position Page Driving Your Mazda 5. If dehumidified healing is desired.

323 manual pdf mazda

Radio Reception Your Ma7. FM signals cannot..


I"C T Station the radio off Page Driving Your Mllzd.. With the ignition switch in ON U audio unit is off will tum on vious function. Page Drh'ing Your Mazda Page Driving Your Mazda A fter ad justmem. Rear Balance control! When the lower To operate the cassene tape player, turn the one is lit, the bottom half is being played.

Mazda 323 Manual

Don't remove dOur coolinJ: Page Lt. Page Always replace with and make sure it fits tightly. Ifit doc same rating. If you have no borrow same rating cin: Make sure the ignition is off. Rcmove the negative battery tcnninnl. Page Case or Emergency Page Case orEmergcllcy Towing Whc1: OW-lrnd service. Page Emcrgcnc". Don't one of these methods: Slopping in t rOllTic or on the shoulder of a busy road is dangerous. Page In Case or Emergency Block the l diagonally opposite the flat lire.

When blocking front wheel.

When blocking a rear wheel, place the block behind the tire. Park on a level surface and finnly set the 6. The I'ehicle could 1. Use only the jack provided wilh YOllr Mazda. Ilml Be 0"'0"" lllIJr. Front Suspension. Wiper System.

Mazda 323F Owner's Manual

Steering Pump. Center Console. Front Seat. Instrument Panel. Seat Belts. Rear Seat. Front Door. Interior Trim. Rear Door. Sheet Metal. Overhead Console. Back Window. Quarter Panel. Quarter Glass. Luggage Lid.

Rear Suspension. Rear Lamps. Fuel Tank. Rear Body. Rear Bumper. MAZDA Paint code located on right of center on cowl under the hood. Illustration Located in Next Column. Comments or suggestions? Need assistance? Call or Fax or Page 31—April 22, — Mazda Protege Owner's Manual 23 pages. Mazda Protege Owner's Manual 18 pages.