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Bride for Real. Home · Bride for Real Author: Lynne Graham. 17 downloads Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB. Bride for Real An enthralling two-part story by bestselling author Lynne Graham Rumours: The Billion-Dollar Brides: The Desert King's Blackmailed Bride. Bride the their doormat bride for real lynne graham free qualifying job free bride for real by lynne graham For lynne graham bride for real pdf files detected.

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Their vows have been broken, yet neither is prepared for what this tempestuous reunion will bring. Tally Spencer is an ordinary girl with no experience of relationships; Sander Volakis is an impossibly rich and handsome Greek entrepreneur. But within weeks, Sander finds himself. Their vows have been broken, yet neither is prepared for what this tempestuous reunion will bring Tally Spencer is an ordinary girl with no experience of. Bride for Real book. Read 60 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Their vows have been broken, yet neither is prepared for what this t.

Lynne Graham, The Contaxis Aug 27, Jennie Lucas. A Convenient Arrangement. May 27, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it Shelves: Jul 13, Lyami rated it did not like it. One Night with His Wife.

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Bride for Real (The Volakis Vow #2) by Lynne Graham

You are viewing this site in an old browser or Internet Explorer compatiblity mode. You can continue to use our site but it may not work properly or display correctly. Home Series Modern Bride for Real. Take a look inside the book. Bride for Real Lynne Graham.

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Rating 5 review s Add your review. August Log in for fast checkout Or buy from: Overall book rating Rating. Our Policy All orders are shipped the next working day, depending on the time of day the order was placed and stock availability. Lost or Delayed Deliveries Please allow up to ten working days for your parcel to arrive by standard delivery. After I read this book in , I decided to have a break of Lynne Graham stories.

For a few years, I tolerated her heros with manwhore behavior and not celibate during separation, but a hero who got drunk and have one night stand with an ex aka "villain-other-woman" from first book!

I forgot to mention, as a result of that one night stand, the ow got pregnant, had the baby and died. View all 3 comments. Nov 27, Jenny rated it liked it Shelves: Better than the first book but still depressing that hero had a child with another woman!

Bride for Real

But he definitely matured! Jun 01, LIA Kh. I probably will cut him into pieces and fed it to the fishes!! Apr 12, Caro rated it did not like it Shelves: Yeah, I know, it's amazing, but true Sander ve una foto de ella y su socio y lo carcome? Un asco de novelita. Jun 08, Hemavathy DM Suppiah rated it did not like it. Just when I thought Ms Graham couldn't do worse, she saddens me with this crap. There was: A cheating husband hero Illegitimate child hero's Bad parents of the hero's Shopaholic mother heroine's And Post Traumatic Stress heroine's after the death of her child, also the reason hero cheated in the first place.

Heroine should have kicked him to the curb.

But this being an LG book, of course she lost her backbone and turned into a door mat. View 1 comment. Aug 06, Angelica rated it did not like it.

I have to agree with another reviewer that said the book is an insult to all women. The worst Harlequin present I have ever read. Jul 02, FeliciaKaren rated it it was ok Shelves: I am a huge Lynne Graham fan. I have collected and still read every book she has ever written but This book was pretty bad.

Mar 17, Tanya rated it did not like it Shelves: What an awful husband, I wish this wasn't an HP novel, and the wife left his in the end! Oct 27, Jazmin rated it did not like it Shelves: All I have to say is, so much for love Sander. And Tally The hero Sander and the heroine Tally are on the verge of a divorce. Their marriage broke down after the devastating stillbirth of their son.

Tally and Sander had both struggled with their grief in their own way, causing them to grow apart and eventually Tally had left. Now, eighteen months later, Sander realises that he doesn't want to let Tally go, he goes to see her when she is at their former home collecting some of her belongings, and they have an explosive reunion. But it's not enough for The hero Sander and the heroine Tally are on the verge of a divorce. But it's not enough for the still suffering Tally and she tells Sander that she won't give their marriage another go.

Tally later learns that her rather irresponsible mother has gotten into financial trouble so she is forced to go to her father for help.

He agrees to help on the condition that Tally reconsiders a reconciliation with Sander. She reluctantly agrees and lets Sander know she has changed her mind, although she doesn't tell him why. Sander is really pleased and promises to try harder and make Tally happy.

Things go well between them and they begin to re build a very strong marriage as well as the hope for a second child, Tally knows she never stopped loving Sander. But, once again, their happiness is destroyed when the consequences of Sander's drunken one-night stand during their separation are revealed.

I must admit, I am very confused about this book. On one hand I really liked it and on the other I didn't.

I liked that this book didn't immediately follow on from the first book, instead there has been a lot of time and events in the characters lives. Reading about their stillborn son was heartbreaking and the grief they felt, especially Tally's, was handled really well. I could really see how the different reactions from the hero and heroine caused their marriage to slowly breakdown, this is a major plus for this book.

I didn't, however, like the hero's one night stand and the consequences of it. I found it very difficult to stomach and I was hoping that it would would turn out to be a mistake. Sadly it didn't, however I think that it is because of the strength of Lynne Graham's writing that made me accept this in the end.

I do think that the character of Tally lost some of the sparkle that she had in the first book, but perhaps that is to be expected after what she had gone through. The HEA is wonderful and not at all rushed, which really helps to balance out some of the unsavoury elements of this book.

This is a flawed, but overall enjoyable book. Originally posted at http: Jul 05, JennyG rated it did not like it Shelves: I didn't read this book nor do I intend to read it. My review is based on spoilers provided on different message boards. According to the reviews the hero betrays the heroine when she needs him the most. Hate that! He turns to another woman, with whom he used to be very much in love and fathers a child with her. The other woman conveniently dies He then expects the heroine to accept that child as if nothing happened.

I can sometimes forgive or ignore a cheating hero but not when he betrays the he I didn't read this book nor do I intend to read it. I can sometimes forgive or ignore a cheating hero but not when he betrays the heroine in her time of need. Maybe, I might have been more forgiving had he cheated with some unknown woman and had there not been a baby.

LG's writing just hasn't been the same since Not memorable for me. This book is memorable, even though I haven't read it, but it is memorable for all the wrong reasons. She has made me afraid to buy her books without first looking for spoilers.

Aug 02, Cassie rated it did not like it Shelves: I really didnt like this book, having read the first one and thought not bad i was impatiently awaiting this one!

Thought it started off ok ish, hero turns all green eyed monster when he spots his estranged wife wrapped around another guy mentioned in first book and annoys me by not telling is prat of a father where to stick his opinions! Enter tally she has her own business now, own place and a platonic friendship with afore montioned guy although he is waiting on her say so until the divorce I really didnt like this book, having read the first one and thought not bad i was impatiently awaiting this one!

Cut a long story short I skimmed to rest of the book after that revelation was hoping it wasnt his does that make me horrible? What i wanted was a big dose of karma to come into this story for her family mum, dad, step mum, and sister that doped her drink in first book and his famly mum and dad i dont think they got it IMO. I normally am a fan of lynne grahams but am dissapointed with this one and where as you could read the first one as a stand alone i dont feel you can this one as it refers alot to the other book without explanations sometimes.

Feb 18, Sneha Jaiswal rated it did not like it. I can't believe LG wrote this. Sep 04, Tiff91 rated it did not like it.

As someone who has had a stillborn child I can tell you right now if my hubby went and screwed his ex and got her pregnant I wouldn't have run back to him no matter what!! I can also understand the whole shutting him out and going into depression. But luckily for me I have my real life hero who literally was by my side the whole time and didn't let me shut him out. Even though he was going through his own grief he made sure I was his priority.

So this book just rubbed it raw for me. But In saying As someone who has had a stillborn child I can tell you right now if my hubby went and screwed his ex and got her pregnant I wouldn't have run back to him no matter what!!

But In saying that. I'm glad he took responsibility for the child. Because at the end of the day it wasn't the baby's fault that she is here she didn't ask for any of this Nov 24, Hasmidah rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 02, Elle Markov rated it it was ok. So book 1 was bearable, and they get a sort-of happy ending with Sander convincing Tally to stay and they move to France where Tally awaits the arrival of her baby and Sander is like "eh, I guess I have no choice".

Book 2 starts 18 months after said baby is still born. As is common in situations like that, Tally falls into a severe depression, she's having nightmares, cries a lot, doesn't want anything physical with Sander. Sander is an arrogant douche that decides if his wife doesn't want him physically he will focus on work and completely ignore his wife. Tally takes that as he doesn't wanna be married I'm going to leave him and so she does. He sets up a little reunion and seeing as the only thing they had right in their marriage was screwing they do it on a table, a bed, a shower, a bed again and in the morning Sander drops his lets give it another go.

Tally asks him if he's screwed anyone else while they're apart and Sander say yes. Tally leaves and goes home back to London. Now Sander's all shit Tally's not gonna like this, especially because you're mommy's my ex and they did not like each other. Sander is back and he decide let me screw Tally one last time just in case she decides to leave me for good.

He drops his bomb and Tally is pissed Sander is actually all it's not a big deal don't get like that, why are you leaving again, if you hadn't left the first time this wouldn't have happened. Sep 09, Blaze King rated it liked it.

For pdf real graham lynne bride

However, few facts still nagged me raw. Sander and Tally's relationship to me seemed more based on their sexual chemistry than emotional one.

At least, more on Sander's part. Maybe i felt that because Lynne Graham tended to concentrate a little more on diagnosing Tally's feeling than Sander's to her readers. Their marriage from the beginning established on lie and blackmail.

Not to mention Sander's resentment believing that Tally had deliberately conceived a baby to trap him into marriage.

Then her having given birth to a still born son put a strain on their already rocky tie. The result, they were on the brink of a divorce after a year of separation.

But one day in a newspaper Sander saw his wife in the arms of another man and he wants her back. He even goes so far as to stage circumstances which would bring them together.

However yet again they shared more physically intimate moments than emotional. Or kept arguing about one problem or the other that arose in the plot down the way. Sander was presented as a very guarded and wary man, but who had potential to be caring and loving. He did show tenderness and fatherly traits nearing the end but somehow he fell short for me in his regard for Tally. The author, Lynne Graham, failed to give me a in the end a satisfactory Hero who i could believe would disintegrate did he not get the Heroine to enrich his life forever.

Sander, i thought though would have been somewhat heart broken if Tally had not stayed with him, but it would not have taken much for him to bounce back on his feet after some time. Oh, and i kept expecting more from him on the account that the writer kept bringing up the line that he possessed a very volatile temperament - in both parts of the book - but he did absolutely non to confirm that!!

What a bummer!! But sadly, Tally showed more temperament in the story than him! Oh he did get angery once in a while, even hit Roger, whom he believed was having an affair with his wife, yet i found him more milder than Tally, 'cause that hitting scene wasn't much to reckon either. Oct 24, Aly is so frigging bored rated it liked it Shelves: Main characters: Tally Sander Why I added the book: It's the sequel of The Marriage Betrayal. About the book: The 2nd novel starts about 1 year and a half from where the either one left of.

Evidently things went south and now Tally and Sander are in the process of divorce. I can't begin to tell you how much Tally got on my nerves. She's judgmental, has double standards and keeps making stupid decisions.

She accuses Sander of keep Main characters: She accuses Sander of keeping her out and ignoring her, but, actually, she's the one to blame. She's convinced that she's always right and can't accept responsibility. I didn't say that Sander is perfect, far from it, but at least he is trying and he's honest All in all I can't see what he finds in her.

The writing was good and the story had some funny moments. The secondary characters got a little better: Tally's mom is becoming self reliant who would have thought?!

Would I recommend the book: In a way it was better then the 1st, but it's also worse. Anyway, to read this one you definitely have to start with book 1. Having said that, I don't believe in the character's HEA and on their marriage on the long term Final rating: This review was a good way to relax for me: Tavsiye ederim.. May 21, Subathra S rated it it was ok.

The Heiress Bride

I hate both sander and tally. According to me every woman loves both her husband and child equally. How could tally behave like that to sander, who is also grieving for his child and much worse than her in handling emotion. Even after finishing the story i didn't feel like they were in love.