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Japanese Syllabaries. Learn two forms of Japanese writing, Hiragana and Katakana. Vocabulary List & Quiz. The main words and phrases used in each lesson. If you haven't found a Japanese course that's the right fit, the Kumon His son completed the worksheets on his own and then corrected them. Japanese Language: Learning Japanese with KUMON (originally published I was studying daily, writing a lot of worksheets. Study was fine.

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KUMON Japanese in English Foreign language worksheets. Japanese kanji worksheet #learnjapanesefast Japanese Names, Japanese Kids, Study Annoying Phrases in Japanese 😡 Our PDF lessons are a great way to help you master. This level is for those who can read and write hiragana and katakana. You will learn basic kanji, By the completion of Level F, you should have enough ability to try the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Level N4. worksheet sample. The learning method of the KUMON Japanese Language Program is introduced the practice of listening to CDs, reading worksheets and writing on your own.

Some Kumon centers in North America offer Japanese Kokugo class, but one of the parent must be a Japanese or one of the parent must have good knowledge in Japanese language so they can monitor kid's homework. I am now working on Level E. I repeated the Level A sheets twice and did a lot of drills to remember the kanji. Should I kick them out? I am still working on the Kokugo Level C. Whichever you choose, learning follows the same fundamental procedure: Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Learning Method and Materials

Please choose the course that suits you best. You can study these worksheets in small steps on your own, with your native language English, Portuguese and Chinese used as the medium of instruction. The worksheets of the Kumon Japanese Language Program are structured in 15 levels from Level 4A to L, with 3, worksheets that progress in difficulty in small steps. The worksheets are structured in 15 levels with a total of 3, worksheets. They can meet the needs at any level of your study from the introductory level to beginners, intermediate and advanced level!

Learning Method and Materials. Self-learning in your native language With some help written in your native language English, Portuguese and Chinese , you will acquire Japanese proficiency by repeating the practice of listening to the audio material, reading worksheets and writing on your own. Studying at your own level and pace As you will start studying at the level equivalent to your current Japanese skills, you will be able to enhance your Japanese proficiency steadily at your own pace.

Firmly supporting the study of each individual student The instructors of the Kumon Japanese Language Program will assess your learning progress and help you motivate yourself to improve, in addition to grading your worksheets and giving advice accordingly. Two courses available for your learning Choose either the "class" or "correspondence" course The "class" course is for students who wish to study at a Center while the "correspondence" course is for those who are too busy to go to a Center and wish to study at home.

Because of my very irregular schedule, I decided to do it by correspondence. I began at Level 4A total beginner.

mikka-bozu: Learning Japanese with Kumon

Although I could speak basic Japanese, my reading and writing of kana were not very good. To refresh was the best.

Japanese worksheets pdf kumon

I finished the levels 4A and 3A in about one and half weeks to the surprise of the teacher, I think: From the level 2A, it became more difficult and my pace became slower. If you go to the schools, you pay Yen a month. From home, it costs Yen a month. Each chapter has a tape or CD that costs Yen. The fees are the same whether you send your teacher 10 or sheets a month.

There is no registration fee and you can cancel with one-month notice. If you suddenly get too busy, you can also take up to 3 months break. I have to say that I surprised myself: I have been working on these sheets almost every evening.

After 2 weeks or so, I could read and write most hiragana. It is not boring at all. And it works, especially for the persons who need to read and write in order to learn.

This is not a conversation course; it is about reading and writing Japanese. With this new position, I use Japanese on a daily basis.

Worksheets kumon pdf japanese

I mainly take care of foreign guests, but once in a while, Japanese guests dare to come to my desk. I also use Japanese to communicate with co-workers, make all kinds of reservations, inquiries, etc.

Learning Japanese became stressful. Kanji were introduced at a pace that I felt too fast for me. One morning, I decided that it was just too much for me. I looked on the net at Kumon's kokugo Japanese for Japanese children and liked what I saw.

Since my "nihongo" teacher was not a qualified "kokugo" teacher, I had to leave her class.


I went from correspondence class to normal class. The teacher allowed me not to study with other noisy kids and I just go there to bring the sheets, get new ones and discuss any problem I may have.


It is a completely different world. I had to go back to pre kindergarden sheets. And I still did not understand everything. We just don't imagine how much vocabulary small children already have Everything is in Japanese, the teacher speaks to me in Japanese only. The pace is slower: There is no grammar, no explanations. After that new kanji were introduced too fast and too often. It was also difficult to find reading material, etc, because the kanji were not introduced in the same order as children's kokugo.

The advantage of kokugo over nihongo: It makes it easier to go to the bookstore and buy reading material. And it is also easier to buy the drill books for some more kanji revision.

Japanese pdf kumon worksheets

To begin learning Japanese, nihongo may be better: It's probably easier. One can always switch later to kokugo, the way I did. I repeated the Level A sheets twice and did a lot of drills to remember the kanji. This intensive revision was more than needed. And helped me a lot as well. Studying Japanese became a routine: I always carry the sheets with me and work on them when there is any waiting time somewhere.

Worksheets kumon pdf japanese

Kanji dream Once, I read an interesting article in the Japan Times, about having a dream or purpose while learning Japanese and kanji: What is your dream? For "nihongo" Japanese for foreigners: To see the books, copy the ISBN number, go for example to http: KUMON drills for each ichinensei, ninensei, sannensei, etc: Other publishing companies also have drill booklets.

Each grade has a "before" and "after" level ISBN for the 2nd grade: I could not find these at Sanseido, but at my nearby bookstore. Books to read: One publishing company, Kaiseisha, has books for each grade ichinensei, ninensei and sannensei: Here is one example, at Sanseido online bookstore: The stories are still a little difficult for me At the kids corner, I also found an interesting collection of Japanese and foreign stories with pictures.

It helps me to understand.

Where to download Japanese Kumon worksheets for free?

The collection is "nihon mukashi banashi anime. And another interesting tool, also available at the bookstore: Very helpful to try to remember them.

Of course, I removed the cards and threw away the book cover And, finally, what would I do without my electronic dictionary? I found a nice one at Bic Camera, for about 10, Yen. It is meant for school students ie does not have the expensive kanji dictionary usually found in such electronic tools. The only minus point: