Jason ferruggia minimalist training pdf

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Minimalist Training is a blog which provides info on Jason Ferruggia's great minimalist training system which gives huge gains. Minimalist Training: Simple Workouts For Sinister Results [Jason Ferruggia] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Minimalist Training by Jason . On Saturday I promised to hit you up with some of the minimalist workouts that I learned from. Jason Ferruggia. My e mail was acting funky.

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Thank You for Ordering Minimalist Training. We truly appreciate your business and your trust in us. If you have any difficulties with your order please don't. I like to take a bit of a minimalist approach to my exercise selection as well and believe that Minimalism is also a good thing when it comes to training attire. For me, training at a public gym is even harder, because I'm used to training in my own place. When doing so keep the “minimalist” tone of this post in mind.

Best Cheesecake Ever? Like the Seinfeld episode when Jerry stopped hugging people. For variety you could add in some kettlebell work. It is all about mininalism when working out and the the least amount necessary to produce maximal gains. As good as this looks, I wouldn't do it Consider that with only 3 exercises we hit the entire body… heavy and hard. In that case you are going to do 45 degree back raises once or twice a week for sets of reps.

The Renegade Method takes a different approach. Guys who are over 35 really thrive on these programs because they get huge and not hurt. Do I need any special equipment or access to a gym? You can do all of the workouts in a home gym with a barbell, dumbbells, a rack, a bench, a chin up bar and a suspension trainer. Can I do these workouts if I am a beginner? How long will it take to see results? It really depends on you. The best way to achieve lasting results is to do the work.

This takes time and effort.

Minimalist Training (workouts)

If you stick to the training and nutrition plan you will see the fastest results possible for your own unique body type. What kind of results can I expect? Send us an email or reach out to me on social media.

The Renegade Strength Club is the premier place on the internet for guys who want to kick as and dominate in the gym and in life. What is The Renegade Strength Club? This is THE proven blueprint for rapid transformation.

Expert coaching from Jason Ferruggia and Team Renegade. Scientifically advanced programming to get you strong and sexy as fuck. Premium videos of all exercises in the program. Rarely seen tips and tricks to accelerate your progress. A fat burning, muscle building nutrition plan. I loved to keep stuff.

Get the Workouts & Support You Need to Get Jacked, FAST

Boxes and boxes of stuff. Most of the stuff had some kind of meaning or memory associated with it. But a lot of it was just… stuff.

Minimalist training ferruggia pdf jason

This weekend I decided to step it up a notch and got rid of a huge portion of my material possessions. If you knew how I was ten years ago you would have thought this an impossible task.

Growing up I was a huge fan of sneakers.

Thank You for Ordering Minimalist Training

Loved me some sneakers. Sneakers were all I wanted in life. I used to always think that the day you chose function over fashion in the sneaker store you were getting old. It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I love books. You can get to know a lot about someone rather quickly by the choice of their reading material… or lack thereof. The most successful people in life usually read a lot of books.

My dream situation would be to have all of my material possessions fit in a weekend sized bag. All I really need to be happy in life is an iPod with 10, songs on it, a few days worth of t-shirts, pants and shorts, a pair of sneakers and flip flops, a Yankees hat, a laptop and some books. What I can recommend is that unless you can do 10 picture-perfect chin ups or pull ups you use bands to assist you.

The bands will help you do the reps with proper technique and allow you to focus on using your lats and keeping your chest up and shoulders back throughout the set.

Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Fitness

They will actually teach you how to do chin ups properly. They will also train you to be able to do higher reps. Breathing can be difficult when doing anything with the arms overhead. Bands allow you to get used to that and allow the lats build up some work capacity and tolerance for those kinds of sets.

The other reason to use bands on chin ups is because most muscle groups should be trained with a variety of rep ranges as I mentioned HERE. One day per week you can chin heavy for sets of reps and another day you can crank out some band assisted sets of reps.

Training minimalist pdf ferruggia jason

Bottom line? Do chins and pull ups as your main lat exercises but do them band-assisted, on at least one workout per week, until you are strong enough to do sets of 10 crisp reps with impeccable technique. You can order bands HERE.

Get the small or medium single band package. For shoulders you have barbell and dumbbell military presses. Do barbell presses once per week and work up to a top end set of reps. Press dumbbells overhead days later for sets of reps.

Training pdf jason ferruggia minimalist

Dumbbells are a far better choice. And weighted, suspended pushups are even better. Optimally this would be done with a Swiss bar.

Work up to a top end set of reps. Do weighted, suspended pus hups or dumbbell presses days later for sets of reps. Everyone has heard by now that the greatest biceps exercise in the world is the barbell curl. Stick with dumbbells; supinated and hammer grip; standing and incline. As good as this looks, I wouldn't do it They can tolerate and recover from quite a bit. For most advanced lifters a biceps specialization phase would entail sets of reps twice per wee k.

Start on the lower end of the volume scale and work your way up slowly, assessing your tolerance and recovery ability as you go. For everyone else beyond the beginner level stick with a more moderate volume. Do sets of 8- 12, twice per week.

One day you can do supinated curls, another day you can do hammer curls. Triceps respond best to high loads. That would put the close grip bench press at the top of the list again, preferably done with a Swiss Bar.

I recommend doing it on the floor or off of boards to minimize the shoulder stress. I nstead of working up to a top end set do sets across using the same weight of reps. On another day do dips for sets of reps. Do each exercise once per week on separate days, for sets of reps.


For abs planks are the best and safest exercise you can do , in my opinion. Start with a plank on the floor and work up to being able to hold it for a bare minimum of 60 seconds.