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Infinite Days. Home · Infinite Days Author: Rebecca Maizel. 8 downloads 97 Views KB Size Infinite Days · Read more · Infinite Days. Read more · Infinite . [PDF]Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel Book Free Download stolen nights a vampire queen novel infinite days PDF File Uploaded by Penny Jordan PDF. maizel st martins stolen nights a vampire queen novel infinite days [pdf] like stolen nights as much as infinite days, vampire queen by rebecca maizel - read.

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Download Infinite Days: A Vampire Queen Novel Read / PDF / Book / Audio Rebecca Maizel is the author of the Vampire Queen novel series including the. Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel - dokument [*.pdf] To Mom and Dad: Every word. Every single one belongs to you. You always light the way. Maizel INFINITE DAYS. VAMPIRE QUEEN 1. REBECCA this is the book you are looking for, from the many other titles of Infinite.

He gripped the armrests and I noticed that the rings that had once adorned his fingers were now gone. My skin was pale white, no shadows under my eyes or wrinkles on my skin. Around his right wrist was a white medical bandage. My way out. But the blue of his eyes —they were the same.

His usual golden skin had yellowed. His arms quivered as he lowered himself into the chair, holding on to it until he was almost fully sitting down. He leaned his head back onto the chair. He gripped the armrests and I noticed that the rings that had once adorned his fingers were now gone. The curling black snake with emerald eyes and the poison ring for emergencies which meant it was always filled with blood were missing. Only one ring remained on his pinkie finger.

My ring. The ring that I had worn for five hundred years. Only then did I notice that my own hands were bare. It was a tiny silver band with a dark, black stone—onyx. I believed him. Besides, up until that moment, I was confident no vampire enjoyed creating death more than I did. I tried to avoid his gaze. I nodded once in acknowledgment, though I looked at the lines in the hardwood floor.

Not yet. I wanted it too much. The last interaction I had with Rhode, before waking up in that bedroom, was about my desire to be human. We had an argument, one that I thought would last for centuries.

It did, in a way; the argument had happened a century before that moment. I had to look away again. Vampires as they move into the maturity of their existence become so ethereal in appearance that it is nearly impossible to guess their age. Making sure to keep my eyes away from his, I examined the living room.

It looked as though he had just moved in, though the atmosphere of the room felt like Rhode. Despite a few boxes piled next to the door, everything seemed to be in its proper place.

Many of my possessions from my vampire life decorated the apartment. Specifically, items from my bedchamber. On the wall, an ancient sword was held to a metal plate by golden clasps. It was a special sword, one that was forged by magic, outside of the brotherhood. It had a black leather grip and a thick base that tapered down to a deadly and distinct point.

The pommel, the wheel- shaped counterweight on the top of the sword, had an engraving circling its perimeter: Ita fert corde voluntas, the heart wills it.

On the wall, on either side of the sword, iron sconces made to look like roses linked by vines and thorns held unlit, white candles. White candles should be burned in a house wishing to dispel evil spirits or energy. Every vampire had them for protection against other darker magics. Yes, there are worse things in the universe than vampires. Seeing me now in my human form was a personal fulfillment.

He had done what he had set out to do hundreds of years before. There were halls with marble floors and painted ceilings. I lived in Hathersage, a rural town known for its rolling hills and gorges. My castle was offset from the road and watched over endless fields.

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Once a year, vampires would come from around the globe and occupy my home for one month. For the thirty-one days in October, Nuit Rouge brought vampires of all races to my home. Thirty-one days of opulence. Thirty-one days of pure terror.

Infinite Days

This was the last night before everyone returned to their respective hauntings. It was just after dusk. Above me the stars sparkled in the twilight—they glinted gold light off glass goblets. I pushed past guests sipping on blood and dancing to a string quartet.

Rhode followed me out from the back of the castle and onto the stone terrace. At the back of the house, a set of stone steps led down into the gardens. Two white candles stood tall on either end of the steps, their wax dripping tiny archipelagoes onto the stone.

The yard spread out wide and then down, out into the sweeping countryside.

Rebecca pdf days infinite maizel

I was wearing an evergreen silk gown adorned with gold piping, and a matching corset beneath. I was walking so fast that for a moment I thought I would spill out over my corset.

I ran the length of the gardens down the sloping hill into the start of fields. I led Rhode down the hill, out of sight of the vampires in the castle. I stood at the foot of fields that spread out for countless miles into the distance. Back then, I looked different. My skin was pale white, no shadows under my eyes or wrinkles on my skin. Just white, clear skin, as if my pores had been buffed away. At the crest of the hill, Rhode looked down at me.

He was dressed in an evening suit, with a top hat and black silk lapels. He held a cane in his right hand. When he stepped down the side of the steep hill, the wispy grass that stretched for hundreds of miles bowed under his feet. I turned to look out at the fields. And now you run out here?

Care to share with me what the hell is going on? If I uttered a word I would not be able to conceal my intentions. Vicken is unnaturally gifted. He could read my lips from five miles away. Instead, I watched the wind trace patterns over the grass. That the prospect of infinite time had started to eat away at you. You were reckless.

You told me to protect myself, and I did what I had to do. His strong jaw clenched. As though a thousand parasites are eating away at my sanity. You told me once that I was what kept you sane.

That the curse of emotional pain released you when you were with me. What do you think happened to me for the years you were gone? His eyes were the most blue I had ever seen—even in five hundred years. The beauty of his slim nose and dark hair always shocked me. How did you expect me to feel? He gripped my arm so hard, I was sure he would break a bone.

I would have been frightened had I not loved him more than I could articulate. Rhode and I were soul mates. Linked in a love bound by passion, the lust for blood, death, and the unfaltering understanding of eternity. Were we lovers? Certain centuries more than others. Were we best friends? We were bound. We had been inseparable since his return. His dilated pupils overwhelmed the blue, but I stared into the blackness. That my humanity— that it might be a possibility. I want to feel the sand beneath my toes.

I want to wake up to the sunlight pouring through my window. I want to smell the air. Anything I can feel. God, Rhode. I need to smile—and mean it. I want to wake up to blue waters and feel sunlight on my face. I look at the humans we take and even they can feel. Even in their last minutes of life they have breath in their lungs and taste in their mouth. I closed my eyes, relishing the momentary relief from the countless tragedies resting within me.

I opened my eyes and took a step away from him. My way out. I need this. He ripped his hand out of mine. He still had long hair then and it fell past his shoulders and onto his topcoat. No one has survived the ritual. Thousands of vampires have tried.

All— every single one—have died in the process.

Do you think I can bear to lose you? Rebecca Maizel is a marvel, writing more than just a … More…. Rebecca Maizel is a marvel, writing more than just a story, she creates myth with every page. I release you…. I release you, Lenah Beaudonte. Believe…and be free. Those were the last words I could remember. But they were formless, said by someone whose voice I did not recognize.

After an elaborate ritual that involves the death of her soul mate for the last years and a year secret hibernation at her English countryside estate, Lenah awakens at an elite New England boarding school, returned to her former year-old human self. As she adjusts to the new century almost too quickly, "chatting up" friends in mere days , tries to fit in with her peers and experiences her first human love with gorgeous and intelligent Justin and guilt for her past ruthless killings, flashbacks across the centuries reveal Lenah's former life as a vampire, how she formed the coven she rules and why she must prepare to battle its members once they discover her disappearance.

In this new series starter, strong, brave, powerful Lenah sheds the wannabe image, capturing readers instead with her complex yet fascinating history and visceral, at times sensual, narration. Lenah is a multilayered woman who understands the test of time, yet experiences life as if just born. A … More…. A new series sure to appeal to many — young and old. After more than years as the queen of her English coven, perpetual year-old Lenah finally has her chance to become human again when her vampire sire sacrifices himself for the necessary ritual.

Determined to live her new days to the fullest before her coven finds and kills her for her betrayal, Lenah explores American teenage life at a boarding school in Massachusetts with best friend Tony and boyfriend Justin.

Eventually discovered, abducted, and remade as a vampire, Lenah retains her soul and becomes something entirely new--a compassionate vampire with unexpected powers who can bridge the worlds. Vampire fans or not, readers will find a lot to enjoy in this exploration of the power of intent, desire, love, and sacrifice. Rebecca Maizel's first novel is a real treat!

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