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back from the black planet. #eighteen//X///liquidfile. history in general and especially with the history of your city. Who really. — files/i3koaol3e Ebook. Trash magazine pdf graffiti magazine. TRASH 5 - big issue. Trash magazine 5 ( 27mb): January - Joe83, Tvrbo, PPE crew, Paris photos by Ali la Pointe.

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FatCap has selected more than 20 free graffiti and street art magazines available online. Here's a Tsunami of vandalized PDF. Bloodwars is a Pdf Magazine. Print it out pass it along. Bloodwars intention is to expose the various forms and styles of Street Bombing and what ever else I find. No Description.

Ihe complex styles of ceet. Actions Shares. Skip to main content. During this period, banks accepted art as collateral property in exchange for loans and large corporations invested heavily in establishing important art collections. Stain, originally from Baltimore,startedlousestencilsbecausehewasunableto attord screen-prlntlnq equipment. Often the artist will never see his artwork again, or not Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are at the centre of Brazil's until months later.

If we did not do developed a deadly virus. Members of the Cabin Fever Crew what we do, I would have done myself an injury by now' are enlisted 10 rescue his assistant from a dangerous gang 41 44 CARU Caru is from Buenos Aires but now lives in France, where he has become an integral part of the local scene. His pictures play with abstract shapes and plastic letters, and often look like moulded balloons. CATTLE Cattle also known as Constance Brady paints her canvases building's ageing process; with landlords actively opposed in acrylic, drawing inspiration from subjects she used to photograph on the streets of New York.

She is particularly keen on documenting homeowners' attempts to cover up throw-ups or tags on their walls. By painting graffiti-the activitY,angerandresponse-oncanvas,iamdocumenting these beautified landmarks of dvilization ' 45 DAVE CHINO 46 Dave Chino belongs to the old generation ofgraftiti artists Based in New York, he bears testament to the importance of the graffiti movement COPE 2 Cope 2, oneolthe hard-core train bombers, founded the international crew KD - initially called Kids Destroy but now with his memorable throw-ups and his typical wildstyle.

From hisaparlment, he looks down at the clean trains that whizz known as Kings Destroy or Kills Dogs - and also works wrth past his block; for him, trains are graffiti. He has been on the scene since rough patch when the Vandal Squad, the police's special unit and has covered huge swathes of the New York subway for graffiti, put him under surveillance and searched his rouse 47 CRAOLA 48 crece is from Los Angeles' South Bay area, where there is stories as 'cartoon realism, creepy bed-time stories, organic hardly any graffiti.

Although he has been painting since he was meets tech': There are crazy life, he only got into graffiti when he was seventeen. Initially he bunnies, lots of birds, and kids taking over the place in flying worked with Natoe and Plek. There are nightmares being conquered in this help as well as guiding his style.

Graffiti World Street Art FROM FIVE CONTINENTS

He describes his picture world by brave kids. Because his or in galleries. He started of comic strips, which he creates USing stencil and 10 spray. His TV He came up with his infamous flower design in , printing stickers - adults and kids with TV heads - have also gained it on paper using the silk-screen technique, and has not notoriety through their comment on the role and inftuence of stopped since.

Over the years, te has plastered hundreds television in today's society. Oil painting has not only as an artist, but as a person. I tend experiences and thoughts. Many of his pictures often seem to look for the mistake, rather than search for technical quite rough in style, and if he does not like something he perfection.

He moved onto leiters after seeing a video of bombed trains running lhrough New York These days, he has his own wild style, which combines elementsolthe Brazilianartesanato,an Indian script and Arabic decorations.

Music has frequently played documented accounts ot the firs! New York graffiti movement. For example, he has designed 59 of pictures on walls, but his style has become increasingly aosuacr-.

Nowadays, she has Gut down on illegal spray-painting, presenting her work on canvases using oil paint or mixing techniques. Flint Gennari got into graffiti before aerosol art really took off 'For ladies only' and 'Bad but not evil', Early comics in New York and the first 'whole cars' trains that are covered encouraged him to create an anonymous, mysterious identity, from top to bottom or panels came onto the scene.

Tagging which inspired subsequent artists such as Future Now up subway stations and trains on the D-Line, he became known for his slogans-including 'Forthose who dare'. Founded in as Heavyweight Art Installations, the crew specializes in colourful canvases, and its paintings often The Heavyweight crew is one such collective from Montreal, feature life-size thematic portraits of musicians or political comprising Oan Buller, Tyler Gibney and Gene Pendon.

Olfering an enigmatic insight into his world, every day for a few brief seconds, and then it goes away 64 he says: Every time that the sky goes dark, and the has no blood or sweat.. If the pieces are colourful 66 and bubbly, then I'm feeling fly. Using coloured layers and splashes on clear, rough, acrylic panes, he creates a background for his artwork on the pane's reverse side, and then works with adhesive film or stencils to bring out the letters or pictures on the front.

The crew comprises a number of very different, high-quality artists with their own individual styles, including graffiti writers Bacon and Kane 67 KWEST Canadian-born Kwest is a member of Boxstars crew and generally paints his wild letters on fr6ight lrains, blending the colours 01 his pieces with the background of the trains He has always thought that art isa powerful means through whiCh 10 voice issues and change society for the certer.

He tries to find a connection between his realistic portraits and scenes and the environment and make-up of the train. The artist also aims to incorporate feelings, thoughts, anxieties and longings in his pictures.

On-osseo chalk is his preferred medium, but he etten also uses a spraycen before colouring the background 71 MAC Mac is from Phoenix, where Mexicans form a large proportion of the populalion-an influence that is clear to seein his artistic development His colourful, realistic and,attimes,verypersonalandreligiouspictureshave been inspired by a combination of factors: Allhough he tnes out other techniques, he prefers to sprav-pent. It's not about making money and there aren't any rules.

It's true freedom of expression. Graffiti art is a way to reach the 'The more tools you can handle, the wider your choices to masses and change people's minds.

Viral Art, an ebook on street art, graffiti and the internet

I enjoy trying to do mat. He has been painting and drawing since or cardboard. The result is a combination of traditional oil he was little. Since discovering spray-paint in their fantastic characters which are often composed using they have not only participated in countless graffiti-orientated a distorted.

They are improvisers. Renowned for spray-painting with a kind of intuitive and emotions. Other wanted to avoid breathing matterstome. I can't explain Ihefeeling of painting in a train yard during in the fumes from spraycans and was fed up with lugging 87 cans around in bags 88 OTHER 89 90 him his blackbcok ta collection ot sketches in a bound book. Although never officially trained in graphics, Persue's fellow artists taught him so much that he now works as a PERSUE professional logo and shoe designer in the sports gear industry.

Initially he worked as a freelancer at firms such as Eightball now DC Shoes , where he caught the public's eye with the brands Osiris or Circa. For a while now, he has also been co-organizing exhibitions with other American artists such as Joker and Giant POSE 2 Pose 2 grew up in Philadelphia, Which is better known for its legal graffili than for bombings.

Since getting into graffiti at the age of fourteen, Pose 2 has experimented with all sorts 01 styles, covering his walls with abstract compositions, flat outlines or 3D letters 'Forme, graffiti has always been a personal expression of who I am,' he explains.

Without any knowledge of tagging, soon his name began to appear allover Puerto Rico.


When he was Under this influence, Prisco ended up drawing his name young. The ernst's independent and lavish style. SECTR Canadian-born Sectr has been spray-painting since targeting American goods and passenger trains that travel throughout the whole of North America with his abstract and compact style.

To give his creative energy as wide a scope as possible, he uses various tools, combining a marker, spraycan and even scraps 01 rubbish.

I try to incorporate it into my work. Lost, a magazine based in Los Angeles. Each day, shewauld sit in cafes and spend hourafler hour on her sketches, which enabled her to acquire and develop her work as 'modern art nouveau'. The faces she depicts. The range ot tools and techniques he uses is extensive including spray-painting, mosaics, acrylic paint, ink, cement and different kinds of paper. His letters are twisted and entwined, with a lot of decorations and a complex choice of colours SONIK Sonik also known as Caleb Neelon is based in Cambridge, are painted illegally and remain anonymous.

Pdf graffiti magazines

Over the years, Massachusetts, although his simple characters often have his travels have enabled him to take his art to many parts strong Brazilian influences. He is especially fond of humorous of the world. Moreover, when he journeyed through Brazil, signs, characters and texts, which are specifically designed Nepal, Iceland and the USA, he worked out individual projects to catch people's attention and target children.

The artist for each country. Stain, originally from Baltimore,startedlousestencilsbecausehewasunableto attord screen-prlntlnq equipment. The artist's pictures have a subjective quality, documenting aspects of his personal life and family history.

Both artists stencil and screen-print posters arc stickers, which often contain political or social statements STAYHIGH Stayhigh is one of New York's old-school pioneers and has been painting soce around , He became known for his slriking character, borrowed from the TV series The Saint.

His well-known slogan, 'Voice of the Ghetto', also emerged early on. After almost twenty years' absence, his striking figures have started to reappear on the streets of New York. Along with other like-minded s graffiti and combines them with present-day technical qratfitiartists. He lirst got into graffiti in the late s, and soon got combination of letters, an integrated background and figures credit for his technical skill and creativity. Today, he is a successful illustrator and paints murals inthe USA and Europe.

His passion, however, remains classically Hislove of the classlcal. Building on her knowledge of fine art and oil painting. She also plays with the textures and colours of the wall "I usually don't express specifically political things, unless they just come out in my work,' she says.

While the USA was first invading Iraq. I found myself making a cut-out of a woman and child running from bombs being dropped, but it wasn't my intention to make that kind of image at nst.. Targeting many trains, above allthelRT l Line,theirworkistypicalofthebombingperiods of New York's early graffiti scene, When the crew started to break up at the end of the s. Stan, Prism and Deadly-Done. The thirty-strong I just wanted to cover everything I saw with paint in order crew includes artists with a huge variety of talents, many of to cause static in everyday life - you know, make people whom are no longer active on the street.

Unfortunately, some think that suburbia was grey and boring. I felt it was time fora change. Gauging the artist's USB of colours is also key to understanding the message of his pictures. Personal experience and Brazilian culture have been important DAN WITZ Dan wsz began his career as a street artist in the late s, series of pictures of the shimmering birds. Throughout the when there were loads of palntable panels on trains and many years he has worked on the streets, he has caught breakdance was popular on the streets.

(PDF) The Graffiti Archive and the Digital City | Lachlan J MacDowall -

Probably his most the passer-by's eye with objects that seem to corne out of striking project was Hummingbirds, which he first started to the wall-the still candles and pictures 01 saints that he has paint in May He returned to the idea in with a new been painting since 11 September , for example SlIIeden Somewhat cut off from the rest of Europe by its geographical position, Sweden - along with its Scandinavian neighbourshas been able to develop its own style.

The majority of graffiti is in Stockholm and the large cities, but it has also managed to penetrate further afield into more rural settings Denfllarll The Danish graffiti culture developed in around , when lV stations broadcast Style Wars. Subsequently, it became known for its differenlleUer styles - including the wildstyle, which is used by respected writers Swat and Bates. Denmark boasts a number of co-ecrcc spray artists, including Shame.

Sketzh, cres and Sabe, who tend to have altered their style very little over the years Greah Brihain In the early years, British artists began creating pieces. A large community EUrOpe of spray artists developed in around , particularly in There were pieces in Europe before the arrival of American London, Wolverhampton and Bristol.

Recently, it has proved graffiti, and stencil artists were active in Paris lon9 before the very difficult to carry out illegal artwork in London, which is first tags and styles emerged.

An independent stencil scene under constant surveillance, but a talented and independent also emerged in the s. Techniques have changed a lot Cities such as Paris or Madrid broughllheir own special style over time, particularty with the increased popularity of stencils to stencil graffiti, and graffiti artists used the technique as a and posters.

A typical example is Bristol-raised Banksy, counter-movement to hip-hop. But graffiti did not really take who spray-painted politically inspired pieces before his oft until the mid-t gaDs, when hip-hop appeared on the scene renowned stencils and whole urban areas succumbed to creative assaults by artists. In turn, the European scene is now inffuenang the graffiti world through the work of its more progressive artists. They have introduced many new concepts and levels of thinking, including Ioqo and iconic graffiti, innovations in character art, sculptural graftiti and new approaches to art in urban spaces.

With the country's liberal graffiti policy, graftiti on trains or walls is hardly ever buffed. However, even in the early days, trains were used far less than in America. Although primarily concentrated in Usbon. Gerfllany Germany'sgratfiti culture developed in the earty 19aOs, influenced by films such as Wild Style and Style Wars, especially in Bertin, Munich, Hamburg and the whole of the Ruhr valley.

Bertin, which was seen as 'Europe's style metropolis', played a particularty important role at this time through the likes of graffiti artist ooen who brought an independent 8ertin wildstyle to the fore. There was also a spray-painting trend in the former East Germany, but the government quashed it by banning the use of spraycans and removing them from shops spain The Spanish scene boasts countless character artists scattered throughout the country, but Madrid, Barcelona and Granada are the hotspots of modern graffiti.

The scene in Madrid predated the hip-hop movement but, as tags took off, it developed a particular tag style - a rounded signature with arrows. EI Muetle became legendary for this style, but various other artists such as Glub also went onto develop it. Along with figurative graffiti. Barcelona attracts writers from around the world to its high-quality and exuberant Halls of Fame France There are many tascinatinq French artists, but the most innovative tend to come from Toulouse and Parts.

Paris has seen a lot of changes in street culture throughout its history, from stencil artists such as Blek Le Rat and Miss Tic at the beginning of to the lide of tags and throw-ups that appeared all over the city some years later. Nowadays, there arelotsofcharactersandlogosorhugepholorealisticwall creations.

Toulouse provides tough competition, however, with the paintbrush charactersofMissVan,Fafi and Lus. Ihe complex styles of ceet. Not only was it particularly easy for many years, but it had the added aovantage that trains generally had a long life and travelled throughout the country.

The scene started in Milan, but it was Rome that put Italy on the map when it became one of the most bombed cities in the wortd. Nowadays, it is decidedly more difficult to paint trains: In the s, important shows of In contrast to other countries, Bulgaria's capital city, Sofia, graffiti-inspired artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat were played liUle part in the early years, when artists generally staged in Modena.

An individual hip-hop show at Fondazione Prada in Milan culture developed alongside the graffiti movement, and both soon gained popularity SWitZerland Switzerland's early pieces were often strongly influenced by AUSSia those in internationally renowned books. Naturally here. As the in Russia for quite some time, the graffiti scene developed scene became more original, artists like Dare put their own late. Alter the collapse of Ihe USSR, the lives of graffiti artists stamp on it and came to international recognition.

Graffiti changed unrecognizably, and pieces started to appear is often concentrated in the cities and, although the scene A few of the first graffiti artists are still active today. The past is not huge, it has nurtured many teleots over the years lew years have seen a graffiti movement of astonishingly high calibre develop, moving out from Moscow and St Petersburg AUStria to every corner of the country.

Austria's graffiti scene is small compared to that of its neighbours and, as a result. This has not deterred some artists, however. The majority of graffiti artists are based in Vienna. Even in the late there are also small clusters in Linz and Innsbruck who tend s.

Graf1iti cuture is only just beginning to develop has played in the artistic development of many enthusiasts here. Nowadays, the stuenon has improved somewhat there crOatia are graffiti books and jams, and the True Stilo crew, which has The Croatian scene started to develop in A young graffiti culture has emerged in Estonia. For many years, spraycans were Greece and its local activists were thrust into the limelight not available here and, as a result.

Concentrated in Athens and started to emerge in the early t s. The scene is largely Thessaloniki, the movement is enjoying a boom, particularly based in the capital Tallinn, where the CAPO crew is active. Over the past few years, pioneers such as Bizare Thanks to the efforts of this crew and others, a lively graffiti or Woozy have continued to make their mark, and new artists environment is developing.

Many Estonian artists also work are emerging, often working with stencils or characters as designers or sell their canvases B Tooo. One of the great things about graffiti is and wife team Seien and Klor. In , they got into graphic the opportunities it gives you to travel around and paint wrth design through the work of Neville Brody and started to apply different people, and the pair have shown off their pictures at it to their graffiti and vice versa.

They describe their art as venues around the globe - from London to Singapore. What a trip! On en rigole encore. Un exemple. Back to the streets encore, avec Kashink et son jeu de genres.

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La nostalgie? Oui, aussi. Alarme, ironie et excellence. Nous prenons aussi des nouvelles de Brusk dont les nouvelles incursions vers le volume nous intriguent et nous enchantent. Woehr et Jon Fox.

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