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Google Cardboard Template v Identifiergoogle-cardboard-template. Identifier -arkark://t7rn7vt8q. OcrABBYY FineReader Pages. Google Cardboard v Template - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. This PDF shows you the template of Google Cardboard v template collection ( If you have any questions or comments about the Works with Google Cardboard program.

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Place lens curved side down. 1. Print the template. 2a. Glue the template onto cardboard. Cut out cardboard. 3. Glue light numbers on top of dark ones. 2b. Production templates. The Manufacturer Kit has been updated for the new Cardboard, with more detailed Cardboard-manufacturery goodness than ever before. Google Cardboard I highly recommending using my newest plans found here. They are simpler and Download the 5 page template I created here ( updated 1/1/16). You will need: . Reply Upvote. how to make a gcardboad send pdf. 0.

Hi, could you show how to assemble the peaces? Cut out and glue the template pieces onto cardboard, noting the "grain" corrugation to maximize strength. So the Cardboard viewer specification is open source and ready for you to start building. Google Cardboard saves a life! Just remember If you want to paint it another color spray paint is not recommended because it will eat the foam but you can use water-based paints with no problem like Acrylics. To apply for a Works with Google Cardboard badge for your viewer, start with the guidelines below.

Pdf template google cardboard