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Cobit Focus Volume 1 January | Download PDF. Sul sito di ISACA è 4, volume 3, ottobre | Agatino COBIT Focus Volume 2. file/, 03 ottobre società complessa”, Rivista LLL (Lifelong Lifewide Learning) Focus on lifelong Lifewide Learning, 2, Challenging Spalmaincentivi under Investment Agreements: focus on the . Republic of Turkey, ICSID the D.M. 16 ottobre and D.M. 17 ottobre ; the.

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Focus Italia - Ottobre Italian | HQ PDF | pages | 43 MB. Focus Storia - Ottobre Italian | pages | True PDF | MB. The Jockey Club Innovation Tower is home to the Hong Kong Polytechnic. University School of Design and is the new driving force in the development of Hong.

The Tribunal, however, dismissed the arguments of vestors the EU, stating that any award rendered in ICSID proceed- ings shall be binding, recognized and enforced without 1. By Michael Waibel. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Focus Storia Collection - Primavera Our website pdf-giant. Please wait

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Focus Storia No. Focus Storia Agosto Italy. Italian tribunal has not made a decision on the dispute, the investor retains the right to revoke its judicial action In other cases, arbitrators have dismissed the objection to and resorts to international proceedings.

Focus Storia - Ottobre 2014

A decision by jurisdiction on the ground that the parties in the domestic the internal judicial or conciliation bodies, by contrast, proceedings were not identical with the parties in the seems to prevent the investor to pursue international international proceedings.

That happened, for example, in proceedings. The Rus- sian Federation regarding the application of the ECT , To avoid any contestation, the best choice would be to where the Russian local company, Yukos, resorted to submit the claim to domestic courts after the institution Russian courts and to the European Court of Human of the international arbitration In the case of the Rights, while the foreign investors, holding an interest on Spalmaincentivi law, however, this was not possible due the local company the Cypriote company Hulley Enter- to the fact that the terms for claims before domestic prises Limited , initiated international proceedings9.

In light of the above, in this In general terms, arbitrators have been keen to admit specific case, arbitrators might be positive to admit the international investment proceedings, even in cases international dispute, even if investors have already re- where the investor had previously resorted to domestic sorted to Italian courts, if it emerges that the latter had courts or tribunals, and this trend might favor foreign no real choice, but to assert their rights before domestic investors, who are willing to resort to both Italian courts courts and tribunals, due to time constraints or compe- and international arbitration to oppose the Italian renew- tence That substantial commitment of resources by the investor and imply a certain duration and risk Cement Shipping and Handling Co.

Case No. Of Waiting Periods, Umbrella S. Trade, April , Vol. AA , Interim Award on Jurisdiction and ber A Limited Cyprus v. AA Review, U. New York Geneva , p.

Pdf 2014 focus ottobre

The Russian and Production Company v. Republic of Estonia, diction and Admissibility, 30 November , pp. These SPVs own the photovoltaic installa- cantly on the value and profitability of their investments. The SPVs are designed to trative acts enacted by the Italian State, have dramatically operate and manage the installation for a medium-long changed the legislative framework according to which term.

For this reason and in the light of fined and covered by the ECT and give rise to their right the above, there are significant arguments to successfully to resort to international arbitration in accordance with resort to international arbitration under the ECT and good the provisions of the Treaty.

Besides, it shall be noticed that the definition of invest- ment included in article 1 6 of the ECT also covers assets In addition, international investment arbitration is particu- that are indirectly owned or controlled by the investor.

Focus Storia - Agosto 2016

In larly appealing because it usually recognizes higher dam- this regard, the ECT contains a common Understanding ages, compared to national courts and other international Nr. Control of an investment means control in fact, and, on the other hand, it guarantees a neutral forum, determined after an examination of the actual circum- where investors can have their case heard outside of the stances in each situation.

It covers both equity interests of possibly overbearing influence of domestic politics. Investors, in fact, may choose to resort to body. Financing includes the payment of some or the SPV is exercised by the foreign investor through a all costs of the arbitral proceedings.

In return for this fi- holding company. The holding company, established nancial liability, the funders receive a certain percentage under the laws of Italy, has the only purpose of control- of the finally awarded damages or a certain multiple of ling the SPV on behalf of the foreign investor and to their overall investment in the case.

TPF allows investors safeguard the interests of the latter.

Focus Storia - Giugno 2015

In particular, it would be worth investment case law and doctrine A Commentary, Cambridge: Cam- the final investment award. As to jurisdiction, so far, in- bridge University Press, , p. Starmill S.

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Multipack S. Reform under Investment Sweden v. Romania, the EU Commission intervened asserting that "any payment of compensation arising out Agreements: The Tribunal, however, dismissed the arguments of vestors the EU, stating that any award rendered in ICSID proceed- ings shall be binding, recognized and enforced without 1.

The Italian Investment Agreements and the Ener- review by domestic courts However, wheth- States worldwide.

The obligation that the State owes to a foreign in- ties offered by the ECT and to start proceedings before vestor or investment is generally referred to as the stand- international arbitration tribunals.

Investment agreements include absolute Partner has formed an international team of experts, standards, such as guarantees of fair and equitable composed by German, Spanish and Italian lawyers, to treatment; as well as relative standards, such as national deal with arbitration proceedings under the ECT and is at treatment and most-favored nation treatment, whose your disposal for giving you any further information on application depends on the treatment accorded by the the issue.

State to other investors International investment agreements also contain specific norms on expropriation and dispute settlement, to which States usually devote separate sections of the treaty.

2014 pdf ottobre focus

European Food S. The Enforcement ble energy reform. Oxford Uni- China or respect of due process of law.

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Hong Kong. Any dispute arising in relation to the amount of compen- sation, by contrast, shall be resolved according to para- graph 4 of the additional Protocol. The additional Proto- 2.

This is the only case the foreign investor can back It entered into force in and includes resort to international arbitration against the State to provisions on both the fair and equitable treatment and settle disputes arising out of its investment operation. The expropriation, as well as, a broad definition of invest- China — Italy BIT, in fact, does not recognizes to the for- ment.

Breach moveable and immovable property and other rights in of an obligation of the China — Italy BIT in the context of rem; b shares and other forms of equity participation in a legislative act or administrative decision, however, well a company, c claims to money and claims to perfor- may constitute a breach of the Italian Constitution Article mance having an economic value.

2014 pdf ottobre focus

While, article Republic of China. Article of Article 5 of the China — Italy BIT establishes that investors the Basic Law provides that the Hong Kong SAR, using affected by expropriatory measures shall have the right to the name "Hong Kong, China", may maintain and devel- resort to the domestic courts of the State making the expropriation.