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Fanfiction (stories written by fans based on and existing 'source' text) has been an object of Chris Haywood and Máirtín Mac an Ghaill, “A Man in the Making: Sexual. Masculinities And – well, I'm a boy, and it – er – affected me . Touch how to ibooks author your iphone best fanfiction er mac. Free how to download 2 best fanfiction downloader mac er online pdf. Cydia free. An open-source online fanfiction downloader. Download fanfics as eBooks from various sources online, for free.

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Nicole Berman is a fanfiction author that has written 42 stories for CSI, ER, Go to to download the file, but . Mac's little sister, Chloe, is all grown up - and she has a few surprises in store. went ashore soon after the missile incident, so Mac and Harm are still aboard the . As he elaborated to the best of his knowledge, Mac whirled to face her partner, and “I had to take a deposition from one of the ER doctors this morning. As a combination of grief and betrayal gnawed at his heart, Mac felt Outside, a team of doctors and nurses waited to take Mac into the ER.

Its dark, but the light from the city of Seattle is seeping from my floor to ceiling windows. Of Roaches and Romance reviews A short fluff piece showing what Grissom and Sara might be like if they got past their respective neuroses and barriers. But, she hates me.. Jones' presence. Just tell me who the best florist is, Andrea! I want everything ready. Sir, everything is done.

Nothing out of the ordinary, and everything serene, and calm on his face. Would you like me to pick you up after sir? I need time to be alone. But, I need something else from you. Anything sir, he says enthusiastically as if normalcy returning to our lives. I need you to keep an eye on Miss Steele. You said she didnt look I stop there to hide the breaking in my voice, well, she wasnt well yesterday given the circumstances. Taylor nods, his eyes harden, his jaw tightens, and he swallows as if hes trying to pass a boulder through his.

Thats all the response he can manage. Anastasia got to us all, and even Taylor is fond of her. I suspect hes mad at me, but he wont show it. I want you to check and see how much money shes got in her account. Since she left her Blackberry here, track her old phone. Being as distraught as she was, I say, and knowing shes closed up, and her roommate is away, I dont want any harm to come to her, I want to ensure her safety.

Taylor nods. Knowing how stubborn she is, she may decide against depositing the money. I will deal with that when it comes to that point. I dismiss Taylor, and collecting Anas laptop, Blackberry and car keys, I walk back to my study. I have to show that I can fight for you Anastasia!

I pick my Blackberry up, and dial Dr. He answers after the third ring, groggy with sleep. I say unable to hide the distress in my voice. That one word wakes him up completely. Whats wrong? Anastasia left me yesterday, and I think Im dying! Lets talk. What happened? I dont wanna talk on the phone. He pauses, one second, he says and asks his wife something in a muffled voice. Then he comes back up, okay, see you in 20! I hang up. I run to Dr.

Flynns office. The pain when Anastasia left me yesterday was a shock to my body. It came with such a force that it jolted me out of my physical body. Today, Im settled back in my body, and Im experiencing the pain with every single sting, hurt, and agony. When I come to Johns office, hes not there yet.

I pace back and forth in front of the door. If the stone was carpet, Id have worn out a trail on it. John makes it to his office three minutes late, takes in the condition of my face. I notice he has his jeans and t-shirt on. Its Sunday, and this is an emergency call. As soon as he opens the door, I walk in. Do come in Christian, he says in a semi-mocking voice, but I feel the smile behind it.

I head directly into his office. John walks back to his leather chair, indicating me to sit at the sofa. I sit, but I get up, restless. He eyes me. Christian, I think John, Im in purgatory! Unable to find the right word, he settles for, do tell. I pace the room, and stop right before him. Anastasia was with me last night.

I was so excited, and completely relieved to see her after she got back from Georgia. In fact, the whole shit with Leila has kept me preoccupied, and I wasnt operating on all pistons I start pacing again exasperated, I get back to the sofa, exhausted. I was ready to make concessions for her, John.

But, one thing led to another, and she rolled her eyes at me, and I would spank her for it. She knew that. And she made a game out of it. I started chasing her playfully and she finally said that she feels the same way about being punished as I feel about being touched! This revelation was horrifying for me I say and get back up to pacing. How did that make you feel? I have to check on the Shrink manual if this question is the first thing they teach them. But, when I turn to look at him with exasperation, I notice that he actually is leaning over and totally engrossed in what Im saying, as if to say then what happened?

Whatever I end up revealing to him, he always manages to keep the Ive heard it all, demeanor. This is different. This is something he hasnt heard before. It knocked the breath out of me, and I disgusted myself! But then Anastasia said, its not quite as bad as I felt She said she was ambivalent about it. She just doesnt like to be punished, but if its for fun, she doesnt mind.

She said it depended on the context I give out a deep sigh. John makes an impatient sign gesturing with his right hand with the pen as if to say go on.

But then she said, show me. I didnt want to do it at first! It's like saying 'here's your favorite cocktail! Show me how much you love it! I asked her repeatedly if this is what she wanted. And, I groan raising my head heavenward as if howling, I finally gave in, and I spanked her with a belt six times. She didnt stop me, she didnt safeword, and once it was over, she didnt want to do anything with me!

I say sagging like a defeated man. Defeated by life, defeated by love.

COMPLETE BOOK II - Christian and Anastasia FanFiction - All Chapters

Do you really think she hates you, or is it that particular aspect, that particular need you have that she hates? She looked at me with loathsome eyes, and it would have been better if she hit me, shot me, stabbed me, even killed me I cant get it out of my head!

Ive broken her. I went after her, but I think if she had the strength she would have pushed me. I spent the rest of the dawn holding her, asking her forgiveness, and praying that she would stop hating me. But what she revealed later was worse than hate I say sagging even further. What did she reveal?

Flynn asked with eyebrows shooting up as if this the climax of 'Best of Freud' the miniseries, his voice an octave higher, realizing he cleared his throat and gestured with his hand. She said shes fallen in love with me, I say with a small voice, completely undeserving of her regard.

Why do you feel undeserving of her love? John asks genuinely. Look at it John! I make her miserable with what I want to do to her. I do want to punish, but, I think that changed. I will stay away from anything that would drive her away from me. I burned all the belts, and whips and floggers this morning in the fireplace! I could have knocked Dr.

Flynn with a feather; he just sagged back into his seat looking at me agape. You did what? I burned them, and burn part of my past with it. Im ready to sort my shit out for Ana. Speechless is not a word that I could associate Dr. He always has a professional opinion, or has his shrink quips. He stares at me for a long moment and finally speaks. Christian, Anastasia achieved more progress in you in the course of in the last few weeks, than I did in the last two years!

Look where I am now. Ive screwed it up royally! I used to think of her like the Rock of Gibraltar, invincible, you know But Im too damn tainted! I destroyed her! I took her love, and almost shoved it to her face. I got scared John!

Im undeserving of her love!

I look up as Im spiraling down again. I sag back down, onto the floor this time. Flynn as he shoots up to his feet. Tell me how to fix this John! I plead with him on the floor, looking up, a broken man. I want her back. Im ready to do whatever it takes to make it work Flynn slowly walks out of his seat. He walks around and grabs one of the pillows and casually tosses it onto the floor.

I cant see you on the floor Are you asking me this as your friend, or as your shrink? He shifts. As you know, Im both for you, he says. I look up. I need both, John I reply. Well then, he says, how about we begin with finding more comfortable seating?

I too work out, but it appears, its not as often as you do. Shall I sit back in my own seat, while you occupy the couch, Christian? I really am not good at yoga squats, he says wincing. A small smile creeps on my face, but disappears before reaching my eyes. I scoots myself back to the sofa, and locating it with my hands I rise up and sit back on it.

Flynn feels a little better with that concession. He gets up, and picks the pillow up from the floor, and goes back to his seat. John looks at me intently. Im asking this question as your shrink and your friend now, and Ive asked this question before: What are you willing to give up for her? What are you willing to do? Whatever it takes! Its not specific, Christian. Im asking again: What are your concessions? You better get all your ducks in a row if you want to work this out, and you have better be determined to see it through, he says with firm eyes.

Im willing go only vanilla if she so desires. Im willing, hell, Im scared to go near my Playroom Ill give all that shit up if she wants to! No punishment Ill avoid anything that will distance her from me like it's poison! Now, this is the question. Will you resent her for distancing you from the things youre accustomed, you like, and desire? I want you to think this one hard Christian! Because if youre solely doing this to get her back, you will destroy not only what you could have with her, but perhaps Anastasia as well In order for this relationship to work, you truly must be a changed man.

This is your chance of achieving a personal metamorphosis, from an adolescent to an adult, emotionally. I look up at John. I died a thousand times since she left me! I feel like there is a gaping hole in my chest. I look at him pleading. What you say Im accustomed, like and desire I realized They meant nothing anymore. So, youre concerned that all of a sudden, Id drop Anastasia and go for that shit in my past?

Maybe I deserve that scrutiny. Will that need be gone? Maybe not. But I sure as hell will learn to take the temptation out of my way. I look at my hands, then fix my gaze on the table lamp. It helps to look at the light if you force yourself not to cry. Ive mastered that. But, my emotional cup is overflowing, my levees are broken. I violently rub my eyes, so they dont betray me here.

Take a deep breath, Grey! I tell myself. So, youre asking me, what entails anything? Heres my answer: Its exactly just that; anything and everything. Because, Im in love with her John! I love her more than my own life! She is my life..

Er mac pdf fanfiction

Shes my fucking soul. Ive come alive with her. I forget what a piece a shit I am when shes around me. Ill do anything to protect her, take care of her, love her, and Ill compromise any way and shape she wants me to.

But she wont believe me. John sighs. First love, and smiles. Well, I can help you with that. Im so glad you finally realized what I have known all along. But, she hates me..

She hates the way I am, and she wouldnt even let me touch her. She wouldnt let me give her a goodbye kiss!

I say with grief. How did she look she left? Broken, hurt. I inquired about her from Taylor. He took her home. He said she sobbed all the way home, and wouldnt let him help her. He said she just stumbled away, I say my gaze fixed in distance. I feel myself leaving my body again. John snaps. Im dying every day! Heres your chance to rectify that situation. Can you give her a few days?

This way, shell get a chance to sort her feelings out, and you wont scare her away. Then talk to her. Really talk. Get all your ducks in a row, find out what exactly went wrong aside from spanking of course. I know what went wrong. Its the whole contract thing. Thats what went wrong. A contractual relationship doesnt work when two people are in love. I put her in a relationship with boundaries Well, Ive come full circle. Fuck the paperwork! Im resolute and determined. I rise in my seat.

Thank you John, I say. Sure, he says. Any news about Leila? Not yet. But, Ill call you as soon as we locate her. I leave Johns office resolute, but still with a heavy heart. How do get through the few days I should give Anastasia. Im a fucking wreck! But that's what the doctor prescribed.

I run back home. Taylor is waiting by the door, nervous. I eye him. He looks at me wary, concerned. But he says nothing. Yes, sir, he responds. I need your help with something. Meet me in my study in thirty minutes, I say. Thisll give me enough time to shower and get dressed. Of course, sir. In less than thirty minutes, I shower, dress up in my white linen shirt and black jeans. I take a bottle of water and walk to my study. Taylor appears immediately and follows me closing the door behind him, turns to look at me expectantly.

I take a deep breath, and open my mouth. Then close it again. I open it once more. Taylor, which florist is the best one in Seattle? Taylors eyes widen, this is the most shocked Ive seen him. Florist, sir? Yes, florist. I want to send roses to Miss Steele for tomorrow to congratulate her on her first day at work. I can do that for you sir, he responds. I know you can, Taylor, I say exasperated. But, I want to know how to do it, so I can do it for her, I say. He tries to hide a smile, but is unsuccessful, finally reigning in her facial expressions, he dons his impassive look.

We surf the web for thirty minutes and we narrow down to three different florists. I call my assistant Andrea along the way, and she too suggests that she can send it flowers for me to its destination.

I have to reprimand her too. Just tell me who the best florist is, Andrea! She tells me the name of the best one, and I hang up. We know who the best florist is. Now the meanings of roses. Meanings sir? Youve been married before! Havent you ever sent roses to your wife with some special meaning attached? Taylor says finally the penny dropping. Im not sure, but Mrs. Jones might be more knowledgeable on that since women are more focused on meanings of things. I can get her if you like, he says.

Ok, get Mrs. A few minutes later, Taylor and Mrs. Jones walks back in. He must have explained to her, and she has a small sparkle in her eyes, but her demeanor is ever professional. What sort of meaning are you intending to convey sir? I take a deep breath. New beginnings, innocence, reverence, honor, purity.

Is there a flower that says all of those, or do I have to get a whole bunch of them to mean it that way? I ask. Jones actually smiles this time. There is only one kind of flower that says all of that, she says, and my eyes brighten for the first time since yesterday.

Which one? I ask a little more enthusiastically. White roses. Long stem white roses would be best. They also mean young love sir, she says, and though I frown, I cant keep a smile off my face. Jones, I say dismissing her. Anytime, sir, she says and walks out. I turn to Taylor. Okay, how do we do this?

Er mac pdf fanfiction

Do what sir? I want to place the order for her! I say frustrated. Oh yes, we call the florist, tell them we have a future delivery for tomorrow, unless you want it delivered to her work of course, he says, and I cut him off. No, I want it delivered to her house, I say. Then, we have to make sure that they deliver it to her house at a particular time. Theyll walk you through it sir, and then we pay them through credit card.

Easy enough, I can do that, I say. Thank you, Taylor, I say dismissing him. He nods, and I dont miss the grin as he turns away to walk out. I call the florist, and place an order for two dozens of long stem roses to be delivered tomorrow after 5: I tell them to check every half hour if shes not home until the delivery is accomplished.

Then I have to convince the woman on the other line that Im actually Christian Grey because she doubts the name on my credit card. She says they have assistants to do that for them!

When we finally square that problem away, that I am in fact, the Christian Grey! I make sales clerk type a note in for her. Not too personal, but not too detached either. Just to let her know that shes in my mind.

Congratulations on your first day at work. I hope it went well. And thank you for the glider. That was very thoughtful. It has pride of place on my desk. Christian I hope she responds. I hope she understands. I hope she still loves me.

I hope she forgives. I hope Wasnt it in a movie someplace it was said that Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies. So, I just hope. Next, I call Ros. Ros, you have priorities tomorrow, I start as soon as she answers the phone.

Yes, sir. What are they? Were taking over SIP! What is SIP? Its a publishing company.


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Nicole Berman | FanFiction

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From the Silence reviews GS. The answer to the riddle is in the discovery of the solution. I did see that discussion and waded through it. It was so far over my head I was drowning by the send of the second page. I don't understand coding and such. Maybe I can find someone who can translate it for the programming challenged person that I am. This works very well on websites that have a special print layout without header, footer and naviation bars.

Last edited by bjergtrold; at Originally Posted by sherryg. There is also Fanfiction Downloader which is a Windows software. It will take the user through four easy steps to generate output. You need to know how to cut and paste URL from your web browser in the program and you need to know what files are and how and where to save them. This is copied from the download page: I think with twilight. I don't know why they don't have that activiated which makes me think that maybe it's not an efiction based archive.

I would recommend BookIt plugin for Firefox do a search on mobile read however the select to LRF feature isn't working for some reason. But if it did work I imagine for single file LJ stories this would be handy. For LJ I merge the fics using Word and then I have some macros that help me clean up the file and resize the text. After I finish my last research paper I had planned to make a tutorial for macros.

Originally Posted by Amalthia. Originally Posted by Elfwreck.

Attempts to add this to twilighted. Access denied. This story has not been validated by the adminstrators of this site. Maybe they've turned off that feature so that people will be forced to click through the chapters? Why is the story showing up if it's not validated? Originally Posted by texasnightowl. I kinda stumbled into this thread and now I have a question. I read some fanfics at a different site which says it is based on "efiction, coppermine, and phpbs with customizations".

I gave a shot at using this? It didn't work, only showed one chapter at a time, but then I found that each chapter has a different sid! So chapter 1 had a sid of and chapter 2 had a sid of ! Any way you know of to get around that wrinkle? Any tip?