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Get Free Read & Download Files Evertrue Everneath 3 Brodi Ashton PDF. EVERTRUE EVERNEATH 3 BRODI ASHTON. Download: Evertrue Everneath 3 Brodi. Evertrue book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Now that Nikki has rescued Jack, all she wants is to be with him and gr. everneath book 2 by brodi ashton evertrue: everneath book 3 by brodi ashton everneath 1 by brodi ashton pincheore pdf - evertrue (everneath) by brodi.

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I thought back to my trip through the labyrinth. And bigger. Cole turned into an altruist out of love for Nikki and it was so unlike Cole that his sacrifice had me bloody outraged. No heartbeat. Jack raised an eyebrow. The hands in the Everneath, all jutting in different directions? My stomach erupted in butterflies.

Breaking that heart is the first step to making you mortal again. How did he. I trusted him. I begged him to come with me. I gift wrapped myself for him, with a giant red bow. He dipped his head and kissed me, and in that moment the calmness of his soul washed over me like a warm blanket, quieting my fears.

It was just a regular kiss. I pulled back.

Ashton evertrue pdf brodi

Maybe Jack was right. Relieved, I lifted my face toward his again. The library. Ninety-nine years until the next Feed. My bitterness toward Cole had reached extreme levels.

Cole had once told me how some punishments were perpetual: Sisyphus rolling the rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down again; Prometheus getting his liver eaten every day by an eagle only to have it grow back the next day and be eaten again. My hate for him was just as timeless. Just as undying. I heard Jack shift in his chair. I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of him looking at me from under the lampshade on the desk in the corner of the library. I shook my head, trying to erase the memory of finding Mrs.

Cole had told me Max and the other Dead Elvises had killed her. The documents in front of Jack were the only thing left of Mrs. And since Cole had taken my heart two weeks ago and then left town—like he always seemed to do when we needed him—these documents were all we had to focus on.

Jack frowned. And your hand was over your heart. A condition? Could it be possible that Cole had stolen my heart yet I was still human? And most likely with my heart. Jack and I had camped out at his condo for three days before we started seeing internet chatter about a Dead Elvises concert in Milwaukee. A thousand times. I thought back to my trip through the labyrinth. He looked like he was made of smoke.

Maybe he was becoming a Shade.

Brodi ashton pdf evertrue

Maybe that will mean something. Something we could take to Professor Spears. Stopped just short of running us out of the building.

A mother and father taking turns pushing their toddler on the swing, a man throwing a Frisbee to his golden retriever, a bunch of girls playing some sort of game that involved tagging and freezing, out enjoying the blue sky of the coming summer. But my focus was on the mother and father. Would Jack and I ever grow old together? Would I ever grow old at all? I turned away from the window toward Jack. So we have ninety-nine years.

The feeling had only gotten progressively worse since then. Jack reached across the wide desk and put his hand on my cheek. It affected his wingspan. Jack raised an eyebrow. And taller. And who gets taller at eighteen years old? And bigger. The fact that it made you bigger. All of you.

Your heart included. Jack smiled, and then he wrapped his fingers around my wrists and brought my hands to his lips. He kissed each fingertip. I can throw those in for good measure. With a grin, he stood up and pulled me to a nearby corner behind a wall of books. He guided me gently until my back was up against the wall. His hands moved up and over my elbows to my neck. I shivered. A buzzing sound made us pull apart and catch our breaths.

Jack pulled out his phone and checked the screen. Apparently the Deads are doing a surprise gig in Salt Lake. That means. I raced through a dinner of pizza and wilted salad with my dad and Tommy. It reminded me that if my life ever got back to normal, I was going to make some changes of the nutritional variety around here.

I shoved the last pepperoni into my mouth and put my napkin down on my plate. My dad froze with his full piece of pizza halfway to his mouth. Summer school starts tomorrow, right? My dad still had hope for my academic excellence. Jack would be waiting for me in my room to make our plans.

My stomach erupted in butterflies. Breaking and entering. This was a first for me. At least I guessed there were no lights on. Jack opened the brown paper bag at his feet and took out one of the black ski masks. He tossed it onto my lap, and my feet literally went ice-cold. Jack froze, one side of his lips raised in a half smile.

Jan 28, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: He took my hand and pressed it against his chest. I blinked and nodded. It belongs to you. It beats only for you. Then there are thos He took my hand and pressed it against his chest. Then there are those times when a final installment is so naff that you finish it wondering why you ever cared about those characters and feeling only a sense of regret that you wasted your precious reading time. That's how I feel right now.

I also feel like I could have read the final fifty pages of Evertrue and skipped the rest quite easily. There were too many pages of scampering about looking for this, that and whatever.

Too many pages of manly posturing. And way too many pages filled with sappiness. I've always been aware of the strong romantic element in the Everneath books. It hasn't exactly been hidden, it was there from the start and it's obvious from the eye-catching covers with girls swanning around in pretty dresses.

But it was always tempered by a fast-moving plot, interesting mythology and pulse-racing life or death situations. This book feels, for the most part, like an epilogue to the love triangle that has been present throughout the series. And while that might sound like an attractive point for romance-lovers, I thought the outcome was so predictable that there was little tension in all the flirtations and angsting.

Evertrue is like a love poem written by an horny teenager - these kids are so immature, so Romeo and Juliet , so willing to throw away everything for "true love". I remembered fantasizing about it for the entire year before we started dating. I wanted to kiss him every day until the day I died. And that's before I even get started on Jack himself.

Honestly, I really believe Jack ruined this book for me. I don't think words can accurately express how much he irritated me in Evertrue. Granted, he was never my favourite character. But whereas before I mostly found him bland and uninteresting, I couldn't stand him in this book. I absolutely despised him. Why did he insist on being a dick all the time? Why was he throwing a hissy fit every time Nikki had to feed off Cole even when they were in life-threatening situations?

Yes, your girlfriend is kissing another guy! But, guess what? Your alternative is that she dies. Logic completely abandoned ship where Jack was concerned, he was solely obsessed with clenching his fists and flaring his nostrils angrily every two seconds.

He spent the whole novel making random jealous grunts like a caveman. Cole may not exactly be a sensible option in this "love triangle" but, my god, at least I can see where the attraction would come from, unlike with Jack where I'm clueless.

This image of a shining beacon of wondrous love that Nikki constantly waxes poetic about seems completely at odds with the image we're shown of a brute who is ready to beat someone's face in. Here are just a few quotes but there were many: Jack looked at him sideways. Jack watched, his face resembling a hot air balloon being blown up beyond its safe size.

Veins popped out on his forehead. View all 57 comments. Jan 23, Ornella Nyx rated it did not like it. Biggest freaking book disappointment EVER. I'm so pissed I'm incoherent. Nikki is the stupidest MC I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. And the most selfish.

She couldn't put on her big girl panties and take over the Everneath and oh idk, actually rule and bring some good changes about, because apparently that's too hard. Oh and she couldn't be with her perfect Jack nor her family, and that's just inconceivable even though the current queen gets to turn people into mist at the slightest conceived insult. But whatever, Nikki can't be bothered to take on some responsibility cause it would crimp her style.

She was also too stupid to figure out what would happen if both hearts were broken. Ignorance is never an excuse. Ashton did a cop out with Cole in every single way. Way to ruin such an excellent character.

Cole was the only redeemable character in the whole bloody trilogy and not only does he get turned into a silly idiot for half the book but when he does go back to himself, he commits suicide. Utterly out of character.

Can someone please kill Jack. All two of his brain cells are too busy getting angry at the drop of a hat to form any kind of worthwhile thought. Even Cole, changed as he was, was still 10x smarter than Jack any day. I just can not stand him. The amount of lovey dovey crap between Nikki and Jack was vomit inducing. It was one of the worst depictions of love I have read about in the YA genre I'm sure there are probably worst, but I haven't read them.

Pdf ashton evertrue brodi

It was such an unhealthy obsession. Cole isn't that much better, but he wasn't quite as bad as those two. It was just sick to watch.

Her rehab should be for her obsession with Jack not drugs, but that would be asking for too much. The sheer amount of stupidity in this book was so astounding I'm speechless. That is all. View all 39 comments. In the German synopsis it says "Nikki realizes that she only has one chance to destroy the Everliving: She has to become Cole's Persephone. Then I checked to see when the next book was coming out.

And it said: Seriously, read this series. It's amazing. View all 27 comments. Jan 13, Navdha rated it did not like it Shelves: But unfortunately, Evertrue has both of these factors going on for it simultaneously, with varying degrees of suck. Admittedly, the second book had me super intrigued because of its cliffhanger and decent plot, so I had hopes for the last book. If only I knew how disappointed I was going to be! Evertrue pretty much starts from where Everbound left off.

Nikki, now without a heart, is very close to becoming an Everliving and unsurprisingly, is as annoyingly whiny and despicably selfish as ever.

Their luuurvveee is pathetic and clingy and stupid like it was in the first book. Cole, who was our saving grace in other books, who was the only interesting and layered character left with his diabolical nature and unsuspecting plans, is irrevocably damaged and view spoiler [killed hide spoiler ] in this final edition.

Here's a list of the things I hate in Evertrue 1 The plot: This series had a nice mythology going for it. Until I realized it was only there to taunt me and never to be explored. I thought Everneath had the potential. And with such ease. It was too convenient and rushed and a big disappointing slap on the face. Anyway, more on her character flaws later. I was peeved off from the beginning but due to different reasons. For the first one-third portion of the book I was cross because nothing was happening.

Nikki was growing progressively weak because of some mother-bird-feeding-her-babies analogy applicable to Everlivings which was honestly just bizarre and irrelevant. Her father was oddly never concerned. Jack was always with Nikki. Like every single passing moment of every day. But, I digress. Their inability to find answers tested my patience to the limits and I might have pulled out a few strands of my hair because of the passiveness of the story.

Ashton even tried her hand at humor but it all seemed forced and wrong. It was terrible bearing up with her foolish remarks when she was nervous. The worst part, the absolutely worst of the worst part was what Ashton did to Cole. I was livid when Nikki and Jack found Cole like that. It was painful to watch that version of Cole; like being stabbed in the eyes with a needle painful.

Cole turned into an altruist out of love for Nikki and it was so unlike Cole that his sacrifice had me bloody outraged. Just thinking about it again is getting me so riled up that I feel like killing Nikki and Jack inside my head over and over and over and over again.

And then some. Nikki is a selfish, self-absorbed, delusional, brooding, good for nothing numbskull. Jack is an oaf with anger issues who really needs to indulge in a hobby other than punching trees and needs to get far, far away from Nikki because she is nothing but bad news. Cole was a jackass whose obsession with Nikki is still incomprehensible to me but he was the only compelling character in the entire series and look what happened to him.

As for Nikki.. Your neck. My hands. View all 23 comments. Jun 27, Grace marked it as to-read. The girls dress on this cover reminds me of one thing and one thing only. Beautiful hell dress or jam stirred in cream? Who knows. Still love it though. Nov 28, Blythe rated it really liked it Shelves: This review may hint towards what happens in Everbound , so keep that in mind. However, it is spoiler-free for Evertrue.

Evertrue doesn't feel like the end; while final installments in trilogies tend to be the darkest of the three, I found Evertrue 's tone to be far different than the two novels preceding it. Obviously, the stakes in Evertrue are high, arguably at the series' highest, and lives are at risk.

So yes, the underlying plot of Evertrue is dark, harrowing, and emotional, but it's how the This review may hint towards what happens in Everbound , so keep that in mind. So yes, the underlying plot of Evertrue is dark, harrowing, and emotional, but it's how the characters react in these times that makes me love this installment and connect to it more than I did the first two; among many other reasons.

PDF - Evertrue

For starters, in Evertrue I finally got a feel for both Nikki and Jack individually. For the first two books, while I found their love for each other and dedication towards one another admirable, I never got to connect to anything but their relationship because that was all they seemed to think about. Here, we get a taste of both Nikki and Jack's characters separately and, of course, together as well , and because of this I was able to connect to them both a lot more.

They're both incredibly witty and likable characters, and I appreciate how Brodi Ashton waited until now for the true, pleasant aspects of their personalities to surface. It only further proved that, in each other's presence, they can only truly be themselves; and I feel that if this character development were in any of the other two novels, it would have felt slightly out of place, if not entirely.

And then there's the Jack swoons, obviously. You are the everything. The pain isn't real. The hearts are. I don't want to say anything about Cole and his involvement throughout Evertrue right here, but all I can say is that if you didn't get a feel for how truly deep his feelings for Nikki go, and vice versa, I think you will in this one.

Jack and Nikki are sweet and made an adorable couple; but I believe, and will continue to believe, that the best relationship in this trilogy is the one between Cole and Nikki. It's not just that Cole is such an incredibly complex character, whose motives you can never, and will never be quite sure of; it's that his relationship with Nikki is the exact same way. Their relationship is the most dynamic, engaging, and emotional one in the trilogy for me; and in the end, it's the most beautiful thing about the novel.

The actual plot of Evertrue may not be very action packed although it is extremely engaging , and the climax may be a bit quick and anticlimactic lasting about five pages , but I don't think the quality of this trilogy is or should be measured by the amount of action it contains unless it's clear the focus is supposed to be action and not much else ; the quality of this trilogy, at least for me, is measured by the amount of emotional attachment I have to the characters, even the ones I either knew I shouldn't, or the ones I took a while to truly care about.

It's measured by the moments spent cheering for the characters' fights; the moments spent feeling your heart break or feel fuzzy within the span of just a few pages; and ultimately, the moments you spend sharing the same sorrow as the characters as you find yourself crying in the dark of your room at midnight.

And I think that's what all great trilogies or series should be measured by in the end, really. Not just the technical aspects, but the emotional. Evertrue broke my heart, yet at the same time managed to make it feel warm.

Brodi Ashton [Everneath ] Evertrue - Pobierz pdf z

I laughed at the many hysterical comments made, and teared up at the more emotional. I feel as if I have just finished this great journey as the characters themselves have done so, and I do acknowledge that this trilogy and this installment may have its faults in regards to the pacing; but in the end, my feelings for this trilogy as a whole and its conclusion seem to be as complex as the characters and their relationships with one another.

But I do know a few things for sure: I love this book, I love these characters, and I love this trilogy. And I also know that I cried a lot, that the last two chapters are absolute perfection, and that I read each of those two chapters, like, ten times since last night.

I have many feels. View all 19 comments. Mar 08, Summer rated it did not like it Shelves: Out of the entire series, Evertrue is probably the cheesiest of them all. I shit you not. As if the series couldn't get any more idiotic. If I read this novel about, oh, a year and a half ago, I would've loved it.

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I read the second, and abhorred it. Less embarrassment for me. If you ever wanted all the young adult fiction stereotypes out there packed into one book, here it is given to you on a silver platter. You have the love triangle, view spoiler [amnesia hide spoiler ] , the macho guy who punches instead of speaks, the weak protagonist always in need of saving, and a Mary Sue. My main problem here is Nikki, the insufferable selfish brat who does not know how to use her brain.

When I say she is a Mary Sue, I do not mean she is perfect. Far from it, actually. I mean that she is viewed as perfection incarnate by the males around her, for no reason whatsoever. Everything revolves around her. Nikki this, Nikki that. By golly, why don't we destroy the world!

Just for the perfect, flawless, beautiful Nikki! Give me a break. Jack is her savior; he will always be there at her side whenever she is suffering. He is her loyal friend. No, scratch that, he is like a loyal puppy, with no aim in life other than to please his owner. He didn't even break stride. He is a one-dimensional, flat character, solely present to get jealous and beat up people.

Literally every single damn scene goes something like this, with Jack being depicted as the hero of the day: He threw punched again and again until finally the man fell backward. Jack rushed to my side. Are you hurt? First of all, no normal teenager thinks like this. If anything, teens think of this in a hypothetical way, not in a set in stone way in which they know for a fact they want to stay with this person for the rest of their life.

Nikki and Jack, embodying the latter, are the most unrealistic couple since Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, I did not feel connected to their relationship in any way whatsoever.

Of all the young adult books I've read, this series takes the prize for having the most gushiest, mushiest romance ever, complete with declarations of love galore, one-liners that rival those of Taylor Swift, and teddy bears. Kidding about the last one, but would you be surprised if they actually gave each other Build-a-Bears while fighting in the Everneath?

The humor, and dialogue in general, was lame and forced. The interactions between the characters was annoying at best and rage-inducing at worst. That seemed like a year-old was attempting to write a romantic scene.

On to the only interesting character in the entire series, Cole. He was used, manipulated, etc, etc. That cheap excuse for an ending was probably one of the worst parts.

I think the author was trying to show how experienced of a novelist she is by writing that ending, but I am not impressed in the least. Not that I had very high expectations to begin with, but really, couldn't you have put more effort into adding originality to the finale?

Aside from all this, the writing is average to below average, the character development leaves a lot to be desired, and the world-building is an embarrassing attempt. This seems to be common throughout the series, and there is no sign of improvement as it goes on. I would recommend this to those who want an unoriginal plot with unremarkable characters and a laughable romance.

I can only see lovers of this series enjoying this, but if you weren't amused by the first two books, just skip this one. View all 16 comments. Jun 25, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, it's a theory I came up with after the release of Mockingjay, in which the first two books in a trilogy are awesome, amazing, wonderful Usually this only applies to YA dystopia, but I think that this book applies.

Where do I begin? Well, after Nikki rescues her love Jack from the Tunnels of the Everneath, she finds she is transitioning into an Everling. Why is this bad? I honestly didn't care why. And then in order for Nikki to not die, she conveniently needs to feed off of Cole to survive. Me at this point: Nikki decides that instead of just getting out of becoming an Everling, she must destroy the Everneath. All that flashed through my mind at this point was DestroyTheEverneath. All Nikki needed at this point was her own webcast about it.

This book was over the top and made things way too complicated. I really wish the author had just killed off Cole in the second book, Nikki never starts the transition, and her and Jack live happily ever after.

I want to erase this last installment from my mind. I felt like we needed a prequel book or short story written as well. Same with Cole's feelings for Nikki. The author would just throw in a past memory like "oh this will explain it" and think the reader would be happy. I wasn't. The first two books I was enthralled and entertained. This last book I ended up skimming. To Ms. Ashton, sorry for the rant, I really loved your other books, just not this one.

And thanks to everyone else for suffering through my rant. Read the first two books, they are amazing! Just skip this one and know that everything ends with an HEA. Well for everyone but Cole who ended up like this: View all 15 comments. Aug 25, Sabreena marked it as to-read. But now, I can totally see why. Everneath and Everbound were some of my favourite novels ever --but I cannot say the same for the last instalment, Evertrue.

Here were my main issues in order from most infuriating to least: A sad fact, but true. What changed? This happened: He blew out a breath, and I thought he was coming back to me when he growled, "I'm gonna kill him.

He didn't stop. He exploded out of the car and slammed the door behind him. That's what happened when Nikki told Jack that she kissed Cole so she could stay alive and revive her energy. But clearly, Jack's not interested in that. I mean, can you be any more immature and inconsiderate?

Nikki has been slowly dying for the past day but all you care about is that Cole kissed your Nikki. Honestly Jack, I don't even know why I rooted for you in the first place. The romance. I do love a sweet romance. But in Evertrue, Brodi Ashton seemed to have jumped into sappy-I-will-do-anything-for-you-land. Everything was about their undying true love for each other and many moments had my wanted to rush to the toilet and puke out my dinner.

It was a nice dinner too, would've been a huge pity to have wasted it. The plot.

To be honest, there wasn't a lot of plot progression in Evertrue. There was a lot of dwindling here and there, and a very simple and short actual plot. If all the romance crap was removed, there would be barely any pages in this novel. Seriously, I was expecting so much better. The amnesia. He was pretty much the only character I could bear, to be frank. So when all this amnesia crap comes down, I felt like throwing the book across the room. The only decent person in this book had to get amnesia and turn all clueless and be stripped of their awesome personality.

And then, gets killed off. Well good on you, Ashton. In fact, I wished I never read this. What I loved in the previous novels, have turned into things I detest after reading this. Please do read this at your own risk. View all 9 comments. Jun 23, Lucille marked it as to-read. That is the best cover I have ever seen in my entire life.