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The Emerald City of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Author of The Road to Oz,. Dorothy and The Wizard in Oz,. The Land of Oz, etc. Contents. --Author's Note 1. How the. This adventure is set in Emerald City during the present day. It can, however, be used in the campaign city of the Game- master's choice simply by changing the. Welcome to Emerald City! Emerald City Knights is an adventure series designed for six to eight MUTANTS. & MASTERMINDS heroes in the power level 8 to

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Emerald City Needs Heroes! Emerald City opens up a wider world for Third Edition of the World’s Greatest Superhero RPG,Mutants & Masterminds! The page Secrets of Emerald City for Gamemasters, offering a wealth of adventure hooks, behind-the-scenes information, and villainous. A Visitor's Guide to Emerald City - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Emerald City is a new setting for Mutants. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

He also gave eventually married Bradley Gramm. As leader. Now providing technical consultation and design assistance to more than ever. Amanda felt she had done all she could in that position. Officer workers opportunists. He reverse-engi. Nolan Field is limited primarily to cargo transport and some private business flights.

Already dominating the unsavory business of Emerald for other reasons. He carefully insulates himself suit. His true history is known to a select few in the hero community and he and Thunder have an unspoken and grudging respect for one another.

King feels at home in activities. Other than its nefarious connections. The Com. He reverse-engi. Drop their names into descriptions and flavor text about Emerald City to help remind players of their existence and create a strong sense of a living. The machinations of various businesses can lead to the creation of new superheroes and villains for the series. The business giants described here. He has therefore positioned his company to be cluding satellites and the associated launch capability— one of the primary providers of those multimedia ser- make them a natural target for supervillains.

The com. Heroes can be faced with a variety of disasters spawned by com- panies in Emerald City. Accidents happen. Willing to do brought them to Morgenstern for examination. Such services are still in the ex- perimental stage.

Characters might work for some of these companies or their subsidiaries in their day-jobs. Tests and prototypes of genetic engineering. The unlucky executive Brande Management.

Even businesses like MarsTech. Any one of scribably grisly. The company has of late put money into virtual reality research. Grant Conglomerates and Labyrinth now in charge.

Trafford has green-lighted as many pened to the stomers since their abduction is likely inde. Thus far. Corporations can provide financial and material support as well as personnel able to help heroes do what they need to do with a minimum of distractions. The abductions con. The company is the brainchild of entrepreneur Scott K. Of ances and begins to trace them back to the source. What hap. Some businesses. Taurus and his College draws disgustingly normal people to a part of people put out the word the doors to a unique opportu- town supervillains would prefer to restrict to their own nity were now open.

Where Summers and his associates pour their efforts into preparing the heroes Secretly. Taurus reasoned. Apart from the nearly lain Taurus. There are also some personal grudges amongst cating suitable candidates. There are certainly more schools than the few out. In the Emerald City underworld. Emerald City is the home a The Shadow Academies are the brainchild of the supervil- wide range of schools and colleges.

Malory College is a con. Academy see Freedom City and Hero High garnered the ties. Why depend on hiring or engineering the right talent. While no direct so second. Like Overlook Park. Through countless fronts situated throughout criminal tinuing source of frustration. Pollard sees the heroes as kindred outsiders. When it happens. It will take time. For Mario- result of shared supervillain interests.

Handbook for all these sample supporting characters. Bennet and his senior staff are well aware of keep them. Each group is labeled Academy was born. For the their offspring being routinely denied admission to the standard teaching and administrative staff. While much that plagues the city is sci.. Marionette answers only to Ms. Every costumed bad guy wants to keep an in- this storehouse of arcane knowledge. The details ments as the instructors test out different combinations were quickly worked out.

The more monstrous villains also need Things have obviously changed in Emerald City since a steady population of easily forgotten people to serve as the Silver Storm. Storm mystery and enthralling the stormers. This coincided nicely that train together. It was once home to one of the earliest settlements of Europeans in the region. In the future. The bad guys are currently doing settlement was the site where Lord Sanguine.

Some might make ex. He deals with some pretty extreme person. The enchantment transported too strong for them to thwart. Hoke himself might also be in need of the adventures in and of itself. How do they find and help her? And is she all she ken host to make an enemy of a vindictive criminal who seems to be?

For their part. It seems in- tains. Avison and all evidence. Ghost suddenly goes silent for an extended period of alities on-air. In either case. Centuries ago.

Emerald City Knights adventure series for Mutants & Masterminds (PDF) - Green Ronin Online Store

The Nightwatchman attracts a lot of callers who are seemingly off their medication. Even as more at least one individual with malevolent intent. The owner is an ex-supervillain and but also the chance to mingle in some exclusive circles. Joy in Chapter 5: Ross has been a frequent the faith of others and funneling a small amount back Emerald visitor since the Storm. OZ is now being singled drinks. Paul Romero. Acceptance of the LGBT community. They also know Madame Joy is the person to go to for information.

On any given night. Members of the group seem genuinely in- terested in self-improvement and in helping others. Ross has found a ready group of or precisely the sort of evil manipulator the Foundation is followers in still-traumatized Emerald City. If nothing else. If the heroes treat him with respect and seri- table assistance from the Dangers.

The Armstrong Geological he is perfectly sane—just cursed with phenomenally Institute. For notorious lack of honor. During his younger adventuring days. The results thereof could be catastrophic. It is truly a wretched hive the Dive Bar. In addition to keeping a watchful eye over the local Costumed heroes willing to look beyond his tattered Indian and Bigfoot populations. Armstrong vowed to follow the path of knowledge propensity to use such missions to test weird experimen- wherever it led.

Despite his seemingly fanciful claims. Any spot in the Undercity where the thoroughly debauched but still social super-criminal. During these exploits. As it is. Pay Your Tab. The end result is that most The DI offices in Emerald are busier than most.

In other words. On one occasion. Raiding the Dive Bar lacks the potential glamor of infil- trating the Tobacconists Club. Unfortunately for Dr. Armstrong has acquired the Danger patriarch was involved in two memorable cases in largest collection of viridian stones outside the Institute the Emerald area.

Armstrong has seen things only a wreck. Actual arrests are another matter, Tobacconists Club when they found out the new blood as the actual criminal acts committed on the premises are joining their organization were more than they seemed. While some Club members are these were costumed supervillains who had begun to wanted fugitives, their meeting place is full of escape routes call Sunset Hill home and were looking for a private club- and witnesses with very short memories.

The Tobacconists Club looked like a promising fixer-up opportunity. It may ploits. However, for those outwardly no different than any other rich-men-only looking for just the right bit of folklore to defeat a mythi- building. Like other playgrounds of the wealthy, intruders cal monster come to life, there is likely no better option. Only Best of all, it only requires asking the eccentric but civic- minded and welcoming club members to help.

The culpable super-criminals know this, and count on it. They may be joined by an unexpected ally, as rumor has it at least one resident super-human owes his or her abilities to past youthful experimentation at GroovyFest.

Unfortunately, there are those abandoned warehouses using abilities beyond the human who may discover the facility, including Scion and Grand- norm.

Sometimes feuds are resolved, while others begin. Those who demonstrate sufficiently deadly skill ered in the stadium above it!

This ruthless lot needed goons for into the affairs of the Emerald City mobs. Unable to identify the guilty parties secrets under sports. In this case, MarsTech Park is hiding and with a shortage of people willing to truly listen to them, something that could prove useful to heroes or villains. Mars Azoth also from Threat Report. Stormfront or various keeps the base under wraps, never knowing if he might gangs see Chapter 4 may drag them in, especially if the need it again.

These days, he intends to decommission it, Silver Storm has granted them unusual powers. W hat is the price for an orderly and peaceful city? Now that many know the peace was maintained by ruthless criminals behind the scenes, they question how much of that pride was real or justified.

The original City Hall, the oldest ficials have been proud and honest individuals, with only public building in the city, was deemed too small by the good of the city in mind. Various official positions, once the large manicured lawn, with a long shallow pool leading to sanction of honorable men, have become home to corrupt the wide glass-paneled public entrance. Officer workers opportunists.

Blackmail, lies, and cover-ups hide the shady from both the City Hall and surrounding businesses dealings going on and leave the public mostly unaware often use the lawn as a place to eat and relax during their that the proud reputation of their great city is again at risk lunch hour. Secure underground parking is provided for due to the actions of a few power-hungry individuals.

She returned to school and enrolled in influence over the city. The news shocked Amanda. She is unmar- a young age by the industrialist ried. Amanda anie. A needed.

With her idealistic rushing about their business. It houses the offices of the attitudes. Amanda mayor. Her red shoulder-length hair is always smartly parents.

The to outline her campaign with her adopted father. Each dis- trict has a publicly elected representative sitting on the Performing exceptionally well in her studies. The council makes a concerted effort to move away Though she enjoyed her career. Her early childhood was is an avid animal lover and a frequent visitor to both local unremarkable and she achieved and interstate dog and cat shows.

Her innovative answers questions regarding her designs and aims for the programs have met with high approval. Emerald City is divided into six council districts.

The hall is almost always busy. Always a With seven years of experience as Police Commissioner. Amanda not only excelled in her law studies. Amanda Talbot is a statuesque woman in her early 50s. Amanda Talbot. Most of the city councilors are a political science program with the intention of eventu- backed by large businesses who have a vested interest- ally running for the office of police commissioner. The mayor. Though the demands on her council dead-lock. Gerald decided to tell her in case some- thing happened to him or his wife.

Amanda felt she had done all she could in that position. Amanda council. She is a campaigner for city im- and is particularly hands-on with the police department provement.

Bu- was 18 when her father was injured in an accident. She was for her sponsorship of a number of animal charities. Amanda has nothing but the leader. Amanda turned them.

The com- vative council member. In truth though. The building was slated for de- ings to be presented to the city council. Marty Wong represents businesses and concerned citizen groups. The commission is headed by John Keenan. He gives the appearance of a calm and suggestions to present to the city council. Wong receives most of his backing from various The most visible action the CSHA has achieved is the suc- Asian business concerns located in cessful introduction of the Storm Breakers.

Any interested individual listing thus preventing what it. City commissions come in two varieties: Some in the council see him as preservation and maintenance of such locations. The Commission on metropolis the rest of the country Heritage Buildings was created over 80 years ago with just emulates. A proud advocate of change and progression. Although the mayor seriously. Tentative proposals sug- in criminal activity. Commissions are molition so the site could be used for the new City Hall.

Of the council offered. He sup. It also provides evidence to the authorities Dr. A small number of City Departments are detailed here. Evidence gathered in such examinations Despite her height. The Emerald City Department of Public Works is largely The administrative offices are located on the top three a planning and organizational body.


She is most often seen for the arrest of individuals involved in crimes of homicide. She makes it her business to be present suspicious deaths. The four story building is heritage listed. Responsible for expands to cover the vast majority of the block on which the building and maintenance of city streets and roads.

Hughes is an attractive African-American woman for further investigation and even issues and serves warrants of small stature in her early 40s. The City Coroner. Despite this. Kate Hughes. Overseen by Police Commissioner Alexan. The de- partment is working closely with FBI. With the safety. At such times the Commission into Police Cor- the large population of super-powered criminals that call ruption.

The Emerald City Police Department enforces the law Police officers are regularly found patrolling the busy within the city. With this in mind. Exhibition Building. Despite its exemplary record. They also pro- admittedly the majority of them can be found largely vided experts in specialized fields. Department of Planning and Zoning. These agencies include the Federal Homeland Security holds a dim view of stormers.

FEMA is ing much needed information. Education the ECPD is. Department of Health and Recreation. Social Ser- vices..

With the arrival of superhe- ment Agency was brought into Emerald City to assist local roes to Emerald City. State Troopers. Immigrations and Customs En- them as nothing more than potential fodder for terror- forcement.

The Emerald City of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Silver Storm. Homeland Security has made a con- emergency services with the repercussions of the event. The county services found in the city include placing it at no longer than 12 months time.

With their assistance essentially done and provided. Hackman always paid his way. While many of his fellow officers where more Issued with the most advanced technology and weaponry than happy to accept free donuts or coffee from grate. A small scale affair.

Storm Breaker Suit Protection 3. Handcuffs Advantages: Benefit 1 Storm Breaker. He works closely with Subject to Chain of Command. This has lead to them number of occasions he was approached by the Malakovs being overwhelmed in some cases. Visual and sounding board when she needed someone to talk to. Flash Goggles. Multiattack Damage 4. Teamwork He sports a thick graying mustache and keeps his salt- Skills: Close Attack 2.

Damage 4. His record was always exemplary would know to avoid. Baton the truth. Equipment 9. Damage 2 within the city. Dodge 5. Toughness 5. Wanting tably overrun with supervillians. Flash-Bang role of police commissioner. Parry 5. Gas Mask. The first recruits into the nothing to do with criminal activity. Priding themselves in their was threatened. Despite his best efforts. Alexander Hackman is a slight man of average height. Hackman was a ally make errors in judgment that a more seasoned squad diligent police officer.

Squad in them an ultimatum: Though the most powerful super-criminals. Fortitude 5. Commlink sub-vocal mic. Visual and Auditory Impaired. When he refused. While at the academy. Champi- option. Hackman capable of dealing with super-powered threats.

Submachine Gun Ranged was elected mayor. While highly trained and friendship that lasts to this day. Hackman believes that the new Storm Totals: Often the only ones recommended to make the jump to detective. Hackman always appears disheveled. Baton Strength-based Damage 2. This appearance has served him well in Ranged Combat: Will 5 organized crime.

Handcuffs showed an extremely high level of Advantages: Wrath gets along well with Commissioner Hackman. Baton them. Benefit 2 Storm Breaker Commander. Captain Wrath. In a similar vein. Teamwork Skills: Wrath prefers act as support for them. Submachine Gun Ranged line combat and tactics. David Wrath joined the Equipment: He rapidly Multiattack Damage 4. Will 5 has formed a good relationship with many of Emerald Totals: Malory Bay and part of the Albian River inlet.

Skilled ing. A special flap covers his wind- AEGIS pipe when he is submerged so that he is able to divert water that he breathes into his gills. During his time in the army. Senses 6 Low-light Vision. Justin was popular with both the girls and the boys. Their primary duties are assisting vessels in distress and the pre. He sports a thick. He was mustache which only adds to his rugged good looks. He has struggled with his weight his entire life. Damage 5 addition.

Terri- crimes that extend beyond the city border. Wrath took a liking to rescue. When off duty. His brown hair is reced- in underwater operations.

Buffeted by strange en- Lakeside. Heavy Pistol The U. Suffocation Drowning. Will 1 itself. Coast Guard have an asset unique to Defense Dodge 5. Their headquar. Once the pain state and federal highways in the Emerald City area.

FEMA was active in the city for a Unlike many stormers. Advantages Equipment 2 line. S Coast Guard patrols the Pacific Ocean and shore. Movement 1 Environmental Adaptation: They primarily weeks.

Justin is lucky enough not to have matter of weeks to deal with the aftermath of the incident. Their primary responsibilities are patrolling the ergies.

Protection 3. Aquatic Immunity 3 Cold. His lungs have remained intact. His skin has thickened and order. Following the Silver Storm. He has no interest in maintaining a steady romantic rela. Both secret. A widower. In a similar fashion.

They work believes he was just doing his job. The IRS rescue others. Linked to Mental Communica. He has been awarded CIU focuses primarily on discovering money laundering a number of medals and commen- activities within the city.

Unlike other Riverfront. The director of the Emerald responsibility of fighting fires falls to the Rural Fire Service. With fire demands. Subtle 2. In rural areas.

His rise to adverse to sharply drawing the line as to where their juris. They investigate all federal crimes. Apart from crime.

They reluctantly contact and co. The and organized crime. Known for his quick. For Ander. Whether on duty or off. Jesus always has a half-smoked keeping up to date with international affairs that may cigar clamped firmly between his teeth. This he has developed a sonar similar to dolphins to aid him information is becoming available to some superhero locate objects in deeper water. Justin Ritchson is a young man in his mid 20s. He is quite fit and works hard to maintain his health.

Subtle 2 to his Powers and 23 points to his total. Emerald City has placed a the mob are treated lightly in court. These days. Everett had no choice but to accept their offer to keep it out of the way in a loose French bun. Even with his festivals. Billy has been responsible munity.

Everett had a secret: During her own pursuit of criminals made him well-known in the com- career. Due to the nature of its military origin. When he was Billy is a matronly woman of Everett is The D. Everett knew he had no choice but to comply. He court cases. His rise in the for saving hundreds of lives. Though no longer in the field.

He quickly served her well in ensuring that found employment with the D. Despite for assistance. His masterful grasp large amount of money into the justice system. When criminals are arrested. Thomas Initially disgusted with himself and with the relationship. An elected four sades. Everett became hopelessly mired in debt and on the verge of losing everything. Billy and her but ensure that his political ambitions would bear fruit.

He was a hard-working student in bulance service for close to eight college and law school. Licensed by Emerald City shortly testimony in their field of knowledge. No longer having any doubts regarding his relationship sibility of the law enforcement departments and into the with the Mafiya..

On rare occasions after. She has made sure the service maintains order he was the assistant D. Her administrative skills have to be an excellent lawyer. Everett ensures that the big names within hands of the judicial system.

While this is currently a rare occur- the city apart from emergency transport. For that. She dies her hair auburn. He always prosecuting all criminals. Though the media tends to portray them in a negative light. He has a severely retreating hairline which he tries to cover with a very obvious comb over. His wife Eleanor has been confined to a wheel- chair since an unfortunate car accident that took place after Everett initially told the Mafiya to go to hell.

A closeted homosexual. Gardner is a He finds the enthusiasm of young attorney crusaders to be refreshing. He continues in his position because he feels he has nowhere else to go and nothing to strive for. The P. Gardner is lonely. When he became a public de- fender he had been a driven man and he had every intention to stand up for the wrongly accused and see justice served.

His overall attitude is defeatist. Those of the volvement in cases. The court fa. Judge Wagner Probation Department is responsible for preparing back- successfully achieved a position as ground reports to assist judges in determining appropriate a Supreme Court judge.

A facility designed for low risk offenders. Stan Everett than to any and competent knowledge of the incompetence on the state attorney or his office. Responsible for the imprisonment and rehabili- cilities for Emerald City are all located within a city block of tation of convicted felons. The current U. Golden Dragon Society that are tried before him are given the lightest sentences possible. He is a calm and and has begun an initial investigation into the operations thoughtful individual.

What was once an The federal courts handle all cases that that pertain to federal adequate number of incarceration facilities is proving to law. She has a good repu- and a firearm on and off duty. The probation officers of Emerald City are unusual in that and is known for looking unfavorably on those brought to they are also Emerald City Peace Officers.

She is a stickler for the law. The Federal Court occupies two buildings. The Emerald City court system is divided into two courts: The court system comes into action once the district at- torney has filed charges. What is not known about Judge Ezquerra is that he is soundly in the The United States attorney in Emerald City prosecutes pocket of the Golden Dragon Society due to his marriage federal cases.

West Coast criminals that possessed extensive superpow- duction of experimental power dampers. Also in case of ity. Located produce electricity for the entire prison. Located in the Albian River. The facility itself is built out of the stron- gest and most advanced materials available.

Located at the very center of the administration center is the elevator shaft that leads to the surface. The Fortress. Considering the explosive potential that a lack of central facility loom menacingly over the river. Originally designed to hold Located off the coast of Emerald City. With the only access to the prison a heavily guarded ferry. Built originally from basalt quarried from programmers. Guards assigned to the super-max wing are heavily armed and are instructed to The administration center is the heart of Deep Six.

All wings and the administration center are self suf- superpowers are held in the new super-max wing of the ficient with their own air and emergency power supply. This resulted in the commissioning of the Deep Six Prison Facility. Deep Six is built on 1. There is only one has a gang problem. The majority of the inmates are gang members.

The generators just outside the city on the edges of the Elysium Forest. The facility has Shortly after the Silver Storm.

Stormers are kept isolated from the rest of the facility knows. Those possessing cies. Each cell is individually designed drug use. Delta Wing is the maximum security wing of Deep Six. Alpha Wing prisoners share cells. When not under power damper devices are designed and improved upon lock-down. As with the behavior re- emergency situations. Inmates in the Nursery have similar other proscribed activity.

Se- guards. Inmates are all are trained in the operation of the Watchdog armor. They are often granted recreational and work privileges that Gamma Wing. All guards in Delta Wing habilitation and prove themselves to be low risk for com. Universal power dampers. These inmates are those reassigned from Beta including a cafeteria. These criminals are a danger Alpha Wing houses super-criminals who are designated to each other. The guards each work a rotating 6 hour shift.

These prisoners must also show signs of re. Guards curity in Beta Wing is considerably harsher than in Alpha always patrol in pairs. Finally the administration center also provides living quar. They have own or whose powers are easily negated without the use no privileges and no contact with anybody other than of dampers. Sensory Affliction prison. Tear legal status. Dazed and Impaired. Watchdog Power Armor Removable points. His tolerance for superhuman Improved Aim.

Targeting Computer Enhanced Advantages 3 staff. Reach 3. Stunned and Disabled. Fort DC Toughness 8. He refuses to employ anyone Fortitude. Known for his strict adherence to prison rules. Will DC Alpha with no hiccups thus far. He comes from a long 2. Swimming 3 4 MPH. Senses 1 Radio. Sealed Armor He insists on running an efficient Protection 6. Communication 2 Subtle.

Cloud Area Affliction 4. Cumulative Affliction 8.

Emerald City Knights Adventure Series (PDF)

Ranged Attack 2. Encrypted Radio Radio career in prison administration. Fortitude 6. He has black hair Totals: Extra condition A strong believer that the best indicator for future behav- Advantages: Benefit Watchdog Guard. Will 3 muscular. Affliction 8. Combat Computer Enhanced Defense 4 Dodge the position.

Weapons Array 19 points. In his younger days he was extremely Defense: Dodge 6. He is well respected. Immunity 10 Disease. He is most often seen wearing a white shirt with the Complications: Subject to sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Enhanced Fighting 2.

Incapacitated and Unaware. Fort DC 14 and-a-half feet tall. Parry 8. Ranged Attack 2 to speak for themselves. Swanwick allows the prisoners actions Improved Aim.

Strength Boosters Enhanced any misbehavior from inmates or Strength 4. In addition to volvement. Emerald under-supported initiative there— nothing that would City has had an AEGIS presence since shortly after the bring undue attention to himself.

Though Expertise: While an effective political player. Current Events and Expertise: Police Officer. Use the Government Agent archetype from machine. His knowledge of security procedures some to underestimate him.

Any sign stats. He runs the prison center of attention. A slim man. The security chief and the warden quent trips to the mainland for meetings and visits with have a firm respect for each other. Gordon would for dealing with super-powered individuals gives him an rather listen to what is going on around him than be the edge with the inmates of Deep Six.

As a mised. Meriwether was tasked and its operatives countered the increased with covertly gathering information on AEGIS presence by infiltrating it. When the Chief Admin- ite govern been somewhat larger. His replacement was Deputy Joseph Mitchell.

City pdf emerald

Despite and heard rumors about the secretive erican nettling suspicions that built over years. Bu- of corruption from among the staff is dealt with swiftly. He is. Powers finally had enough ammunition. Powers took a subtler el service result. Major highways run north-south. Unlike conventional car-rental agencies. Buses Public transport in Emerald City is dominated by the city bus lines which. Emerald City Cabs are noted for their distinctive Emerald City.

Buses run most hours of the day and night on a regular schedule. Various private limousine services also operate in E. Bus companies also move passengers in and out of the Emerald City area..

Charges are accumulated per hour. The main east-west highway runs along the southern shore of the Albian River. The fleet of Pacific Taxi is slightly newer. Emerald City has been a successful site for the AutoTemp car-rental service. Some buildings downtown have helipads. Nighttime bus trips through the Arcadian Forest area or the highway passes through the Atlas Mountains have some adventure potential.

Nolan uses the field for test flights and corporate air travel. News agencies also make use of helicopters for reporting. Emerald City has always been a port city with an active waterfront. Further upriver.

City pdf emerald

Tour boats sail the length of the city along the Albian and back. Cargo ships from all across the Pacific Rim make their way into Malory Bay on a regular basis. It also allows passengers to circumnavigate the three hills area of the Inner Peninsula. They are primarily aimed at tourists looking to see the sights of the area from the sky. Nolan Aircraft also operates its own private airfield—Nolan Field—to the south of Jacobs.

More of the same is found along the Southern Shore. Massive cranes capable of loading and off-loading these containers dominate the docks and this part of the shoreline. Many of the downtown docks have converted over to pedestrian malls and similar attractions. Nolan Field is limited primarily to cargo transport and some private business flights.

Rail Although it lacks a subway system. Small helicopter and seaplane services fly out of Emerald City. Emerald City boasts a substantial amount of surface light rail. Everything you need to start a new series with your friends. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Czar Santos. Glenn Johnston. Fausto Passarelli. Lucas Vibiam. Jorden Taylor. Daniel C. Christopher Shaplin.

Pdf emerald city

Larry D'Arkosia Cinquepicchi. Pedro Neves. Matt Kalland. Angelo Rafael Longno. More From Czar Santos. Kerri Johnson. Andre Duarte. Bruno Oliveira. Lucas Fiuza. Casper Overgaard Kirslev. Jeferson Moreira.

Carlos Vloet. Carlos Alberto. Popular in Industries. Sumit Choudhary. Uscg Shipboard-helicopter Operational Procedures Manual. Lee J. Proposed Rule: Airworthiness Directives: Boeing Model , B, etc. Series Airplanes.

P Jhansi Rani. Srihari Kodimela. Anonymous V07qpt.