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Continuous Integration (Martin Fowler). • Continuous Deployment Continuous Delivery (Jez Humble & David Farley). Although startups like Netflix and Etsy, have been using Continuous Delivery for Thoughtworks' Martin Fowler defines Continuous Delivery as “a software.

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In the late 90's I paid a visit to Kent Beck, then working in Switzerland for an insurance company. He showed me around his project and one of the interesting . Continuous Delivery. Martin Fowler, Jez Humble. YOW! Melbourne, 2 December Friday, December 2. THE PIPELINE. It's all about Continuous Integration Delivery Martin Fowler, May early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

This kind of delivery thinking has long been a forgotten corner of software development, falling into a hole between developers and operations teams. Dave and Jez have been part of that sea-change, actively involved in projects that have built a culture of frequent, reliable deliveries. In the last decade I've worked at ThoughtWorks and a common theme of our projects has been reducing that cycle time between idea and usable software. Software that's been successfully integrated into a mainline code stream still isn't software that's out in production doing its job. Jolt Excellence For your team's sake, I hope you agree. Nobody likes those tense weekends trying to get a system upgrade released before Monday dawns.

Fowler pdf continuous delivery martin