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captive prince + short stories links: (download/read) Captive Prince (bk .net/ 5TzPBW7/ Prince's. It's been 13 months and I'm still amazed at the notion that Damen and Laurent are canonically saps who walk around hand in hand. At the notion that they will. King Laurent was dressed in gold, his head crowned in gold, his clothes of ivory silk and gold, a young king resplendent, so bright that the eyes overbrimmed.

Work Search: I have my suspicions about why this book turned out so differently from the first two. Retrieved from " https: During my initial read of the books I pointed out that it played with a common fannish trope and then delivered something almost entirely different and very rarely found. However, despite the fact that this book was never a fanwork, it also seems the most fannish.

We do see the Regent briefly in Book 3, but he's practically a mustache twirler at that point, not a master strategist. All along, Laurent has been playing chess against a chess master -- but at a certain point one starts becoming curious about that other person, who needs to be more than just a default opponent.

Given that Book 3 already broke form in order to present a chapter from Laurent's POV, I think the way to have developed the story would have been to provide more insight into this large cast of characters. And by large, I mean that it ought to have been large given the scale of conflict that's been occurring -- there has not only been somewhat limited world building in the trilogy, but an even more limited amount of character development.

For example, I occasionally lost track of who characters were in Book 3 even though I'd been reading this story for a week. That's because these characters were little more than names. When you have something to put with the names that isn't as likely to happen, even with a much larger group of characters. For example, look at the list of characters at the start of the book and see if you could say even 3 distinguishing things about most of them?

While the Regent is Laurent's nightmare and becomes Damen's opponent as well, Kastor gets almost no development at all. Yet surely there ought to be something there, given that Damen is not only our titular character but our main protagonist in the trilogy. In Book 1 in particular, understanding his betrayal was an important issue to Damen.

Yet Kastor says virtually nothing in the trial scene and exchanges a few sentences with Damen before dying. Seriously underwhelming. It's as if the acts perpetrated against both men had not been done by actual people.

Jokaste gets a little more attention, but the issues with her storyline are yet another problem. I don't mind the idea of Damen and Laurent having done a role reversal when defeating their nemeses, but the ending is pretty unsatisfying after the long build up over some pages.

My final complaint is a purely personal one. Part of what made Book 2 so interesting to me is that the character of Laurent became gripping. It was easy to understand what Damen said about his mind, because we could see it in action.

For me it was not unlike my reaction to my first viewing of Sherlock S1Ep1. There was something about seeing someone whose mind functioned that way that left me rather breathless. And Laurent would most certainly give Sherlock a run for his money, given that his forte is understanding people and their motivations, whereas Sherlock struggles with people's inner lives and emotional selves.

Yet while some of the things we see from Laurent in Book 3 are charming, I don't know as we learn much more about him.

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We do learn some more about Damen, and we are at least introduced to various other characters like Jokaste. But Laurent seems to me somehow diminished in this final book. Perhaps it is because we get the sense in Book 2 of how extraordinary he is especially because Damen has such a tight focus on him, as he tries to understand him. Yet in Book 3, the emphasis seems to be on how relatable Laurent is after all -- that his emotional life is, in fact, not unlike that of other people.

He loses his temper, he pines, he's entertaining, he craves touch and intimacy even if he can't quite handle it. And I don't feel that this can be written off as simply having had too much of his mystery revealed. While it's sometimes the case that people get less interesting the better you know them, at least in the medium term I think they get more interesting, and I don't feel we've known the characters long enough that this specialness should start to diminish.

I think that a window into Laurent's emotional life could have proved to be just as unusual and intriguing as his mental one. Again, one way of doing this would have been to contrast Damen's view of him with Laurent's view of himself because we do get, in his conversation with Jokaste, an idea of how he sees Damen in return. I'm sure we're all aware of how differently other people can interpret our behavior and motives, and how disconcerting that can be when it's revealed all the more so when that person is a romantic partner.

And I rather think the book could have traded on this factor to give their developing partnership more depth. I believe that Book 3 could have been, after the first chapter or two, assembled like a puzzle. The whole plot could have been told by contrasting the observations of one character after another, chapter by chapter, until one got to the final chapter where everything would come together and return to Damen's POV. In that way we'd not only care about Damen and Laurent, but the fate of their kingdoms; we'd better understand who and what they were up against for the long-term; and the sense of mystery would be continued and elevated without seeming like a rehash of what had come before.

Ironically, I got that idea because of the Erasmus back story tale. I appreciated reading it and the insight it provided about a slave's story in Akielos, which is probably the most insight we ever get into their culture.

captive prince short story

The way that it finishes is never explained outright, but one puts it together because we know what happens later. Yet while Erasmus is not an unimportant character, and his backstory is enlightening when we consider Damen's casually mentioned decision to eliminate slavery from Akielos, Erasmus is rather less important than certain other characters when it comes to the overall plot.

Yet thanks to this chapter we find out far more about him than most other characters. I have my suspicions about why this book turned out so differently from the first two. For one thing, unlike those, this book was not posted in installments but written away from the community it was first shared with.

There may also have been changes in who had editing input and collaborated in brainstorming once it moved from being a personal project to being distributed by a major publisher. Whether it's fanfic or a published work, a story can change quite a bit from an initial draft to a version which has passed through beta readers or editors. I also got the feeling that the ending of this book was rushed because the author has been delayed for some time and may have wanted to move on to other projects.

This feeling is particularly strong because there is a lot left hanging by the end of the series -- enough that it seems obvious this should have been a 4 book series and not a 3 book one.

In my opinion this book should have ended at Kingsmeet, with Laurent being taken by the Regent for trial. Book 4 would have opened with Damen's decision to go after him. Instead, we have things very compressed from that moment on.

For starters, why is the entire Veretian council in Akielos? It doesn't make a lot of sense that they needed to be there who's running the kingdom back in Arles? It would have made much more sense had the Regent taken Laurent back to Vere for trial. It's already bad enough that Laurent, Damen, and their most trustworthy supporters have left two armies that have only just learned to tolerate one another back in Karthas under the command of a man who they've had their concerns about.

Keeping a huge army dawdling in an area unprepared to host them is not a recipe for calm, even when they're not longtime enemies. So the Regent could have delayed their advance by forcing Damen to choose between marching on Ios and returning to Vere in pursuit of Laurent.

After all, the Regent has an ally in Kastor and can return by sea anytime as he apparently did with his army the first time. Such a move simply gives Kastor more time to prepare for Damen's army. Damen, meanwhile, risks losing control of their joint armies because Laurent is slated for execution and he's absent.

This raises the stakes considerably and provides more tension, while also making Damen's choice to save Laurent more significant to all observers. The trial could also have used a full two chapters. What I kept wondering when Loyse and Paschal were giving their testimonies was what the Regent was doing in the meantime? Checking his email? This should be a high point of drama, but other than the unexpected and unearned witness appearances, there's no real build to it.

Some things could be the same -- the council supporting Laurent, freeing him, and killing the Regent. Then the two would need return to Akielos at once to keep their armies from marching off and their fragile alliances from disintegrating, allowing for further obstacles and drama. Although this already happened at the start of Book 3, Laurent and Damen were in a very different personal situation then.

This time we would get to see how this future partnership of theirs will really work. The Kings wouldn't be "rising" anymore, one would be crowned and the other would have come into his own.

Captive Prince

We could also finally get some world building. While the bits of history Damen gives Laurent as they look at artwork in the Kingsmeet is all very well, more important points are totally absent. Does Akielos also have a council? Does Kastor answer to anyone? It's later said when he escapes the throne room that if he should escape then civil war would ensue. But would it?

Kastor, after all, claimed his brother was dead and buried him.

That takes some explaining when his brother turns up alive claiming Kastor sent him to Vere as a slave. What's more, Kastor hasn't been in power very long -- certainly not so long that he should have a huge base of support. After all, if the legitimate heir is dead, most people who supported Damen would have felt they had no choice but to support Kastor.

Chances are good that their allegiances would swing back once a choice was offered. It doesn't seem likely that Kastor would really be able to hold out that long on his own, even if he might be able to escape personally.

So whether or not there was an extended war with both armies finally working together, there is still the issue of Damen's coronation and the succession.

After all there is an heir now, whether Kastor's or Damen's is pretty immaterial. Either way he is the only heir of the royal line unless Damen quickly sires another.

The way that the child and Jokaste get written off at the end of Book 3 seems like a plot point thrown away because the author lost interest in developing it.

Yet because her pregnancy had been set up in earlier books the issue had to be discussed. One could imagine Jokaste being more of a thorn in the two kings' side than she was in the plot we got.

And the issue of succession does come up during their chat at the inn where Damen is assuming Laurent will marry. Laurent dismisses the topic because in his plans he is sure he will die. Damen says nothing about his plans to marry, probably because he is still assuming that they are on their way to rescue his son, and thus his succession is assured if illegitimate.

How will they work this out? Will Kastor's child inherit both kingdoms in the future? What role will Jokaste play? Damen suggested she would be executed for treason, and perhaps Laurent would ensure it would happen.

But that brings up still another issue. Damen lost his mother at birth, so it's somewhat understandable that he barely mentions her. Yet his mother is still spoken of more often in the trilogy than Laurent's.

It isn't until Paschal's testimony that her loss is even connected to the war that followed. Laurent has never spoken of her. Were they not close? Is it possible that Laurent, for all his ruthless practicality, would hold back from killing Jokaste and leaving the child motherless? There's no way to know. Speaking of that siring heirs talk, fandom has quite a kink for first times, which is a topic of conversation for them in the scene at the inn.

Yet this is something we never get to see and I suspect quite a few people would want to. That would certainly have been a bridge crossed in Book 4.

Lastly there's the issue of the slave trade that is presented in a throwaway line by Damen. While clearly his opinion has changed thanks to his own experience, it's one thing to personally disavow slave labor, and another entirely to attempt to eradicate it from one's society.

Pacat's bestselling work of slave erotica by Aja Romano. Reception has not been entirely positive. Mixed reviews of the series were dicussed in the fail fandomanon thread "Was it decided that Captive Prince is bad, after all? Its roots in early 00s fanfic tropes are more obvious now and not shared by most other stuff in a similar marketing category.

I wouldn't say that new stuff is necessarily better. It just has slightly different trashy idfic tropes and often ones I personally like better.

CP's central ship has a lot in common with other "original slash" of the 00s, including the stuff that became ebooks, but those trends are generally out of fashion now. Even Josh Lanyon isn't quite so Sentinel grovelfic as in the past.

Now, it feels like its own thing. And it's possible to find books where the bottom doesn't have a childhood rape backstory.

PDF Download -- The Unofficial CP Puzzle Book: fuck yeah! captive prince

CP is legitimately lots of people's fave, but there was also a fanbase that adored it because it didn't have much competition. As per fan request, Pacat has also posted DVD commentaries for some chapters, and has posted about her techniques for crafting the much-praised tension in a Dec.

Pdf captive tumblr prince

One Kingdom was a Captive Prince charity zine. All proceeds went to the Australian Childhood Foundation. Per AO3 's sidebar, most fanworks focused on canon relationships.

Indeed, out of works posted under the fandom's tag as of March Captive Prince AO3 tag. Captive Prince podfic AO3 tag. Jump to: Original Slash Title: Captive Prince Author s: Pacat first publication , C. Pacat second publication Date s: May 5th - Length: Captive Prince Click here for related articles on Fanlore. Have you ever started a story because the summary sounded like just the right cliche to satisfy a guilty pleasure craving? Captive Prince is two stories, really. The first is what it set out to be, freece testing the waters of original slash by writing slave fic, and there are a few good, solid chapters of that, with all the tropes and humiliation kink and confused UST you'd expect.