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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. S. Hussain Zaidi is a Mumbai-based journalist, a veteran His previous books include bestsellers such as Black Friday, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, Dongri to Dubai and Byculla to Bangkok. Black Friday and. Black Friday - The true story of Bombay Blasts (HINDI) S. Hussain Zaidi To be sure that book is important matter to bring us around the world. read books online, books to read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF best books to. Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts The book gives insights into the criminal mind as revealed in Zaidi's interviews with .. The novel, by S. Hussain Zaidi, is a work of four years of extensive research about the Bombay.

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Are S. Hussain Zaidi’s Black Friday and Dongra to Dubai good to read? How do I download Hussain Zaidi's books in PDF format? Where can I download free comic books in pdf format?. black friday the true story of bombay bomb blasts s hussain zaidi PDF file for free from The answer is that, while print books are great and will never become. Genre/Form: Electronic books. Additional Physical Format: Print version: Zaidi, S. Hussain. Black Friday. New Delhi ; New York, NY: Penguin Books,

Throughout the book one can feel the veracity of the facts discussed. When I asked who would receive us at Islamabad airport, Tiger bhai said that we did not need to worry, arrangements had been made. Or storm their houses with a truck load of explosives.. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The blast destroyed the car. In this book, the author takes us into the heart of the conspiracy and the investigation that ensued. The cheekby-jowl buildings in the densely populated area around the BSE.

Ramodaya Mansion. This blast also seemed to indicate the communal designs of the bombers. But on that day. The bomb went off as he went out to get his watch repaired at a shop a few yards away. Thomas could be identified only by the crucifix on his gold chain and his wedding ring. She was looking forward to going home to Worli and telling her parents about it. As irate Shiv Sainiks spilled on the streets. Karim Ramodaya and his brother Rajabhai.

On the road. Prachee Vartak and Sandhya Roy. I saw limbs and objects flying all around. He was killed instantly. Vehicles around the bus too caught fire. Pradeep Manjrekar. Malkani Mahal and Manjrekar Sadan— along the road. The body of the driver was hurtled across the road into the colony. Residents panicked as pieces of metal and bodies rained down on them. Raj Nath Ganjoo.

Sudesh Bhandari of the Blue Star Laundry died when shrapnel pierced his heart. Hers had been a long battle to get. The body of Neogi. Flying shrapnel was lodged in the stomach of Darius Khavarian. The terrorist designs seemed to have failed. It was so powerful that that the five-ton bus was lifted into the air. The sights were gruesome. Many buildings in the area had their windowpanes shattered.

Zaidi hussain black pdf friday book

The fire officer left immediately for Worli. When Samra heard of the blasts at Dadar and Worli. His friends were fine. Determined to prevent it. After this Samra tried to contact Alexander. Samra could not respond immediately. The driver Rajan was charred beyond recognition. The only mode of communication functioning was the police wireless.

He told his driver to take the wrong side of the road. At about 3. His friends had already crossed the road to enter the theatre when the bomb exploded.

The blast destroyed the car. It is not known where Chief Minister Sharad Pawar. Rokade was informed that there had been a blast in Zaveri Bazaar. Kulkarni realized that the entire city had started driving home towards the suburbs.

Sandhya sustained only minor injuries. He reached Worli in fifteen minutes. Darshan Lalan. When his car came on to the main road. The telephone lines were down. Samra firmly believed that the sight of the men in uniform not only instilled confidence in the public. This was eventually to be the deadliest of the blasts.

Back in the heart of the city the governor. The blast was low on intensity but high on volume, and was heard at the Lokmanya Tilak LT Marg police station, one kilometre away. Niwas Garge, his wife and young son were walking through Dhanji Street at the northern end of Zaveri Bazaar when the explosion occurred. Garge heard the awful bang, and the next minute all three were thrown face down.

A taxi nearby caught fire, and Garge could feel his face burning too. He rolled over and struggled to his feet, looking for his wife and son. His wife was burnt badly and he could not find his son. He put her in a taxi and sent her to the hospital, while he stayed behind to look for the boy. He never found him. His wife died in the hospital. The toll in this blast was seventeen dead and fifty-seven injured. The gold shops at the end of Mirza Street collapsed after the explosion.

As the wireless crackled with news of the blasts, Addl. Bombay was divided into four regions and ten zones for police purposes. Each region was headed by an officer of the rank of DIG who was designated additional commissioner of police. Pawar and Maria rushed out.

Since Sena Bhavan was a sensitive spot, and under his jurisdiction, Maria ordered the driver to take him there. The crowds at Sena Bhavan had already started anti-Muslim sloganeering.

Maria, taking advantage of his six feet two inches, walked up to the leader of the mob and looked down at him. He was not sure if this was true but it worked for the moment. The crowd slowly scattered.

But even as it did, Maria heard on his wireless that communal riots had broken out at Mahim. As his car neared the junction at the Plaza Cinema, Pawar heard a loud bang and saw people rushing away from the cinema. It was 3. Shantaram, had been reduced to rubble. It was an important landmark: Ten cinema-goers were killed and thirty-seven injured.

It took a little time for Pawar to grasp that an explosion had caused the devastation, but within minutes he was issuing orders and guiding the rescue work. Like every other. Bombay policeman, he too thought of the biggest nightmare of all: As if on cue, his wireless came alive, with news of Muslims being attacked at Mahim.

The grenade attack had left three dead. Another six who were injured were being attended to. The fisherfolk had now come out on the Mahim Causeway, baying for blood. Leaving his subordinates to deal with the fall out of the blast, Pawar rushed to Machhimar Colony. As he pulled in there, he saw the situation was almost out of control. Angry fishermen had stalled the traffic on the causeway, and were in no mood to relent.

Those who had done this must pay: Pawar was faced with a dilemma. While he was a firm believer in the efficacy of lathi charges in certain situations, he was hesitant to use it on the fishermen who after all were the victims in this attack.

Then the fishermen made up his mind for him as they went on the rampage. He ordered a lathi charge. As the policemen cut a swathe through the crowds, the traffic started flowing once again. As he stepped out of his car and moved towards the bus, he saw an old man being beaten up. As the attackers seemed undeterred by the presence of an uniformed police officer, Maria pulled out his service revolver and fired into the air. The assailants scampered away, and Maria picked up the victim and had him sent to the Bhabha Hospital at Bandra.

It was due to the efforts of officers like Maria and Pawar that a communal riot was averted in Bombay that day. After the blast at Worli, there were five more explosions, all of which took place at intervals of approximately ten minutes. The Zaveri Bazaar bomb went off at 3. It seemed that all of Bombay had been put on a fast-burning fuse that day.

But not for much longer. The northwest region extended from Bandra to Dahisar, and covered the entire western suburbs of the city.

When Patnaik reached the hotel, he was stunned by what he saw. There was a gaping. By a miracle, no one was killed or injured, but the financial loss incurred by the hotel was the highest of any blast, estimated to be more than Rs 9 crore.

The hotel eventually shut down. Even as Patnaik began investigations, he was alerted by the wireless that there had been two other blasts in his jurisdiction, both in hotels—the Juhu Centaur at 3. Shortly after that there was another message, informing him that at 3. Ten explosions rocked Bombay that day, taking place with almost metronomic precision at short intervals. Between 1. The city was soon to spring back to its feet, but its severe lack of infrastructure to tackle a crisis of such proportions was exposed.

A city with a population of over thirteen million had only 1, firemen and forty-five fire engines. The fire chief, Durgadas Kulkarni, later lamented that had he had more men at his command, more lives could have been saved.

The hospitals where the injured were brought were unable to cope with a crisis of this magnitude. JJ Hospital put all its five operation theatres at the disposal of the injured, but this was inadequate for the needs of the people admitted. Forty-five of the victims admitted there were to die of their injuries. Some patients were later transferred to private hospitals. Rumour mills worked overtime, and even government news agencies were not immune to them.

Doordarshan, the sole, government-run Indian television channel, reported that the B. At his press briefing in the evening, Pawar put the figure at a conservative killed and injured. Subsequent police investigations revealed that persons were either killed or went missing in the blasts while were injured.

Property worth Rs 27 crore was destroyed. The worst carnage was at Worli. The maximum financial damage was at Hotel Sea Rock. At the Juhu Centaur, three people were injured; at the Airport Centaur, two hotel employees were killed and eight others injured.

After a whirlwind visit to the BSE and the Air-India building, he was proceeding towards Century Bazaar at Worli when Doordarshan contacted him, asking him to address the public that evening over the metro network, which Samra agreed to do. After visiting the Doordarshan studios and Century Bazaar, Samra left for the western suburbs. He used the drive to exhort his men over the police wireless to maintain peace and avoid communal incidents.

His Contessa came to a halt at the portico of the devastated Hotel Sea Rock. Accompanied by DCP Patnaik, he examined the damage to the hotel. At They talked briefly about the situation. Samra then left for central Bombay. Half an hour later, he got another message from the chief minister. This time Samra went to the Bandra police station to talk to Pawar on the telephone.

Black Friday | Violence | Cinema

They discussed the conspiracy behind the blasts. Since the riots, the army had been stationed in Bombay. That night fifty columns of the army and a hundred platoons of the police State Reserve Force SRF were posted on the roads. As the long and terrible day finally came to a close for most Bombayites, for senior police officers, there was still work to be done.

International conferences were organized. A group of young men at Somnath offered Advani a cup of blood. Court wrangling can delay and New Delhi can obstruct. Advani stated. Ram Janmabhoomi became a symbol of militant Hindu nationalism. In But this did not satisfy the Sangh Parivar. Advani travelled some As a result. The Babri Masjid at Ayodhya had been a bone of contention between the Hindus and Muslims for over five hundred years.

Muslims were forbidden from offering prayers. Neither the central government nor the state government questioned the decision.

During September and October Mahmud of Ghazni. The issue had been dormant until the s when a series of events brought the dispute back into prominene. The antiquity of the mosque had given it similar sanctity for many Muslims. For many Hindus the mosque was reputed to be built at the birthplace of Rama. On 30 October Fifty people died in police firing. Advani of the BJP launched a rath yatra from Somnath. On 29 November White House. He was no longer considered a criminal.

As the news of the demolition of the Babri Masjid spread. The gregarious Dawood also regularly entertained friends here.

Dawood Ibrahim thought he was no less powerful than the occupant of the other. There was widespread violence in Maharashtra.

Black Friday case revisited: The story of why the courts (wrongly) delayed the movie’s release

The worst incidents took place in Bombay. Poet Jagannath Azad wrote after the demolition of the Babri Masjid: Ye tune Hind ki hurmat ke aaine ko toda hai khabar bhi hai tujhe masjid ka gumbad todne wale. Some It was the week before Christmas Dawood and his five brothers—Anis.

During the eight years that Dawood had been in Dubai. Bombay witnessed two spells of rioting. According to the Srikrishna Commission Report. Nagpada and Dimtimkar Street in Bombay. Earlier that week. You have shattered the chaste soul of India. Are you aware O ye who demolished the domes of the mosque. The address on all was rudimentary: Dawood Ibrahim Bhai.

Iqbal and Mustaqim— conducted their many businesses. His home in the plush Zumera area had become a landmark in the city since the diminutive don had shifted base there from India in Uttar Pradesh. Banaras and Jaipur. The loss to property was incalculable. Within the opulently furnished bungalow. In the bylanes of Pakmodia Street. Head Constable Ibrahim Hassan Kaskar.

After that. Of course the news from India was distressing. Until the early s. Dawood would land his goods in the area his forefathers hailed from. Haseena and Zainab—on his meagre salary. And now there were also these mysterious parcels. His father. Dawood studied in a local English-medium school until Class IX. From an early age. The CBI dossiers on Dawood state that they gradually started stealing and extorting money from traders.

It had been a long way from Musafir Khana. Unlike earlier years. Kantilal Jain. Pakistan and Nepal. Dawood was just another street ruffian. Along with these stories came pressure. Pakmodia Street. Iqbal and Mustaqim—and three daughters— Salma. Within the White House. But both he and his brother Sabir found it hard to get a job with their meagre qualifications. In later years. Many in the Muslim community. Karim Lala had retired from active work and supervised a second generation of the Pathan Mafia.

On 24 December Dawood would turn forty. The first case registered against Dawood was on 4 December when he. The gang attacked a trader. By the time Dawood started making his forays into the underworld. Yet those close to him sensed a strange unease and reluctance.

When Dawood. Once out of jail. On 4 October He was released on 21 August. The Pathan syndicate was cowed forever. This had terrible consequences for Head Constable Kaskar. At Pakmodia Street. Samad fired a couple of times at Dawood in the building where the latter lived. During the Emergency of — Haji Mastan and Yusuf Patel. Dawood and six others surrounded him and opened fire. Haji Mastan tried to intervene in the continuing gang war.

Other members of the Pathan gang. Dawood managed to complete another mission of revenge. He was released soon. The Pydhonie police arrested Dawood and his associates.

There were stabbings. The Zaada brothers fled to Gujarat to escape Dawood who had sworn revenge. Dawood started his hunt for them. As it happened. He asked his nephew Samad Khan to teach this bunch of upstarts a lesson. He had Samad Khan followed and discovered that he was most vulnerable when he was visiting his girlfriend at Grant Road in the heart of Bombay.

They liked the young man with his energy. During the post mortem. Karim Lala was outraged. In January On 6 September. According to gang lore.

Dawood and six others were convicted by the trial court but acquitted by the High Court. Dawood started putting together a network to aid his smuggling operations. They also tried to kill Dawood but failed. While in jail.

The search continued for over two years. Kim Bahadur Thapa of Bhandup. As the jail premises were inaccessible. Yashwant Jadhav. The D Company. At that time. Laloo Jogi.

Pardesi was arrested and so was Dawood. On 4 May Amir Zaada had been arrested and lodged in jail. Chhota Rajan of Tilak Nagar northeast Bombay.

After Bada Rajan was killed by a gangster called Abdul Qunju under command from a rival matka king. Dawood systematically built his empire in Bombay. Khalid Pehlwan and Chhota Shakeel—and organized them into a flourishing syndicate smuggling gold.

Sharad Shetty of Jogeshwari. This was an unheard of fee in when the usual amount paid as supari contract killing ranged between Rs and Rs 5. Dawood had realized that these periodic trips to jail would continue as long as he was in India. They solved disputes between businessmen for handsome premiums.

Their monthly income from extortion. Dawood decided to follow this up. Dawood told the contract killer he had hired for Rs Dawood obtained bail against a cash deposit of Rs He gathered together local gangsters—Bhai Thakur of Vasai. As Bada Rajan had had connections with Dawood. Pardesi shot him at point-blank range. When he had been released from prison in August From Dubai. His unofficial second-in-command at Bombay at that time was Chhota Rajan.

Rajan had started his underworld career blackmarketing cinema tickets at Sahkar Cinema in Chembur. Such a killing in a major hospital stunned the city. In the early hours of 12 September that year. Singapore and Kathmandu. Dawood was deeply upset that he had failed to protect his sister.

Shailesh Haldankar and other members of the Gawli gang killed Ibrahim Parkar. For example. In early He soon started overshadowing the big names in smuggling in Dubai. There is no such thing as job security in the underworld. Retaliation was swift. Rama Naik was killed in a police encounter in a hairdressing saloon in His plans for revenge grew. The death of this influential don sent a chilling message that Dawood was not to be opposed.

Dawood had offices in Nairobi.

Black Friday: The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts

His business nourished. Dawood set up legitimate construction businesses and traded. Chhota Rajan was assigned to take care of the problem. Dawood tried unsuccessfully to convince Gawli that he was not behind the killing but Gawli was not convinced. Dawood and his closest associates were busy sorting out the fine print of a business deal. As usual. Life in Dubai was good—top-rank politicians. As he tugged at the thread. When the third parcel was delivered to him. But his love for his native city was well known.

The trill of the phone broke the oppressive silence. Dawood always longed to return to Bombay. There was a long muttered conversation. Shakeel Babumiya Shaikh. For the proud man. Then he came over and took the packet from Dawood. When Dawood hung up. Yet he knew that as soon as he returned he would be arrested. The other phone. There was a one-line Urdu missive with the parcel: Dawood and Shakeel looked at the colourful pieces glinting mockingly under the light of the chandelier.

Even when his father died in or his sister Haseena was widowed. Shakeel knew instantly what was expected of him. Shakeel picked it up and barked. He turned towards his confidant. Dawood was being rebuked for his inaction. The room fell silent as Dawood toyed with the parcel.

Shakeel remained seated quietly. Shakeel answered it and. With the marginalization of Chhota Rajan. The earlier ones he had received had angered and embarrassed him. He gave a brief order that the room be emptied. Dawood walked towards him. It is believed that the term referred to top officials in Pakistan.

Although the don had not said it in so many words. I can seek solace in the fact that the blood of my brothers will be avenged. They say that they want to land some important cargo in Bombay through our landing routes at spots near Shekhadi and Dighi. I told them that if it only means using my infrastructure and nothing beyond that then I have no problem. Shakeel lit the cigar for him. It could be something meant as a retribution for the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the massacre of Muslims.

Tiger and Taufiq will handle the entire operation of landing. In exchange. From the kahwa-khanas tea joints of Iran to the mosques of Jordan and the maktabs religious schools of Syria.

Now he was in distant UAE where a group of men had come together to plot retribution against an entire nation for the acts of a handful. As he drove his off-white Toyota down the expressway in Dubai in end December Gradually from this haze of theories and plans.

Tiger Memon. As drew to a close. Like Dawood.


Ejaz Pathan. Opposite the post office. Millions of dirhams and dollars secretly poured in and many leaders in Islamic nations pledged tacit support. Taufiq joined hands with Anis Ibrahim. That was the first time he could remember that he had felt truly helpless.

Several bank accounts were opened and slush funds created to fund the tehrik-e-intequam movement of revenge. Tiger Memon was a Bombay boy.

Haji Umar and Taufiq Jaliawala. The Mandvi post office in Bombay stands at the junction of a Hindu area and a Muslim borough.

The suggestions ranged from the sane—enforcing an oil embargo on India—to the radical. As Tiger parked his car and walked towards the grey building. Ibrahim Mushtaq Abdul Razak Memon. Mohammed Dossa and Mustafa Majnun. The continuing riots in India only fuelled the determination of expatriate smugglers like Haji Ahmed. It spread like a forest fire. Plans were chalked out.

Zaidi hussain pdf black book friday

Anjuman-i-Islam batted first. Mushtaq missed his first ball. When Mushtaq reached the crease. He requested the captain to allow him go in next. The children grew up in the common passage. There was only one problem: Beg Mohammed High School at Pydhonie. Several tenants shared the common toilet on each floor.

The royal masons had long since gone. But because of the location of the house. This was long before his second-born Mushtaq would inherit the name.

Facing him was Nazim. His youngest son was named Isa. There is a story which was legendary in the neighbourhood about an innings he played in All the boys were good sportsmen.

Ayub Job. Yaqub Jacob and Yusuf Joseph. The construction of this had been financed by the erstwhile maharaja of Gwalior some time before Until the riots of Mushtaq grew up with access to both cultures.

Each mason family was assigned an identical square-foot room. Abdul Razak Memon. Abdul Razak was extremely conservative and religious. He once played a league match with the famed Tiger Pataudi. Beating the latter was a childhood dream of every Beg Mohammed boy. Ibrahim Abraham. Suleiman excelled in carrom. Suleiman Solomon. Yaqub in squash and badminton. On the last ball of the over. Mushtaq was born in one such room on the third floor.

He excelled in all kinds of sports. The team was on the ropes in a match against Anjuman-i-Islam. The residents were now predominantly Muslims.

His job involved driving the bosses around in fancy cars— Volkswagen. After he started working. While living in the Kadiya building. The family lived in Mohammed Ali Road until It had been a wide. It was a slower delivery and Mushtaq missed it. He could not score off the first four balls. There were frequent gang wars over territorial rights. Mushtaq batted like a man possessed.

Abdul Razak did not hold a full-time job. Mushtaq slapped him and the manager fell down. Mercedes and other imported brands that were yet to hit the Indian roads.

Legend has it that once Yaqub Bhatti. They were looking for a reliable chauffeur. Evening was setting in and the umpires suggested a draw be declared. Mushtaq heaved at it with all his strength.

At this period. Within the first month. One ball. It was another sixer. As the manager showered abuses at him. For Mushtaq. Overcome with horror. Mushtaq went out to bat again with only one over left to go.

Mushtaq retorted that he was not his servant. The family was still desperately poor. They had been established in this line of work since the time of Haji Mastan.

But as Nazim bowled the fifth. Asked by the manager of the bank to fetch tea for a visitor. But Mushtaq was adamant. It was said that those who served the saint would receive fame and fortune. He immediately sent word that Mushtaq should be invited to Dubai.

By turning into one-way lanes at the wrong end. He adjusted his rearview mirrors for a better look at the vehicles trailing them. The police did not know who the driver was and therefore there were no midnight knocks to bother him.

Within a year. Bhatti sat nervous and sweating in the back seat. In Dubai. Mushtaq abandoned the car and walked back home. His job was to ferry smuggled gold biscuits. Bhatti was very happy. The police had been tipped off. The pursuing police van would stop in its tracks and ask another van to go from a different route to position itself at the other end of the lane.

Had the police used motorcycles. Mushtaq had saved him from the wrath of the Bombay police. Mushtaq effectively cut down on the number of vehicles trailing him and finally managed to get the entire police squad off his back to reach the airport in the nick of time.

He rammed into autorickshaws. Mushtaq was in charge of the smuggling operations from Bombay. He added. I will reward you well. He was now a carrier. Mushtaq got a new job. Three wireless vans were pursuing the car and for two hours Mushtaq drove like a lunatic. Bhatti was the last passenger to board the flight. But Mushtaq would never drive up to the end. It was a lavish event that gave the guests an inkling of the rapid rise of Mushtaq Memon. Tiger greeted the gathering and sat next to Taufiq Jaliawala.

He paid for the education of his younger brother. He is the real Tiger. It was this determination to succeed. They saluted his enterprise. Their wedding was solemnized at the famous Sabu Siddique Hall in south Bombay. He also ran an office by the name of Al-Tejarath International.

Mustafa Majnun and Sayed Arif. Taufiq Jaliawala broke the silence. The other familiar faces included Shaikh Ahmed. Tiger Memon The Memon family was now rich. Haji Umar. To the critical meeting in Dubai. He was now the Tiger. The elevator took Tiger to the second floor. Mohammed Dossa. The room was enshrouded in a pall of smoke.

Mushtaq had single-handedly lifted the family out of poverty. Anis Ibrahim. They called his father aside and told him: Taufiq launched into a diatribe about the importance of their mission.

Black Friday : the true story of the Bombay bomb blasts

Mushtaq had been in love with a non-Memon woman. It was at his wedding that this changed. The only one who had the courage to interrupt him was Anis Ibrahim. The world leaders will be shocked. That is impossible: Shaikh Ahmed spoke up eventually.

If we can intimidate Hindus in such a manner that in the future they will not in their wildest dreams try to subjugate the Muslims. Or storm their houses with a truck load of explosives..

Can you finish them all? Do you think the United Nations will keep quiet? The entire Islamic world is with us. Injustice will not be tolerated any more. Tiger spoke up. Taufiq clapped his hands and said it was a superb idea. The government will be shaken. We will. We will crush them.. Why not display our might and power there? Any attack on Bombay will have international repercussions. The best thing to do will be to turn the tables on the Hindus..

Let us plan to take over Bombay. It can be breached whenever we want to snuff his life out. Thackeray and Advani can be killed by just one handshake or one garland.

But once again silence descended on the room. That will be sufficient to dispatch them to the pit of hell. We can capture Mantralaya. It is also the place where Muslims suffered the most during the riots. When others protested that this was impossible to achieve. The Hindus will turn them into godlike figures and Muslims throughout India will be massacred.

We will draw international attention to the downtrodden Muslims of the country. We will annihilate them. This cannot happen. But if worse comes to worst. I already have a network. The E-mail Address es field is required. Please enter recipient e-mail address es. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. You may send this item to up to five recipients. The name field is required. Please enter your name. The E-mail message field is required.

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