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CODEX: ASTRA MILITARUM. Official Update Version Although we strive to ensure that our rules are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in, or the intent of . WARHAMMER 40, ASTRA MILITARUM. Although we strive to ensure that our rules are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in, or the intent of a rule. Warhammer 40, - Imperial Armour - Index - Forces of the Astra, , MB. Warhammer 40, - Imperial Armour - Index.

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Warhammer 40, - Codex - Heretic Astartes - Chaos Space Marines. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Adeptus Custodes - 8th. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Heretic Astartes - Thousand Sons - 8th. Следите за обновлениями, делайте свои копии знаний и не говорите потом, что мы вас не предупреждали. Voice of МБ. Citadel, the Citadel Device Codes. Astra Militarum, and all associated inauks, logos, names, places, characters, acatures, races and race insignia, illustrations a.

This one just screams Steel Legion, doesn't it? Cadia - Pound Them To Dust! Warlord Traits on Lord Commissar auras. This is simply the Tank Order version of "Move! This lets your infantry outrun tanks and assault marines , moving 19" on average. In practice, many Imperialis Miliita forces consisted of a core of professional soldiery, supplemented by an influx of men and women called upon to serve a period under arms as needed, after which they returned to their previous lives. Every example of this Doctrine's effect on vehicle rate of fire listing an example weapon , assuming you only re-roll when you ought to:.

For a static Leman Russ, GKoS won't stack, so your best bet for a Russ you're planning on keeping static is an Executioner Plasma Cannon that's going to constantly overcharge, along with a lascannon and a pair of plasma cannons. If you want to keep your Leman Russ more mobile, it's a lot more involved.

Forwards, for the Emperor!: Ordered unit can shoot, even if it advanced in the movement phase. Heavy weapons will behave like Assault weapons on the advance, while Rapid Fire ones will behave even better, not taking any penalty to hit.

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Can be used for close play with weapons range: If pure speed or rapid firing lasguns is what you're after, "Move! Get back in the fight!: Ordered unit can shoot, even if it fell back in its movement phase; no penalty, unlike Ultramarines.

The main point of falling back is allowing the rest of your army to shoot at the enemy and forcing it to eat another round of overwatch, if at the cost of the retreating squad's shooting.

This order waives away that penalty, which can mark the difference when it rallies something like 20 rapid fire lasguns and plasma and flamers specialists last longer back against the enemy. Undeniably better than just punching them. One sgt and three guardsmen don't really bring much back to the fight. Ordered unit must move as if it were in the movement phase, and it must advance and cannot charge.

This lets your infantry outrun tanks and assault marines , moving 19" on average. Get where you need to be or out of dodge ASAP.

Warhammer 40k - Astra Militarum - 8th

Armageddon - Mount Up!: Targeted unit may shoot and immediately embark as long as they're within embark range and did not disembark in the movement phase that turn.

In 8E you may embark and disembark regardless of the transport's entry points - as long as it's within 3" you're good to go. This order allows you to use your extra-resilient 4. One turn you can Mount Up! Shoot, jump aboard, shoot again. Elysia - Loses "Forwards, For the Emperor!

Allows the entire unit to throw grenades, basically it's only use. Full Throttle! This is simply the Tank Order version of "Move! Did you ever expect a Russ to move 27", outrunning Eldar skimmers? Tallarn - Get Around Behind Them! The ordered unit can move up to 6" before or after firing, and this does not count against the range calculation for Grinding Advance turret firing twice.

Look at me, Tau: I am the Move-Shoot-Move now. Or, shoot twice while maintaining nearly normal speed by definition, infinitesimally less than 12".

First Rank, Fire!

Pdf astra militarum

Second Rank, Fire!: Your bread and butter. That means 4 shots when Rapid Fired , so mind your range! Especially with Scions, who can't Rapid Fire immediately after deepstriking but want the increased rate of fire to proc Storm Troopers more often. Fix Bayonets!: May only be issued to units within 1" of an enemy unit.

Warhammer 40k - Astra Militarum - 8th

Ordered unit may immediately fights as if it were in the fight phase. Ordering Get Back in the Fight is better on most scenarios: And if you are against a lightweight enemy with bad melee and good shooting , then it becomes a damn good tactic. Likewise, Bring it Down! Krieg Cavalry can take orders. They don't pause to think about the considerations of wether to fall back or not, they just attack 8 times a turn.

Why aren't you using "Fix Bayonets! Strike and Shroud! Allows the ordered Russ to both fire its weapons including Grinding advance and protect itself with its smoke launchers, as if it had two shooting phases.

If you can't avoid retaliation like Tallarn s can, you can use this rule to get into a shooting position you can see the enemy but it can see you too and cripple the enemy while you survive the return fire.

Pdf astra militarum

Smoke launchers are One Use, and so is this rule. Targeting Orders [ edit ] These orders allow the ordered unit to target units it otherwise could not, which radically changes what you can use your units for, besides "go shoot that unit over there".

Mordian - Form Firing Squad!: All of a unit's Rapid Fire weapons Lasguns, Plasma, and the sergeant's Bolter, if he has one may target Character s that are in range regardless of whether or not there are closer enemy units.

When comparing Ratlings to FFS for character sniping purposes, there's a number of things to consider. In favour of using the order all you need to do to use it is bring standard combat capable infantry you'd already want with officers to order them. Clean, simple, and versatile.

Much more durable and deadly in close range. Using Conscripts involves risk of failure, Infantry poor output, combined squads eats a CP, and Vets are hard to get close enough. That's not to say they can't get the job done, but it will be messy, risks getting you stuck in melee, and is usually not the best use of the units and orders.

Ratlings are much more likely to be able to get in range to hit a character without getting bogged down, but if hunted down WILL be destroyed, but at range, will require committing either long ranged weapons or putting units close and personal with your lines. Choose your units accordingly.

One might consider using FFS and ratlings to complement eachother. FFS could be used to finish an enemy wounded by Ratlings. Or Ratlings could be used to help manipulate the enemy's behaviour, pushing the characters into the range of Firing Squads, baiting the enemy troops into an ambush, or drawing long ranged fire usually overkill against them. Even if they're ignored, they'll usually earn back their points chipping away at targets of opportunity.

The best option is just to put a vet squad loaded for bear in a valkyrie or chimera and give them an officer. Or wait for your opponent's special snowflake characters to come to you , and then melt them with a couple plasma squads.

Armageddon units may begin the cycle after being ordered to "Mount up". Cadia has a better "Take Aim! Catachan s "Fix Bayonets" better, and have Straken. They may also "Burn them Out" of cover first and then begin the cycle if the Laurels activate, without using "Take Aim" if Harker is nearby. Militarum Tempestus might need to "Get Back in the Fight" more often than others, due to their shorter ranged weapons.

Otherwise, follow the cycle when trying to proc Storm Troopers. Again, you're already lucky if the Laurels activate in the first place. Mordian s may Form Firing squad s before entering the cycle. Order "Fire on my Command" , and then they may want to "Take Aim" before the rest of the cycle, to minimize friendly fire.

Or "rough-house playing", as they call it. The Tallarn Doctrine is essentially FftE always turned on. Death Korps of Krieg caught in melee wouldn't fall back because of their better WS: Here are the ways to make them as unshiftable as they were before: Psychic powers: Cheap Astropaths are an excellent investment.

All three Defensive powers help them to either be more difficult to kill or make them immune to battleshock , BUT you can only cast one of each in Matched Play.

Warlord Traits on Lord Commissar auras. The Valhallan Pietrov's Mk 45 relic has the pre-nerf Summary Execution, and squads that fall out of the aura halve battleshock casualties due to the Doctrine.

The Leman Russ can be divided into two categories. Generally speaking the best general purpose option is the Battle Cannon.

Battle Cannon: The Battle Cannon has taken some big hits compared to past editions. Since losing its large blast template it only gets an average of 1. Surprisingly the cheapest of the 4 options Though it faces stiff competition from its Demolisher cousins. Particularly since many of the other variant turrents have gotten points reductions: Still not a bad option, being the reliable, less gimmicky choice for main gun, particularly with Grinding Advance in play.

Exterminator Autocannon: Obviously excels at dealing with 2W MeQ or anything possessing to-hit penalties that the battle cannons RNG output can screw you over against, and makes a damn fine impromptu Hydra if you get desperate.

It isn't designed for taking on other Tanks, especially the ones with T8 like Russes which seems to be where a lot of its bad rap comes from in comparison to the Battle Cannon.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard(8E)

Alternate Opinion: It's not that the Exterminator is better or worse compared to the Battle Cannon, it's just designed for a different purpose. Put a lascannon, multimeltas and track guards on your Tallarn Leman Russ Exterminator and for points you'll have a very good, mobile all rounder unit that can react to almost everything on the battlefield.

It will still deal less average damage than a battle cannon, but it will do so more reliably.

As above, this is a particular gun for particular targets. Eradicator Nova Cannon: Often overlooked. For 7 pts less than a Battle Cannon, you lose 36" of range and only hit at S6.

Planetary Defence Force

In exchange you ignore cover bonuses, which gets you that guaranteed -2 to Armor save. This is perhaps the most specialized of all the Leman Russ options, so only consider bringing it against targets that depend on cover saves Space Marine Scouts with camo cloaks, Eldar Rangers, AdMech with cover canticles, Poxwalkers, Vindicare Assassins, Imperial Guard, etc.

Vanquisher Battle Cannon: The Vanquisher, a dedicated anti-tank cannon, is proof that GW is incapable of statistics, as it performs worse against heavy armour than every Leman Russ turret except the exterminator, though thankfully it has become one of the cheapest options after Chapter Approved, falling to 20 points doing 0.

Never take this in a tournament or if you're a win at all costs player. If you're playing for fun, or love the model and look more, it's entirely up to you. Even with its reduction to just 15 points in CA, it still may not be a competetive turret choice, except maybe on Pask or, at least, a Tank Commander.

The three 'Demolisher' variants hit much harder at the expense of range; only one of them beats two feet, unless it's Vostroyan-made. Demolisher Cannon: You can fit a man in that gun barrel! Statistically the best tank-buster of all Russ cannons; same cost as the Battle Cannon, but deals x1. It gets larger dice rolls versus units of 5 models or more, letting it outpace the Battle Cannon - though using such a short-ranged and expensive weapon against anything but TEQ is a mis-allocation of resources.

The math changes a bit under Catachan , because their buff works better on 1d6 than 1d3 - for them, you should really be eyeing the Executioner, below.

Executioner Plasma Cannon: A plasma cannon with nearly double the rate of fire, even before you use Grinding Advance to shoot twice and without a movement penalty, but only x1. If you fire it on Supercharge - which you should - it will outshine the Battle Cannon easily, dealing more damage to W2 models at -1AP for 9. Speaking of range keep in mind the Executioner is the longest range of the "siege tank" variants, at 36", nowhere near as good as the battle cannon, but a step up from the dangerously short range of the Demolisher and Punisher to a more middle of the road range where you can stay reasonably safe from enemy melta weapons while still laying down plasma fire.

Particularly compelling under Catachan , who can re-roll 1s to hit with it while also re-rolling shot volume - because the Catachan doctrine is much better on 1d6 than 1d3, under them, this completely outstrips the Demolisher cannon against tanks under them.


Cadia can pull the same trick, only worse the tank has to remain static to do it , but they can also apply their stratagem to render the weapon completely safe on Overcharge.

If you're going the Catachan route, combine with triple heavy flamers for points and roll around murderin' shit, or with two more plasma cannons and a heavy bolter if you're willing to sit still and hope your enemies are within 36" for points with a lascannon ; unlike Cadia , you can also re-roll the shot volume on your sponsons.

Don't forget to use Harker if you're doing this, as he's much more efficient than Tank Commanders at keeping your tanks firing safely - you can even use a Tank Commander with the Dagger to Deep Strike Harker into position, if you need to. Under Tallarn , mostly interesting because you can combine it with the admittedly less efficient plasma cannon sponsons and a heavy bolter for points and roll around shooting at 36" at no penalty.

Real Talk: You should not be feeling scared to fire it, even without re-rolling 1s. Got a small points reduction in cost in CA, making it a whole 7 points cheaper than the Battle Cannon. Punisher Gatling Cannon: Statistically, your best friend against infantry, but it lacks range and struggles against heavy stuff. With 3 heavy bolters points , it can wreak impressive amounts of havoc for a single model.

Definitely a good idea under Tallarn , where the sponsons won't mind at all moving the tank into position to fire, and you can order the tank to move like it means it. You can also combine it with lascannons, multi-meltas, and plasma cannons freely under them, for the same reason.

Note that if you are moving away from heavy bolter sponsons, a lascannon is a better idea than a multi-melta for the hull weapon especially since multi-meltas can't be taken as hull weapons , as it will outperform the multi-melta against a Land Raider even before you realize that if you've driven up next to infantry for the Punisher, good heavy targets might be farther away; likewise, the Plasma Cannons will do better if you're willing to supercharge, but without an accuracy buff like Yarrick or Guilliman along, both of whom will slow you down, that's a risky click.

Retrieved from " https: Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page was last modified on 14 April , at Should rebellion ignite, the world's own militia were to crush it. Should xenos raiders or outcasts attack from without, the world's own militia were to hold until help arrived.

The Imperialis Militia were therefore the first, and in many cases, the only bulwark against recidivism and disorder, and its forces, whether they were raised as conscripts from a hive city's teeming masses, the yeomancy of a feudal order or tribal levies, stood guard as watchmen against the return of Old Night. The Imperialis Militia was not a coherent, galaxy-spanning organisation by any means, and, except in times of great emergency, was not subject to the chains of command of the Imperial Army.

Rather, each was a colonial defence force raised from a planet's own populace and its commander-in-chief was the Imperial Commander of the world it defended. Some were ancient martial classes with their roots in the Age of Strife , while others were irregular levies activated only in direst need, and in most cases the template of command structure and hierarchy imposed by the Imperium's Principia Militaris was adhered to only in its generality.

The standards of equipment and pattern of accoutrement of individual Imperialis Militia regiments were just as varied. Some wore gaudy dress uniforms or burnished plasmesh chainmail, others furs and hides, while some few might be clad in advanced armour such as local pattern semi-powered Carapace Armour. Each militia's kit was dictated by the culture, environment and technological base of their homeworld, and so also was the diversity of their weapons, within a minimum standard issued them from the Principia Militaris Command.

In theory at least, Imperialis Militia armies were irregular in nature, each member first and foremost a subject of their world only called to arms in times of emergency, but many worlds with large populations required a standing army simply to maintain civil order as well as deal with any outside threat. In practice, many Imperialis Miliita forces consisted of a core of professional soldiery, supplemented by an influx of men and women called upon to serve a period under arms as needed, after which they returned to their previous lives.

The core of professional commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the Imperialis Militia were usually career soldiers, even on worlds without a strongly martial culture. In many cases, these were often older Imperial Army veterans retired from the Great Crusade into a position where their skills and experience might still serve the Imperium. The darker side of this coin was the indenture of prisoners, recidivists and thousands considered to be members of Abhumanity mutations below the standard of the accepted human norm, but not so debased as to warrant immediate extermination.

These forces often served the Imperialis Militia entirely unwillingly, their control guaranteed by cadres of veteran Discipline Masters , and the ruthless application of lethal sanction and chemical inducement where needed.

Although the PDF automatically defaults all command to any Imperial forces that arrive in the event of an emergency, there are many possible reasons the PDF or elements of it may join in rebellion against Imperial authority; Chaos or alien particularly Genestealer infiltration of the planet can cause divided loyalties as PDF regiments turn Traitor or are psychically enslaved by their Genestealer relatives. The sheer ambition of corrupt Planetary Governors and other organisations in control of the planet can mean the PDF under their control turns against the off-world Imperial forces.

This concern is a cause of continual mistrust in PDF forces by the Imperium in general, and further reason for Imperial military commanders to prefer to rely on non-local defences when possible. Imperial Inquisitors are particularly known for a lack of trust in the local PDF of a world they are investigating, and are often quick to have nearby Imperial forces available, particularly elements of the Chambers Militant of their respective Ordo, should the need arise.

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