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This page contains a list of all the comics included in Astonishing X-Men Vol 2: Click Download or Read Online button to get astonishing x men vol 1 in pdf. astonishing x men by joss whedon john cassaday ultimate collection book 1 is Free download or read online Astonishing X-Men, Volume 1: Gifted pdf (ePUB). Get Free Read & Download Files Joss Whedon Astonishing X Men PDF. JOSS WHEDON ASTONISHING X MEN. Download: Joss Whedon Astonishing X Men.

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Astonishing X-Men is a volume that was started in by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday as part of the X-Men: Reload event. It was meant. Read Astonishing X-Men () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. DOWNLOAD in Astonishing X-Men By Joss Whedon & John Cassaday Ultimate Collection - Book 1 EBOOK Click button below to download or.

View 2 comments. I can't say that I'm entirely thrilled with Danger a little too late TNG for my taste , but other than that, fantastic. They then decide to take out the Brood Queen and allow the rest of the Brood to return home without any consequence. My love for these two crosses galaxies. I cry at special scenes in movies that most people think makes no sense.

X-men pdf astonishing

I was beside myself. Really, this comic was amazing. I love the idea of something that trains you to be your best while protecting you from yourself turning against you. Like how are you suppose to fight something that has watch, studied, and contacte WrensReads Review: Like how are you suppose to fight something that has watch, studied, and contacted against all your moves? Something that has trained you to be how you are?

Something that knows your instincts and how you move? It's insane. Of course Whedon wrote this. King of my heart. WrensReads Goodreads Twitter Instagram La trama en general ha sido interesante, presentando situaciones guays y descubriendo traiciones e historias del pasado para aderezarlo.

Me ha entretenido y lo mejor de todo, me ha enganchado. Muy buena mejora respecto a la primera entrega. View 1 comment. Jun 06, Heather Sinclair rated it it was ok Shelves: Joss Whedon takes the Star Trek cliche.. View all 3 comments. Jan 09, Brittany rated it it was amazing Shelves: Colossus was thinking about the fight, and Kitty was thinking about the fight, and Logan is thinking how much he loves beer. I was tickled beyond belief reading this. Half of me says it's because Joss is a fucking funny man.

They're in such dire situations, comics and movies alike, and they have to keep their humanity somehow. Between their relationships and their humor, I see them coping in the best way possible.

So fantastic. Let's talk about Danger. It's like when the Tardis took human form and gave us all a run for our money on how well we could handle our emotions. Only this time, our character was out for blood. She was drawn so incredibly perfectly at all times. She interacted perfectly with all of the characters. I love that she noted that she knew them, knew how they reacted and fought and felt. Danger has been with them from the beginning, and she never let them forget it.

The best part of Danger was her interaction with Professor.

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I just She was beautiful and intelligent and encompassed everything. Her tactic at gaining control was morbid and ingenious. She was refreshing and not afraid to end: Colossus and Shadowcat. Peter and Kitty. My love for these two crosses galaxies. Their love, luckily, does not overpower the story. If it did, I would probably hate it. And that's all I have to say on the matter. And on the topic of love, I do have to mention that I don't look forward to Scott having his heart broken Poor Cyclops.

He was back and he was bad and he had secrets and he kicked ass and he rolled around in that wheelchair with all of the grace of a king. Professor has downfalls, don't get me wrong. But when he's on, my god is that man ON.

I can almost overlook all of his shadiness. This was amazing. And I am so looking forward to the next volume! Sep 08, Bhanuj rated it did not like it. It was not my cup of tea. After having really enjoyed the Volume 1, I had high expectations from Volume 2.

For a while it felt that the story is going to be mind blowing! The part till the tragic death occurs in the institute, had me by the edge of my seat and then, I fell. Sadly, I fell into a deep abyss of confusion and disappointment. The powerful enemy in this issue is the danger room, taking a physical form which just didn't go oh so well with me.

Hope the next volume brings something It was not my cup of tea. Hope the next volume brings something good. Jan 25, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: I know Joss Whedon has his own projects But couldn't he have just kept writing X-Men forever? He gets the characters, he can set up an interesting plotline, he can write good, even funny dialog I can't say that I'm entirely thrilled with Danger a little too late TNG for my taste , but other than that, fantastic.

And good art with personality! Dec 24, Holden Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: Holy crap volume 2 is good. Review to come. Jul 27, Ronyell rated it really liked it Shelves: Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog Flashback: What is the story? Unfortunately, because of this, Wing has decided to commit suicide This then causes a strange and horrific occurrence at the Xavier Institute as a giant damaged Sentinel starts attacking the X-Men and the Danger Room starts haunting all the students at the Institute!

Astonishing X-Men Omnibus - PDF Drive

Who is this mysterious being who is causing trouble at the Institute? Read this volume to find out! What I loved about this comic: Joss Whedon's writing: Once again, Joss Whedon has astonished me again by writing a truly creepy yet exciting sequel to this fantastic series!

Joss Whedon's writing is full of shocking surprises that really shocked me to the core, especially towards the end when it is revealed who is controlling the Danger Room! John Cassaday's illustrations: John Cassaday's illustrations are simply amazing in this volume and I loved the way that he drew all the monsters in the Danger Room as they all look so creepy and realistic that I was literally on edge when I looked at the illustrations!

I also loved all the characters' appearances, especially Peter and Kitty's appearances because they look so lovely together and their facial expressions are always drawn so realistically that I often find myself either sympathizing or rooting for the character.

Peter and Kitty's Relationship: I just love this couple to death! Peter Rasputin and Kitty Pryde are the perfect couple for each other as they stand by each others side during battle and I just loved the little private conversation that Peter and Kitty have about what happened at Genosha because it showed how much Peter truly cares for Kitty's feelings and how he wanted to protect her at all cost.

I just thought that was the most romantic scene in this entire book coming from a romance novel fan! What made me feel uncomfortable about this book: Be forewarned that there are some images in this book, mainly the appearances of the monsters that show up in the Danger Room, that will make your skin crawl, it certainly made my skin crawl and it was hard for me to sit through some parts of this book without my skin crawling.

Also, the reason why I gave this a four star rating instead of a five star rating is because while this book was really interesting to read, I thought that it steered too far from the original plot of the first volume as it just jumps from the plot about an alien invader coming to earth to the X-Men trying to fight the Danger Room. This would usually lead me to wondering what is actually going to happen next and why we are off topic from the main plot and it also confuses me so much that I often cannot concentrate too much on the story at hand.

Final Thoughts: View 2 comments. Sep 25, Aaron rated it really liked it Shelves: The Danger Room is the X-Men's highly advanced holographic training facility, augmented with alien technology.

It's so advanced that it becomes sentient and lures a student to his death. The Danger Room or just "Danger" maneuvers the X-Men and their students into a corner as it begins taking even further revenge on the team.

In a plot echoing the creation of Ultron, Charles Xavier inadvertently births a new artificial life form that emerges to attack the X-Men from the inside. I thought this ar The Danger Room is the X-Men's highly advanced holographic training facility, augmented with alien technology. I thought this arc was a step above Gifted considering how easy it was to understand and the huge disadvantage that the X-Men find themselves having to overcome.

I really liked the concept of the Danger Room as having learned every weakness of the X-Men and is only now being able to be let loose in order to really kill them though I'm not sure why Danger takes the form of a female robot. Again there are some references to past stories, but for the most part this should be easy to pick up for an X-Men novice.

Jan 08, Elin the Lightship rated it it was amazing Shelves: This get's five stars because somehow it stirred so much emotions in me that even now, the third time I read it, I had close to tears all the way through.

X-men is one of my weak spots and it's hard to comprehend everything that's going on inside me unless you've lived in my brain for I cry at special scenes in movies that most people think makes no sense. It's not emotional even sometimes, I don't move a muscle to The Notebook. I cry because of the beauty, from how epic so This get's five stars because somehow it stirred so much emotions in me that even now, the third time I read it, I had close to tears all the way through.

I cry because of the beauty, from how epic some scenes are. And don't get me started on Whedon.

Download Astonishing X-Men #23 PDF Online

He is my god. If you've seen the brit tv-series Spaced, you know what I'm talking about - praying to Buffy and all that. Stop playing with my emotions.

Jul 14, Damon rated it it was ok Shelves: Still not really interesting at all. Jul 15, Justin rated it really liked it Shelves: More hilarious snark! More fantastic artwork! This volume breaks away from the story arc established in the first. Ord, the Breakworld, S. Instead, this volume heads back to the mansion.

With Colossus back from the dead and back on the team, the X-Men continue to try and find their place as protectors and heroes.

However, an unexpected death caused by the events in the first volume force the team to circle the wagons, as an unknown force attacks their weakest point: Meanwhile, an old enemy bides their time in the background, and the motives of Emma Frost become murkier.

All of the best bits of the first volume are still in evidence here, but the new direction that this story arc takes can be a little jarring. From that perspective, there are few oddities in this second arc. Good to see you. We're not really curious at all about why you're here, so allow us to pour some of our angst on you. Nobody wonders what he was doing in Genosha, or why was he gone at all, exactly?

What huh? There are a few other things here that might confound newbie readers. Same with the big cliffhanger reveal at the end of the volume, though that will definitely become clearer in due time. An early cameo from another superhero team was a pleasant surprise.

I almost feel ready to immerse myself in the more esoteric X-stuff again. Feb 08, Miriam rated it really liked it Shelves: Unexpectedly tangential to the huge Mutation Cure! Alien Attacks! Plot arc of the previous volume.

View all 5 comments. Jun 05, Liana rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was even better than its predecessor! The action sequences were epic, the artwork very appealing to my personal taste and the characters were once again on point.

The overall plot was phenomenal, a unique piece of art. It makes me wonder how the same man that gave me this also gave me the mess that was the Age of Ultron movie. One thing I particularly enjoyed was how we got to see that Charles is in no way perfect, how his decisions may sometimes not line up with what he preaches, how he This was even better than its predecessor!

Astonishing X-Men Omnibus

One thing I particularly enjoyed was how we got to see that Charles is in no way perfect, how his decisions may sometimes not line up with what he preaches, how he may even be inconsiderate towards his former students. It is nice to finally see him acknowledged as a morally grey character, as opposed to this "perfect" image we've so far seen in the X-men movies, an image many fans have ended up believing true.

Dec 22, Scott S. Our favorite mutants are put through their paces in this collection, pleasantly continuing in the same quality as Volume 1 but with even more action, twists and soap-operatic developments. Again, I could embarrassingly gush all afternoon about Kitty Pryde, but when the team is in a real pickle and she calmly with a Kubrick-style glare asks the bad guy "That all you got.

That is to say, the motion comic suits this series very well. As with the first volume, Whedon's unique voice comes out in his writing.

X-men pdf astonishing

Emma Frost's bitingly sarcastic comments are very suited to Whedon's similar style of humor. The artwork of John Cassady is perfectly paired to Whedon's prose. Funny enough, the members of this team of the X-Men aren't ones I'd think of as my favorites, with the exception of Wolverine. But, I enjoy the dynamic between them. Emma Frost has emerged as a dark horse as one of my new favorite female X-Men. Maybe it's because she hides a dark secret identity. Even when she's doing good, you get the impression she might have a secret agenda and that she isn't entirely trustworthy.

Even so, Scott has fallen for her and started to depend on her, and to her surprise, she has feelings for him that a diamond-hard opportunist and realist like herself might find quite dangerous. I like Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat quite a bit. Even for a noncombatant, she is a crucial part of the team and as a teacher at the school. Her relationship with Piotr aka Colossus is sweet.

The idea of the Danger Room having a living conscience is completely scary. Her motivations and her powers make her a formidable enemy. It's a challenge for the X-Men to outthink her, when she knows how their minds and their defensive and offensive tactics work, and she's tested them all. And even when she's defeated, she will sow seeds of dissension among the team that won't be easily healed. I freely admit that Artificial Intelligence gives me the heebie-jeebies.

The idea that humans would trust sentient machines with so much of their lives, with the understanding that AI's can learn and adapt and make the right decisions.

Hank then concludes that Suspect X is not a manufactured mutant after all; in Suspect X's reality the x-gene is normally located on a different chromosome. Brand wants to turn this case into a S. Brand gives Scott and the X-Men time to investigate before she brings in S. With the help of Wolverine, the X-Men locate Tian, which is an uncharted area of China that no surveillance or satellite system can get through, not even the Chinese government.

The X-Men are able to sneak into Tian and discover the headquarters of a secret group of mutants informally referred to by Hank as the "Chinese X-men.

As Storm and Emma investigate the grounded temple, Emma notices they are not alone and that she will have to switch to her diamond form, leaving her without her telepathy. She relays the info to Cyclops who is with Beast, Armor and Wolverine. As Armor and Logan go off to search the temple for anyone else, Scott and Beast discuss Forge, M-Day and its effects on the multiverse.

Armor and Wolverine come across a man who can fire lasers from his fingers, Storm and Emma lose their powers in the presence of the mutant hiding from them and Cyclops and Beast take on a mutant with a strange chameleon mutation. He created these "mutants" for a counter-strike against the Annexation using a Ghost Box that he acquired.

The team head towards where Forge is located and are apprehensive about the upcoming meeting. After some discussion with Forge, Cyclops and Storm try to reason with him but he is strongly determined to see his plan through. Forge's insistence seems to stem from years of being ignored and neglected and he desires to leave behind a legacy and save the world. Beast has Abigail Brand to send an immensely powerful laser beam into the Ghost Box's portal. Storm urges Forge to escape but he would rather face death than humiliation and the team escapes as the beam destroys both the Ghost Box and the world whence the invaders came.

Agent Brand's investigation of an orbiting laboratory in space ends with it self-destructing, damaging her escape ship. As the craft falls toward Earth, she radios the help of the X-Men, who save her before the craft can crash into San Francisco.

In the crowd, Emma notices deceased former student Wallflower and follows after her. Laurie immediately transforms into a bio-sentinel and the team destroy it. Brand reveals that an individual called Kaga hacked into the X-Men's files, using Beast's work on deriving a live x-gene from dead mutants to recover dead mutants to recreate some of the X-Men's greatest foes, such as the Brood and bio-sentinels masquerading in cloned bodies of their former allies.

Brand's explanation is interrupted when a Brood- Krakoa hybrid attacks, attempting to destroy any physical evidence of the bio-sentinel. The X-Men destroy it and locate the hidden ship that dropped the Brood-Krakoa hybrid, boarding it. They find another dead mutant, Paradigm, whom Kaga used to hack into the X-Men's files. Away from the team, Cyclops destroys the remnants of Paradigm, killing him, while the X-Men fight off and destroy a Brood- Sauron hybrid.

The X-Men fly the ship into Kaga's base, finding an army of genetically engineered monstrosities meant to attack them. They destroy all the experimental creatures, and confront Kaga. Kaga is revealed to be a deformed elderly man with numerous genetic abnormalities and disorders, a true mutant born from a mother who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. He reveals that he hates the X-Men for their perfect bodies and incredible superhuman abilities despite being labeled "mutants," whereas he is deformed, trapped in a deteriorating body.

A miniseries that takes the X-Men to Africa to deal with a mysterious mutagen that is causing mutations amongst newborn children. Storm leaves her homeland of Wakanda to visit the X-Men. They reunite and go off to Africa, to investigate a series of mutant births, which excite the hopes of the X-Men of replenishing their species. Once they arrive, they find that the area that was set up for Mutantes Sans Frontieres has been overtaken by soldiers.

The X-Men quickly take out any of the oppressing troops, and Emma Frost kisses the staff in order to let them download the native language for 48 hours so they may be able to communicate with the locals. After Beast witnesses the mutations and studies the babies, he discovers they are not mutants and are simply affected by a type of radiation that has spread over the area. Before they can investigate, a cyborg with his own troops that is in charge of the area takes everyone hostage at gun point.

Cyclops distracts him while Emma Frost controls all of his troops, and they discover that they must work together in order to find out the cause of the radiation.

In the woods, they find a man running for his life.

X-men pdf astonishing

Wolverine, Beast, and two of the cyborg's best men track him into the jungle. A ghost box opens, and troops known as Furies emerge with guns in order to kill the running man. Wolverine and Beast easily take them down, but the Ghost Box unleashes larger Furies that can morph their arms into weapons and regenerate. Beast is shot down, the cyborg's men are eviscerated, and Wolverine is almost killed when Cyclops and the others rescue them.

Emma scans the running man and discovers he is a multiverse teleporter. He escaped from his world, which was overrun by the Furies who had killed every super-powered individual. The Furies were sent after him with the Ghost Box, and now Emma tells Cyclops that during their fight, they must keep one Fury alive or else everyone will die.

A single Fury is left for Emma, who narrowly kills her. She takes control of its mind and performs a "psychic surgery", which alters its programming. Emma changes its orders to say it completed the mission and returned because it had no other commands.

Without any reason to pursue further, the outside forces would leave Earth alone. Emma also reveals to Cyclops that the man they have gives off a giant burst of radiation when he teleports between universes, which is the cause for the babies to mutate.

The cyborg kills the teleporter, saying he cannot have a volatile human dirty bomb walking around able to hurt everyone in the area. He says he doesn't like doing these kinds of things, but he has to since it is his job. Issues 36 to 42 have two alternating storylines, "Monstrous" and "Meanwhile", written by Daniel Way and Christos Gage , respectively.

A one-off story, issue 43 "Whispering Machines," was written by James Asmus , his only credit in the series. During "Monstrous", Armor receives an influx of power while training with Wolverine, a telling sign that her family members may have died. She soon learns that her mother and brother have died in an accident in Japan. Cyclops, Emma Frost and Wolverine accompany her to Tokyo to attend their wakes.

Meanwhile, Mentallo is dispatched by Roxxon Corporation to Monster Island, which the corporation intends to drill for oil. However, Mentallo psychically enslaves the monsters on the island in order to ransom Roxxon out of cash, and sets one of the monsters off to attack Tokyo.

The monster is defeated by the team, including Armor, who had left the wake earlier to rejoin them. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, and Armor then make their way to Monster Island, where Mentallo has set a psychic field to control all of the monsters and prevent Frost from using her powers. Wolverine and Frost are captured by Mentallo, who he intends to bury alive when the volcano erupts, but are freed by Cyclops. Eventually the X-Men catch up to Mentallo, and though he manages to escape, he is crushed alive when one of the giant monsters dropped a cargo hold directly on top of him, which contained the entire billion dollars in cash.

Armor then reunites with her father, who admits that he was upset when she initially left the wake. However, after seeing her nobly set her grief aside to show great strength, he tells her that he has never been proud of her then that day. The two then say their goodbyes. In "Meanwhile", Agent Brand leads a rescue mission to the Pandora's Box, a space station where some of the universe's most dangerous experiments are conducted. Only one person has been retrieved from the station, but he leaves Brand for dead.

The team find Brand and members of S. The team manage to get back to the ship, and though they have the opportunity to destroy the space station and eliminate the Brood for good, Brand argues against this, stating that they are necessary to take out the larger predators. They then decide to take out the Brood Queen and allow the rest of the Brood to return home without any consequence.

While they attack the Brood, Storm becomes infected as well and becomes a host for Brood larvae. The rest of the team likewise become infected and gradually mutate into Brood themselves. The only exception being Kitty Pryde, still in her intangible state.

The team also find another unnamed Brood infant, who became an outcast due to his compassion for mammals. Eventually, the X-Men are able to regain their human memories mid-battle and eliminate the queens. The Brood are given the option to go home, which they accept.

The Brood infant returns to Earth with the X-Men and observes the new Brood larvae, who with no ties to the queen have a bright future. However, Machinesmith had been manipulating her into trying to break him loose while trying to take over her body.

Danger regains control and returns him to Beast and the Avengers, and Frost comforts her in saying that she is still young and still learning to trust others, but that is one thing that makes her human.

In the "Exalted" storyline beginning issue 44, written by Greg Pak, the focus lies mostly on Scott Summers as a lead character. Through the use of a Ghost Box, a device which allows characters to enter into a parallel universe, an alternate reality in the X-Men continuity is explored.

In the timeline featured here, the X-Men have waged war on Magneto to free the subjugated human race. In his dying breath, Magneto cracks the planet causing certain doom. Xavier, recast as Savior in this timeline, and other Marvel super-geniuses create a device to save their planet by harnessing the powers of mutants. Savior scours the multiverse with a Ghost Box collecting various incarnations of X-Men, favoring Cyclops, and using them until they burn out.

That is until his Storm finds "our" Cyclops. Scott wakes to find himself imprisoned in the device along with alternate versions of mutant teammates James Howlett, Emmeline Frost, Shadow cat , and a young Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler. They escape, learn the truth about Savior and his plans, and make the hard humanity-at-stake decisions of heroes. Along the way it becomes apparent that a single Cyclops can provide immense power for the device, and that many of them have chosen to self-sacrifice to preserve Savior's world.

When Scott refuses and destroys the device telling Savior to "Find another way! This combined with Savior's willingness to sacrifice some of the humans from his own reality is enough for Storm to side with the former captives. As his Emma and Storm depart through a failing Ghost Box portal, Scott tells them that his decisions doomed that Earth and he should stay to help fix it.

Howlett pushes him through saying he had been worried momentarily about Scott's non-self-sacrifice, but now was reassured, and that Scott wouldn't be the last person they save today.

Contrary to the book's previous format of being divided into individual story arcs, Liu and Perkins are on Astonishing X-Men for an open-ended run. The storyline focused on the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler 's attempt to return home.

Following the event, Astonishing X-Men would be the sole title of the three to continue publication. The next arc in the series issue 62 to 65 featured Iceman , who was corrupted by the Apocalypse seed during X-Termination and sent the world into an ice age. Astonishing X-Men ended with issue 68 in October As part of the ResurrXion event, a new ongoing series for Astonishing X-Men written by Charles Soule and illustrated by a rotating art team was launched. The series starts when a band of X-Men members find themselves reunited in London in order to face the threat of the Shadow King.

The first story arc features the return of the Shadow King and his series of psychic attacks against various mutants. While in London, Psylocke was targeted by the Shadow King, but she was able to send psychic butterflies to seek help before being possessed by the entity. The Shadow King focused the totality of Psylocke's psychic power emerging as a psychic butterfly and attacking the minds of the people in London. Returning her distress call were Rogue and Old Man Logan, aboard the Blackbird above the North Atlantic; Bishop, doing research in the British Museum, Angel, flying over the Scotland; Gambit and Fantomex, in the middle of a heist in Paris; and Beast, arriving in late after the attack.

Betsy told the team that her attacker was the Shadow King and he's attacking psychics in an effort to return from the astral plane. The series of What If? The first examines what would have happened if Ord had resurrected Jean Grey—who was thought a logical candidate for the character rumored to be returning from the dead—instead of Colossus.

The second considers the ensuing consequences if the android Ultron had learned of the existence of the sentient Danger during his then-battle with the Runaways, leading him to become determined to make her his bride. Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men was subjected to criticism regarding the delays between the issues.

Whedon's initial contract with Marvel Comics was for twelve issues for one year but the final issues were four months late. After a break of several months, the title resumed in February with the new story arc "Torn.

The book resumed a monthly schedule in September with issues 16 and 17, but was delayed once again for issue Delays persisted for a variety of reasons, including Cassaday's last-minute assignment to pencil the fifth issue of Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America. Whedon said that while he knew "many people have done cure scenarios before me," he was not familiar with any of those earlier stories at the time he started working on "Gifted.

In Wizard , Whedon admitted to making mistakes in the second story arc, saying he was so fascinated with the idea of the "new intelligence" that he neglected the action and thus prevented the story from flowing well. The third volume of the Astonishing X-Men comic book series has generally been well received with comic sales normally being very high. Whedon's run was nominated for several Eisner Awards.