Aptitude test tricks and formulas pdf

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[PDF] Quantitative Aptitude Formulas, Basics Concepts, Shortcuts Tricks, Definitions & Identities (A quick guide for various Govt. Exams) By EasyEngineering. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks - PDF. Download More Tricks on Simplification and Download PDF: Click Here. #2 NUMBER Method I. By using formula. Dear Readers, there are so many tricks and tips to solve the aptitude questions in the bank exams, and it was more essential one to save time.

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Quantitative Aptitude Formulae & Shortcut Tricks free download pdf Following formulae should be kept in mind while solving profit loss questions in bank. Quantitative Aptitude Formulae. NUMBERS: 1. Sum of first n natural numbers Tests of Divisibility: 1. A number is divisible by 2 if it is an even number. 2. Shortcut tricks on Quantitative Aptitude method will help you to do After this do remaining ten questions and apply shortcut formula on those math problems.

It really helps… Thankyou so much. June 6. Ramandeep Singh July 17, at 1: Loved it… Very helpful. You can also like our facebook page to get more frequent updates. Discount is deducted from Marked Price. Popular Files.

Following formulae should be kept in mind while solving profit loss questions in bank exams.

However, if it is negative then overall we have a loss. A man purchases a certain no. He mixes them together and sells them at p a rupee then his gain or loss. Always Remember: Discount is deducted from Marked Price.

So, Discount is always calculated on MP and. Weighted Average: The average between two sets of numbers is closer to the set with more numbers.

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This is nearer to 25 since more batsmen scored 25 runs. If the value of each item is increase by x, then the average of the group will also increase by x. If the value of each item is decreased by y, then the average of the group of items will also decrease by y. If the value of each item is multiplied by the same value m, then the average of the group or items will also get multiplied by m.

Quantitative Aptitude - Concepts and Tricks

If the value of each item is multiplied by the same value n, then the average of the group or items will also get divided by n. If we know only the average of the two groups individually, we cannot find out the average of the combined group of items.

Change in the value of a Quantity and its effect on the Average. They are generally simple to attempt if you have done practice and remember the formulae. Important formulae to remember are:. For more pdfs like these, mention the topics in the comments section below. Daily Current Affairs Quiz — 12 April Daily Current Affairs Quiz — 10 April New Releases. Add to Wishlist. This 'maths tricks app' is created with the aim of promoting aptitude that helps everyone to excel in their career and also crack bank exams.

This fast maths calculation tricks app helps to increase your aptitude skills so that you can overcome those issues and easily participating bank exams. Through this basic maths tricks fast calculation app you can easily improve fast calculating skills, speed up your calculation using 'Tips and Tricks' and increase your concentration skills.

This maths shortcut tricks app is exclusively designed for the job aspirants and those waiting to crack technical exam and other entrance exams of GMAT, CAT, SAT, MAT and also bank aspirants can use this maths tips and tricks app for banking exams etc.

The maths tips and tricks app for bank exams has a wide ranges of questions by the experts of the concern fields are provided in this app.

Pdf tricks and formulas aptitude test

In this app, we provide the tips and short cuts to solve the problems easily. A collection of quantitative aptitude questions frequently asked in bank exams and placement papers. Not only that even you can also learn basics of mathematics, basic maths formulas and all basic Maths tricks, aptitude and reasoning tricks to solve efficiently using this basic mathematics apps.

When you learn these mathematical tricks using this maths shortcut tricks for competition app, your increased confidence and smartness helps to show off your skills to excel in your career. Features of Free Aptitude App Tricks You can use workspace in our career assessment app.

General Aptitude Shortcuts & Tricks - GATE (PDF) | PrepLadder

No need of pen and paper. Easy understandable content.

And formulas pdf test tricks aptitude

A professional trainer to improve your IQ and enrich your knowledge. Basic to hard level aptitude and reasoning tricks. Hints and formulae for each topic. User Friendly Interface. Aptitude puzzles are very important for fresher to crack the test and all job interviews of any company.