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Below are the frequently asked Active Directory interview questions and answers which can make you feel comfortable to face the interviews. TOP ACTIVE DIRECTORY Interview Questions and Answers PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. questions. Active Directory Interview Questions And Answers. Active Directory Job Interview Preparation Guide. Question # 1 . This PDF was generated from http://www.

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An active directory is a directory structure used on Microsoft Top 17 Active Directory Interview Questions & Answers Download PDF. Global Guideline. Active Directory Interview Questions And Answers G Active Directory Job Interview Preparation Guide. lo ba. Active Directory Interview Questions / Answers Save web pages as PDF manually or automatically with PDFmyURL Speed up WordPress with our baked IP.

Question 27 d What hidden shares exist on Windows Server installation? With full redundancy feature available, need of readability is almost negligible. Question 18 G Explain What are the standard Port numbers? Mention What Are Lingering Objects? Username Password.

Question 1. Mention What Is Active Directory? An active directory is a directory structure used on Micro-soft Windows based servers and computers to store data and information about networks and domains. Question 2. In Windows , a domain defines both an administrative boundary and a security boundary for a collection of objects that are relevant to a specific group of users on a network. A domain is an administrative boundary because administrative privileges do not extend to other domains.

It is a security boundary because each domain has a security policy that extends to all security accounts within the domain. Active Directory stores information about objects in one or more domains.

Domains can be organized into parent-child relationships to form a hierarchy. A parent domain is the domain directly superior in the hierarchy to one or more subordinate, or child, domains.

A child domain also can be the parent of one or more child domains. Question 3. Question 4. What Is Mixed Mode?

Allows domain controllers running both Windows and earlier versions of Windows NT to co-exist in the domain. In mixed mode, the domain features from previous versions of Windows NT Server are still enabled, while some Windows features are disabled. Windows Server domains are installed in mixed mode by default. In mixed mode the domain may have Windows NT 4. Nested groups are not supported in mixed mode. Question 5. Forest is used to define an assembly of AD domains that share a single schema for the AD.

Question 6. What Is Native Mode?

Active Directory Interview Questions

When all the domain controllers in a given domain are running Windows Server. This mode allows organizations to take advantage of new Active Directory features such as Universal groups, nested group membership, and inter-domain group membership. Question 7. Explain What Is Sysvol? The contents such as users, group policy, etc. Question 9. Mention What Is Kerberos? Kerberos is an authentication protocol for network.

Question Minimum Requirement For Installing Ad? Mention What Are Lingering Objects? Lingering objects can exists if a domain controller does not replicate for an interval of time that is longer than the tombstone lifetime TSL.

What Is Domain Controller? In an Active directory forest, the domain controller is a server that contains a writable copy of the Active Directory Database participates in Active directory replication and controls access to network resource.

Mention What Is Tombstone Lifetime? Tombstone lifetime in an Active Directory determines how long a deleted object is retained in Active Directory. Usually, windows will use a day tombstone lifetime if time is not set in the forest configuration.

Why We Need Netlogon? Maintains a secure channel between this computer and the domain controller for authenticating users and services.

If this service is stopped, the computer may not authenticate users and services, and the domain controller cannot register DNS records. Schema is an active directory component describes all the attributes and objects that the directory service uses to store data.

What Is Dns Scavenging? Scavenging will help you clean up old unused records in DNS. CDC or child DC is a sub domain controller under root domain controller which share name space. Explain What Is Rid Master? Explain What Are Rodcs? Read only Domain Controller, organizations can easily deploy a domain controller in locations where physical security cannot be guaranteed.

Components of AD includes Logical Structure: Trees, Forest, Domains and OU. Physical Structures: Domain controller and Sites. Explain What Is Infrastructure Master? Infrastructure Master is accountable for updating information about the user and group and global catalogue. Name A Few Options? However, newly created subfolders will inherit this permission.

Where Is Gpt Stored? Check for a disjointed namespace, and then run Netdiag. Abbreviate Gpt And Gpc? Group policy template. Group policy container.

Active Directory (AD) Real Time Interview Questions and Answers

Domain local groups assign access permissions to global domain groups for local domain resources. Global groups provide access to resources in other trusted domains.

Universal groups grant access to resources in all trusted domains.

This setting designates the Windows DNS server to be a root hint server and is usually deleted. If you do not delete this setting, you may not be able to perform external name resolution to the root hint servers on the Internet. Define Attribute Value?

An object's attribute is set concurrently to one value at one master, and another value at a second master.

Directory answers questions pdf active interview and

The Kerberos V5 authentication mechanism issues tickets A set of identification data for a security principle, issued by a DC for purposes of user authentication. Two forms of tickets in Windows are ticket-granting tickets TGTs and service tickets for accessing network services.

These tickets contain encrypted data, including an encrypted password, which confirms the user's identity to the requested service. What Is Adsiedit? This Active Directory tool lets you view objects and attributes that are not exposed in the Active Directory Management Console. Kerberos V5 is the primary security protocol for authentication within a domain. The Kerberos V5 protocol verifies both the identity of the user and network services. This dual verification is known as mutual authentication.

Define The Schema Master Failure? Temporary loss of the schema operations master will be visible only if we are trying to modify the schema or install an application that modifies the schema during installation. A DC whose schema master role has been seized must never be brought back online. Replmon is the first tool you should use when troubleshooting Active Directory replication issues. How To Find Fsmo Roles? Describe The Infrastructure Fsmo Role?

When an object in one domain is referenced by another object in another domain, it represents the reference by the GUID, the SID for references to security principals , and the DN of the object being referenced.

Active Directory Sites and Services allow you to specify site information. Where is the AD database held? Define what other folders are related to AD? By default AD data base is stored in c: Sysvol uses junction points-a physical location on a hard disk that points to data that is located elsewhere on your disk or other storage device-to manage a single instance store. Because the global catalog server holds a partial replica of every object in the forest. By default sysvol includes 2 folders.

Domain Admins: Because this group has full control of the forest. Domains and Organizational Units. Members of this group have full control of all domains in the forest. When we are deployed any script via GPO that is the default location for storing the script. If the NTConfig. By default. Because the group has full control in the domain.

Now all domain controllers share a multimaster peer-to-peer read and write relationship that hosts copies of the Active Directory. The Active Directory replaces them. Native mode requires that all domain controllers be promoted to Windows Server Active Directory. More restrictive in Windows Server As a general rule.

I am trying to create a new universal user group. Members of this group have full control of the domain. Universal groups are allowed only in native-mode Windows Server environments.

Enterprise Admins: Ring Topology: With intrasite replication. Full Mesh Topology: This topology is typically utilized in small organizations where redundancy is extremely important and the number of sites is quite small. Define what is Garbage collection?

Garbage collection is a housekeeping process that is designed to free space within the Active Directory database. The KCC creates the ring so that there is no greater than three hops between domain controllers in a site. This restriction is a limitation of multivalued. For Windows Server Hub And Spoke Topology: This topology is typically implemented in large organizations where scalability is important and redundancy is less important.

Define what System State data contains? Contains Startup files. For Windows Server. A full mesh topology is quite expensive to manage and is not scalable. In Windows and in the original release version of Windows Server In this topology. The infrastructure master may be placed on any domain controller in the domain. The hub sites are usually connected to each other through high speed WAN connections. The infrastructure master may be put on any domain controller in that domain.

Single domain forest: In a forest that contains a single Active Directory domain. In a ring topology.


Multidomain forest where every domain controller in a domain holds the global catalog: If every domain controller in a domain that is part of a multidomain forest also hosts the global catalog. Define what Intrasite and Intersite Replication? AD FS 2. Define what is AD Certificate Services? Active Directory Certificate Services AD CS provides customizable services for issuing and managing public key certificates used in software security systems that employ public key technologies.

Administrators can use the enhanced Active Directory Administrative Center GUI to customize Active Directory Administrative Center to suite their particular directory service administering requirements. A new utility named Djoin. Define what is Offline Domain Join?

Active Directory Interview Questions & Answers

The computer is domain-joined when it first starts. A given service instance can have multiple SPNs if there are multiple names that clients might use for authentication.

Administrators can use Active Directory Administrative Center to perform common Active Directory object management tasks such as user. Define what is AD Administrative Center? Active Directory Administrative Center provides network administrators with an enhanced Active Directory data management experience and a rich graphical user interface GUI. The hybrid topology is a combination of any of the above topologies. Define what is Active Directory Federation Services?

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For example. If you install multiple instances of a service on computers throughout a forest. Define what is SPN? A service principal name SPN is the name by which a client uniquely identifies an instance of a service. Memory page file 5. Registry 3. Cluster service information Increasing the forest functional level changes the way that group membership and other linked multivalued attributes is stored in the database and replicated between domain controllers. This recommendation is based on the number of concurrent atomic changes that can be committed in a single database transaction.

These are the parameters through which we can know whether PDC emulator is working or not. System files 6. In the same folder. Define what is Kerberos? Kerberos is an authentication protocol for network.

So far. Define what are lingering objects? Lingering objects can exists if a domain controller does not replicate for an interval of time that is longer than the tombstone lifetime TSL.

Contains startup files 2. For Windows Active Directory environments.

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Production environments have been reported to exceed 4 million members. AD information 7. This allows the number of group memberships to exceed the former recommended limit of 5.

Starting with Windows Server To enable LVR. PDC Emulators: There is one PDC emulator per domain. Where does the AD database is held? What system state data contains? Active Directory Intersite Replication Intersite replication takes place between sites.

The role of a bridgehead server BS is assigned to at least one domain controller in a site.