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View and download 99 best texts of all time on DocDroid. Library Download Book (PDF and DOC). 99 Best Texts Of All Time Free Download. 99 Best Texts Of All Time Free Download click here to access This Book. Learn how to text a girl by checking out 10 of the best texts of all time that will get women excited to hear from (and respond to) you.

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Partied with some mates from the US and bought a massive fish tank. Joseph Dimalanta Dajay. Consequently, when you do call, she will want to be congruent with the frame that you set for her. And calling is good 1 too by the way! T e x t 4 5 S e x y C omm a n d o Getting Sexual Section 5 Wish you were here to cuddle under a blanket, drink wine, and watch a Rambo movie T e x t 4 4 P i llow F i gh t C h a ll e n g e On a scale from 1 to awesome, how would you rate your pillow fighting ability? I would make out with her, but she would never meet mom. This is usually based on the tone, frequency and content of her text message responses.

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With this in mind, Jason could leave a message like this: I just wanted to let you know that your application for Cat Clinician was rejected because our customers would be upset if they knew that you were a vet with no pet. During the initial meeting, I playfully teased Katie about being an evil corporate type. Using Callback Humor, the first text would read something like this: Nice meeting you. Let me know. Seeding Callback Humor is essentially like fortifying the beaches and one of the most important things you can do: This is boring for most women.

Even if the guy does actually get her phone number, it is unlikely that she will answer or call him back. Why would she want to sit there on the phone and have another boring, thirty minute interview with a guy that she has no emotional connection with? This alone helps solidify the phone number because your attraction phase becomes much stronger.

When you call or text her and call her by that nickname, it will often cause her to return to the previous emotional state of when you met her, reminding her of being out and having fun talking to you, as opposed to whatever mundane thing she was actually doing when you called.

A woman will be more inclined to remember you if you call or text her using Callback Humor from when you first met. Previously, we mentioned how often women give out their phone number. When almost all of the other guys that she meets are saying the exact same boring stuff on their first phone call or text, you can stand out by using Callback Humor.

Avoid Overusing Callback Humor on the Same Topic Callback humor in its most basic form is simply recalling topics from earlier conversations and repackaging them in a form that makes them emotionally charged or humorous. Most guys make the mistake of being a one trick pony. They find one thing that makes a woman laugh or one thing they have in common, and they desperately cling to that joke or topic until the woman stops responding. There are usually two main reasons why you find yourself desperately clinging to one topic or one thing to joke about: Once the guy gets a woman on the phone, he has very limited information to work with.

This leaves him with only a couple of options. He can either interview her over the phone, hoping one of his questions strikes an emotional chord, or he can desperately cling to the one or two jokes they shared when they first met. If he had spent more time in the initial encounter, he would have an array of topics about her life that he could playfully spin or misinter pret into humor through text or on the phone.

In fact, most people do it naturally. However, the major ity of guys have a serious problem recognizing the opportunities of when to use it. To achieve a high level of suc cess in Text and Phone Game, you have to start listening, using your creativity, making mental notes about each woman, and paying attention during the initial conversation. If you think about just a few of these, you should have more than enough material to develop Callback Humor for an individual woman.

A great exercise that you can do after first meeting a woman is to write down everything that you can remember about her. Then use the tools in the table on the right to see how you can take each thing from your list and playfully twist it into a role play, joke, exaggeration, or misinterpretation. If you do this exercise with enough women, you will start to see patterns and learn what is effective and what is not.

You might need to do this 10 or 20 times before it starts coming to you naturally. First, write out all the things that you remember about her. Here is a rough list of facts that came up in conversation when you first met: Misinterpretation Muscles: She is a big Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan. She likes bars, but hates clubs. She likes country music. She hates rap and techno.

She grew up in a small town. Both of your moms are teachers. Her family took her to church every Sunday. Below are some examples of turning the above facts into Callback Humor: Tell her there is a big difference between playing and handing out towels.

Old stereotypes about her culture or geography that no longer apply, but did at one time. Keep these playful and make sure she knows that you are joking. The goal is not to be mean or to hurt her feelings. If she gives a negative response, then you have probably taken things too far too early. And that if she was a boy you would be obligated to break a chair over her back and after a few beers you still just might. She hates techno. She is from a small town.

Callback Humor Exercise Ok, now it is your turn. Look at the information below and practice misinterpreting this information, while looking for playful ways in which you can turn them into jokes. You meet a woman at a party tonight. After half an hour of conversation you learn that: She is going to NYU for undergrad. She eventually wants to be a fashion designer. She loves the New York Yankees. She is a great singer and loves to go to live operas.

Her older brother is a college football player. She does not drink beer. She is from New York City: Investment is a vitally important concept in Text and Phone Game. A sign of high investment via text is when she responds quickly or with long and detailed answers. She may also hint at meeting up. Remember, it may not be all of these. It could be all, just one, or a few.

For example, in the beginning, if she is not sure whether she likes you, you may have such a small level of investment from her that she barely replies to your text messages at all. However, as you build value and increase her investment into the interaction, her texts will warm up and become more frequent and thoughtful.

The aim is to gradually increase her investment levels through texts to the point where she would not be resistant to answering your phone calls or meeting up.

At any time during the interaction, there is going to be a limit to the amount of investment she will display. The more that you ask for action which is beyond her investment limit, the more uncomfortable you will make her. Interestingly, the more investment that you get from her, the further you extend her investment limit. If, for example, she has a low investment limit and you call her, she may become uncomfortable and just choose not to answer. On the other hand, in the same situation, you sent her a text message to which she replies.

This increase allows you to ask for slightly more investment in the near future. Ideally, you want to keep extending her investment limit until it reaches a level where you can ask to meet up without causing her discomfort. High investment means that the woman really likes you. Situations where a woman would likely be highly invested can include a a cold approach that lasted for over an hour and progressed through to comfort in the Emotional Progression Model, b a cold approach ending in sex, c a cold approach where she saw you as extremely high value very quickly or d a woman in your social circle that is attracted to you.

Distinguished from warm approach, where you have some connection with the woman you approach. An indication of high investment is the reply from the woman in the following text exchange: Have a good night. I better see you soon! A woman who has a high level of investment will behave in a radically different way than one who has a low level of investment.

A woman who is highly invested in you will typically rationalize any anxiety that she feels around you as either a nervous excitement or b her fault. She will interpret this anxiety as an enjoyable and fun feeling. She is focused on the things that you do right, not the things that you do wrong. This allows room for more mistakes on your part and she may even take the initiative to move the interaction along and suggest that you meet up.

An example of a scenario leading to a high investment situation is one where you met a woman at 10pm, talked for several hours, moved venues several times, made out, and had deep comfort conversations. Low Investment Examples: Low investment means that you are not sure whether she likes you or not.

Situations where a woman may have low investment can include a a good cold approach that had attraction but did not progress to qualification or comfort, b a cold approach under 20 minutes, c a cold approach where she begrudgingly gave you her number, or d a woman in your social circle that is not attracted to you but gave you her number to avoid awkwardness.

An indication of low investment is the reply from the woman in the following interaction: Lara is therefore likely low investment. She will allow for fewer mistakes on your part and will typically focus on the mistakes. In fact, mistakes will often confirm for her that she should stop talking to you.

There may have been some connection but it was limited due to the length of your interaction. You will most likely need to build investment through texting, with the goal of extending her investment limit far enough that she will be comfortable talking to you on the phone.

This will lead to good material for Callback Humor. Use text messages to build investment. The more investment you get from her, the more likely you are to get her on a date. Capitalize on high investment by going for the meet up. The key is to utilize whichever best fits the situation. That being said, extensive trial and error has shown Love Systems Instructors that in most circumstances, texting first fits far more situations than calling first does.

Texting first is preferred because: These women wish their guy would call them more, instead of sending texts messages. If these same women were to meet a guy through cold approach, they might still pay lip service to this fallacy, but their actions would prove contradictory i.

She wants this one guy to call more, after he has built up her level of investment, often through texting.

Texts can be read and responded to at any time. This can mean the difference between success and failure with a woman you have just met. After getting a woman to invest through a few initial text messages and slowly getting her comfortable with the idea of communicating with you, the phone call becomes a lot less of a big deal.

Equally important, once value and comfort is built over text, the margin for error increases dramatically when you eventually do talk over the phone. Considering her Investment Levels A woman with high investment is much more likely to pick up the phone when you call or to call you back when you leave a 29 CHAPTER 3 message Although the latter is still not guaranteed. You may have to both leave a message and call her back. In this case, calling her is optimal. If that is the case then the chances of her answering your call is not high.

In this case, sending a text message is optimal. She may pick up the phone and you may have a great conversation with her. However, if she has low investment and she does not answer, or even if she is just busy and forgets to call you back.

If this happens several times, then it can paint the underlying picture in her mind that you are chasing her in a needy way.

If, on the other hand, you send her a simple text first and she does not reply, you have lost little or no value and can still text or call the number at a later date. This works the opposite way as well. It does not have a big impact to your value if she does not reply to your first text.

If the first text that you send is low investment, it will not even necessarily require a response from her. This text represents such a low investment i. You can wait a few days and text her again and will not come across as needy or chasing her.

Boiling a Frog An old saying goes: Making a phone call in this environment is often the equivalent of dropping a frog in boiling water — it is too hot and too fast, so it jumps out. Calling her first will therefore usually result in one of two scenarios: Having a small margin for error means that if she feels any anxiety during the phone call she will rationalize that it was your fault and move on. Texts, on the other hand, do not require much commitment or investment and do not portray neediness.

You can slowly get her to invest in you by way of text messages. The least that she will do is read the text message, which gives you the opportunity to communicate and thus build value and investment.

There are also other added advantages to text messages: After 20 minutes of flirting, he asks her for her phone number and she says: Two days later, still riding high, he pulls out his phone and calls the number. The phone rings for a long time. He is just about to hang up when she finally answers, and the following catastrophe unfolds: This is Peter. We met Saturday night. Sorry, where did I meet you at? How are you, I was wondering if you were going to call. Her phone rings and the woman picks up.

She is understandably nervous at talking to a guy that she barely knows. Her nervousness makes him nervous and the conversation becomes awkward and stifled. He suggests that they go on a date.

She gives an excuse, which may or may not be real. This happens repeatedly to attractive women who get hit on a lot. After this pattern repeats hundreds of times, she is almost waiting on guys to act like this when they call. You are essentially getting a negative response from her because of the mistakes of all the other guys before you!

I… um… well… I thought you were really cool and I was…. Well…um… uh. He went from cloud 9 to the basement in less than one minute. It was clear from her tone that any attraction that might have existed when he took the number was now gone.

She only said it to avoid awkwardness and will most likely avoid his call or make up another excuse if she does accidentally answer. If you are new to the dating game then you most likely gave a painful, sympathetic nod at the above train wreck. If you are a seasoned veteran who has been playing this game for a while, you most likely shook your head and laughed at the glaring rookie mistakes. What does the veteran know that the rookie does not? Have you ever seen a baseball movie where the veteran pitcher shakes his head when the rookie hangs a curveball to a batter that was down 0 balls and 2 strikes?

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Then the next frame is the batter hitting a homerun and the rookie pitcher looking into the dugout perplexed. The veteran pitcher knows from experience that when you are way ahead there is no point in taking unnecessary risks.

The smartest pitch he could have thrown in that situation was low and away. Just like the rookie pitcher who took an unnecessary risk by throwing the batter an easy pitch to hit, the rookie Peter made a similar mistake.

By calling a woman that he had only known for 20 minutes, he placed all of his eggs in one basket for her to either accept or reject his offer in one foul swoop. Unfortunately, women are not always helpful in the first few phone calls until they get to know you and become more invested in you. This puts the conversational burden on the shoulders of the man, which can create anxiety and nervousness. And in turn, this nervousness may lead us to make foolish mistakes and sub communicate negative things.

What if instead, Peter had chosen to send a series of low investment text messages? He could have probed for investment and quickly found out that she did not remember him, and that he had some work to do before ever making an actual phone call.

Text messaging remedies much if not all of this anxiety and nervousness - for both parties. It increases your chances of having a positive phone conversation in the future, because it allows you to build a nice baseline of comfort and investment leading into your first call. Did you get a text chain going in person when you met, like we mentioned earlier? If she was drunk, you probably want to text her that same night. If you met her during the day then send your first message within 24 hours.

If you met her in a social circle setting and the interaction went well, you can safely wait 48 hours as she will remember you so there is no advantage or disadvantage to texting within 24 hours. Texting Her Quickly There are a number of reasons why it is important to text her quickly. For starters, you need to text her while she still remembers who you are. As we have said before, beautiful women give their numbers out all the time. If a woman gives her number out 5 times per week, this means that she has 5 more guys calling her on top of each of the guys from the past.

Add that up over the 52 weeks of the year! Consequently, if you wait too long and she has forgotten who you are, you have lost the emotional momentum and when you finally make first contact, you may have to explain who you are through text or over the phone, which is a sure fire recipe for disaster. To get her phone number in the first place, you will have to have generated some good feelings inside of her. These will either grow stronger or dissipate based on two factors: More good or bad experiences she has with you.

The length of time between first meeting her and communicating with her again. While time has less of an effect on emotional momentum once you have had multiple encounters or slept with a woman, it is the most hazardous obstacle along your path to the first date. This is why it is crucial that you make your first contact while you are still emotionally relevant. The longer that you wait, the more precious emotional momentum you are throwing away.

This is especially important when dating younger women as they usually have a more intense social schedule and meet a lot of new people. When sending this first text, our goal is not to sweep her off her feet in one hit.

Pdf texts of 99 time best all

You should always attempt to use Callback Humor in your first text. Callback humor has a much higher success rate than any text you can generate from scratch.

Callback humor is personal to her, will make her remember you especially if you saved your number into her phone , and will go some way towards bringing her back to the moment when she met you. Make it low investment on her part i. Avoid making it full of emotion.

Avoid asking her logical questions that take a lot of effort to answer. The aim is simply to get her to read the text message, smile, possibly text back something short, and most importantly cement the memory of who you are in her mind. The following are examples of good opening text messages: Example 1 Braddock met Laura in Vegas. The night they met, they got on the topic of relationships and what their pet peeves are.

The night they met, he teased her about Salsa dancing and how Latin women are bossy. He jokingly told her that she had to do what he said because he is older than she was, he was American, and he was a boy. He kept fixing her body language and teasing with her about how she was weird and always had her arms crossed. Keep it short and sweet and sign your name. For example: Trying To Make Plans Do not try to make plans or even hint at making plans in the first text.

You just want to get on her radar and have her reply. After communication has been established, you can go from there. Examples of this mistake include: Do you have plans tomorrow? Do you want to hang out Friday? Logical Questions A common mistake guys make, if not the most common, is that they attempt to jump into a formal conversation through text. An example of a bad interaction with logical questions is: Just watching TV with my friend Jenny.

What are you guys watching? Have you seen every episode? What other shows do you like? That show is not bad. Do you like movies or TV better? We should go sometime. No reply The example above is for illustration only. It is highly likely that if she was an attractive woman, she would have stopped answering about three questions into this. These are the kind of text and phone interactions that every guy has with her.

They are boring and sub communicate neediness, lack of social intelligence and they very rarely get a response that you can build upon, if they even get one at all.

These types of texts may be ok down the road, but often prove to be a mistake early on. Overly Emotional Texts Avoid sending overly emotional texts about how you feel about her. The golden rule is that you should always verbally stay one step behind whatever the woman has verbalized emotionally at any point in time.

Women are emotional creatures whose mood and interests can change a complete degrees multiple times in a day. But this may or may not be the case.

How to Text a Girl: The 10 Best Texts to Send Hot Girls…OF ALL TIME

She really did mean what she said when she said it — in the moment. The problem is that her emotional state may have changed since then it may even change a few minutes after meeting you — especially if she is meeting lots of people at a bar, party, etc and you cannot assume anything until you hear or see the behavior again. Literally every girl that read the book laughed a laugh of recognition when they read this section. Every one of them said that this happened to them all the time and that they always either lost interest in the guy or found it creepy.

The way that a woman feels when she is out with her friends, has had a few drinks and has been dancing all night, is not exactly the same as the way she feels when she is at home alone in her sweat pants doing the laundry.

Consequently, remember to take anything that a woman says in the first encounter with a grain of salt. Also, you ideally want the woman to wonder if you are interested in her and how interested you are. Women love a challenge. They simply laughed and agreed. What is my goal with this specific woman? You should attempt to steer the interaction in the direction of what you want out of the relationship. You will push the boundaries harder, faster, and more sexual with a woman that you just want to sleep with.

However, with a woman that you want to date, you will focus on hitting waypoints that build attraction and comfort and interact with her in a way that reduces the risk of failure long term.

A low investment text is one that does not ask for too much in return such as: Always send low investment texts early on.

Time texts 99 pdf of all best

It was so good meeting you. Are you free tonight for dinner? Low investment text messages have the highest probability of getting a response back. You are never guaranteed a response, but they give you the best chance of a reply. They keep you from showing your cards and giving your power away too early, and allow you to measure the level of investment that you have from her without asking her directly how she feels about you.

Her investment is like a road map helping you strategize your next move. If, on the other hand, she takes the bait and gives you a text message which indicates a high level of investment, such as a longer, more detailed message or one playing along with your Callback Humor then your next text message can accelerate the meet up faster if you choose.

Early on, make statements instead of asking questions as much as possible. Making statements keeps the woman from psychologically registering that she is blowing you off if she does not reply. Making statements that are light and moderately funny, instead of asking questions, sub communicates many good attributes such as non neediness, humor and social intuition. Moreover, statement texts build comfort because they minimize any potential anxiety as she is not required to respond.

Here is an example of an interaction that goes poorly due to the breaking of this rule: Thanks though. No matter what he sends next, it will be interpreted through his prior actions and will most likely look needy to Sally. Any further contact from him will also probably make her feel uncomfortable. This is all due to him asking for far too much investment from her, before he even knew if he even had any to start with.

This does not mean that you cannot ask her boring questions at all. The only questions that should be asked in the early phase are questions An Open Loop is a conversation topic that are non-intrusive, yet personally relevant to her, open loops that make her think and want an answer just so she can get the open loop in her you deliberately leave unresolved to mind closed, or questions handcuffed with a statement or a joke. The more encourage her to focus on closing it.

It is important to be conscious not to attempt to build too much rapport early on in the text interaction if she only averagely invested. Not only can too much rapport kill attraction, particularly for very attractive women, but also be aware that many women will not be willing to let you get too much rapport early on. Silly questions that do not require an answer are great here.

I need a helicopter. Are you rich? Can you levitate things with your brain like Darth Vader because you are so smart? Braddock 0. I need a Tylenol the size of a hockey puck! I saw a girl that looked just like you today. You have to understand that customer sexual harassment is not a joke. We are still cool right? Do anything spectacular like save the planet, stop world hunger, cure cancer Did they give you a raise or at least an army of interns?

See if you can sense the neediness and overreaching: I want to hear all about it. I would love to see you when you get home. Do you have plans Friday when you get back? How is work? Just thinking about you. Would you like to go see the new Twilight movie this week? I remember you mentioned it.

Best time pdf texts of all 99

The phone should be viewed as a mini Emotional Progression Model. Comfort without attraction is a one-way ticket to the friend zone. Attraction without comfort can make meeting up with her unlikely. You need both.

All pdf of best texts 99 time

Attraction can be both created and lost in an instant. This creates a precarious situation when you are trying to build attraction through a medium such as text messaging. In other words, you have no idea if the last text helped or hindered your situation until she responds and can do nothing about it until she does.

Due to this time lag and lack of feedback, unless you are extremely calibrated or have a high level of investment from her, it is better to do most of your attraction work in person i. Consequently, at a basic level, you should be looking to simply not lose value and maintain whatever attraction you had when you first met the woman. At an intermediate level, you should be aiming to gain just enough attraction to get by, while focusing on gaining investment and comfort in order to achieve the next meet up.

At an advanced level if you are extremely calibrated and have fully internalized the principles of Text and Phone Game , it is possible for you to create huge levels of attraction over text and phone, even prior to the first meet up. How to achieve this more advanced level of attraction will be explored in later chapters.

When they first met, Braddock and Amy made jokes about the movie Anchorman, which takes place in San Diego. What Braddock does here is simply text a funny line from the movie.

If Amy does reply, then the Anchorman banter could go on for a while. This is ideal because it works towards both comfort and attraction. It would also give Braddock great Callback Humor material for when he decides to go for the first phone call.

In actual fact, she did text back with the message below: Attraction is best achieved through text messaging by using light-hearted messages that assume a level of familiarity, contain wit or humor, and are flirty without making her uncomfortable.

Varying how and when you reply builds value and scarcity and makes her feel as if she has to earn you. Consequently, do not always send long replies, do not always reply quickly, and do not always be funny. Try to mix it up a bit. Trying to relate a bunch of information that you assume will make her like you will more often than not have the opposite effect.

If she can sense that you are trying too hard, you will lose attraction very quickly. This is related to being unpredictable. Ideally, you should alternate between teasing and being warm, and between showing interest and disinterest.

Magnetic Messaging PDF - The 99 Best Texts Of All Time - Vídeo Dailymotion

This will keep her off-balance, emotional and attracted. You can joke about sex or allude and tease around it in text messages. For the most part, particularly early on in the text message interaction, the sexual connotation and teasing will be very light. Here are examples from Mr M: Did I give you that cough?

Next time, no means no, or I call the cops. You drunk texted me and tried to smooth talk me into coming out. You can have all the attraction in the world, but if you have no comfort, then a meet up will be unlikely.

Attraction is a fleeting emotion while comfort is a more static feeling. It is key that you build attraction before heavily focusing on comfort or you will find yourself in the friend zone. However, you should be building at least low levels of comfort at the same time you are building attraction.

A common mistake that guys make is that they will have the woman sufficiently attracted, and yet continue bludgeoning the woman with nothing but attraction material, i. Humor — A Powerful Tool to Build Comfort Using humor and light teasing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to build comfort early. Humor and teasing can both increase attraction and build comfort. Successfully teasing a girl creates a feeling of familiarity and sub communicates non-neediness. Women are usually only teased by people who know her well or by guys who want her but who do not need her.

Other guys over tease and end up pushing her away. You are a nice guy. To much You obviously cannot run long comfort routines or stories over text message. You also cannot text a woman a barrage of boring questions in order to search for commonalities. Consequently, while it is true that you are limited in the depth of the comfort that you can build, the goal in early text game is to simply build enough comfort to get her on the phone or on a date. Save your deep comfort building for on the phone or preferably in person.

You are a jerk. Find the happy medium are talking to.