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existed. Their belief is that Jesus would likely be a vegetarian today. few food choices Perhaps Noah ate meat if he had little to eat with all plants destroyed by. Though there are many diet programs claiming to be "God's way" to healthy living , and while some of them are based on biblical principles, and even have. Jesus directs listeners how to pray: “Give us this day our daily bread,” and in the was either obsessed with food or simply a guy who liked to eat. You might.

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Jesus ate whole grains directly and in the form of whole-grain breads. We can follow We should limit our consumption of dairy to nonfat and low-fat products. healthier, the question about what Jesus might have eaten has become a popular In some instances we can discover the foods Jesus ate by reading the Bible. About the Author. Don Colbert, M.D., a specialist in family medicine, helps people to better health through spiritual and natural sources for good nutrition and.

Change Your From This Episode: How Does Science Show This? Click for more. They also baked fish. They drank red wine with meals.


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