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A text book on Informatics Practices, Class XI. . Ms Gurpreet Kaur, Ms Nancy Sehgal, Ms Divya Jain, Ms Ritu Arora, Mr Gautam Sarkar-. CLASS: XI (SESSION ). SUBJECT: INFORMATICS PRACTICES (). April of chapters is according to book: Informatics Practices (by sumita arora). Buy books at Lowest Prices (upto 60% off) - Try it To Believe it - days delivery in Delhi, days delivery in rest of India. COD availabe at pincodes.

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download sumita arora informatics practices class 11 pdf. Wait a few months. CBSE itself will publish pdfs in their sites. But my suggestion is buy a good book of Python and start reading it if you really want to learn the. Sumita Arora. · Rating It's Book conatins Based on Informatics Practics For Class XI How I can download it's pdf? good book to undrstnd jva and ip.

Ishmael Wooloo. The RAD tools are the tools that enable one to create applications in shorter time as compared to conventional language. Jump to Page. Error rating book. Aina rated it really liked it Sep 20,

The RAD tools are the tools that enable one to create applications in shorter time as compared to conventional language. Through RAD tools, you can not only develop a small utility programs, but also a large enterprise system or large distribution applications. What is event? What is message? How is it related to an event?

An Event refers to the occurrence of an activity. An event is an object that gets generated when user does something such as mouse click, dragging, pressing a key on the keyboard, etc.

Each time an event occurs, it causes a message to be sent to the operating system. What are properties? What is property window?

Different controls have different properties associated with them. This window Page 3. What is code editor? The Code Editor window is where you write Java code for your application. By code we mean language statements, constants and declarations. The code editor window serves as an editor for entering application code. What are containers? Give examples. A container is a control that can hold other controls within it e. What are child controls?

Controls inside a container are known as child controls. The child controls can exist completely inside their containers. What happens to container control and its child controls if you delete a. The container control, Ans: If we delete a container control, all its child controls automatically get deleted. A child control, Ans: If we delete a child control, all other child controls and container controls are not deleted. Page 4. All child controls. If we delete all child controls, all its child controls automatically get deleted and container control would not be deleted.

Type B: Java is both a programming language and a platform. Like any other programming language, we can use Java to write or create various types of computer applications. The Java platform is a new software platform designed to deliver and run highly interactive, dynamic and secure applications on networked computer systems.

Informatics Practices - A Text Book for Class 11th By Sumita Arora

Briefly write the history of Java. Originally, Java started as an elite project code named Green to find a way of allowing different electronic devices such as TV-top boxes and controllers to use a common language.

11 ip sumita arora pdf class

This language for electronic devices was originally named Oak later renamed Java but failed to find a niche despite its potential. How are bytecode and platform independence interrelated? Java is essentially platform. What is the role of JVM in platform independence?

Program written in Java are compiled into Java Byte Code, which is then interpreted by a special Java interpreter for specific platform. This characteristic make it platform independent. What are different characteristics of Java?

Although Java has many and many characteristics that make it eligible for a powerful and popular language.

Ch- 3 Getting Started With Programming Using IDE | Java Virtual Machine | Cross Platform

Only the Java interpreter is changed depending upon the platform. Light Weight Code: With Java, big and useful applications can be created with very light code. No huge coding is required. Built-in Graphics: Java offers many built-in graphics features and routines which can be used to make Java application more visual. Supports Multimedia: Java is ideally suited for integration of video, audio, animation and graphics in Internet Environment.

Platform independent: Java is essentially platform independent. Open Product: Java is an open product, freely available to all. However, there exist some special time-saving Java Development Kits, which can be availed by paying small amounts. How are events, messages, methods and properties interrelated? Properties can be thought of as an objects attributes, methods as its actions, and events as its responses.

Controls are component objects such as text fields, labels, list boxes etc. The various methods and properties associated with the jTextField is given a. It displays a single line of read-only text, an image or both text and image.

The various methods and properties associated with the jLabel is given b. Business Analytics. Streaming Data.

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Wiley HE Books. Higher Education. University Textbooks. School Books. Arihant All in One Series. Handbook Of Banking. All All Books Stationery Gadgets. Sumita Arora. Seller Guarantees: Add to Wishlist. Easy Returns , if the item is not as described. It consist of Pages. The Author Dr. The publisher of this book is Dhanpat Rai Publications.

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