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SHERLOCK HOLMES. SHORT STORIES. Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of them all. He sits in his room, and smokes his pipe. He listens, and. See˜chrender/Sherlock Holmes for an electronic form of this text and additional . The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes. Preface. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Twelve Sherlock Holmes stories in one handy book. A Scandal In Bohemia, The Red Headed League, A Case Of Identity, The.

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The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon. From these pages you can download all the original Sherlock Holmes stories for free. PDF using individual layout. See for an electronic form of this text To Sherlock Holmes she is always the Street, buried among his old books, and alternating. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy .

Grimesby Roylott. There are two major clues that lend weight to this theory. Conan Doyle was able to establish that Edalji could not have performed the savage attacks on the animals because of his very poor eyesight. Bringing it all back home A thread of the exotic runs through the early stories. As he examines her room. I cannot live without brain-work.

Conan Doyle arrives in London. Bringing it all back home A thread of the exotic runs through the early stories. Yet for all the variations in his character traits.

Holmes and Moriarty disappear into the Reichenbach Falls. July Chapter 1 Stamford introduces Watson to Holmes and the two men agree to take rooms together. Back in London and living on a meager army pension.

Chapter 5 Holmes tries to draw out the murderer with a newspaper ad about a ring left at the scene. Constable John Rance Policeman. Joseph Stangerson Mormon elder. An old colleague of Watson. Watson has been discharged from the army after being wounded in Afghanistan.

On receiving a request for help from the police. Drebber Elder of the Mormon church. Brigham Young Real-life leader of the Mormon church. Wiggins Leader of a gang of London street urchins. Documents identify him as Enoch Drebber. Chapter 2 Watson studies Holmes. John Ferrier Wanderer found by Mormons. Chapter 4 Holmes sends a telegram to the US police.

T he year is and military surgeon Dr. Holmes examines the scene with a magnifying glass and tape measure. Holmes suspects that a drunk seen hanging around the house was in fact the murderer. Holmes invites Watson to accompany him. Jefferson Hope Young American.

The second section of the novel begins in Salt Lake City. Holmes arrests him before an astonished Gregson and Lestrade. The action then returns to Baker Street. Drebber and Stangerson are exiled from the faith. Ferrier is now a successful farmer in the Mormon stronghold of Salt Lake City. Holmes instructs a gang of street urchins. Chapter 2 A few years later. Drebber chose the poisoned pill and died. Learning from the police in the US that Drebber had sought protection from a man named Jefferson Hope.

A pillbox containing two pills is found with his body. Chapter 3 When the Mormon leader. Holmes tests the pills on a sick terrier. Back at B. Chapter 4 Lucy. Hope accidentally left a keepsake. Brigham Young. Holmes tells Watson how he solved the murder. Lestrade suspects the secretary Stangerson. Chapter 5 Stangerson kills Ferrier. Arthur Charpentier. Jefferson Hope. Chapter 6 Back at Baker Street. Other evidence suggests to Holmes that the murderer is a cabbie. When Hope arrives. Hope dies of a heart condition before he can be brought to trial.

Mormon pilgrims rescue John Ferrier and his daughter Lucy. Drebber would take one while he would take the other. Holmes is able to pick out minute details. The relationship between the two men and the setting of their adventures both played an essential role in the success of the many Holmes stories that would follow. I perceive. Conan Doyle is eager to show that his sleuth is at the forefront of current developments in criminal investigation.

July He then explains how he knew Watson had recently been in Afghanistan. He tells Watson that Holmes even beats corpses in the dissecting-rooms with a stick to see how a dead body bruises after death in mentioning this. Watson Watson was injured at the Battle of Maiwand. The fact that we never hear of this test again in any subsequent Holmes tale is not that important.

Conan Doyle establishes not only the eccentric and brilliant nature of his hero Holmes.. Watson is a doctor. You have brought detection as near an exact science as it ever will be brought in this world. Before the two future partners meet. The reader learns quickly that Holmes plays the violin well. Watson has been discharged from the army after military service abroad. Conan Doyle imbued his sleuth with an array of idiosyncrasies.

He has a dark face. As he explains: To the hypocritical society of the time—which covered up the legs of a piano for the sake of decorum. Watson and forms a conclusion Watson is a medical type with the air of a military man.

He has written a monograph on cigarette ash. He holds his left arm in a stiff and unnatural manner. In A Study in Scarlet more than in any of the subsequent Holmes stories.

His haggard face clearly shows that he has undergone hardship and sickness. For a short while. Watson follows in the footsteps of the celebrated. Watson is friendless and has no real purpose in life at the beginning of the story. Tells at al. Conan Doyle had to adjust this approach in later stories. Well up in belladon 5. It is also this act that seals the burgeoning relationship between Holmes and Watson: Kn a glance different but limited.

Knowledge of Litera 2. Ge me splashes upon After walks has shown soils from each other. Holmes travels to the crime scene. Is an expert single h law. When the main case in A Study in Scarlet does get underway. A man who is in the best of neither health nor spirits.

Presumably it is for his own interest that Watson makes detailed notes during the investigation. Watson notes how a stream of visitors of both sexes. Sensational Litera the century. Plays the violin we d swordsman. Bell amazed the students gathered around him by pronouncing that the patient standing before them had served in the army. Another problem with A Study in Scarlet is that Holmes is such a brilliant detective that he very quickly sees to the heart of any case. Holmes necessarily disappears from the scene.

The story takes us from Baker Street via hansom cabs to just a few well-known London areas. And Holmes is also absent for much of The Hound of the Baskervilles pp. Joseph Bell — had made Conan Doyle his outpatient clerk. Bell explained. Hyde Conan Doyle merely uses him as a pawn to further his plot. The almost-too-quick genius of Holmes was a structural problem that Conan Doyle did not fully resolve in his later Sherlock Holmes novels either. As a result. The structure is clumsy and the mystery itself somewhat contrived.

Conan Doyle used his own home city. They do not in the army. Kennington Park. Watson waits for Stamford standing at the Criterion Bar in Piccadilly. Scottish capital. As to Barbados. Because he succeeds in solving the murder mystery and apprehending the culprit halfway through the narrative. He has an air of authority and he is obviously Scottish. There is a mystery about this which stimulates the imagination; where there is no imagination there is no horror.

Conan Doyle researched various volumes for his descriptions of Utah, as he did for London in the English section of the book. At the time the author believed it would add an exotic appeal to the story, especially since the Mormons were very much in the news when Conan Doyle sat down to write this tale. By the time he was writing A Study in Scarlet, he had clearly carried out. While it is possible to pinpoint numerous holes in the plot of this tale if you look hard enough, in the end none of these faults are what really matters.

On his arrival at the scene, Holmes. Born in Vermont, Young became a Methodist in The way the letters have been written gives him vital clues as to the identity of the killer. In their efforts to better one another, Lestrade and Gregson show just how far behind Holmes they are in terms of both acumen and perception. Neither of the two inspectors can explain the blood spattered around the murder scene, though Holmes privately surmises correctly, it is later revealed that the murderer must have had a nose bleed.

Conan Doyle had great hopes for A Study in Scarlet, which it is believed took him only three weeks to write. To add insult to injury, its magazine debut. However, A Study in Scarlet has remained in print ever since, just like every other Holmes story. Thaddeus Sholto English gentleman. McMurdo Pondicherry Lodge porter and gatekeeper. Lal Rao Butler at Pondicherry Lodge. Bernstone Housekeeper at Pondicherry Lodge. Jonathan Small Englishman.

Tonga Native Andaman islander. Athelney Jones Scotland Yard detective. Mordecai Smith Boat owner. At the time, his friend Major Sholto told Mary that he had no idea the captain was in the country. He explains that his father confessed on his deathbed that Captain Morstan had come to see him the night he disappeared, but died suddenly during an argument, and the major disposed of the body.

The pair of. Chapter Seven The murderer had stepped in creosote, so Holmes and Watson use Toby, a tracker dog, to follow the scent trail. Chapter Eight Toby leads Holmes and Watson to a boatyard, where Small has rented a launch called the Aurora, then hidden it. Thaddeus tells the group that Bartholomew has found the chest at the family home. Holmes deduces that a wooden-legged man, who he surmises is Small, accompanied. Chapter Eleven Watson takes the recovered chest to Mary, but it is empty; Small had thrown the treasure in the Thames.

Mary and Watson declare their love for each other. Athelney Jones of Scotland Yard arrests Thaddeus. Holmes discovers that Small has rented a launch, the Aurora, but is lying low. That night, the Aurora roars off downriver, with Holmes, Watson, and Jones in pursuit. Finally, they catch up with Small, but he has thrown the treasure into the Thames.

Small reveals that during the Indian. Mutiny of , he and Singh, Khan, and Akbar killed a man for the treasure, and hid it in Agra Fort, only to be arrested and sent to the Andaman Islands penal colony. Years later, they offered a share of the treasure to two guards, Major Sholto and Captain Morstan, in exchange for freedom. But Sholto took the treasure and betrayed them.

The story ends on a happy note with Watson announcing his engagement to Mary to Holmes. Stoddart had read A Study in Scarlet pp. More importantly, he was canny enough to realize the detective story genre was about to bloom. What Conan Doyle did not know was that another writer would be at the dinner: Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde had a sharp mind, outlandish dress and habits, and an apparent disdain for conventionalities, which left a lasting impression on the young Conan Doyle.

During the course of the dinner, Wilde and Conan Doyle were each asked to produce a novella-length mystery for the magazine. Wilde came up with The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Shortly after, Conan Doyle wrote to Stoddart: You said you wanted a spicy title. By then its title had become The Sign of the Four for the magazine, but when it was published later as a novel, the title became The Sign of Four. It was renamed The Sign of Four when it was published in P. In the opening paragraph of The Sign of Four, the reader discovers that the sleuth is a drug addict: He assures Watson that he indulges in this dangerous pursuit merely to offset boredom.

I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation. Glass and silver syringes like this were used in the 19th century. Making Holmes a drug user was a clever way to embellish him as a character, making him immediately more edgy and interesting. It is simply window-dressing intended to allow Holmes to impress the reader with his accomplishments.

I cannot live without brain-work. What else is there to live for? The Indian Mutiny Conan Doyle would have learned about the Indian Mutiny at school in the s and s, when the affair was fresh in British minds. For months, garrisons such as Agra were beleaguered, until British authority was restored in Drayson commanded the 21st Brigade Artillery in India from —78, and helped rearm several forts, including Agra. Small, Morstan, and Sholto alike are warped by their greed for the Agra treasure.

Conan Doyle would continue to use this technique in many subsequent Holmes stories. The start of the story sees them bickering like old friends who are comfortable with each other and feel at ease in speaking their minds.

It is given real substance by the details of their domestic life together. He wrote to Stoddart. I think it is pretty fair.

Norwood played Holmes in 47 movies. The emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning. He goes on to examine a watch Watson has recently acquired and declares. Watson fails to make correct observations. The repetition of the trick reminds readers already familiar with Holmes of his genius.

Holmes Conan Doyle adds a new dimension to the dynamic between Holmes and Watson with the arrival of the female client Mary Morstan. Rival relationships But the author was pleased with his embellished portrait of the detective. Watson is overcome by the thought that this will put her beyond his reach. A client to me is a mere unit. I am glad to say.

Cullin as Watson. So much so that. Throughout the story. Holmes rattles off the names of streets as the four-wheeler taking him. The only female is Mrs. Andrew Lang observed: Watson is about to depart for domestic bliss. Conan Doyle was very much a man of his times. When Watson tells Holmes of their engagement.

In later Strand adventures. Watson is either a frequent visitor to B. Their residence. The British built a new prison after the Indian Mutiny to house their captives. It is sad for the reader that this cozy state of affairs seems set to end when Watson announces his engagement. Contributing factors to this were the haste with which Conan Doyle wrote it. Watson has sold his medical practice and moved back in to B. The Sign of Four is dotted with inconsistencies and minor errors.

At the time. Watson notes: What happens to him in the end is not Two images in particular remain long in memory after reading this tale. At worst he faces the gallows.

Now Vincent Square. Long John Silver with his one leg. London was a thriving port. Now we come out on the Vauxhall Bridge Road. It is a shocking habit—destructive to the logical faculty. I never guess. Sherlock Holmes A classic tale Treasure Island To say nothing of Hyde… there is the horrid blind Pew.

Conan Doyle has done better work… still. Barking 5 Level 1 Westminster Wharf: Holmes and Watson pick up the police boat. Holmes is paces behind the Aurora as they pass through here. The gap closes to a boat-length. Holmes sees Tonga on deck. Small is captured. Today The Sign of Four is indeed considered a classic. Thames River 4 Blackwall Tunnel: Holmes is closing in. Unlike A Study in Scarlet. The Thames was a hive of activity in the 19th century. Chase ends. The Sign of Four is bound to become a classic.

Conan Doyle had once again let Holmes slip from his mind. A year-old Graham Greene wrote in the introduction to a edition of the book. Tonga is shot. Moriarty is Irene Adler in disguise. July US: Even in the story. Godfrey Norton British lawyer who marries Irene. Irene Adler American opera singer.

Many screen adaptations have developed her in their own ways: Holmes at work After his lengthy. He is standing in the street below the Baker Street rooms. Watson courtly knights of the Middle Ages.

Watson implies that Holmes has rejected the love of women in order to keep his mind focused on the rational work of detection. Holmes the bohemian Since his marriage and move away from B Baker Street. Watson has seen little of his former companion. He looks up to the window and spots Holmes: Watson sets the story in motion. The King and the diva Holmes quickly makes his attitude toward royalty plain by adopting a curt.

Eager to reconnect with his friend. Holmes realizes immediately that this large. A Frenchman or Russian could not have written that. After her brief triumph. Watson makes his way up to the rooms. Holmes is as cool and incisive as ever. It is the German who is so incourteous to his verbs. Watson can deduce only that the writer is wealthy. When Watson. Watson sees things. The King reveals that when he was Crown Prince he had a romantic liaison with a young American opera singer named Irene Adler.

Irene comes from America. No wonder Holmes can barely contain his delight. Holmes swiftly followed.

Monica in Edgware Road. The grooms. Disguised as a groom. King Wilhelm tries to disguise his identity from Holmes. Irene has him carried inside the house.

He is amused and excited about the success of his efforts. When Failure: Holmes disguises himself as a clergyman. Irene Adler disguises herself as a youth.

When Holmes consults his biographical card index. Concerned for his welfare. Later in the day. To have reached those heights. Spotting Irene and Godfrey both leaving the house hurriedly in separate carriages. But to be certain that he was indeed the famous detective.

As he battles to decide what to do. Irene Adler the photograph with her. A surprise for Holmes on the sitting room sofa. Holmes slips out of the house.

In its hiding place. Holmes is so pleased with himself that he barely notices the young man who The next morning. She tells Holmes that. I often take advantage of the freedom which it gives. What Watson sees through the window is a lovely. The King offers Holmes an emerald ring as a reward for his work.

The tradition of the undercover detective. Watson she declares in the letter that she has no interest in making the photo public. His regard for her is unmistakable. But he never mentions her again in the stories. Soho in London. Some bohemians were political rebels. Irene has opened his eyes wonderfully. She escapes with her picture. There is the renowned story of James Barry born Margaret Ann Bulkley —a woman who spent her entire life disguised as a man so she could pursue a career as a military doctor.

There is no doubt that Irene Adler is a fascinating character. The bohemians were associated with romantic living—they were dedicated to artistic creation and free love— and some rejected material shows he is in love with Irene.

Alexander Dumas. Now happily married. In realizing his error. Most were poor and lived in run-down neighborhoods such as Montmartre in Paris. With their soft. More than a century on. The King is certain that Irene will keep her word. Bohemianism appeared in cities in Europe and the US in the mids. They were surely an inspiration for Conan Doyle. Merryweather Chairman of the City and Suburban Bank. But there is another. Peter Jones Scotland Yard detective. Holmes swiftly realizes that Wilson is a Freemason.

Holmes also observes that Wilson has been doing a great deal of writing.

Books pdf holmes sherlock

This is a story which focuses on gullibility and credulousness. Conan Doyle was. As Holmes remarks. His right cuff is very shiny. Little sympathy It is unlikely that Wilson. He is wearing an arc-and-compass breastpin an emblem of the Freemasons. Jabez Wilson has worked in manual labor. This amount was not to be sniffed at: Duncan Ross his name is taken from the Italian.

On the appointed day. Fleet Street was awash with men with red hair. Vincent Spaulding. Your case is an exceedingly remarkable one. Wilson tends not to leave his premises very often. It was placed by an organization called the Red-Headed League. Like the villains in this story. In November An eager employee. Charley Bullard and Adam Worth who may have been the inspiration for Moriarty. The image is both potent and bizarre.

Let us now explore the parts which lie behind it. Wilson copied from the book and the money kept coming. William Morris. This unlikely tale sustains itself partly because it is so outlandish. Holmes knocks at the door. This engraving appeared in The London Illustrated News in Duncan Ross.

It has a royal name. Oct 9. We know something of Saxe-Coburg Square. For eight weeks. Good loyal worker with no apparent vices. Smart and cunning. Holmes remarks. Lowly clerk of indeterminate age.

A considerable crime is in contemplation. Sure enough. For Elusive man. Young man whose grandfather is a Royal Duke. Avid photographer who develops his photos in the basement. It is also odd that St. Educated at Eton College and Oxford University. In truth. I have every reason to believe that we shall be in time to stop it. Holmes has already concluded that the only possible explanation is that Clay is digging a tunnel.

Holmes has only summoned him in order to get a look at his trouser-legs. Watson remarked of Holmes. Although Clay does not appear anywhere else in the canon. Caught in the act Later that evening. Clay is the grandson of a royal duke.. I already feel it closing in upon me. John Clay. John Clay… I am amply repaid by having had explained how he had deduced that Wilson was a Freemason.

Holmes collars Clay. It is also reminiscent of the 19th-century French poet Charles Baudelaire. But perhaps Holmes is simply treating his brain as a machine. Holmes remarks to Watson that the case has provided a welcome break from the tedium of everyday life: Holmes and Watson meet at B. After declining a reward at the end of this case. When the two villains appear from their tunnel. Deep thinker Back at B. She is soon being shown in by the bellboy. Hosmer Angel. September US: Rising to peer out of the window.

Miss Sutherland is a short-sighted typist in a hurry. Wearing half-buttoned odd boots but otherwise neatly dressed. These reforms made it harder The larger crimes are apt to be the simpler.

Her story throws up a number of clues for the alert reader. Fearing he would lose this annual income were Mary to marry. As a single woman.

Windibank disguised himself as a suitor. Her meetings with Angel have occurred only when Windibank was away. Mary had the right to bestow her income where she chose. James Windibank.

Pdf sherlock holmes books

Miss Sutherland lives with her mother and young stepfather. Holmes corners his man Typewriters. Most disturbingly of all. The investigation ensues Holmes promises to investigate. Laughing despite his anger. Windibank sneers that the law cannot touch him. She is portrayed as a weak. He points out that Miss Sutherland is clearly short-sighted. Windibank is confronted with the truth. She claims this is impossible. Sherlock Holmes reveal the truth to Mary. He then invites Windibank to Baker Street and.

Alice Turner Daughter of John Turner. James McCarthy Principal suspect. He shaves every morning by sunlight. Inspector Lestrade Scotland Yard detective. October Watson is known for his characteristic military neatness.

John Turner. A s Watson is enjoying a leisurely breakfast in his matrimonial home. Charles McCarthy. Holmes has not given him much notice.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

John Turner Wealthy. He has few friends in the area. It is odd that Paget should have picked such an incongruously rustic hat for a traveling city gentleman. As the reader later observes Holmes with his nose to the ground. Watson Another detective in town Lestrade has already been on-site for some time when they arrive. Holmes clearly tantalizes Watson with the promise of fresh air and perfect scenery.

James has refused to divulge the cause of their dispute. The two detectives snipe at each other incessantly and enjoyably. In his opinion. Like Holmes. Picking his way along the trail. Antipodean intrigue Later. Holmes divines the predictable emotional turmoil of a grieving but innocent man. Inspector Lestrade everyone else has missed.

Holmes reveals the truth. More beast than man The scene in which Holmes investigates the surroundings of Boscombe Pool is one of the most vivid portrayals of the great detective imitating a bloodhound. As is so often the case with earnest young men who refuse to give up information.

Holmes manages to get the case thrown out on the strength of a number of objections. Texan racists. Primarily it is America that stands by with a ready supply of corrupt Mormons. Turner was driven to silence McCarthy once and for all. With his own health failing rapidly. Holmes will clear James McCarthy. Getting away with it?

In revealing the full details of what he has discovered. In the end. McCarthy then used his knowledge to blackmail Turner for money. Holmes is free to stack the odds in favor of a happy ending: At the time this story was written. November US: And yet Conan Doyle listed it as among his favorites. It is one of the strangest and saddest of the Holmes tales—Holmes fails to prevent the murder of his young client or apprehend the murderers.

He says that there have always been. Watson partially explains why when he introduces the story. West Sussex. As Watson later acknowledges. Holmes at once deduces that the man has come from somewhere southwest of London due to the mix of chalk and clay on his boots. He is wrong. The story is set in and begins in the middle of a violent September storm.

A tale of three letters His provenance established.

Three Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes (Book)

It turns out that the young man is from near Horsham. London is seen as a haven of rationality with danger lurking in the countryside beyond. Son John drowned in the Thames River. Conan Doyle most likely felt that including a failure helped to enhance the sense of realism in the stories as a whole and keep his readers engaged.

But it is a fragile sanctuary that Holmes must be constantly on his guard to protect. Recovering his alertness. Within three days. He considers it unlikely that the visitor is a client on such a night.

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes|Arthur Conan Doyle.|Free download|PDF EPUB|Freeditorial

Holmes is thoroughly informed on virtually every branch of knowledge relevant to his detective work. It seems as if the whole world might easily be overwhelmed by chaos.

As the storm reaches its height. Father Joseph fell into a chalk quarry three days after the letter from Dundee arrived. A stormy case Holmes to keep its horrors at bay.

No wonder he is in a dark mood. Uncle Elias was found face-down in a shallow pool of water seven weeks after receiving the letter from India. As is so often the case in the Holmes tales. Elias was struck by terror on receiving a letter from Pondicherry. The detective at work The laugh was struck from my lips at the sight of his face.

Both C. After Joseph took over the estate. The verdict at the inquest was suicide. Holmes is aghast. Elias was found dead in a shallow pool. Seven weeks later. Holmes explains to Watson how he sees the case. As John sets off into the night. Joseph did nothing. He burned all the papers inside. Since Elias seemed to have burned the papers in question.

Tens of thousands of black people died as they were lynched. Holmes explodes: But the heart of the movement was certainly secretive and used every conceivable method. After a massive crackdown by the federal government of President Grant. John then inherited the estate. He has. Holmes explains how just as the French naturalist Georges Cuvier — could describe a whole animal from looking at a single bone.

Three days later. In a panic. When told the police would not take the situation seriously. But what started as a joke soon escalated into violent terror. The grumpy Elias was a recluse and seemed to care only for his adolescent nephew.

They named it the Ku Klux Klan in mockery of their Greeknamed fraternities at college. His lip had fallen. But the day before coming to Holmes.

It is unknown whether the encyclopedia article that Holmes cites is genuine. But the KKK simply went underground. Holmes believes. Disaster strikes After his brilliant analysis. One other great characteristic linked Conan Doyle with his creations.

Not in itself either lion- like or unicorn-like, it is simple decency. Not great or sophisticated moral awareness, let alone sanctity. Just a plain ability to tell right from wrong in most situations and act appropriately. Holmes and Watson and Conan Doyle all stood up for right in unpredictable situations. Which cannot be claimed with confidence for his hard- boiled thriller successors James Bond, say, or Mike 9 The great detective Hammer , or, indeed, some of his Gothic horror fiction predecessors.

Within the fictions, Conan Doyle created a perfect symbol for the core of Holmesian and Watsonian decency at the heart of a wicked world: Outside the snug lamplit room with its blazing fire the weather is foul. Fog almost hides the other side of Baker Street. Snow turns to slush and freezes, making the pavements treacherous. Inside, the tea-cups rattle reassuringly as Mrs Hudson brings up refreshment. The gazogene and spirit-case stand by if stronger waters are required.

In B Baker Street we enjoy the safety of childhood with a motherly figure producing endless good breakfasts. The comfort which made the smug world of the Forsytes appealing to harried mid- twentieth-century television viewers is present with a simplified legendary gloss.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in their snuggery represent good in a world which may be evil. Yet they reduce those two epic absolutes to the common morality to which we can all aspire. And their world holds labelled and recognisable features of the day-to-day world still around us. Oxford Street. The Wigmore Street Post Office. Paddington and Kensington. By contrast, sinister figures lurk south of the river, where an empty house in Brixton hides a corpse; the territory east of London Bridge has its opium den.

The placid country is still more sinister than the town. The far east yields treasures and murders. Sherlock Holmes ventures out from Baker Street into Adventure Stories and returns victorious to the haven of home. Recognisable reality framing romance: James Bond would shift from the daily world of efficient secretaries and West End clubs to mysterious locations dominated by exotic villains. And intellectual superman Sherlock Holmes supplied romance in himself, anchored to reality by workaday Dr.

It was a formula for success, and deservedly won it. From Scotland Yard men, there are: Simpson, a solo Irregular in 1. Former criminal Shinwell Johnson in 1. Newspaper gossip stringer Langdale Pike in 1. Barker of the Surrey Shore assists in 1. Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes in the television series. Also publishes Upon the Distinction between the Ashes of the Various Tobaccos with coloured plates Watson joins 5th Northumberland Fusiliers, posted to India to join regiment at the front in Afghanistan Watson wounded at Battle of Maiwand and invalided out.

Charles Altamont Doyle begins alcoholism treatments. Mary Foley Doyle and youngest children move to B. Abandons medicine for fulltime writing Alleyne Kingsley Doyle born Doyles visit Switzerland and see the famous Reichenbach Falls.

Louise is declared consumptive and is dying. African War. Australian lecture tour. The essential primary source lies in the case histories published by Watson. But Watson was extravagantly careless about dates. In one notorious instance he remarks that a client reported the mystery as starting eight weeks previously, and then places that starting date a good seven months too early!

Yet Watson places another case in the spring of that year while recalling it as taking place after he had wooed and wed Miss Morstan and left Baker Street. Astonishingly, Holmes proved an even worse chronologist when he wrote up two of his own cases. For in complaining about the period when Watson deserted him for a wife, he inadvertently dated it to , a decade after the doctor had been bereaved!

These lapses have led some scholars to postulate speculatively that Watson married three times! Clearly both men were impressionistic in their dating. Lamentably, there are no objective documents against which to check inaccuracies.