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Republic Act No. February 17, AN ACT AMENDING THE COOPERATIVE CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES TO BE KNOWN AS THE " PHILIPPINE. AMENDED IMPLEMENTING RULES AND. REGULATIONS OF RA Approved and signed on March 18, FE D. CAINGLES. IDD Director, CDA. RA s Cooperative Law of the soundofheaven.info Hector louis Fabiana. Republi cofthePhi li ppi nes Congre ssofthePhi li ppi nes Me t roManil a Fourt.

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Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Fourteenth Congress Second Regular Session Begun and held in Metro Manila. R.A. (Cooperatives).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Assignment of Share Capital Contribution or Interest: Not allowed, unless: He/ She has held such share capital contribution or interest for not.

Allinve s tme ntsmadebyt hes aidagr ari anr eformc ooperativeforthe elec trifi cati onoft heagr ari anr e formr esettl eme ntar e ass hallbet hesubj ectofs al etot he elec tricservi cepr ovideronc eittakesont hese rvic e. These is why our coop is being long abused by these officers and I strongly believe that the term limits for an officer is included in the Code to prevent circumstantial abuse. Incaseofv i olati on,theindi vidualorindi vi dualsc once r ned,ori n thecaseofanor ganiz ati on,i t soffic ersanddirectorsshal l,uponc onv ict ion,each suff erthepe nal tyofimpr i sonme ntofnotlessthant wo 2 yearsnormor ethanfi ve 5 yearsandaf i nenote xceedingTwe ntyt housandpe s os P20, Related titles. Pr int ingandDist ribut ion. Theboardofdi rec torsshalli ssuerevol vingc apitalcer tif icat es withseri alnumbe r,name ,amount ,andrateofinteres tt obepaidands halldistinct lyset for ththetimeofr etir eme ntofs uchcert ifi catesandtheamount st ober etur ned. Robledo Francisco.

Pearl Angeli Quisido Canada. Celine Cole. Romy Wacas. Kenneth Bryan Tegio. Lailani Kato. Tanzila khan. Scribd Government Docs. Latisha Walker. The Journal of Music. Thillai Ganesh. Sakshi Yadav. Paramjit Sharma. Latest Laws Team.

Pdf ra 9520

Nithindev Guttikonda. Senelwa Anaya. More From Ysabel Chua.

R.A. (Cooperatives).pdf | Cooperative | Board Of Directors

Ysabel Chua. Xavier Cajimat Urban. Popular in Litigation. Sherwin Anoba Cabutija. Tot hi se nd,cooper ati vebanksshallprovi definancialand bankings er vicestoitsmembe rs. Organizati on,Member s hipandEs tabli s hmentofaCooper at i veBank. Onlyonec oope rat ivebankmaybee s tabl ishedi ne achpr ovi nc e: Regular me mbers hipshallbel imit edt ocooperat iveorganizati onswhi chareholdersofcommon share softhebank.

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Upont hef ailureoft heSamahangNay onandMKSNt o fi nal l yc onv erttoaf ull- pledgedc oope rativ ewi thinthemax imum pe r iodofone 1 year,thec oope r ativebankc onc ernedmayc onve rtthec ommons har e she ldbys uch associationst opre f e r redshar es. Quorum andVot i ngRights. I nt hemee ti ngsoftheboar dofdirect ors, whe t hers pec ialorregul ar,thequorum requir e mentshallbeone-halfplusoneofallthe me mbersoftheboar dofdirec tors.

Eachdi r ectorshal lonlyhaveonev ot e. Al lot he rvoti ng re quire me ntsshallbeaspr e scri be dbyt heBSP. Howe v er,theBSPmaypr e scri beappr opr iateguidel ines , cei lingsandc ondi tionsonborrowingofac ooperat iveorgani zati onf rom ac ooperati vebank. Capi talRequir ement sofCooper ati veBanks. Pr ovi ded,That cooperat ivebanksshallis sueparvaluesharesonly. TheBSP,i ncoordinat ionwi ththe Aut horit y,shallc omeupwi t hthei mpleme nti ngguideli nesonhowtocredittheowne rsof thef unds.

TheBSP,howe ver,mayal lowt hepos t ingoft hefinancial stateme ntsofthec oope rativebanki nconspic uouspl acesitmayde termineinl ieuofthe publ i cationr e qui redi nthepr ec e dingsentencewhe nwar rantedbyt hecircums tances. Proofofpubl ication asre quir e dhe reins hallbeac c ompl is hedbyanaf f idav itoft hes he rif forof fi cerconduc ting thef orec l os ures aleore xec ut i onofj udgme nt,ands hal lbeat t ac hedt other ecordoft hec ase.

Whe ne verac oope rativebankor ganizedunder thi sCodei sinas tat eofc onti nuinginabi l ityorunwi l li ngne s stomai nt ainape riodofli quidi ty, theBSPmayde signateoneofi tsoffi cialsorape rs onofr ecogni z e dc ompe tence,prefer ably withe x per i enceincoope r ati vebanki ngandf inance,ascons e r vatoroft hesaidbankpur suant totheappr opri atepr ovisi onsofe xi stingbanki nglaws. Appl ic abi li tyofBanki ngLawsandRegul ati ons.

Appli cabili tyofI nsuranceLaws. The requir e mentsonc apit al i zati on,investment sandr es ervesofi nsurancefi r msmaybel i beral ly modifieduponc onsultationwi t ht heAuthor ityandthecooperat ivesect or ,butinnoc asemay berequireme nttober educe dtolessthanhal fofthoseprovi dedforunde rt heInsurance Codeandot he rrel atedl aws.

Chapte rXIVasame ndeds hall nowr ead,asfoll ows: Def ini tionandCov erage. Suchserv icesmayi ncl udet hef oll owing: Trans por t cooperat ive sorgani zedunde rtheprovi si onsofExe cut iveOrde rNo. Suchcooper ati veshallbepri maril ygover nedbyt hisChapte randthege ner al provi si onsofthi sCodei ns ofarast heymaybeappl icabl eunles stheyareinconsi ste nt herewit h.

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Def ini ti onandObjec tiv es. Or ganizat ionandRegi str ati on. Shouldthesaid cooperat ivesdec idetoexerc iseenhancedfunctions,i tshallnotifytheAuthor i tyandsatis fy therequir eme nt sforconvers iont of inanci alservic ecoope rati ve. Ane wChapt eronF inanc ialSe rvi ceCoope rat ive sshal lbei nse rte dint hisChapt erands hal l read,asfol lows: Member shi pandAf fi li ati on.

Allassoci ate me mberswhoar enaturalper sonsshallbegi ve nt wo 2 ye arstobe c omer egularme mbers.

R.A. 9520 (Cooperatives).pdf

Fail uretoconv er twithinthes aidperiodshal lme anautomati cwi t hdr awalofthe i rassoc iat e me mbership. Theymay,however,r e-applyasr e gul armembersaft ert wo 2 years. When the yreacht heageofmaj orit yandwi thi nt wo 2 yearsfrom acceptancesoftheirass oci ate membe rs hip,t heyhavet heopt i ontoc onvertintoregularme mbe rs.

Asas s ociateme mbers , the ymayope naccounts,depositfundsandwi thdrawf rom theiraccount,subje c tt othe byl awsandr ulesofthec ooperati ve,andt herulesandr egul ationsoft heAuthority , notwit hstandingt heprov i si onsofe xisti nglawst othec ontr ary. Regul ati onandSuperv isi on. Promulgat ionofRulesandRegul ati ons.

These fi nancialservicecooperati vef ederat ionsmaybede putize dbyt heAut hori tyasthesupervi sor oftheirme mbe rs,andtheys hallhavethefoll owingfuncti ons: Thet echni calass istanc etobepr ovidedshallincl ude ,amongot hers ,traini ng supervis ionande x amination. Prohibit ion. Violati onsofthisprohibi ti ons hallbe punishableinaccordanc ewit hAr tic leoft hisCode. Ane wChapt eronEl ect ricCoope rat ive sshal lbei nse rte dands hal lre ad,asf oll ows: Thisshal lal socovernewdist ributi onutil it iest hatwil lregi ste r withtheAuthori ty.

Regi str ati onofElec tri cCooperat ives. Voti ngRequir ementforRegi str ati on. Document stobeSubmitt edforRegi str ati onwitht heAuthori ty.

Rol eoftheEnergyRegul atoryCommi s sion. Pr ovided,Thatel ect riccooperati vesr egist eredwi ththe Author i tys hallnowbec overe dbyt hepr ovi sionsoft hisCodeaswe llasfutur er ulesand is suanc esoft heAuthorit y: Provi ded,Thatinthe caseofdissol utionoft hec oope r ative,sai ddonatedcapit alshallbesubjecttoescheat ;and " 6 El ect riccooperat ive sregi ste redandconf irme dwiththeAut hor ityunderRepubl icAc tNo.

9520 pdf ra

ShareCapi tali nt heElect ricCooperati ves. Canc ell ationofRegis trati onwiththeAuthor ity. Regist erofCooper at ives. TheAut hori tyshallpubli shannual l yalistofexi s t ing cooperativ e s,coope rati vesunde rdissolut ionandt hosewhos eregis trat ionarec ancel led duringthey eartogethe rwit hs uchinf ormationone achofthem asmaybepr escri bedint he rulesandr egulations. Set tlementofDi sput es,Conc il iat ion,andMedi ati onPr oceedi ngs.

RA 9520.pdf

TheAuthorit yshalli ssueand adopttheproperrul e sofproc e duregoverningarbit rati onast heprimaryande xcl usiv emode fordi sputeresol uti oni naccor danc ewitht heAlte rnativ eDi sputeRes oluti onAc tof Thesaid me mbersshallbedulyappointe dbyt heSenatePre s identandt heSpeakeroftheHouseof Represent ativesf rom theme mbe rsofthere s pecti vec ommi t teebasedont heproport ional repres entati onoft heparti esorc oali ti onthe rei n.

Arti cl eishe rebydel ete d. I mpl ement i ngRul esandRegul ati ons. Thispar agraphshallnotapplytot hosec as eswherei nas peci ficprovi si onoft hisCode expres slydesignat e spar t icul argovernme ntage ncie swhichshal lissuetheregulati onscall ed forbyanypr ovisionofthisCode.

Incaseofv i olati on,theindi vidualorindi vi dualsc once r ned,ori n thecaseofanor ganiz ati on,i t soffic ersanddirectorsshal l,uponc onv ict ion,each suff erthepe nal tyofimpr i sonme ntofnotlessthant wo 2 yearsnormor ethanfi ve 5 yearsandaf i nenote xceedingTwe ntyt housandpe s os P20, Provided,Thatthe convicti onorac quitt alobt ai ne dunde rthisArti cleshallnotbeabart ot hefil ingofa civi lsuitforthecollec tionoft ax e s ; " 3 Dire c torindir e c tviolati onorc i rcumv entionoft heprovi sionsofArtic les60and 61oft hisCodecommi tteebyanypubl icoffi cialore mployeeofanybur eau,offi ceor agencyoft hegovernme ntthatde pri ves,dimi nis he sorinanymanne rhinde r sor rest ric tsanydul yregis teredcoope rati vef rom thef ul lenjoymentofthee xempt i on from t hepay mentofthet axes ,fee sandc hargese nume r atedtherei n,shallupon convic tion,suff erape naltyofnotl essthatone 1 y earbutnotmor ethanf i ve 5 yearsi mpr i sonmentoraf ineint heamountofnotl e ssthanFivethousandpe sos P5, Pr ovided,Thati ncase theviol atorisacooperati veorjuri dicalpers on,thepenaltyshallbei mposed onitsdir ectorsandoff icers.

Inthec aseofapubl icoffi cialor empl oyee ,t heoffendershalluponc onvi cti on,s uffertheac cess orype nal tyofte mporary absolutedi s quali ficati on. Pr int ingandDist ribut ion. Copi esofthi sCodeshal lbegiventoever yde part me nt,agenc yandins trument ali tyoft he Nati onalGover nment,i ncludi ngregi onal,pr ov i ncialoff ice sandloc algover nmentsi ncl udi ng gove rnment- ownedandc ontr oll edcorporat ions.

The r e after ,e v erynewly regi ste r edcoope rat iveshallbeis suedatcostacopyoft hisCodeandt heregulati ons promul gate dt hereontogetherwithitsc erti fi cat eofr egistr ati on. RepealingClaus e. Re ve nueRe gulationNo. Saidregistrat ions hal lnotr es ultinthe revocati onoft hecondone dloansunde rRe publicActNo. Appr ove d, Sgd. FEB17, Sgd. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account?

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9520 pdf ra

All of the old BOD's including the chairman who is in his 4th consecutive term ran again, I protested before the election committee the term limits for an officer defined in the code reiterating that the chairman is disqualified to ran. The BODs argued and invoked what is stated in our poorly revised, not even amended Constitution and By-Laws and yet certified by CDA Dagupan branch thru madam Butay by these ignorance confined officers, that an officer is allowed to run without term limits as long as the members votes for him.

These is why our coop is being long abused by these officers and I strongly believe that the term limits for an officer is included in the Code to prevent circumstantial abuse. All of the flocked together officers ran again and won because only 2 new faces were included in the selection list to be voted upon. I, the General Manager our coop of was terminated without due process and told of any reasons for their course of action. Do I have a right to protest? Thak you.

Patricia Penullar. Jocelle Pagaran.

Pdf ra 9520