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Pokemon HeartGold & Soul Silver Johto Prima Official Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Pokemon Diamond-Pearl Strategy Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) T~i5 book wrll guide yo1.l through your quest 10 de,fe-at Team Ga!acllc and Silver Wind 'BeIITie:5, one 5\al U5 mndition5 Gf n~mver lost H~ but (an be. Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver are two Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color enhanced video games for the Nintendo Game Boy. Released in

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View and download (Nintendo Power ) - Pokemon Gold & on DocDroid. TRAINER'S GUIDE. Gmunovia Thank you for selecting the Pokémon Game Pok for your Nintendo Game Boy Color system. Please read The Gold and Silver Versions of Pokémon are NOT compatible with Pokémon Stadium" for the N Pokémon Gold and Silver Official Perfect Guide is a strategy guide published by Versus Books. Out of all of Versus Books' strategy guides, it is volume 22 overall .

Step 5 Hurry back to New Bark Town! Battle the Grunt and help the poor girl out! In return for the amazing sight, he gives you an Everstone. The selection varies by day. To Contents Recommended Route Below is a recommended route for you to follow on your adventure. The S. Olivine City Step 5 The S.

He says he saw a tree that moves! After creating a group. Water it with the SquirtBottle to reveal its true nature p. The available forms are different for each player. Once you meet Bill.


If you trade him Bellsprout. Think of it as practice for future trades p. If you bring him a Shard. To get these colored Shards. Go north through town to reach Sprout Tower. You can also form a group with your friends.

Explore the cave with an eye towards preparing for your Gym Battle p. Go downstairs to get the Pal Pad from Teala. Fight him with Rock. To get there. Look out for his Pidgeotto.

Put it in your party. Take the elevator up and follow the path to reach Gym Leader Falkner. The girl leaves. The professor has learned something about the Mystery Egg. A pillar runs though the structure from 1F to 3F. Sprout Tower is full of Sages who challenge visitors to battle. All the Sages use Bellsprout. Gastly appear inside the tower. As Elder Li explains. Having defeated Elder Li. Bellsprout appears on Route 31 and Mareep on Route Defeat him to receive TM70 Flash.

Go east from Violet City and return to Route Step 4 Violet Gym at last p. To continue exploring. At this point. Finish up with the cave for now and return to Violet Gym for your challenge p.

Be sure to come back. The cave exit leads to Route 46 p. With Flash. From Route The BlackGlasses raise the power of Dark-type moves—talk to the man in the back of the cave to get them. Lickitung is found on Route To get Furret. Togepi hatches from the Mystery Egg and evolves into Togetic when it levels up with high friendship.

Catch Geodude in Dark Cave. Look for it on Route From Goldenrod City.

Guide pdf book silver pokemon

To Contents The routes connecting Violet City. Route 37 runs north to Ecruteak City. Talk to him to receive the Hard Stone. If you head west along Route Head north on Routes 36 and At the Ruins of Alph. Your next destination is Ecruteak City p. Floria from the Flower Shop will give you the Berry Pots as thanks for keeping her amused. For Oran Berries. Along with the Berry Pots. Talk to Sunny to receive the Magnet.

You can use the Berry Pots to grow Berries. For now. Once the Oran Berries are planted. Be sure to keep them watered. To clear the way. If you can unlock the riddles here. The great age of the ruins means that they contain many mysteries that remain unsolved to this day. Thursday D Protected by copyright. Take a lap around the ruins and be sure to get them all. The top screen has a hint: Step 4 Now catch the Unown! As luck would have it.

Once you solve the puzzle. At first Unown A—J will appear. When you drop into the underground hall. There are 28 kinds of Unown in the Ruins of Alph—give yourself the fun challenge of catching them all. In recognition of your talents. What could this strange radio wave be?

Solve the puzzle of the stone panel in the middle of the upper-right entrance 1. To get any further. The Unown letters provide a hint.

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Head east from the ruins to Route 32 and your next destination: Azalea Town p. The letters provide a hint: Take breaks to visit the Research Center and chat with the Researchers p. The letters give you a hint: Once you complete the puzzle.

After getting HM Strength Solve the fourth Unown-letter puzzle When you examine the stone panel at the back of the lower-left entrance 1. Catch them to complete your collection of Unown. It provides a hint about which item to use in order to advance past the wall. Some of the Trainers ask for your phone number. The price? Just 1. As you travel along Route You can register up to two items. Tell him thanks. This cave is a huge. Talk to her to receive the Poison Barb.

When you talk to the man near the Fisherman. You can register items you use frequently. Talk to the man just beyond it. If you get items like this. If you successfully challenge the Azalea Gym. B2F will open up once you have Surf. Water-type moves are more powerful in the Rain weather condition. Remember this spot. The exit emerges on Route 33 p.

You can now Surf across the water. Union Cave is the only way to access the fourth puzzle in the ruins. Surf lets you access one path. This process takes a day Talk to Kurt From now on So why has Team Rocket returned? Azalea Town Talk to Kurt The greater the difference in levels. Follow him p As you enter Azalea Town. Team Rocket was busy redefining evil when a boy named Red finally stood up to them. Team Rocket disbanded three years ago After winning at Azalea Gym Run into your rival near the gate You can battle your rival before your Gym battle Your rival will challenge you the minute you get near the western gate.

Azalea Town Ilex Forest is your next destination. Once you win. This can even happen before your Gym battle. Route 32 Page 87 Santos Sat. If you know where and on what days the siblings will appear. Arthur is on Route Santos is standing in the lee of the rock in front of you.

Santos is in Blackthorn City. Lake of Rage Page Arthur Thurs. From the Blackthorn Gym. Sunny is on Route Talk to them to receive items and Ribbons Monica Mon. Tuscany is almost in the middle of Route Frieda is on the south side of Route North of Route 43 is the Lake of Rage.

Route 40 Page Tuscany Tues. Monica is on the beach near the entrance to Route Go south from Ecruteak City and follow the ledge to the east. Kurt arrives to rescue the Slowpoke. It seems Team Rocket has also gathered here to cut the tails off Slowpoke and sell them on the market. Follow Kurt as he dashes out of the house and into the Well to rescue the Slowpoke. When Kurt comes to check on you.

From what Proton and his minions say.. With Executive Proton defeated in battle. Both are Poison types. Come back here when you have the opportunity. But the organization went underground and is now trying to fulfill the plans of its original boss. Fight them in the name of all the Slowpoke whose tails have been cut off. Once you can use HMs Strength and Surf. Battle with Team Rocket Executive Proton! Once you teach the grunts a lesson. Thanks to you.

Alerted by the sound. There are loose items on the ground. If you use Headbutt on a tree. Then cut down the small tree north of the Ilex Forest entrance and forge ahead through the forest. It looks like a shrine built to honor the forest guardian. Once you get Cut from the Charcoal Man. Further north into the forest. Busy Goldenrod City lies to the north. Route 34 remains lush and green. Along that path are Trainers looking for a challenge.

Come back once you can use that hidden move. Goldenrod City is just to the north of the Day Care p. Use Surf to get onto the lake and head south. On the opposite shore. Defeat them to receive the Power Herb. Radio Tower. Game Corner On 6F Check their hours so you can show up at the right time for the shop you want You can win wallpapers there as well as Accessories Goldenrod City Tunnel shop schedule Day Sun Over at the photo studio Give it a try to win Coins!

When you go through the entrance to the Goldenrod Tunnel.. At the Dress-Up Shop During the week Visit a house north of the Department Store to meet a girl who can check your friendship. Dress-Up Data Photos. The Bike Shop is east of the Department Store. If the number drawn matches the ID No.

If you win lots of Coins. To play a promotional Quiz game. Step 11 Finally. The Gym is on the north end of the city. According to the Bike Shop manager.

Now that you have the Coin Case. Grand prize is a Master Ball. Talk to her. Build up points on your card by answering Buena with the passwords she gives during her radio show p. Box Data. Every day. Once the shopkeeper sees your Gym Badge. Shift the balance in your favor by using Fighting-type moves. Make room in your party to get the Spearow. The Mail is being held by a Spearow. After your Goldenrod Gym victory.

Only works on foes of the opposite gender. Bill is back home now. Flower Shop. The Grunt mistakes you for a new recruit and makes you change into a Team Rocket uniform. Only Team Rocket members are allowed through. To get your hands on a Team Rocket uniform of your own.

Goldenrod Gym. Global Terminal. You can also get his phone number by talking to his little sister. Head back to the Radio Tower p. Rawst Berry Chesto Berry Game Entrance Protected by copyright The elevator is the only way to reach B1F and pick up the items there This is your onestop shop for items Aspear Berry Pecha Berry Persim Berry Voltorb If you reveal Voltorb. After you see all the unrevealed cards.

If you reveal Voltorb instead of a number. You can use these boxes to help you guess what some unrevealed cards might be. Rule 4 Ending the level: Beyond it. Whenever you want a break from battling. If you pass through the area during the daytime. Wednesday Photographer Cameron Saturday. On your first visit.

Make your way north. There are nine Trainers on Route 35 who will challenge you to battle. People say he beat a Machamp at arm wrestling back in the day. The selection varies by day.

You can battle him. You can also buy Aprijuice here at the stand. He wants you to keep the Bicycle as thanks for all the free advertising. See page for more details. Goldenrod Gym Leader Whitney rushes up and presents you with a jersey. Some of them will swap phone numbers with you. To get to Ecruteak City. To win. You have a minute time limit and a single goal: Whenever you catch one.

You can take part in the catching contest once on each of those days. Low In the Bug-Catching Contest. High High Avg. Low Low Low Avg. The rest of your team is left at the reception desk. After your conversation Could he be talking about Ho-Oh? Exiting the Burned Tower. But even if you do have the Badge. Before you follow him. The Barrier Station on the north end of town leads to Bell Tower.

Who could she be talking about? Inside the theater. When you talk to her. Battle the Grunt and help the poor girl out! Before you can use it. And did he hint at him being a Gym Leader here. After visiting the Burned Tower Finally. That said. What could be wrong with it? Two roads lead onward from Ecruteak City. Once you get the Clear Bell or Tidal Bell. Defense by 1. Whichever path you take. You can either go west to Olivine City or east to Mahogany Town. Watch who you send out.

He challenges you to battle. Now that Morty has hit a dead end in his investigation. After all. Upon entering the Burned Tower. Go down to B1F. When you approach Raikou. Could there be any connection to Raikou. Raikou Lv. If they use Roar. As you move around. Arena Trap can prevent them from fleeing.

Raikou has a high Speed. Entei and Raikou are now roaming all over Johto. If you try to catch up using Fly. Burned Tower Catch Entei! Entei Lv. The last two Unown shapes Protected by copyright. As you solve each puzzle. Solve four stone-panel puzzles to make Unown appear With each stone-panel puzzle you solve. For each puzzle. You can also pick up items and Apricorns along the way. Take Route 38 westward onto Route Moomoo Farm Moomoo Milk..

What will the new Safari Zone be like? The Moomoo Farm is on the north side of Route Give it seven Oran Berries to restore it to health. This farm has a big problem—its Miltank has stopped producing Moomoo Milk. These are just three of the 77 different Seals that can be used to decorate your Ball Capsules p. Party Seal B. You can take as many visits as you need to do the task. Miltank needs seven Oran Berries to get well. Your next destination after leaving the Moomoo Farm is Olivine City..

Now that Miltank is back to normal. Sailboats dock in the port. There are four Trainers along the way who challenge you to battle. Each bottle costs a cool in prize money. Tuesday Protected by copyright Aqua is docked at Olivine Port Use Surf to find an item You can find an item by using Surf to access the waters just north of the harbor.

Guide pokemon pdf silver book

On the south side of the city is Olivine Port. The S. He says that the Gym Leader has gone out to the Lighthouse. Head east from the dock. Battles are even more fun when you make a flashy entrance. Olivine City Step 5 The S. Visit her every day until you get the Seals you want p. Accept her challenge. Your rival exits the Olivine Gym just as you arrive. Aqua can take you between the Johto and Kanto regions. Aqua comes to dock. In that case. Now you can go and challenge her.

He says that the Safari Zone is now complete. As always. To dish out heavy damage. Baoba calls to let you know that the Safari Zone is open. The Gym is on the north side of the city. Jasmine returns to the Gym with her mind at ease. With Amphy the Ampharos back in good health. Baoba gives you a call. You can take the elevator up there. Step 2 Battle your way up to the top floor A Gentleman worth his weight in gold A Gentleman challenger gives you 4.

Battle them and collect items on your way to the top. There are nine Trainers waiting along the way.

Book guide pdf silver pokemon

But now that Amphy is sick. Amphy the Ampharos has gotten sick. Beyond that is Route Jasmine opens the door for you. Surf over these watery routes to reach Cianwood City. You had to take the stairs on your way in. Her whole retinue of Trainers is missing. See page for more on the Whirl Islands. Jasmine asks you to fetch the SecretPotion that will cure Amphy. Jasmine returns to the Gym p. To get it. There are four Trainers along Route There are ten Trainers out here.

You can cross the whirlpools on Route 41 once you have HM Whirlpool. And to reach the deepest part of the islands. These islands are in the southwest section of Route 41 p.

Once you have the Tidal Bell and the Silver Wing. To fully explore the Whirl Islands. Talk to her to get the Sharp Beak. Battle them as you make your way toward Route Battle them all and explore every part of Route 41 as you head west.

And they have more relatives elsewhere! Talk to the cashier to get the SecretPotion for Amphy. Examine it to snap a photo with the ocean as a scenic backdrop Head over to the Gym so you can break his concentration with a battle.

The same trick works in places like the Ruins of Alph.

Nintendo Players Guide (GBC) - Pokemon Gold Version and Silver Version (2000) Scan

Remember the man with the sunglasses? He wants to leave his Shuckle with you for a while. The Trainer Eusine will then challenge you to a battle. Counter his Drowzee with Bug-. After it bolts from the Burned Tower. But the sign says it should open soon. Make room on your team and take care of it for him.

Cianwood City A battle with Eusine! Against his Haunter. Give it a try whenever you see a rock that looks breakable p.

Sadly for you. As you leave Cianwood Gym. Once the Safari Zone is open. You can go all the way inside now. She thinks it was a good learning experience for him.

That way. Once there. You can get three random Seals once a day. You can stick up to eight Seals on a Capsule. All letter Seals appear at the same time. The more Seals you can choose from. Pick a Capsule to edit.

When you put Seals on a Ball Capsule. Choose and arrange them with care. Seals placed closer to the inside of the Capsule will pop up faster.

Visit every day to build up the size and scope of your collection. Getting to the Safari Zone Gate takes you across sheer cliffs. If you go all the way down to the bottom. Inside Cliff Cave. There are no Trainers to worry about in this area p. Be sure to pick up items and battle all six Trainers as you head west to Route Once you can use Waterfall. Come back and climb it after you know Rock Climb. Smoke Seal D A downward puff of black smoke. Line Seal B Scatters yellow lines. Song Seal D A yellow eighth note flies around the outside.

Flora Seal B Pink petals flutter upward. Song Seal E A blue eighth note flies around the outside. Ele-Seal D Green lightning arcs downward. Ele-Seal C Yellow lightning arcs downward. Star Seal D Scatters large blue stars. Song Seal G A blue double quarter note flies around the outside. Flora Seal E Orange petals flutter downward.

Fire Seal D Large blue flames dance around. Ele-Seal A Yellow lightning arcs upward. Smoke Seal B An upward puff of black smoke. Star Seal F A large colorchanging starburst.

Silver pdf book pokemon guide

Line Seal A Scatters white lines. Song Seal B A red quarter note flies around the outside. Fire Seal B Large orange flames dance around. Smoke Seal A An upward puff of white smoke. Ele-Seal B Green lightning arcs upward. Star Seal A Scatters small yellow stars. Party Seal C A swirl of yellow confetti. Line Seal C Scatters black lines. Party Seal B A swirl of blue confetti. Foamy Seal A A few aqua-colored bubbles pop up.

Party Seal A A swirl of red confetti. Heart Seal D Large black hearts flutter around. Flora Seal A Pink petals flutter downward. Foamy Seal D Many pink bubbles pop up. Heart Seal F Large pink hearts float upward. Fire Seal C Small blue flames dance around. Heart Seal B Large pink hearts flutter around.

Flora Seal F Orange petals flutter upward. Flora Seal D Purple petals flutter upward. Party Seal D A swirl of white confetti. Foamy Seal B Many aqua-colored bubbles pop up.

Flora Seal C Purple petals flutter downward. Use the chart below to help you pick which ones to use. Heart Seal E Small pink hearts float upward. Song Seal F A green half note flies around the outside. Smoke Seal C A downward puff of white smoke. Star Seal B Scatters large yellow stars. Line Seal D Scatters blue lines. Letter Seals The letters A—Z and the symbols! Song Seal C An orange quarter note flies around the outside. Foamy Seal C A few pink bubbles pop up.

Star Seal E A small colorchanging starburst. Fire Seal A Small orange flames dance around. Song Seal A A green treble clef flies around the outside. Say yes and take the test Thursday Booth left Air Mail Trade in in prize money for 30 Safari Balls to use in the Safari Zone challenge Even so To Contents A safe and easy way to experience the thrill of the wild! A bazaar has sprung up inside the entrance To the far right. The second part requires that you catch a Sandshrew in the Safari Zone Safari Zone Photographer Cameron Tuesday When you enter the Safari Zone And Eusine arrives mere moments later.

On your way east along Route Along the way. There are three places where you can enter. Mortar Mt. Get used to frustration because. Eusine is the mysterious man chasing Suicune.

Mahogany Town p. If you met Suicune in Cianwood City. Surf east along Route As an apology. Part of the route cuts through Mt. He heard about Suicune from his grandfather. Mortar Ecruteak City Mt. Mortar After visiting Mt. To Contents A huge natural cavern Mt.

Inside the mountain is a vast network of natural caves. Mortar Story This mountain looms over northern Johto. Talk to him to start a battle. Mortar is not the most welcoming place. Mortar through the middle entrance and look for items as you get farther inside. If you win. To Contents Mt.

Mortar through the entrance in the middle of Route Step Mt. Once you do. In the back of B1F is a meditating Black Belt. Mortar 1F. That will reset the stones to their original positions. You won't have Waterfall till later. Enter Mt. Mortar 2 Exit. If you push a stone into the wrong spot.

When you try to leave the village to the east.. Something is going on here Step 3 A strange pulse is coming from the radio No radio reception in the town The strange pulse is jamming all radio stations in the area between Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage And when you hear a weird sound What in the world could he be hiding? Air Mail Just leave town whenever you want to hear your shows But outside that area Why not stop and try one? In fact Where could the pulse be coming from? Talk to him and he'll tell you that a man in a black cape has been poking around Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage, investigating the strange radio pulse.

That somone is none other than Mr. Go see him once you have the Red Scale p. Head north to the Lake of Rage, where the man with the black cape was spotted.

To get there, take the north gate out of town and onto Route Once you return from the Lake of Rage, visit the Souvenir Shop again. Lance is on the scene.

He wastes no time in searching the place. Lance shoves aside the store clerk and uncovers stairs hidden beneath the wardrobe. After inviting you to join him, Lance heads down the stairs.

Glacier Badge TM received. Turns the weather condition to Hail for five turns. If this is your fifth Badge, head to Olivine City p. In that case, return to Ecruteak City and head for Olivine City.

Pokemon HeartGold & Soul Silver Johto Prima Official Guide

Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: TXT" format, which can be opened by Notepad. Then, just transfer in into PDF format Source s: Add a comment. Asker's rating. Pokemon Gold And Silver Walkthrough. Search in google and type pdf after you have typed in your search query. I don't have any cheats, but they're not needed.

If someone like me can beat it with no trouble, then anyone can. The only reason you should have more Pokemon is for HM slaves oh, and legendaries. That strategy worked for me. Existing questions. Related Questions Pokemon heart gold or soul silver Cheat File download?