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Wednesday, February 20, 2019 admin Comments(0) - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Piping Stress Analysis. 1. INTRODUCTION. Pipes are the most delicate components in any process plant. They are also the busiest entities. They are subjected. software make use of Finite Element Methods to carry out stress analysis in order to Piping Stress analysis is a term applied to calculations, which address the.

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To get the full benefit from this tutorial, you will need a working copy of CAEPIPE, pipe stress analysis software. Download a Free Copy of CAEPIPE here. Why do Pipe Stress Analysis? • Pipe stress analysis is concerned with the prevention of overstressing pipes, skids, vessels, flanges, bolting, gaskets, valves . PDF | This paper presents engineering decision-making on pipe stress analysis through the application of knowledge-based systems (KBS). Stress analysis, as.

Sugumar S. Sempec Indonesia - PT. These values are taken from Table 4 in API Page 5 of 37 1. Petar Jankovic.

Wind loads will be implemented in horizontal axis, X or Z, whichever is more stringent. Wind profile will be considered as wind velocity vs. The maximum wind speed of 80 kmlhr, taken frorn Process Basis of Design document no. Seismic Loads The piping system shall be designed to withstand seisniic loads and no failure identified. The recommended vertical design spectra shall be taken as of the llorizontal design spectra. Seismic loads are considered based on Zone 2 it1 SNI The following values shall be used in the stress analysis: For stress stiffening due to pressure, operating pressure?

Stress analysis pdf piping

Sempec lndoriesia - I T. Page 11 of 37 7. However, ASME In case use of design temperatures results in major revision in piping IayouVsupporting then in consultation with Process Department, maximum or minimum operating temperatures can be used for stress analysis. Ambient temperatures below shall be used as references to calculate thermal stress range: To reduce frictional loads on equipment nozzles or to reduce frictional forces at welded supports where local stresses exceed allowable stresses, use of low friction sliding plates may be considered at supports.

Based on the pairing of contact surfaces following frictional factors shall be used: These shall include equipment nozzle thermal growth, tank seltlements, differential settlement between structures, thermal growth of Vendor interface piping, the lines displacements of other stress anaiysis calculation notes, etc. If possible, when analyzing piping around equipment with thermal growth displacements or settlements, pipe rigid support should be modeled connecting to equipment structure.

Spring supports are considered as rigid support during hydro test case. On the field, these spring supports shall be locked to prevent excessive deflection and over-.

However, Vendor datas will be used later upon receipt. Operating condition 1: Sernpcc Indonesia - Ir1. Page 12 o f 37 Operating condition 3: For insulated lines, average ground temperature from block valve to the equipment. For un-insulated lines, average ground temperature from tee junction to the equipment 8.

Number or actual operating cycles shall be obtained from the Process Department c The allowable stress due to occasional loads such as wind, earthquake, PSV reaction forces, etc. ASME B These occasional loads shall not be considered to act concurrently. The flange leakage formula is as below: The Total Pressure: Page 13 o f 37 In cases where the total pressure exceed the allowable pressure, a second verification shall be performed at the maximum operating conditions or a detailed flange calculations shall be carried out as per requirements of Section Vlll Div.

Allowable Loads o n Equipment Nozzles Forces and moments induced by piping system on nozzles of major equipment shall not exceed the values stated in the various standards mentioned below.

Pdf analysis piping stress

For piping connected to strain sensitivelrotating equipments, the nozzle loads calculation shall be based on operating temperature. For all other nozzle loads, calculation shall be based on design temperature. Air fin cooler shall be considered as strain sensitive equipment.


Vessels, Columns, and Heat Exchangers Piping loads applied at the shell-nozzle junction shall not exceed the criteria set in Appendix C. In case the loads are exceeded, then a WRC checking shall be carried out to check the magnitude of local stresses due to piping loads. Subsequently, the loads shall be submitted to the Mechanical Department for onward transmission to the Vendor for approval.

For welded plate frame and plate heat exchangers, the allowable loads at nozzles shall be as per Table-I of API For shell and tube heat exchangers, the allowable piping loads at nozzles shall be as per the table specified in Appendix C. Mechanical Department shall obtain confirmation from Piping Department for the allowable loads provided by Vendor.

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Reciprocating Compressors Supplier shall provide maxiinurn individcial and resultant allowable forces and moments of both inlet and outlet nozzles. Flat-Sided Tanks Unless agreed with Purchaser, the allowable nozzle loads lor ll: Storage Tanks The minimum allowable external loads on tanks shc?

Il operiings shall I? Scmpoc lndoncsia -I T Pilnj Lloyd lndoncsin.. Exceptions to this shall be approved by the stress engineer.

Pipe lateral deflections should not be excessive as to cause clashing with surrounding pipe work, structural or equipment. Stress engineer shall mark pipe horizontal displacements mm on the stress isometrics for providing longer shoe lengths and checking of pipe spacing clearance by piping designer. A combined thermal flexibility and water hammerlsurge analysis shall be performed by Vendor. Detailed piping design by Contractor shall follow recotnmendations made by Vendor.

The maximum load variation for piping cocinected to other c? Constant spring supports shall be selected in either of tlie following cases: The load variation exceeds the above specified limits To reduce the transfer of load to nozzles on fragile equipment 0.

However, the working range of selected spring nlotlel sliall also be suitable for vertical displacement at design temperattrrc?. Sornpec Indonesia - 1'. Page 15 of 37 9. In case piping layout constraints do not permit addition of flexibility by means of providing loops, etc. For piping systems utilizing expansion joints, recommendations of EJMA standard shall be followed. Load case report Restraint loads Spring design data if required Code compliance report Sample of stress calculation note refer to Appendix G.

I'ucJ Lloyd lndoilesia I'unj l. Punj Lloyd 1ndonc: Page I? Allalysis , bycompany -, For Thermal Stress Range: For Nozzle Loads: Nozzle loads shall be calculated with respect to Average Ambient "Tenipernlrrre 2.

Analysis piping pdf stress

Sempec Indonesia - PT. Punj Lloyd 1ndonesi;r. I'ullj l. Page 18 of 37 3. PSV reaction forces shall be considered for gaslvapour lines only. Underground Fire Water metallic piping shall be exempted from formal stress analysis and shall be assigned Lines Category 1.

Large reciprocating equipment if any which requires dynamic analysis for induced vibration shall be covered by a separate study done by a Specialist Consultant.

The following lines do not need to be stress analyzed: Non-hydrocarbon lines such as air lines and water lines including potable water, service water,. All lines which discharge directly to atmosphere and which are not subjected to large thermal.

All lines which are part of skid mounted packages i. All drain systems piping including open drain and closed drain systems. Sempec Indonesia - I 3 T j l. Page 20 o f 37 Approximate Methods for Simplified Analysis 1. Knowing diameter and deflection the flexible leg can be determined Example: What is the length of the flexibie leg if the pipe size is 12 inch and the required deflection is 60 mm?

Do not use for lines ending in tees. Expansion length must be taken from fixed point. Seilnpec Indonesia - l'i. I'ilnj Lloyrl Illdonosin - i'ilnj Lloyil l l d Cotj! Sempec Indonesia IPT. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum allowable forces and moments shall be as per table below. These forces and moments are assumed to be acting at the intersection of the vessel and nozzle.

Page 23 of 37 Rating Punj Lloyd 1ndonesi;l. I'unj 1. Ioyd 1. Sempec Indonesia - Irr. Punj L. Page 26 of 37 Tanks Allowable Nozzle Loads The allowable nozzle loads for flat-sided tanks are as tabulated below Nozzle slze 1 , -. Desmond Chang. Pepe Garcia Estebez. Vivekanandan Mahendran. Catur Oka Nurfansyah. Tejas Patel. Ton Phichit. Sugumar S.

Ricardo A. Luis Ortiz. More From pourang Horacio Nelson Astete Wesche.

Stress analysis pdf piping

Chris De. Rohan Gawade. Lionel Liew Teck Fui. Popular in Petrol. Sudeesh Patel. Joshua Partogi. Arianna Isabelle. Fariz Arrizmi. Doc Croc. Candace Frank. Reema Aroos. Wolfgang Hager. Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressurisation Notes 1.

Matthew Clay. Antony Moreno. Yogesh Keniya. Gogulakrishnan Vivekanandam. Angel Martinez. Juan Pablo Martinez. Mike Ross.