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This is short guide for Persona 4 Golden – You can get Full Complete Guide at the link we provide inside this pre walkthrough. This Pre Guide. Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or creating the P4G guide however, I made a walkthrough for P4 over the. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Walkthrough Booklet - Free ebook Anyway, welcome to my PDF guide for the .. Phantom Mage Wind Fire Golden Cloth.

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anyone know where I can find a mirror for this specific strategy guide? // shin-megami-tensei-personawalkthroughguide-pdf For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, GameFAQs has 19 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Persona 4 Golden is the definitive version with several gameplay enhancements and additions to the story. Only problem is, it's a. PS Vita exclusive, and I know.

There will be no increase though. Justice 8: I suggest collecting all of them on or before the 27th since the story will proceed immediately after the exam. Do you know, Kaddy-kun? TeddiesVA is also new, but I think he comes really close to the voice of the original, and it was much easier toadjust to him. Return to the Shopping District and talk again to the older twin to complete the request.

Knowing these sections of the school is necessary to easily find NPCs that give quests or friends who you can spend time with. There is a savepoint in your homeroom as well. Central Shopping District - This is where you probably spend most of your free time with. It has a bookstore, an equipment shop, a savepoint, an alternate entrance to the Velvet Room, the item shop, the Shrine and many more.

It is divided between the north and south. Some social links can be found here as well. Junes Department Store - You can only access the elevator lobby and the food court. This is where you assemble your party and where you can enter the TV world. Samegawa Flood Plain - This is where you can do the fishing mini-game, as well as meet new social link NPCs and those who provide quests. Dojima Residence This is where you start your evening block with.

You can do stat-raising activities in the room and spend time to your uncle or cousin to increase your social links with them. You can also leave the residence for an evening fishing trip and even prepare for your lunch the next day, if the fridge is full of ingredients.

Doing part-time jobs will always increase certain core stats and earn you money. The base pay increases as you increase your core stats. There are also 3 social links that can be developed only by doing part time jobs. Certain part time jobs will only be available to you once you have met the required core stat level. Refer to the table below for more information. Establish new social links by joining clubs in school, getting a part-time job and meeting new people.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Walkthrough Booklet

By doing this, you can unlock more Arcanas, in turn, discover new Personas. You can increase the rank of your social links by spending time with them. The exceptions will be the Hermit and Empress links since instead of spending time with them, you need to complete certain tasks in order for them to rank up. Ranking up your social links will give more experience and unlock more abilities when fusing a persona under the same arcana. Some social links are automatically unlocked along the story while the others needed to be established by meeting certain conditions such as having a specific level of a particular core stat or after a certain date.

You may rank up your social by spending time with your friends. Giving the best answers during conversations also helps boosting the development of your relationship with them. Furthermore, there are also other uncommon ways of speeding up the development of your social link.

One is by helping out your friend during a pop quiz. Coaching them the right answer not only increases your relationship with them but also raises your core stats too. Next is by accepting their phone invitations during your free days. Another is by praying for them at the shrine available only after maxing the Hermit social link or dreaming about them during your sleep.

There will be times as well where you can spend your evening time block to cook something for your lunch the following day. Sharing this with a friend increases your social link with them. Preparing the food correctly earns you greater boost compared to a poorly cooked dish. The Walkthrough section has tips on creating perfect meals and when they can be cooked. If you have accepted a part-time job, at least two social links can be managed by going to work.

Scoring high in exams will boost your relationship with your school. Getting the top ranking will have a greater boost compared to the ranking you get for being in the top The Social Link section of this guide contains the best answers you give to your links as well as info on how to fix them.

Combat in Persona 4 is pretty simple. It is turn-based, though the order of the characters and enemies that will take action depends on their agility.

The interface is very simple. Read below what each battle commands do:. Analysis Choosing this will display all the available information about an enemy. Its strengths and weaknesses are often updated real-time, as you try different attacks on them. You can analyze as many enemies as you can, without using up your turn. Tactical You can give battle commands to your teammates. By default, the AI controls them.

Fortunately, there is an option to override the AI and give them commands manually. This tactical setup is essential for boss fights since AI controlled allies may tend to do some ineffective actions. Attack Attack with your equipped weapon. Skill This is the same as casting spells or using abilities. You can only perform skills that are available to your equipped persona. Use this option to switch to another reserved persona. Escape Attempt to escape from the current battle.

Golden guide 4 pdf persona

Hitting an enemy from behind will give you an advantage in battle. Everybody in your party will get one free turn. The same thing goes when an enemy hits you from behind.

You may chain this with multiple enemies, so long as you know their weaknesses or you can deal a critical hit. Hitting the same downed enemy twice will break the chain.

This deals massive damage, especially if you have a full party of four. Effects vary from each card so carefully deciding whether to take the risk or not is entirely up to you. Persona Cards These cards show the image of the persona it contains. Remember that if you choose a persona that is already in your party, that card disappears. Blank Cards Blank cards are neutral cards. More details about the Arcana Chance mechanic will be discussed later in this guide.

Penalty Cards Penalty cards are the ones you should avoid picking at all costs. It will basically remove the rewards you earned during the battle; money, experience and item drops. Shuffle Types There are different ways of shuffling the cards. They will always require good eyesight and timing to be able to maximize the rewards. Circle Shuffle One of the basic shuffle types, the circle shuffle will rotate the cards fast or slow.

The speed of the rotation varies from time to time but for later levels, the rotation can be so fast that it will be challenge to track the card you want.

Multi Ring Shuffle Similar to the circle shuffle, the cards will be rotated in multiple interlocking rings. Be careful of penalty cards as well. The only exception is the Fool Arcana that can change into any other Arcana in either upright or reverse positions.

Most effects of the Arcana chance are only temporary when it expires or another Arcana card is selected. Remember also that there are cards that can make permanent changes in the dungeon or the persona the main character is carrying so be very careful when performing this action. Fool Changes to any other Arcana in any position None A skill of a persona the main character is A skill of a persona the main character is Magician carrying is ranked up i.

Party's HP recovered, SP is reduces to 1. Party will be kicked out of the dungeon, all Party will be kicked out of the dungeon, all Death map info will be deleted and whole dungeon map info will be deleted and whole dungeon re-loaded.

Watch the following scenes. You can check the TV for the weather forecast. Head to your room upstairs and examine the futon to sleep. While in your dream, continue following the path until you reach the large red door. This is a tutorial so make sure to try everything out while you can and get accustomed to the battle system. Just do whatever you want and the battle will end after a few turns. Head upstairs and watch the Midnight Channel from the TV in your room.

Meet Teddy. Save your game then head to your room. Attack the enemy using Zio. Support members will always take note of the effective attacks you have used. Once down, you can just normal attacks to finish them off. Your level will increase by 1. Watch more scenes after the battle. Like the last battle, you should use Zio to knock the enemy down then attack. Remember to use recovery item only after the boss has been knocked down. Yosuke will gain his persona Jiraiya.

Once in control, you can now pull out the Menu screen by pressing the Triangle button.

Golden persona pdf 4 guide

You may return to your room and watch TV. Watch the scenes. Unlock Yosuke Magician Social Link. Yosuke can also take Mortal Blow for you in battle. Head to your room to watch the Midnight Channel again. As you exit the shop, the door leading to the Velvet Room will appear.

Igor will have a small chat with you regarding persona Fusion. Examine the floating butterfly nearby to save your game. Try to discover the place as much as you want. Once done, you can just head to the end of the area to exit it or simply press SQUARE to bring up the option to leave the area.

The party will meet up in Junes. Enter the castle when ready.

Pdf persona guide 4 golden

Make sure to strike the enemy first before they touch you. Search the floors for the stairs and items, or even farm exp and yen from the monsters here. On the second floor, follow the straight path until you reach the door.

Make sure both of your combatants are healed and ready, then open the door. The boss will also put a barrier that will help her increase her defense against Wind Attacks. She will also use Bottomless Envy which inflicts Dizzy status to the character hit. In the other hand, you can stick with Zio if you have a lot of SP remaining.

Watch the scenes after the battle; Chie will get Tomoe as her own persona. Also, you will get a warning that if you fail to rescue someone before the town gets foggy, then its automatic game over. The advisable dates to rescue Yukiko is the 18th today , the 27th or 29th since there are no people that you need to spend time with to increase your social links. As another note, Yukiko is located in the 8th floor of the castle you visited earlier.

Of course there is a boss battle ahead so make sure to train as long as you can. Check out the locations and be familiar with what you can do. Save using the floating butterfly in your classroom if you want. Aside from shopping and exploring the TV world, you can actually start doing some Quests. These are optional tasks that are bestowed to you by various NPCs in the game. They are worth doing since the rewards are too good to ignore.

As for your first quest Quest Obtain Chest Key x3. This invaluable item will allow you to leave the dungeon instantly and will allow you to continue where you left off. Once ready, head to Junes Food Court to gather everyone and explore the area. Talk to him again to get a Goho-M. Scene in the 2nd floor. Continue searching after the scene. You may want to return to the entrance and save just to be safe. This boss has really powerful physical attacks and you may need to concentrate on healing your party instead.

Alternatively, you can act as support while the others whittle the enemy HP down. You can also train Slime for its innate resist physical ability which may give you an advantage in this battle. The boss will drop the Glass Key which will enable you to open the locked doors and grab the chests behind them. You may return to the entrance and save if you want then continue navigating the floors if you still can. Fortunately, you can continue from the last floor you left using Goho- M.

I suggest capturing Slime and Ukobach and grinding them until they learn all their skills LV7. You will need their combined skills to defeat the boss on the 8th floor. An Archangel is good since it will have Media but an Oberon is not a bad alternative it has innate strength vs Fire since it also learns Media at LV Recommended level is These three skills will help you a lot in battle.

If you have an Archangel with Media with Resist Fire at least, then you can just switch to that persona whenever you need some major healing. Use Red Wall to Chie to cover her innate weakness to fire and make sure to recast it once its effect has worn off.

The boss has some really strong physical and fire attacks so resisting fire will help you in the long run. She will also summon Charming Prince which can heal the boss and deal considerable damage at the same time. You may consider changing your tactics and gain Direct Command to Chie so you can issue commands at will.

Use Bufu or Mabufu against the Prince to knock it down and get another free hit. Watch the scenes after the battle. Yukiko will get her own persona, Konohana Sakuya. The game will automatically push through the next day. Overhear a rumor that the Sports Clubs are accepting new members. Head to the first floor of the Classroom building. You should find it on the right side of the building.

After talking to your moronic homeroom teacher, head left and take the emergency exit. Joining the soccer club will allow you to get acquainted to Daisuke Nagase instead. You can only befriend one of them per playthrough though. Just read through the conversations to unlock the Fellow Athletes Strength s. Go up to your room. From here on, you can spend the night freely. You may study to get Knowledge stat boosts, work in a part-time job, assemble model kits as part of quests to earn Diligence boost orread books that can be purchased from the Yomenaido bookstore.

Spending the evening by using the futon to sleep is not advised compared to other stat boosting activities. While sleeping, you may dream about a friend which you have a social link with. As for now, I suggest studying to increase your knowledge.

Learn that the next release is on May 7th. There will be new items in the Shiroku store so make sure to check it out as well. Link is also available at this point. You can find Yosuke in the Classroom Building 2F, along the hallway.

Please refer to the Social Link section of this guide for the best answers. When reading books, you may Glance through it or read it thoroughly. Link available. Head to Shopping District North. The best choice in the list is the Day Care Caretaker Assistant. Not only that it pays better than the others that are available at the moment, it will also unlock the Temperance social link on the second day.

All part-time jobs are night activities, except the Day Care assistant which is during the day. The Girl on the Rooftop available Talk to the male student in your room, by the desk. However, since you can only talk to her once per day, it will talk 3 days to accomplish this request. Head to the practice building. Available only if Yukiko is saved already Whenever Nanako mentions that she went shopping and the fridge is full of food, you may cook lunch to share with your friends the next day.

Sharing your prepared lunch with a friend will make you closer to them, thus speeding up the social link growth. I suggest saving first before doing anything so you can restart the whole thing all over again. Cooking consumes the whole Evening time block and the game will automatically proceed to the next day.

Link increase. Available only if you did the cooking event. Eating lunch with another friend will skip the invitations that you may receive from your other friends. You can spend Y and the whole after school time block here if you want. You may win random but wonderful items in return. It will be instant game over if you fail to rescue her at this point. You will receive a Fishing Set and 10 Baits. Playing this mini-game is simple: Wait for the bobber to sink and the controller vibrates continuously.

Keep your thumb ready to press other 3 buttons when the prompt appears. Fishing is directly related to your Diligence stat by default, so you can only get one attempt to fish up to a maximum of five. Fishing consumes a whole time block so be very considerate in making a decision to spend your time fishing or not. Fishing also requires Bait. These can be acquired freely by talking to the woman outside the Dojima Residence except on rainy days , during cooking events and by trading fish to the old man by the river.

The items you can trade with the old man vary every month. Talk to him and agree to bring the item to him.

Examine the boxes there to get the item. Deliver the item to him to get your reward. Examine the barrels in the lower right corner to get Skill Spanner for Yosuke. Equip this wonderful weapon to him immediately. If you have accepted Quest 5, the quest item Mori Ranmaru can be acquired by checking the boxes in the middle.

Once done, head back to the entrance and save. Fight your way to the 8th floor. Aside from that it has some really powerful and all-party attacks that can immediately take out your party. You may want to lower its defense and evasion as well.

Since your party will be relying on physical attacks, use Media as often as you need to keep everybody healthy. Talk to the guy near the washrooms to start this quest. The Justice social link will be established automatically with Nanako. If you accept the call, the Magician, Justice and Strength social links will increase - If the call is declined, Magician and Chariot will be available. I Wish for Love available Head to the shrine and choose to accept the ema request. This request spans on different days.

After accepting the request, return to the school and talk to the only girl standing in front of the shoe lockers. The next free day it should be exam week if you do this quest during this point , talk to the same girl just outside your homeroom to complete the quest. Go to the shrine and let the Fox know that you completed the quest. Consumes evening block. Possible Rank up if you studied with her the other day - If call is declined, Magician and Hermit are available.

Expression 2 required to talk to him - Otherwise, free time. Rene Descartes Exam Q6: Olympus Available only if you have done the cooking event the other night. Ask her to hang out. During lunch time when she invites you to cut class, go with her. Watch the TV. Do the following:.

Head to Junes and talk to the woman by the elevator. For the meantime, you may do some of your after school activities as well. Sofue in the other end of the hallway, near the staircase. Performing well in the exams will boost your relationship with your classmates.

There are corresponding rewards by getting high scores. To get your reward from Ms. Find her at the end of the hallway, leading to the westernmost staircase. Highest score 1. Classmate s. Sofue will reward you with 3 Chest Keys 3. Ryotaro will give you Y. Nanako will give you Portrait Medal. Within Top 10 1. Moderate boost to classmate s. Out of the top 10 1. Small boost to classmate s. Ranking up her social link is a bit different. Check the Social Link section of this guide to learn how to produce the personas she is requesting.

You can increase her link by creating the required personas as long as your level and their availability provides. Make sure to register the new personas you created to meet her requests, especially if they have a copy already in the database. Also, after the requested persona, leave the Velvet Room and return again for her to recognize the completion of her request. Gather your friends in the Food Court. Head to the TV and report what you have learned to Teddie. Speak to him to unlock the next dungeon.

At your current level at this point, the enemies there should be terribly easy. Once done, head to the entrance and talk to Teddie to continue your search for Kanji. Your deadline to save Kanji is June 4. This dungeon has 11 floors and the bosses are located on the 7th and 11th floors. Also, since there are new enemies in the area, try to train your characters as much as you can.

The 3rd and 7th floors in this dungeon are the only ones fixed so I will be providing a map for those. The Wealth Hand will start to appear from time to time. I suggest defeating them whenever you have the chance since it always drops Chest keys as well as a good amount of yen. This boss is physical oriented so expect heavy physical damage from it.

Having a persona with physical resistance is necessary to win the battle. Direct Command your other allies. Nice Guy absorbs Ice, while Tough Guy absorbs physical and fire attacks. Nice Guy will act as the support; it will cast buffs on Shadow Kanji, as well as heal him. Make him your first target, while occasionally using Dekaja to remove the buffs. Eliminate Tough Guy next and then finally Shadow Kanji.

The enemies will most likely cast enrage and poison so have some recovery items ready. Watch the scenes, Kanji will gain his persona, Take-Mikazuchi. The game will automatically shift to the next day. Also, sell the materials you have acquired from the Bathhouse to Daidara Metalworks for new items to appear in their inventory. You can some uncommon items here if you like and it will be delivered to you at least two days after you ordered it.

The stuff he sells differs from each week so make sure to tune in and grab whatever suits your fancy. You can only order one package. Combo 1 for 5,Y: Medical Kit, Medicine x4. Trade a Peach Seed for his book. Quest completed. Learn that new jobs are available. The Hospital janitor job will unlock the Devil social link on your second day. It will be available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Its starting pay is Y and your Diligence should be at least LV3 before accepting this job.

In the other hand, the Tutor job unlocks the Tower social link but it requires max level in Understanding. Base pay is Y and it is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. Understanding and Diligence Unfortunately, this is the only way to acquire this book.

Ball Lightning, Chest Key 2. Please Feed the Cat available Talk to the guy in front of the bookstore and accept his request. When it is not raining, head to the Samegawa Flood Plain and look for the cat.

Give it some fish to complete the request. You can get fish by fishing obviously or buy buying them from the home tv shopping. Remember to check out the other quests first since fishing consumes a whole time block. Feed the Cat available This is a continuation of Quest 14, in case you have a fish in your inventory and completed the quest immediately. Simply feed the same cat with 8 more fishes to complete the request. Cat Needs Food Badly available This is the last part of this stupid series of quests.

It will be instant game over if you fail to rescue him at this point. Old Keys are dropped by Bribed Fuzz enemies on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Bathhouse. Bring him a Coal dropped by Selfish Basalt enemies on the 7th and 8th floors of the Bathhouse. Link is at LV4, visit her on the Samegawa Flood Plain on Sundays or Holidays not raining and spend time with her to establish the link. This will save you a lot of time, and a spare After School time block that you can use for boosting your social links or stats.

Automatic rank up for Fool social link. Talk to the same girl that requested the Fitting Board before. Bring one to her to complete the request. These are dropped by Tranquil Idols that are located on the 7th and 8th floors of the Bathhouse. Head to the Samegawa Flood Plain, head left and find her beside the shed. You should have Understanding LV3 to proceed further with the conversation. Head immediately to the Practice Building and find Kanji along the hallway.

You may also train Kanji if you wish. Fortunately, this boss is weak against something: Electric attacks. One thing you should know is that this boss uses Wind and Ice attacks so equip a persona that can nullify, absorb or repel those kind of attacks. You can bring in Kanji since his attacks are elec-based. For your 4th member, you can bring in Yukiko to act as your meat shield since the boss will most likely target her with Bufula, leaving your other allies to attack freely.

You can also bring Chie since she is strong against Ice attacks. When you knock the boss down, always decline since the damage you deal during the beatdown is lesser compared to an individual attack.

Remember to sell any materials you have acquired during your last visit to the TV world and check out any new items from the shops. Accepting her invite will make you miss the home shopping event. Possible rank up event if call is accepted.

Persona 4 Golden FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation Vita - GameFAQs

Magician, Priestess, Emperor, Hermit and Death available. Any choices will do. Priestess, Emperor, Hermit, Strength and Moon are available. When you get the chance to compliment Yukiko or Chie, choosing either of them will increase your link with them. Save your game first. You can only watch the Midnight Channel for tonight.

Star link will be established as part of the story. Your deadline to rescue her is on July 9th so take note of it. Head to the Practice Building in your school. Talk to the chubby student on the 2F hallway. Return to Tofu shop in the Shopping District South. To continue where you left off, go to the Samegawa Flood Plain and talk to the photographer standing along the road. Agree to trade information with him.

Now you have all information available, assemble your team and head to the TV World. Talk to Teddy to unlock the new dungeon. Depending on how much floor you can cover in each visit, completing this dungeon may take around trips. I suggest revisiting this dungeon during rainy days only since most of the links are not available at that time. Upon reaching 7F, the lights will be turned off.

However, you can only see a small portion of your surroundings. Follow the map below to know the item locations and the floor layout.

It will start the battle by using Stagnant Air then Virus Wave which poisons everybody. Also, this boss is weak to Fire so you can just spam it with fire attacks then use an all-party healing item during your bonus turn. The lights will be turned on. Continue prowling the floor until you reach the 11floor. I suggest heading back to the entrance, heal your SP with the fox and save your game. Enter the room when ready. Though she will just remove it via Fire Break, it will give you a free turn to attack her.

When that happens, order everybody to guard. After three turns, the battle will end automatically. Rise will gain her persona named Himiko. He will also attempt to silence your entire party so have some Mouthwash ready for your healers. On the next turn, make sure everybody is guarding against it. Also, order everybody to guard once it uses Marakunda to defend against the Heat Wave attack. Teddy will gain his persona, Kintoki-Douji.

Watch more scenes. Obtain Juicy Meatballs and Bait x3 available only if Rise is saved already - Hierophant, Devil available Talk to the same guy that requested the Ritz Wire before.

Defeat Silver Dice enemies on the 7th and 8th floors of the Marukyu Striptease to obtain this item. Sell those to Daidara for the Hard Boots to appear in the store inventory.

Purchase one and give him the boots. Watch scenes no free time - Teddie officially joins the team as a front line fighter. Fool link rank up. Rise will join the team as a support unit Fool link rank up. Can now fuse personas. Acquire a Charmed Veil available Talk to the girl beside the savepoint in your classroom. Talk to the younger twin girl walking around.

You may visit the strip club to battle an optional boss as well collect all those quest items in one trip. Go to your room to trigger the phone call. Priestess, Chariot and Strength links will increase as well. This boss is rather easy; simply use Ice attacks and All-Out attacks as often as possible.

Chie and Teddie are your best choices here. After the battle, examine the floor behind the stage to obtain Bear Claw, a powerful weapon for Teddie.

To Hang Exam Q2: From the play, Hamlet Man-yoshu Exam Q4: Socrates Insect Repellent Exam Q6: Jealousy of the superior Melons Exam Q8: Nautical dawn is brightest Conversation answers: Salt NEO x Highest score 5.

Sofue will reward you with 3 Magic Mirrors 7. Sofue will reward you with 3 Magic Mirrors 6. Out of the top 10 3. Gathering the necessary info will last until Friday, provided that you ask around first before spending time with friends or doing any time-consuming activity.

Talk to Yosuke, near the shrine. Go to the Samegawa Flood Plain and talk to Kanji who is standing by the riverbed. Go back to the Shopping District South, and talk to Ryotaro in front of the gas station. Go to Junes and talk to Adachi. Go the Shopping District South and talk to the kid in front of the tofu shop. Upon obtaining all the necessary info, make preparations for some dungeon crawling and go to Junes to assemble everybody.

Go to the TV world to unlock the new dungeon. Choose your party and head inside. Just like the others, the 3rd and 7th floors are fixed, and the bosses are located on the 7th and 10th floors. The third floor is separated by sections that you can access only by warping. Refer to the map below to navigate the area.

The seventh floor has some annoying, invisible walls that keep on rotating whenever you bump into one. This boss occasionally summons and Almighty Hand. Hit Almighty hand with Wind attacks to get a free hit.

If you have Chie and her social link with you is high enough, she can do a follow up attack Galactic Punt which can immediately end the battle if it hits the Killing Hand. Grab the Orb of Darkness from the chest in this room. This is necessary to fight the boss on the 10th floor. At the start of the battle, the boss will create an outer shell in the form of a game sprite Mitsuo the Hero.

Just keep on attacking until you break the shell. This will expose Shadow Mitsuo. Shadow Mitsuo can use a variety of elemental attacks. Fortunately, there is a way to tell what element he is going to use. Take note of the wall he is using. Quickly change to a persona that can nullify or absorb the attack and put your characters that are weak to that element on guard.

After being exposed for a while, it will start reforming its MTH sprite. Destroying the unfinished sprite will knock SM down, giving you a chance for an all-out attack. Another thing you should aware of is that SM has a skill that can instantly kill any character inflicted with fear so aside from healing, keep your party cleared of this annoying status ailment.

The pattern just repeats so do the necessary adjustments and healing. As much as possible, try to have 1 or 2 of your characters land a hit on it every turn while the others take care of the healing.

The longer you prolong the battle, the harder it will get. There will be no free time if after completing the dungeon because of the following events. Othewise, Emperor will increase instead. Lovers, Chariot if Mitsuo is captured already , Temperance and Hermit available. Priestess, Chariot if Mitsuo is captured already , Temperance or Hermit available. If call is accepted, Justice and Strength links will increase. It will be instant game over if you fail to capture him at this point.

Your link with the girl that you choose will increase. If you decided to stay, then the game will skip to the next day automatically. If you decided to go, Yumi, Ayane or Ai will ask to go along with you. They have different requirements in order to get the invitation from them:. Should be Rank 3 higher; link must not be broken or reversed Ayane: Should be Rank 3 higher Yumi: Should be at Rank 1, 2, or Each choice has a corresponding bonus for you.

You have the option to increase the link with your date as well. Defeat Amenti Ravens on the 3rd and 4th floors of Void Quest to complete the request. Defeat Blind Cupids on the 3rd and 4th floors of Void quest to obtain Leaf Pochette and complete the request. Help her with her homework to increase Justice link This could pose a problem especially if you need to use an item for recovery and healing. If you have a Cool Beads accessory, make sure you equip it to your protagonist.

Use multi-hit attacks to deal more damage. Justice, Priestess and Chariot links will increase Magician, Lovers, Chariot, Hermit and Temperance available. Emperor, Lovers and Justice links will increase Riddle Senpai Returns! Answer his questions correctly to complete the quest. Get some random items. Hierophant available Experiments in Telepathy available Go to the Shopping District South, and talk to the older twin girl walking around.

Return to the Shopping District and talk again to the older twin to complete the request. The information gathering should last for at least 2 days. After gathering enough info for today, you can spend the time block as desired. Go to the 1st floor of Practice Building in your school and talk to the female student near the middle exit 2. Head to the shopping district north next. Talk to the police officer in front of the liquor store. Go to Samegawa Flood Plain, riverbed next.

Talk to the Chie. Return to the Shopping District and talk to the police officer again. Go to central shopping district south and talk to the police officer standing in front of the gas station. You may report to Rise by going to the TV world to start the rescue operation. This dungeon has 9 floors. The leader card is needed to unlock the door in 6F in order to access 7F. It has an insane defense rating so buffs will play a great role in this battle. Try to bring a physical-oriented persona, one with counter, counterstrike or better yet, high-counter.

Make sure to heal as often as needed since this boss will most likely use all-party attacks. This is a long, dangerous battle so bring in the strongest personas you can find. Have some all-party recovery items ready such as Macca Leaf and Med Kit. Another thing to note is that Shadow Naoto can use —Dyne elemental attacks, which can really hurt your characters.

As usual, buffs are essential to this battle so cast any all-party buffs you can use. Make sure to nullify it with Dekaja or Purifying Water. Naoto will earn her persona Sukuna-Hirona during the events.

Deliver it to her to complete the request. Give him the following answers to complete the request. Judo medalist names 2. How one should live as a punk 3. Hierophant available If Naoto has been rescued Desk Refurbishing Part 3 available Go to the 2F Practice Building and talk to the homely student at the end of the hallway. Bring it to her to complete the request. Hierophant available if Naoto is saved.

Acquire a Crystal ball available Talk to Mrs. Nakayama standing along the 3F hallway of the Classroom Building. Defeat Constancy Relics found on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Secret Lab to acquire this item. Defeat Mach Wheel enemies located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Secret Lab to acquire this item. Defeat Wicked Turrets on 7F and 8F of the secret lab to get this item.

Defeat Power Castles located on the 7th and 8th floors of the Secret Lab to acquire this item. This boss will always attempt to poison your entire party so if you have accessories called Disinfectant, then equip that for this battle. You should have a dedicated healer for this battle since the boss will also use God Hand, a move capable of dishing severe damage to its target.

You also need lots of Doukadami Teas in stock. Fortunately, this boss has weakness to Wind attacks so bringing Yosuke in this battle should be your advantage. When near death, the boss will use Mind Charge and various —Dyne spells in an attempt to wipe out your party or kill your leader.

Just continue knocking it down and ganging up on it and you should win the battle easily. Your business here is done; you can train if you want or return to the real world. Priestess, Emperor and Hermit available. Devil, Tower available Hyperbole Exam Q2: The growth speeds up Ferdinand Magellan Exam Q4: Emperor, Lovers, Hermit and Death available.

All of the above Exam Q6: Two Yen Exam Q8: The Sun King Sardine Exam Q Shellfish Pigment Give it to Naoto on the next day. Highest score 9. Ally gets to level up Crane Game: The time you're trying to get is Jack Frost Doll.

On the first day, which is today, you pay yen for 2 tries. After today, it's 1 try I've tried a few days on this, but still no luck. Very Rare indeed Croco Fur: A big package if you will. I'll fill this list at the end of each month, if there's anything to note. Cafe Chagall: This is where you'll end today's After School session. Talk to the guy standing in front. Pay 5, yen and enter. You'll get a tutorial. Pick a persona with a skill that has the card icon and then drink coffee.

You'll get that skill card from doing that. Stay on schedule. An Acquired Taste -- - Read: Any - "What is the medical term for brainfreeze!? I can't type it! If your Strength is Rank 5 or 6, this won't trigger. Dumminator 2 - TV Shop: Purple Suit, not that it matters. The trick to this game is to keep arrow in the blue area and then hold O.

Release O when the arrow is not pointing in the blue. If you don't see the blue area, just wait. Holding O in any other area besides the blue will make you lose the fish. Yellow's okay, but orange and red is dangerous Happy Fishing!

There's is an upgrade later on. Hmmm, I had this beforehand, by accident. Will correct later? It says "Great Blessing. Strength must stay at Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 in order to get a book later on in the game. If it is at Rank 5 or 6, no book for you. How many bugs did you catch? Needed for Justice Rank 6 -- Progress Report: Talk to Justice, if you can't advance it. Reasons, 1 - Not enough expression, 2 - Not ready to move to continue forward.

Translation top priority over all else - Not ready to go forward: Maintain the garden, better than Justice: Daring Diligence - Level 3: Generous Expression - Level 5: Knowledge - Level 4: Professor Yen: Sharp Shovel At - Hit - 88 Body: Purple Suit Df - Ev - 23 Acc: Clear Void Quest Mitsuo Margaret: I've noticed that you've registered a large number of personas It is a result of your hard work and your connections Please, take this small gift from me.

As long as you have this, I will reduce the cost of summoning Personas from your Compendium. I will continue to add Personas to the Compendium Well, then You can probably delay this for later on in the game. I wasted like 12 Gold Keys I got the item I'm aimming for. This isn't a costume, but a crappy The reward isn't worth it, but for completeness sakes Doing this early since we are already here.

Momentary Child: This will be a long battle, so try to enter battle with a lot of healing items or full SP. Another to do this is enter the battle with a Repel Physical persona and just solo this boss alone. You might need to come back later on. It knocked it down along with Dizzy. All out attack it and got over points in damage. Rise helped out too. First start out at the bottom.

So sum it up, you need to get to the Northwest area of this map. Telporters at A and B get you to the next area Only a chest to note at the Northeast area. Floor 7: At each cross section at the lower south of the map if you touch the very center, you're camera angle will be randomly adjusted so you'll need to adjust it back, slowly, to continue on. If you walk around and hug the walls, this won't be triggred. Just don't touch the very center of it. After the boss battle, open the chest inside that room for Orb of Darkness.

After that, make yourself to X, which is where the stairs are located at. If you decide to go to the stairs before getting the Orb of Darkness, you won't be able to face the boss and you'll eventually need to come back to get it Killing Hand: Nul - Hama, Mudo You are dealing with all physical attacks.

Killing Hand will summon Almighty Hand. Bring Yosuke and use wind attacks to hit Almighty twice forcing it to be dizzy and skipping a turn.

Almighty can heal Killing with Diarama. Killing will resummon Almighty, so it better to keep Almighty out of play rather than just killing it. Teddie and Yukiko has Mediarama, so if you have this, you pretty much win. If you bring Teddie, he knows how to describe this boss. At the beginning, and when you're slow, Mitsuo the Hero will be up. This is basically the shell of the boss. You need to get rid of it to reach the Shadow aka heart.

Both bosses have 2 attacks per turn. If ever you kill the Hero, do use All Out because if you don't, you'll lose that extra attack. Hero has a normal attack and when it uses item, it inflicts exhaution.

Persona 4 Golden – Guides and FAQs

Cure that before their turn ends or SP will be sapped away. When Shadow resummon Hero, Hero will level up, just by stats. Shadow will randomly use a Wall. White Wall increase resistance to Ice attacks, and so Shadow will only cast Mabufu. Over time, it will start rebuilding Hero.

To stop him from completion, you must deal a certain amount of damage. It ranges from to damage, based on how much of it was rebuilt. I suggest use Rakunda lower def and Tarunda up attack. Even though Dekaja will be used, it does waste one of bosses turn. Bring Teddie because of Mediarama and Bufula, based on Teddie's mag stats, hits really hard. Megido, almight damage, will be used if it hits a weakness. Those Paprika comes in handy if it repeats itself too often If you let him rebuild himself, he will level up and gain a super move called Gigadyne.

His normal attacks also hits harder. Seems to be almighty damage. Gamer Over - "Oh, but will your uncle get suspicious? Like, "Why are you all celebrating? That's BS! Return of the Dragon! If you're getting it, just continue on. In order to not wait to the last minute, I'm going to get it now. Just make sure you attempt it during the night.

I failed, but I still got it! When used as bait at the river, can attract lots of Huge Fish - Daimyo Grasshopper: When used Yes, I did save and reload to get my second one - Read: The [T] that I'm talking about is the Triangle button. This can make the ending go faster, by a LOT. Useful against The 2nd and last missable book. Need to be on Strength 3, 4, 7, 8. No book for you at Strength 5 and 6.

Kou becomes Emo. I was actually able to catch 3 Guardians on this day. I had 3 IJBs by the way. Not hard. Just skills. LOL River Guardian: With the Inaba Jewel Beetle, you'll be able to attract 2 types of fishes. Huge Fish and the Guardian. You would think that a huge rock is being dropped or something.

Close to a whirlpool If you don't see this affect, and just normal ripples, press O to recast again. Never settle for lower fish if you can get one better. Might want to save before going to sleep. That way you can view both Festival Dates. For this walkthrough, we can pick between Yukiko and Rise.

When you do it for real though, follow the instruction that I've written. It seems that you'll only get 2 phone calls from the girls. So if you pass on both of them, you'll end up going alone.

I picked Rise because I'm already done with Priestess. If you go alone, you still get to Pray and In order to catch Genji Beetle, at night, you do need to talk to Old man at the river first in order to trigger the flag for it.

Just like IJB, this requires the same thing. I didn't know beforehand, so I had to wait for the package. You can just feed him all 4 or 5 Guardians at once and thus instantly completing this quest. I took my time and came back day after day; which is not needed. Feed the Cat 2 Guardian - Lovers Rank 6: Only if you decided to not help Justice. Fireworks - You know I don't have any plans Diligence - Level 3: PLV 57; HP: Paladin Armor Df - Ev - 4 Acc: When used as bait at the sea, can attract losts of Meguro Tuna Hidden feat: Riddle Senpai Returns!

With the Genji Beetle, you'll be able to attract 2 types of fishes. Meguro Tuna and the Sea Guardian. How wonderful for you! Please, take this. Your commitment to your "world" I look forward to seeing your "world. Need more fish. Seems you can only feed it fish from the river, not the sea - Completed Quest One Missed Text - Read: If not, Chest Key sounds good.

Experiments in Telepathy - Hanged Rank 5: Save your game? Rise Rests On Lap - 2: Chie Sits On Lap - 3: Yukiko Sitting Hug - 4: Any options - Strength Rank 5: Spend Time By any chance that this ranks up: Hiero Rank 8: ST Getting to 10 requires 2 visits - Delivery: What Was That in the Movie? Escapist Soldier 10F Res: I solo'd this boss with a persona that repels physical attacks Repel Physical. Then just use rush mode to speed through the battle. B4F - Boss: Dominating Machine B9F - Boss: Dominating Machine: After it loses a lot of HP, it starts staggering.

It will then have 3 turns on "Wait" before it releases Last Resort. If Last Resort is used, the battle ends, one way or the the other.

Best to have everyone Guard after the 3rd Wait. Zero Element to nully all elements. Red Battlesuit - Persona: To make it more understandable, I've created a quick plan, with some maps if the floor will always be that way.

The plan is as follows: You should be able to get the big prize soon. What does the book The Punk's Way cover? In Guide to Pests, how many pages were used per pest? In Picross Rules, what's the solution to the gold medal- winning puzzle? Diligence - Level 4: Thorough Understanding - Level 5: Expression - Level 5: PLV 66; HP: Gaia Sword At - Hit - 88 Body: However, Bug Catch still serves a purpose besides fishing. This will be covered in October and later on. Buying the seeds for gardening.

Buy them from the farming ladies. On holidays and weekends, get it from the lady standing outside of Dojima's residence. These seeds are sold randomly. So you just have to check on them from time to time.

Can be obtained later. If you still haven't got a Tower Persona, here's a few recipes that you may or may not be able to use.

Also, use your Search feature to find a suitable Tower Persona formula. Just keep an eye out for what she wants later on - Read: Needed for feeding the cat quest - Read: Who Am I? If Knowledge is not Rank 5, spend the rest of your Night Time trying to get this up.

Get back to Tower the next avaliable Tower night or book read, whichever is more convenient. Huge Fish Combo - Fish Day: Actually this is suppose to be free time. But since I've nothing better to do. I could either fish now because it's rainy or Aiya. Fortune picking isn't possible since it's raining. This can take a while. At least for me. Have manys for the next few nights. Different saves just in case. If not, you'll have to restart. I tried 3 Mild Blessings before and that didn't work.

If you can get by small miracle, 2 Greats, that you have a free night, by assumption. I was more concerned for the Fortune: Temper part - Save your game. Any options - Fortune: If you find this too tedious, you may continue, but it just won't be consistent. Up to you. I hate it as well. You should come back another day. For now, just keep this in mind. Get a Fortune persona soon. There will be a series of Fortune Slink events with no pause in the middle; lunchtime invite.

Some possible fusions for Fortune. Use Search function as well: I'll pass - TV Shop: You were trying for a different prize, but you managed to get this one! Food Fight! All lead to the same thing Popular 5 S-Links! It's FAKE! Knowledge - Level 5: This book was avaliable on the 1st, but due to Slinks, it has been pushed back to this day. These are the last book that needs to acquired for the Book Trophy.

After this, we just need to read them all. Hopefully, you didn't miss any. Today is suppose to be Free Time. However, there is a trophy that you can get, which is coming up next. After getting the trophy, you can restart and do something else; like Aiya for example. As for me, I'll be continuing because there's a HUGE storyline gap of waiting before you can reload your game.

Aiya isn't worth it because I only have Diligence left. I can't pick a fortune. Only thing left is fishing No thanks. Not worth the wait. It's Working Today - Storyline: Any options - TV Shop: Might want to stock up before entering - TV World: Can't be done right now due to Quest We'll get this on our next trip.

The creator's didn't plan ahead. One shadow drop different items for two quests that occurs at the same time. Extreme Vessel: It likes to spam Virus Wave. So equip a persona with Repel Physical. It will get into a mode where it will use Power Charge followed with Mind Charge. Cast Makarakarn and then get back into Repel Physical.

If you bring a party, be prepare to constantly heal or heal your poison; doing both will just drag on the battle, making it longer than it should be.

World Balance 10 - Boss: Luxury Hand: World Balance: Nul - Hama, Mudo Solo this boss with Makarakarn! Kuni No Sagiri: Nul - Hama, Mudo For this boss, I can't really say I can include any stragies because my group was somewhat overleveled due to quest item finding. Maybe on my next playthrough. Revenge of Riddle Senpai! Experiments in Telepathy, Part 2 - Hanged Rank 8: A, 2 - Feeding Akihiko: Perfect - Max out all social qualities -- Progress Report: Diligence isn't important for anything in the future, but it does increase the number of tries when fishing to 6.

If you have any free time later in the game and diligence isn't maxed, think about working at the bar or making envelopes. The roots of "bridal"? However, you are confident you can finish it! I'm amazed you finished that entire thing! Since you ate it all, your meal is free! Thank you! I always think when I see you, that you eat a lot. Sleeping kids grow tall, and eating kids grow wide! Not you and my daughter, though!

Eat, excercise, and get plenty of rest! That's the secret to staying healthy! Food Fighter! However, since it's raining today, you're limited to doing only a few things. These include: Do you still need Diligence? This is what I'll be concentrating on. Need more Guardians? I have 54 IJBs! From here on, the amount of time it takes for vegetables in your garden to be ready to harvest will bed reduced by a day. You'll be restarting after you get this Trophy.

There are a few days. For each team member that you have, each of them will allow you to visit Nanako. For the trophy however, you just need 3 visits. These visits serves no other purpose then to get the trophy and increase points toward your other members Chariot, Magician, Lovers, etc.. I have other plans 3 - Read: What is this sequence called? Randomness and Luck based - Fortune: Just like before, we have 3 fortune picks. You may need to restart if you don't get what is needed by the 3rd one.

If this doesn't work for you, you may need 3 Great Blessing exaggeration. Any options - Feeding Akihiko: Naoto responds. Kanji responds. Rise responds. Not for kids. Your choices here determines what kind of ending you'll get. Picking the Bad Ending and the game ends now.

Picking the Good Ending and the game can continue on; and then you can get the True Ending.

I got nothing. That's all I give a damn about right now! All days in between will be skipped. Bad Ending 2, in a sense, is not really bad; incomplete. The game will continue and you get to play more. Fail that one in order to see Bad Ending 3. It think this is based on whose Slink you've maxed out. Diligence - Level 5: Understanding - Level 5: It seems you need to talk to a 2nd person in order to unlock the 2nd question of "Recall anyone suspicious.

The part that can get people stuck is that they didn't ask both question to the first person that they talked to. It's not possible unless you knew of this trick. Might want to save your game now at the shopping district. The 2nd Break-point is coming up very soon. The next section, market with spoilers again, will explain most of this process. The text that's in the game will be put into a seperate area at the very end of this document.

In order to read the whole script for this ending, and not caring if you get spoiled or not. Don't Go Naoto: Decision is important. Go or Not to Go? Any options - Jester Rank You got the highest score! He's a genius! I want to honor you for what you've done. One use.

4 pdf persona golden guide

At this point in time, we just need to finish all the books. The order in which you do read them all does NOT matter whatsoever. I'll just be going down the list of whatever needs to be read. Another thing, if you want pure efficiency, just save your game now, read all the books while not paying attention to S-links.

I wasn't listening Kaddy-kun, help! Option A: All girls will call you on Christmas Eve. All Slinks would be Maxed, except for Strength and they'll be at Rank 8. You still have enough time later on to finish it. Trust me. The rest of this guide will NOT fully follow this path. Option B: All girls will call you on Christmas Eve, except Yumi Sun.

Both Strength and Sun will be at Rank 9. The rest of this walkthrough will follow this For maxing Slinks, either is fine and there really is no major difference. It's just that I decided to give you guys the option to have all the girls and leave no one behind. I, however, am not fortunate and not willing to redo this part. I don't even care about Yumi that much so, meh.

The rest is the same. Even though I did Fortune for Strength, this is optional. You can read a book if you want. I simply did this make it faster to rank it up. Compulsive Reader! One of the Hardest F'ing Trophies! This is the last day to finish Adachi's dungeon in order to see X-Mas dates. I have no real suggestions if you decide to wait til the 24th, so you'll have to think of something to do.

Okay, the following part is rather complex, so I've decided to number them in a certain order. It may be too much information or something that you might not be interested in. Just scroll to whatever parts you need. If you're here, that means you should already know who he is. Now, it's your own fault for continuing reading this part. You would need to wait normally because of the MC's level limitation. By point in time however, it is reasonable that MC's has met the level requirements.

So I'm just going to confirm a few of these recipes that I had before. I'm not going to bother with testing all of them at the moment. Thus, I can't guarantee that the other ones with the Confirmed sign works. After every fusion, exit and re-enter Velvet Room in order to trigger the rank up.

This is required each and every single time. Keep Rampage on Matador as well. Lord Okina: I bought Chie and Teddie, which is a pretty bad idea.

Teddie is okay for healing but Chie is like completely useless. If you have Debilitate, keep casting it. The boss will waste his turn removing it You won't be able to finish the quest earlier than the next TV World visit.

I'll be finishing these quests as soon as I get them activated Important Floors: MM World 3 - Boss: Envious Giant MI 2 - Boss: Then head go to the very center of the map in order to find a whole. Jump in. Magatsu Mandala World 1. Glorious Hand: Rpl - All Elements; Res - Hama, Mudo - This dungeon is also unique.

There's 2 parts. One serves as the link to the boss, but the path is blocked off. So, the 2nd part is what you need to do in order to make it not be blocked anymore. You should have a Traesto or Goho-M ready because that's the best way to get out.

Unless you to walk back many floors. Magatsu Inaba: The link to the boss. Has only 2 floors, but their names won't have a label. On your first time to the 2nd floor, get to the north-most part and try to open the gate.

Trigger a talk. Walk to the middle of the mini-map and jump into the hole. Magatsu Mandala: This is how you unlock the gate in M. After you jump into the hole in the ground, you'll start in World 1. World 3 and World 6 has mini-boss. Once you defeat them, use Goho-M to get back to the main entrance. Save your game and heal. After M. Mandala's World 6th World boss has been defeated Go back into M.

Inaba when you're ready. Proceed to the 2nd Floor and to that locked gate north-mid. Chaos Fuzz: Nul - Hama, Mudo The trick is to kill them all at once or have consecutive turns in order that they don't summon another one.

Scan through their HP to see how much they have left. Use Ma-elements. Envious Giant: The boss can use the hardest hitting Almighty attack, so you might want to increase party's defense. Boss' 1st move will be Heat Riser, so you might want to use Debilitate twice in order to negate and weaken him. This isn't much of a battle, just think of it as a semi-hard random battle. Boss pattern as follows: Heat Riser, Garudyne, Vorpal Blade, etc A common routine that I always have is to cast Debilitate twice with the MC.

When Fog of Confusion is up, all attacks will miss, so don't waste your turn. Just heal, buff, and defend. You can't debuff it, so don't bother. Ma-element occurs later on and it's mostly phy attacks in the beginning. Do use Debilitate to make it easier, regardless if you're having trouble or not. Saving here means you can view all the christmas dates.

Rare Chest: Use at own risk. There's 5 that I recommend, but these don't cover all the elemental grounds. They are mainly for bosses and a grinding trick. This personas affinity makes it ideal because of the lack of weakness and Hassou Tobi is like one of the ultimate, physical, attacks in the game.

Chie's God Hand is the next top tier or runner up; somewhat debateable. Yoshi takes a special 5 persona fusion though. It's as follows. I did something differently. Useful, but not needed. Only rare situations will enemy get the first turn and throw Zio attack. Thus, you get to cast Heat Riser on your whole party without wasting any turns. This might be annoying, so you might want to use this strategy for mini-bosses and bosses; up to you.

This is mainly due to the fact that Trumpeter with Mind Charge is needed for Empress' last quest. However, it's not a Tri-Auto, but just for Debilitate Trump needs 6 personas in order to make. As follows: If you can add it later on, this might become the ultimate dungeon crawling persona because Isthar comes with Spell Master, Absorb Wind anti-weakness , and Salvation.

This part was written because December is the last month for P4v and this should sum up what has been done and what is left. This part will be cut out and put at the very end of January.

I don't deleting this now because it serves as a reference. I'm rather forgetful. We've done just about everything possible and there's nothing left to do. So lets list the ways and feel proud: We are missing 2 Personas and 1 that doesn't count.

You can do it now, but you need to do it again later. Waste of yen. You need to finish December in order to even be able to fuse this. Pringle Trick get your money. Best method for money. Make sure you have something like that so you don't lose your patience of not having money. When you have the 2 highest level personas of an arcana, you can fuse those and build yourself down. However, you can't have low persona and build yourself up. Waste a lot of yen, but if you use Mr. Pringle, this isn't a problem.

This is good enough. So check your Special Fusion lists for some of those. They only take 2 or 3 personas for fusion. You get to spend the Christmas Eve part which whoever you decide to go on first. So if you decide to go with Yukiko, the rest of the text messages ends. The order goes like this: It's Christmas Even tomorrow. Would you like to spend time with me? Just the two of us. How does that sound? Chie's message: Can I see u tomorrow?

It's Xmas Eve, u kno Rise's message: I'm sure you know what day it is tomorrow. I kept it open for a reason. I won't take "no" for an answer Yumi's message: Do you have plans tomorrow?

It's Christmas Eve I'm free, so HEY party 2morrow, my place U in? Rugged Ring Healing Spell x1. For P4G, however, definetly get Naoto's present. They changed it from P4i. At least Sun's present hasn't been corrected. Last day to finish Adachi's dungeon or game over. And this is where all the extras are really noticeable. Original P4 didn't have this day. All of this is NEW! Game Notes: Once it gets cold enough to snow, you will not be able to raise vegetables in the garden anymore. I redid this part because the Wheat died.