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The Perfect Health Diet is, by calories, a low-to-moderate-carb (%) high- sweetening foods with fructose-free sweeteners like rice syrup or xylitol. I've done a lot of my diets in my time. There are short-term, hardcore “fit into my skinny jeans by Friday” weight loss plans, and there are more. review of Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet's Perfect health diet: four steps to renewed health, edu/~hkaplan/

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The Perfect Health Diet is, by calories, a low-to-moderate-carb (20%) high-fat However, by weight, the diet is about 65% plant foods, 35% meats and oils. restrictive diets tend to experience worsened health, increased weight, and a higher rate of disordered eating. Fortunately, the rise of the ancestral health. It includes the new PHD Food Plate, and the Errata and Index. We encourage everyone who owns the book or is considering buying it to download this free PDF.

B12 deficiency is traditionally associated with paranoia. Maya Vosbach June 29, at 9: But any standard method involving gentle cooking is good. Healthy food is not necessarily expensive. Skin thickened up 6.

Spinach is a good addition. Usually I do intermittent fasting till noon, then a light breakfast, then a bigger lunch at 3 pm or so. Finnish ed the book! I started taking notes and was able to grasp your concepts better. Its seems PHD and the Paleo Diet conflict on several areas which keeps the common folk like me thinking hmm.

Do you weigh the meat before or after you cook it?

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Do you recommend a specific kind of weigh protein power? How should i prepare the vegetables? Can i drink coconut oil directly?

Sites like http: So if you weigh the cooked food, look up the cooked item; if you weigh the uncooked food, look up the uncooked item. Vegetables — lightly cooked in a bone broth soup is my favorite. But any standard method involving gentle cooking is good. Coconut oil — yes, but why? A tablespoon or two a day is enough unless you are on a ketogenic diet for therapeutic purposes.

You can get that by using coconut milk in your cooking. Hi Ian and Paul, The same question for starches. Hi Paul, I was surprised there was no mention of magnesium as a supplement for dealing with constipation in the blog entry of Magnesium is mentioned, in the hypothyroidism and laxative sections see http: Also, in general our posts presume that our standard recommendation to supplement certain nutrients — magnesium notably among them — hold unless otherwise mentioned.

Original Edition Material - Perfect Health Diet | Perfect Health Diet

I agree, magnesium supplementation is the first thing to try. I had the same question in mind for you. I know in the book or site? In one of your posts you mention that even diabetics can manage cal g per day without much risk of hyperglycemic toxicity. Today since you recommend a higher carb percentage do you have a different or new advice. My first question in such a case would be: Ie a high fasting blood glucose. If so, then diet and seeing a doctor about how to manage it.

My main advice in such a case would be to go to a doctor and get tested for bowel infections. A stool test and other tests could help identify the pathogen and indicate a treatment.

There are other things that can be done to improve glycemic response. Micronutrient deficiencies, eg chromium, can cause problems in glucose regulation. Also foods can be combined to minimize the glycemic response to rice, see http: In the years I have been reading about type 2 diabetes, somewhere along the line I read that sugar receptors and Vitamin C receptors are the same and that therefore type 2 diabetics are dramatically low in Vitamin c. If the can possibly work then we may be able to kill two birds with one stone, so to say, by guaranteeing a good suplly of Vitamin-c to the body and reducing the sugar overload which causes Insulin spikes.

Of course to get maximum benefits chromium would have to be added to the diet to open the insulin resistant cells even further. The only side affect of overdosing on Vitamin-c would be Diarrhea. Personally I use the EsterC variety. I would greatly appreciate your comments and guidance — if you have any ideas on this line of thought.

You probably read it in our book, or in our Scurvy post. The bigger issue, however, is the issue of insulin resistance, which is generally severe in Type 2 diabetes.

That means few receptors for either the glucose or insulin. Occupying the receptors with vitamin C would be like reducing the number further, making you effectively more insulin resistant.

That might be a bad thing. This together with the Amino Acid Lysene 6 Grams Daily for just over a year -it acts in combination with Sodium Ascorbate, over a 2 years period, like a detergent to sweep the arteries clean of Cholestrol buildup. Hair Regrowth at age 67 2. Firmer, longer lastin erections 3. Run out of energy at 10 pm rather then 1 pm 4. Skin thickened up 6. Terribel smell in Urin for 10 months as body detoxified 7. Less bleeding of gums when brushed 8. Stronger nails — no longer break 9.

No raised heartbeat after a brisk paced 5 km walk 5kms in 40 minutes. Hope you find this information useful, and Professor Bush allows his information to be used in other books — so if you think that any of the information is useful I am sure you would be able to incorperate any you think helful in future editions of you book. Glad to hear the good news.

Like you I believe in vitamin C. I am not convinced it is necessary to take sodium ascorbate — you can get an excess of sodium. But, those are tremendous results. Happy New Year! My own experiance is as follows, and was varified by Professor Bush on being questioned: My Partener, who is Chinese and suffers the occasional Hypoglycimic attack a sign of pre-diabetes had to REDUCE the amount of daily Sodium Ascorbate as, due to her body mass and weight, she was getting nearly daily Hypoglycimic attacks.

There is a great deal of litrature on the Insulin Mimicking effect of Vitamin C 4. Professor Bush states that we all suffere from Sub Clinical Scurvy, which you mention, at some time in our life, and with the modern food processing, most of us suffer it during most of our life — until it kills us in one of a number of ways. I rather take sodium ascorbate than Ascorbic acid , it acidifiers the system and might encourage cancer. Well, you can get an excess of sodium with sodium ascorbate.

If quantities are small, sodium ascorbate is OK. You need to get someone to install a proper search engine and index for this site.

I find both almost useless, or at best very difficult to use. That said I loved your book. By far the best book about diet I have ever read. I appreciated its concise explanations. But clicking on it does not work. And it is K1 that is injected into babies, which seems to be the subject of the reference.

Diet pdf health perfect

Most people get some MK-7 from gut bacterial fermentation of fiber and fermented foods like cheese, kimchi, and natto…. Most people get some MK-7 from gut bacterial fermentation of fiber and from fermented foods like cheese, kimchi, and natto….

On your homepage, Site Guide, which one would expect to explain how to get around on the site, goes to a page apparently intended for blogging on a specific subject matter subdivision.

In a conventional index, all that is necessary is to locate a target term in an alphabetical list, a task most of us can accomplish without actually thinking at all.

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Your existing book exhibits a number of unusual features of structure and format. I see almost all of them as fresh, creative, and insightful; I hope they survive into your new version. But I hope the index is conventional. I see upon actually using the index that most of the lists are alphabetized.

Moved from Paleolithic to your diet a couple of months ago. Can you answer just one question for me? Why do I keep getting this weird taste in my mouth?

Is that ketosis? I see a brilliant herbalist who tests every supplement I take, and I took in a number of yours and my body wanted almost all of them. That was a first in my experience in seeing that person.

Health diet pdf perfect

I am interested in being included in a testimonial for you if this continues to work so well. I am a registered pharmacist, with a strong interest in nutrition.

If your diet continues to satisfy my cravings for food and I continue to get better, I would love to spread the word.

Now, about that bad taste in my mouth? Mary Hill, Portland, OR. In addition to the acetones generated in ketosis, ketosis can promote growth of certain oral pathogens like Candida. It could be a number of other things. Some mineral overdoses can do that.

I think the book is correct. K1 has a strong pro-clotting effect than K2. You may have the index and errata from the original edition we self-published. In the Scribner edition, the index is in the back of the book, notes and errata are here: I have ocular rosacea, and with little guidance from French opthomologist, have been reading..

Anyway, wondering what you would advise. We use Zimbra Collaboration Suite, an app we purchased for around two dollars. It is your responsibility to contact the seller and setup an exchange. Is there any hope for this? Website URL. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Perfect Health Diet: Click the image below to visit our "Buy the Book" page:. We recommend a number of nutritional supplements.

For a list, visit here: Supplement Recommendations. You can support the blog by making purchases at Amazon. Or donate via Paypal: Powered by WordPress. Original Edition Material Leave a comment Go to comments. This page has extra material associated with the original edition of the book. Index This is an online index to our book.

Excess carbs are a fat source. On high-carb diets, fructose is converted directly to fat in the liver if all goes well , and excess glucose is either converted to fat or substitutes for fat as an energy source. Endotoxins are fat-soluble proteins and they are carried into the body with dietary fats. Endotoxins are fat-soluble and are carried into the body with dietary fats. Uncooked rice has about to calories per pound, but rice absorbs a lot of water during cooking and cooked rice typically has only to calories per pound.

Most people get some MK-7 from gut bacterial fermentation of fiber and fermented foods like cheese, kimchi, and natto, and MK-4 from animal foods such as liver, butter, cream, and eggs. For this reason, bacterial infections of the brain often cause depression. Cancer cells are metabolically impaired and can only metabolize glucose and some amino acids such as glutamine. Leave a comment? Paul Jaminet January 9, at 4: Frank January 10, at 1: Paul, Thanks for the reply.

Stephen Anderson January 11, at Josh P January 18, at 2: PS have bought 2 copies, one for me and one for my partner. Paul Jaminet January 18, at 8: Hi Josh, I would consider cod liver primarily a source of omega-3 and vitamin A, rather than D. Terry G. January 18, at Thanks, Terry. Paul Jaminet January 18, at January 19, at 9: Rob white January 19, at Hi Paul, i have been following your blog for a few months and its in the top 5 for me. Paul Jaminet January 19, at Best, Paul. Michelle February 1, at 9: Michael Czajka February 7, at 6: Hi, Your B vitamin section really ought to mention the different types of B B12 deficiency is traditionally associated with paranoia.

Your book had lots of interesting stuff in it. Paul Jaminet February 7, at 8: Hi Michael, Thanks! All good suggestions for the next edition.

Michael Czajka February 8, at 8: The behaviour of cold pressed fats can not be compared to heat and solvent extracted processed fats: Processed LA will cause heart disease yet cold pressed LA will reverse it. Totally different lipid profiles. The more natural product is more healthful. Geraldine February 8, at Hello, While much of this makes a lot of sense, I am trying to figure out how to reconcile the environmental costs of meat production and consumption I cannot afford to feed my whole family only organic meats and dairy products with your recommendations.

Thanks for your feedback and for the conversation. See our Supplement Recommendations page. These nutrients are deficient in modern diets due to removal of minerals from drinking water by treatment, depletion of minerals from soil by agriculture, or modern lifestyles that deprive us of vitamin D by indoor living.

We recommend tweaking the diet for certain diseases. Neurological disorders often benefit from a diet that is ketogenic; other conditions may benefit from lower carb diets. These variations are discussed in the book:. Hi Paul, you recommend almond butter, what about almond itself raw or roasted , and walnuts?

Hi Paul, While best to eat sweet potatoes in whole food form, what is your view of Japchae noodles Korean glass noodles made of sweet potato? And if you eat them occasionally yourselves, is their a brand that you prefer for safety and contents?

I recently had them at a paleo retreat and was shocked to learn that they were made from sweet potato starch they look like kelp noodles. They are delicious. Hi, Paul, read your book and implemented it immediately. I have had hypertension for a few years. I was really happy. Read a thread on Dr. Would you please commend on this? Thank you very much! Have eaten whole foods for decades, paleo for a few years now.

Overall health is good. Do you recommend that I just scale back the quantities to my needs, but keep the same proportions with each food group in the apple? Or, for example, should I not go below the. Not sure how to proceed! Any advice you can give is welcome. Forgot to say that I eat about 2 oz of cooked meat or fish plus 1 or 2 veggies at each of my 3 meals every day. Also, I have one snack a day which is usually a very small amount of nuts or seeds along with one serving of fruit.

And good amounts of the healthy fats every day. Weight has been stable for years. Sorry to keep adding in spurts! I generally just drink water or herb tea. As he wrote a foreword for your book, how do you reconcile the differences between your optimized meal suggestions?

Your plate has safe starches, his plate avoids carbs. Here is his keto recommended macro breakdown. He wrote the Primal Blueprint well before he got deeply into the Keto movement. Originally Mark Sisson recommended far fewer carbs than PhD but eventually conceded that more carbs were a good thing. Check out this: Just had my first PHD meal, at noon breaking my fast. My blood glucose after one hour was started at Would rice noodles be better? For other seasonings I used cilantro and green onions.

Barbara, I can suggest a few things for your consideration. I would do a few experiments to see what you learn. Use more fat in your meal. Butter, coconut oil, beef fat, even olive oil. If in doubt how much, err on the side of more. Use more low calorie vegetables for fiber.

Asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach. Use a little more vinegar unless the taste is off putting. It was good that you included some. A little more might be better. Think sauces. Fat, plus vinegar, plus soy sauce. Mostly try to make something delicious that has a lot of good fat and some acid vinegar, or citrus juice, or tomato, or wine. Egg yolks mixed into hot rice is delicious and a great way to put very healthy fats into rice.

Cucumbers, sliced and covered in salt , pepper and rice vinegar are a delicious way to get more vinegar and low calorie fiber into your meal. I find that I am more sensitive to carbs in the morning after fasting 16 hours than I am in the following meals. You might experiment and see if fewer carbs at breakfast and more carbs later in the day might allow you to get used to eating carbs without getting very high glucose levels.

Let me also add that I tolerate steamed and cooled potatoes better than rice. I steam Yukon gold potatoes for about an hour and then refrigerate for use throughout the week thereby benefitting from increased resistant starch and lower glycemic load. This is very easy and convenient.

Pdf perfect health diet

Chopped potatoes cooked really just warmed up in coconut oil is delicious and easy. You might do some experiments with cooked and cooled potatoes. They are more nutrient dense than rice and offer variety.

Thank you so much, Randy. Your suggestions were very helpful. I think you could be right about the potatoes. Yukon Gold are my favorites, but not as filling as rice.