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Natural Game Compendium The Transition to Natural Game Part I I've met my share of brothers from the community. After sarging with them. Author: Richard Ruina; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Categories: Play Games; Natural Game is a great course. Richard La . Title: Natural Game - Richard Gambler. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. By using.

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SQL Server. Integration Services. (SSIS) – Step by Step. Tutorial. A Free SSIS eBook from SQL Server Integrat The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Happier . Natural Game by Richard La Ruina "outlines every necessary element for maximizing your chances of success and minimizing your chances of. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Change your pitch up and down until you can feel a line of vibration stretching from your belly to your throat. You undo and stop it! The reason we gesture and move our bodies is because the eye is drawn What are the actual elements that affect your to movement. This is NOT how women want to be treated outside the bedroom! What is the universal: This accounts for why some techniques work for some people and not others. Cold Approach Continuous Flow of Action 1.

They said we both came back with a smile from ear to ear we went to pick up her friends. So I just want to say. Sometimes you just have to let loose of all things you know and just live your life for a moment. Shit can happen. Some people seem to see picking up girls as their job or something. But I've always had the best luck when i was not desperate to get a girl. I think you showed the girl that you had fun with your friends besides her and that she was just an addition.

This is actually "part" of my game. The not try hard thing is extremely powerful in pick up and also in life in general bro. It's not really shocking that you can meet someone you like without 'game' - all of our ancestors hooked up without it! Its good for you that you hooked up with a girl without trying.

There's no question that people are attracted to positive energy. But if you don't get that luck again, or you're one of those guys that doesn't enjoy being in clubs, you're gonna be right back to needing game.

Personally, this is why I don't like clubs. It is hard to approach women without looking try hard because it is so damn loud, and the girls all have their guard up.

Good reminder but when you change your atitude about it what used to be luck just becomes your personality. That's when results start to be constant. Not dissing, but I'm just sayin And if you can't see this, then you are completely blind. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. In order to achieve a continuous flow of action, you need a minimal structure, quick responses and a lot of confidence.

I will illustrate with a few examples. Cold Approach Assuming time is important 1. Guy feels he needs more attraction, goes into another story, irrelevant to first one. Girl reacts positively again. Guy waits, thinks of what to do next. Guy starts getting some rapport, asks questions.

Guy waits some more thinking he needs more time for a solid close. Girl is confused about his lack of confidence and 1. Guy walks girl into his place. Girl sits down on couch, guy does also. Guy thinks about what routine he needs to spike BT. Guy starts spouting non-sequitur routine to give her time to be turned on. Girl confused, closes up a bit. Girl gets up and says she has to go. Back to your place Continuous Flow of Action 1. Guy walks girl to his place.

Guy tells girl to take her shoes off. Guy sits her in front of the tv, and turns it on. Guy goes to fridge and prepares 2 glasses of red wine. Guy comes back and toasts to good times. Guy tells short joke, girl laughs. Guy goes for kiss. The idea is that you provide her with instructions at every point and make it clear how she should respond.

Intentions are always clear, actions are always confident and calculated. No hesitation, no indecisiveness. Woodhaven The Transition to Natural Game Part II Current trends in seduction favor a more genuine and natural framework driven by confidence and a strong assumption of attraction. It seems the highly canned routine-based game initially designed for ego preservation is giving way to a more integrated and free-flowing approach. This warrants an indepth codification of the process of transitioning to a natural game that is both highly effective in-field and consistently teachable.

My recent work has been not only to identify those concepts which drive Natural Game, designing applicable mindsets and techniques, but to also develop a systematic method for students, no matter what their background, to make the transition to Natural Game. This article aims to deal with three high level and large-frame concepts which serve as a foundation for a highly practical and field-tested method which preserves the inherent attractiveness and integrity of the student.

All great pickup artists have internalized these concepts to the point of automaticity, whether they know it or not. Misattributing the source of their power, a number of good pick-up artists spend too much valuable time emphasizing axillary skills such as storytelling, humor and random gimmickry. While these skills may serve as useful tools for specific situations, they are of limited application and not entirely relevant to the matter at hand.

I believe it is highly beneficial to cut straight to the true essence of success, leaving yourself the option of developing into a great storyteller or comedian later on, if that is your inclination. In that case, development of Natural Game concepts will constitute a robust foundation invaluable for whatever style suits your personal taste.

Our primary role as pickup artists is the successful connection with and seduction of women. That will be the focus of this article. The three base concepts for discussion are: Spontaneity Over Structure 2. Mutual Value Escalation 3. Spontaneity over Structure Spontaneity is the characteristic of creating an experience with optimum emotional capacity to the exact situation at hand. Spontaneity is not what you have never said or done before, but a new combination of the thousands of things you have already experienced.

We all have a realm of experiences from which to draw via an associative process. Rather than rehearsing memorized content, you are re-experiencing images from memory and recounting the experiences into the here and now with a fresh touch to it.

Your amplification or elimination of certain details allows you to custom tailor your presentation and ultimately the entire shared experience to her personality type. Spontaneity is a state where all of the relevant neural pathways are active such that you have instant access to associated memories. You are extroverted and aware of your environment. You are completely unattached to outcomes, and completely IN the moment.

Not focused on the process, you ARE the process. It is that freshness. That presence. Are you seeing her for who she really is? Are you more present in the moment than her husband? Then she is yours. You are crafting an emotional experience based on the instantaneous moment in which you and the girl reside. Spontaneity can be developed to such a degree that your improvised conversation is more fresh, genuine and attractive than anything you could have prepared prior.

This is because it is born out of the moment, and is highly relevant. The freshness and energy which spawns from spontaneity is a powerful and complete value demonstration in itself. Can you discard your routines and structure at the drop of a hat, when an opportunity to live in the moment presents itself?

Or do you sacrifice the opportunity because of attachment to a predetermined script? Spontaneity is of utmost importance. More than anything, women will feel great rapport with you based on your degree of spontaneity. Women spend all of their lives searching for that guy who can VIBE.

When you create a spontaneous interaction with a girl, she will be absolutely convinced that you are her soulmate. If you can connect in that manner, she will forget all other objections about you, and be completely in love. This is paramount in making those super-fast lays happen. Even guys that have great routines or are great storytellers possess spontaneity.

There still needs to be a good interaction flow between the stories… AND for when the stories run out! Resist getting stuck trying to correct mistakes made beforehand, stay in the moment - the river keeps on flowing!

Persistence and spontaneous creation of context in part comes from having strong beliefs, but you can train yourself to develop those beliefs by maintaining a continuous flow of action. I recently heard a really good quote from Harmless. Spontaneous creation of experience based on circumstance. Nothing else. Another benefit to spontaneity is the byproduct development of situational relevance.

Strongly correlated to social intelligence, situational relevance is an intuition that determines when certain routines are appropriate in a given context. Some guys run routines that are completely irrelevant to the situation at hand. They never took the time to develop their spontaneity and now have zero sense of whether their routines are appropriate or not.

Even the coolest, most bad-ass routine will fall flat if delivered in an inappropriate situation, or prematurely. Training your mind for spontaneity is the process of conditioning your mind to develop instantaneous association recall. Development of any skill is proceeded by a strong stimulus to the neurology which facilitates that said skill. It is analogous to weightlifting - you lift weights which provides your muscles a powerful stimulus, and they respond by becoming stronger and more developed.

From a strictly mental viewpoint, it is very much like learning a language. A friend of mine took four years of Spanish in high school and a few years later could speak nothing of the language.

She then took a two week vacation with her boyfriend in Puerto Rico, and came back speaking near fluent Spanish. Putting yourself in a situation over and over with little preparation gives the strongest stimulus to that part of your brain which you aim to develop. Overpreparation in the form of learning too many pickup lines or routines will circumvent that process.

For this reason, I am a huge proponent of minimizing the number of routines you take with you into the field. Developing spontaneity in a nutshell: Go into the field unprepared 2. Persist as long as possible congruent to your chosen intention 4. Repeat the process for a balanced variety of situations Little preparation, strong sexual intent, lots of persistence… Sounds like Gunwitch Method to me!

This may explain the great success of everyone who applies GWM. We produce guys who can trust their instincts in any situation and WIN. Their subconscious is trained to make superb decisions in microseconds. They recall highly relevant stories to tell their women, they crack just the right joke at the right time, and they know exactly which emotions need to be projected to capture her SOUL. Mutual Value Escalation Mutual value escalation has been the driving force behind most of the successful techniques and methods developed in history and recent years.

It is also the concept which drives most symbiotic relationships between living things.

A coach makes his players sharper, faster, and able to think more quickly on their feet and in turn they go on to win games and championships for him. Their combined value as a team is much greater than the sum of their value as individuals. Certain people are more inclined to escalating value than others.

As pick up artists, it is of utmost importance. It can be said that there are three types of people in this world: Givers, takers and leaders. If they do not get that return, they harbor expressed or unexpressed anger and hostility. It is the preservation and enhancement of overall or long term collective emotions of a group of people.

Read Natural Game by Richard La Ruina PDF

Neediness also causes these types of emotions. That is mutual value degradation. They also will harbor anger and hostility if they do not get what they attempt to take. These guys will be successful to a certain extent with low self esteem women, but eventually smart women will grow tired of this and conjure up enough strength to break free from such an unhealthy and destructive relationship.

The relationship ends with both parties worse off than when they started, both with a distorted perception of the opposite sex. They are both attached to an outcome and attempt to use negative emotions in order to reach that outcome. What most people fail to notice, however is that there is another option: The Leader. A leader will increase the value of himself all the while increasing the value of the people he interacts with.

He makes intelligent decisions, takes responsibility for his actions and creates positive emotions in his group. It is commonly thought that there can only be one leader in any interaction. That is not true. It may be true that only one person can leading at any one particular time, but two leaders can interact in a very effective and mutually beneficial manner.

I really think people have a huge misconception about indirect methods. When done correctly, this cannot be further from the truth. Well constructed negs demonstrate awareness and social subtlety, valuable to any woman striving to be more beautiful.

Well timed takeaways teach women to respect us, and in the end they appreciate the lesson. If your methods do not add value to the interaction, then you are coming from the wrong place. Escalate mutual value, always. Most healthy men and women have a tendency toward survival and the attainment of positive emotions. People naturally want to be around others who can add value to their lives and make them feel good.

It is completely natural and built into us by evolution. Natural leaders take care of themselves, they involve themselves in actions to improve their lives, and the lives of the people around them. They are charismatic, comfortable and inspire everyone involved to more positive and pleasurable emotions.

You leave absolutely no room for implications of negative repercussions. Since leaders have no attachment and make no implied demands, women will very quickly realize the potential of a no-strings-attached sexual relationship as well as a fulfilling and rewarding long term relationship. We are not the guys who impose on their freedom by dropping hints of emotional dependence. We do not supplicate to a woman and shower her with insincere compliments. We are also not the guys who, in a selfish pursuit of our own hedonism, sabotage her emotions with lies, deceit and invalidation.

We do not drain the life energy from social interactions by demoralizing the team players on which we depend to enhance our lives. A lot of stock routines are created with value built in, so in a sense most of us are creating value escalation artificially. Be aware of the large frame of what we are doing and pay attention to the emotional implications of your technique.

We are enhancing the shared experience of which we take part. MVE can be cultivated internally without routines, if you are aware of it while developing spontaneity. If you prefer to use straight spontaneity, only calling on stories when you are reminded of them, your intention will guide your language.

Combine genuine expression with leadership frames so that you both benefit. Be realistic and judge her shortcomings fairly. Do you have the awareness to notice the subtle flaws and insecurities in a gorgeous woman, or are you perceiving her as perfect in every way, and merely picking out some random feature to criticize? In this game, cleverness is no substitute for true awareness. High degree of subtlety Neg style: Tell her you think she might look really great in high heels.

The success of an approach is especially dependent on MVE. It is important to start with a leader vibe from the very beginning and presented as an opportunity for the two of you make a great connection.

Either forced, too cocky, or too presumptuous. These guys may attempt to make women feel guilty for not talking to them. Weak, and full of compliments.

They expect that the simple act of giving a compliment will inspire her to chase them. One of most challenging approaches from a logistical standpoint is opening a woman who is walking away from you. It requires a high level of physical awareness and playfulness. If you can do this well, pat yourself on the back. It requires a very subtle balance of different vibes, and opening with correct bodylanguage and timing.

An intention can take many forms. You can be anything from the guy who helps her with her math homework to the knight in shining armor who sweeps her off of her feet and changes her life forever. Familiarize yourself with the most common and effective intentions 2. Decide which intention is most relevant to a given situation 3.

A direct intention is one in which you express genuine interest in a girl from a place of higher value. You would then continue to reassure her of this all along the way, and treat her as if she is very special and unique. An indirect intention is one in which your interaction with a girl is purely social: Your interest lies mainly in something besides her. Maybe you are talking to her just to get an opinion, or maybe you are bored - or maybe you love the sound of your own voice!

Keep in mind the two are not mutually exclusive. When it comes down to it, everyone uses both of them, as it is completely natural to use both of them. In fact, a great pick up artist should be familiar with each and be able to use them both with equal competence. To limit oneself to a single intention, is much like an actor who limits himself to playing only one type of character throughout his entire career.

The skill of a great actor is not choosing a single great role, but his ability to climb deep into any given role - the ability to become congruent to an intention. Entering a club, you may see a group of girls, not exactly your type, but still somewhat attractive. You may chat with them in a social way, while waiting for your friends.

Later on in the night, you may catch a glimpse of a beautiful, stunning woman - and you express your interest to her. You have created attraction using two different intentions. How does he behave? Generally he will have a great time, enjoy the moment for what it is worth and spread his positive vibe to others around him.

Women will gravitate toward these guys, and find them very attractive in this environment. Of course not. But people who go out to bars and clubs are going out to party for the evening, and the behavior of a party guy is highly congruent to that context.

The natural is familiar with the environment and the types of interactions that go on during the course of the night. His behaviors are therefore congruent to both his intention and the shared intention of the groups he interacts with.

What exactly is the base characteristic that makes them so attractive? Is it their high energy? Is it their relaxed bodylanguage? Is it their boldness and honesty? It is their congruence to intention.

Pdf natural game

Development of Natural Game is the development of the fundamentals that empower you to choose your intention based on the situation at hand, and remain congruent to that chosen intention. Remaining congruent to an intention means to continually interact with a girl in a way that reinforces your original intent, or serves to further define it.

Congruence is the antithesis of coming across fake or ingenuine. In this game, to be labeled fake or ingenuine is the kiss of death!

As men, we are expected to be strong decision makers, unwavering and ready to take action. Women are drawn to men who already know their place not only in the world but more importantly in her life. Make all of your subsequent actions congruent to your original intention. Congruence has the ability to create massive amounts of attraction in a woman - much more than any given part of the interaction.

Women are not as imperceptive as we once thought them to be! Subsequent interaction increases attraction and rapport simultaneously to the extent that it is congruent with all previous interaction, and serves to further define your intention.

Through congruency, you will amplify your value exponentially with each consecutive action you take. Therefore, a complete method of seduction is only effective to the extent that it is congruent within itself. To a woman, the fact that congruence creates attraction is very obvious. Lack of congruence leads to confusion, and people deal with an excess of confusion by becoming indifferent to it, or by escaping from it. The former will put you into the friends zone, and the latter will cause you to be blown out or cause a woman to flake on you.

It is not any particular intention which makes you attractive. It is your congruence to it. If you master the art of maintaining congruence to intention, a whole new world of freedom and opportunity will open up to you, as you will now be able to make ANY method or technique work. A useful tool for familiarizing yourself with a particular intention is called Intention Mapping.

What most successful methods actually do is teach you to be very congruent to a single intention, through learning behaviors and techniques. Would you like to be lover who changes her life forever, a guy with whom she has casual sex with a few times a month, or perhaps the guy she encounters for a single night of lust and passion? Intention maps are most effective when they match what a girl is ready for in this particular time in her life.

In other words, your intention should be included in her realm of what is possible. While all women are different in the way they view the world, themselves and what is possible romantically, as a general rule you may find: There are basically two main intentions.

Direct and Indirect. Here are some guidelines for these. Notes about the direct intention: When opening, many guys have a fear about expressing their interest in girl before knowing that she is attracted first. Ironically, it is that very belief which causes the lack of attraction. The very act of demonstrating your true intention is what generates the attraction which prevents her from rejecting you in the first place!

When with a wingman, rolling off for a lonewolf, unless you have a good explanation for why you rolled off of your friend you MUST get a quick number. This is in contrast to you hunting alone and not appearing to be in a hurry to a meeting, class etc… getting a quick number is incongruent with the direct intention. If you are alone, and you meet a woman, push it as far as the limitations of logistics will allow before getting her number.

The direct intention is mostly projected through bodylanguage, vibe and tonality. In other words, teasing her in a warm and reassuring way will NOT break your intention.

It should be done in a way that is still congruent to your original intent of being genuinely interested in her. In fact, joking with her should serve to demonstrate your comfort together, NOT to invalidate her. There is strength in confidence. Your confidence in her will translate into her confidence in YOU. Often times, a strong direct intention will bypass a lot of complications such as AMOGs, obstacles and apparent logistical limitations. This is congruent with a direct intention. In my opinion, a successful pick up artist MUST become familiar and adept at projecting the direct intention.

It is THE thing which separates pick-up artists from other players in the club. Notes about the indirect intention: Indirect intention is good for bypassing certain societal roadblocks. It is especially useful when a group of girls is already convinced you have lower value then they do, when your target girl knows you already have a girlfriend or two, or when you wish to attract a girl who you work with or go to school with. Next time you are about to use a routine to elevate your value or generate attraction, do not consider its standalone value.

Instead, consider the congruence that routine has to your original intention. Does it reinforce your intention, increasing attraction and rapport, or does it deviate from your intention, decreasing attraction and rapport? Does each subsequent routine further define your intention, or does it serve to confuse a girl?

With an indirect intention, a girl will have a lot of reservations about sex and generally exhibit a bit of last minute resistance.

Title: Natural Game - Richard Gambler

Backturns and takeaways are the most congruent way to handle this type of thing. If you start reassuring her in a direct way, she will not believe it, and you will come across weak. Using a more direct game without a lot of social proof, having generated attraction based on confidence and body language alone, it is not so important to take additional actions to convince her she is legitamitely special.

You have already done so, and the fact that you are not chatting up three other women in the club reinforces that. If you would like to convert the relationship from casual one to a more romantic one, continue to have sex with her regularly times per week at the least. The repeated sex will result in emotional attachment. Intention Shifting While staying congruent to these specific intentions, there is also some degree of flexibility.

While is is best to avoid shifting intentions back and forth throughout the interaction, there are two common points where intention can be shifted without major repercussion. I would recommend learning how to handle both intentions very thoroughly before incorporating a shift into your game.

The two points that serve as viable shifting points are Qualification and Conversion. Qualification is when you give her a statement of interest. Usually between 24 times If you start indirect, you can shift to direct when you qualify the girl. Stay direct until you successfuly convert the girl.

Starting out with a very social game with heavy social proof, it becomes very important to convince the girl you like her for a valid reason. That is why you must screen her and qualify her based on that. If your interaction starts off direct, you can switch to indirect after you have successfuly converted her. Direct interactions have less of a tolerance for breaking congruency than indirect ones, so is wise to make sure the conversion is thorough.

She must become physically attached to you, through repeated sex. Every successful pick up artist I have ever met has these concepts internalized. Genuine connection with another person should serve as the basis of your game. Always work to increase the positivity of interactions, and strive to improve the emotions of the people around you. Trying to hurt people only destroys your own value. Never allow yourself to get stuck in previous moments during the pickup, regardless of what happened.

It is not sufficient to be a man. Women are attracted to ideas, not men. This accounts for why some techniques work for some people and not others. When using techniques and routines, you must communicate yourself through the techniques, not hide behind them. Many men got into the game because they had a fear of letting women see the real them.


Routines and techniques have become a very convenient veil that they could hide behind. Demonstrations of value should flow naturally from the reality of your life. Value is built, not fabricated. Value is largely perceived as a vibe which is sensed on a subconscious level. How long does it take you to figure out if you like a person or not? Some of my most memorable relationships came from minute number closes.

The nature of your thoughts is the first determinant of your outcome. Never sacrifice your focus in order to follow a generic linear path. Life is unpredictable.

Contingencies always come up. Since women will pay attention to your reactions in all kinds of different situations, your game is only as good as your spontaneous conversation and behaviors. Timee is irrelevant to pickup. We all use many models, and their strength is predominantly determined by their congruence to themselves.

People have a tendency to gravitate to models that come naturally to them, or make immediate sense. For example, when I first met Dimitri, I was shocked. The first thing I said to myself was: His style was unique and fresh. Completely spontaneous and completely his own, I could not correlate a single bit of his game with mainstream ASF game. He violated all the rules and had utter disregard for current models and trends. So we spent most of the summer sarging for entire weekends.

Starting friday evening, going straight until sunday evening - looking back it was probably not a very healthy thing to do, but I learned a lot from him, and hopefully he learned from me as well.

Most of the time was spent in the malls and on the streets of Boston - it was pure, unadulterated daygame. As a result, I had to invent new models to even comprehend what Dimitri was doing. My Balance attraction with value post is a good example, and actually is a recommended prerequisite to this post.

Who can use direct game? Why use direct game? Direct game is a game based on value and self respect. It is based on honesty and disregard for societal constructs. It is completely absent of any takeaways intended to manipulate interest, direct invalidation, and disrespect. People also like direct game because it allows them to persist confidently without pretending to be hard-toget. It is very effective on girls who have high moral standards and have not yet fallen into the party chick trap.

Usually the girls are passionate about something in their life, and had maybe one or two long term relationships. It tends to be less effective on girls who have been emotionally damaged by countless other players who have desensitized them to value based attraction by repeated cycles of attention and indifference. There are also a lot of girls who have experienced this, but have decided that they do not want it anymore, and this method will work especially well with them.

It can also set a good foundation for transitioning to indirect game or pimpstyle game post conversion. Conversely if you start with indirect or pimp-style game it is near impossible to transition back to direct. Indirect Vs. That is why direct is just as effective, but in many ways MORE efficient than indirect game.

One difference is the frame of the opener. Direct openers ASSUME already that you are of higher value, and your bodylanguage, style, tonality and facial expressions must be congruent with that. It is not purely sexual or purely platonic, it is both simultaneously. IMO there are two ways to deliver opinion openers. So considering the latter is the current theoretically correct indirect technique, we see that in opening, the only difference is a technical one.

The more pronounced difference in direct vs. You are taking the initiative to make things happen and push the seduction forward. That is supplication, and supplication is no part of good direct OR indirect game. Good game is good game!

Without these you will make the mistake of qualifying her from a position of weakness. You will tolerate her games, and persist despite her disrespecting you. There is a balance. The best mindset for using direct game is one of being alpha. This has been stated numerous times as the KEY to direct game. While I recognize it as an important element, it is not a complete methodology.

Think about when you are at home and you want food from the fridge. You just walk over and take it. When a mall full of women becomes your refrigerator out of which to feast, you my friend, have got it. I use a slightly different frame with girls whom I am deciding to use a direct model with. So when are you asking me out? When you get Into an opinion opener. You have very thoughtful eyes. This one works very well because it puts the girl Nice opener that has got me in consistently. This is a good direct line to use on a girl who looks This is classic.

With this one way. I will illustrate this with You: They are hair blonde? She wants capture interest. How do you feel about that? This also helps it seem HBs: You part question. A well-crafted opinion opener can dating a girl for three months. They are good in and not qualified to comment on these that they can get a long conversation started matters.

They talk like once a week at pair of hot chicks! Rooting the opener means that most. Jealous Girlfriend Routine You: Hey guys. A spontaneous one comes from reacting to HBs: And she just guarantee you a few minutes of conversation. It leads in Personally. I thought to any skill or routine in these areas. This one is killer. But what do I know. It They will laugh and it just works a charm. It seems to never fail. This is a nice way to open and lead into one of these skills in a smooth way..

He says he wants my advice. He has known his girlfriend for 3 with her anymore. So what do you guys think. The root is that a guy just tried to pick you up. Piercings I deliver this one as follows: Because my ex-girlfriend was How soon is too soon to get engaged? But in a man. Super fast Write down 3 openers you like. It could be noticing something all that way only to ask if they think you look gay.

Pdf natural game

Generally you need a more serious something about the environment and saying opener for a walk-up. A situational opener is taking something If you have three girls sitting in the corner and about the current situation and using that to start need to go and approach. This is to route and escalate quickly. If there is a hint of weakness comfortable as possible is to get used to just and she picks up on it. You have to have remember it.

With a direct opener. The way to be as natural and complete authority. Your goal is just to open and stay because of your boldness. You will notice that as you get more comfortable. Someone I want to meet. For attractive women who get to. Now I put on the spot to answer a series of questions. I can also give you exercises to practice must either be really attracted to you or very, this skill. Ask one and connect on the point then ask another.

During the first minute of an interaction, you need For advanced level skills, try to elicit the answer to do most of the talking. Anything that puts the without asking the boring question — make an conversational pressure on her is something that assumption or guess about what she does, where she could use as an excuse to end the interaction.

Find something more specific to her, preferably not about her appearance. The aunt who you see once every 6 months? When we meet someone questions. The best way you Swedish. The high-pressure interview what he looks like, but he is going to be wearing What do you do?

Make Switzerland. Why is she visiting London? Another Going to the cinema. She is not rewarded Over time, this skill is developed and you can in the slightest for giving you information about usually guess correctly! Regardless of her answer, you are straight on to the next question. This is new, unrelated topic. Every time a woman opens how most guys pick up. It might be her accent, the words she uses, or the information 2.

Self-obsessed relating she gives you. If she tells you she is Brazilian and What do you do? Where for a little while, which establishes a connection are you from? Oh great, I have a Swiss watch and I like Swiss chocolates. My friend went to Switzerland on holiday, said it was great.

You look more like a bit of a rebel, just Cinema. However, they are not experience. The conversation naturally you. In this kind of conversation, the girl will flowed more deeply into those areas.

By giving not want to give more to the interaction because the examples of the most boring questions you have not shown empathy or understanding. But to to be her.

If I am imagining being an artist, I can get fast rapport and connection, you need to do it talk globally about it, then I might wonder what like this: Gambler-style Hook Connections — Taking deeply and so connect more deeply. These are all things you can use to create to talk to you more. Stay away from topics like: Making her Conversational So. At some point she is going to want to contribute The following interaction is was real demo for to the conversation.

See people take this body language stuff too seriously. The a student. Attraction Building. I recorded the interaction on MP3 and kill any kind of interesting stuff you had going on.

If you can talk with passion about things you care Another kind of hook is an Observational Hook. If you enjoy something. This is something that you observe about her — let it show. Have interesting answers to standard questions A girl standing alone with arms crossed. Use story-telling skills here new conversational threads. When they feel good. Think about what yours are and make your input Me: People get caught up in it and start to nails. Tell to be here?

I should use it. Went to bed with her at the next meeting and she later HB: So let me guess. She is asking a There is no way to conversationally block a pickup question of me. Skills of the natural pretty much ended Me: I hate waiting for people here.

Number closed dinner? See if you can make them feel good and get a deeper level of connection than HB: Is that them? Shake hands www. Nice to meet you. The interaction went there are so many people so you keep thinking on in more relaxed style. People crossing their arms are Me: This is a big sign of interest. She whirlwind romance and that we flew to Vegas. If She is Sexually Attracted to You: I was walking down the accessories.

You know a question like this. It also can age regress the now in the rapport phase. Be Observant you need to lead into it smoothly. Women usually street this morning and I passed a bakery and put a lot of effort and time into the way they look. The difference is that girl. To ask her again and discover mutual interests. It immediately brought their bag might match their shoes. After she has given her response you should What is something they are very passionate about.

Talk about things that evoke passions and rooted correctly and there are many ways to do feeling. If you connect like this on a few emotional topics. Connect on these points by to school. Any question like this should be 2. What about you. This means that 1. This continues emotions attached to it. Do not be surprised if the goal here has become to find a reason to see she suddenly starts acting very childishly.

So what kind of things would it be If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the okay to ask? The best questions build comfort world. The following are some examples of good questions to This is another good question and replaces boring ask: You could do Notice things about their appearance clothes.

What do you do? Do you remember these things in the first place? Jewellery and accessories kid with a silly expression on my face because also often have a story behind them or mean I was remembering my childhood really vividly. Next you should relate your own story.

It could be chocolate. Early relaxed with them. What talents do you have that would surprise The reason is: This tells you something about their character and also gets them talking about people they care Think of your own questions too. Throw out a about and their friends.

By the rapport normally feel after three months. It should make their eyes light up. Focus on the time when they were actually in love. On numerous occasions. Have you ever been in love? Root it. This is a great one. This is a good one since she is with a cool guy.

There are seven ways to deal her. Her 4. You are making her feel good about Using Hooks and Connecting her self and her interests and you are showing understanding for them. New need to isolate. So you can walk around and her away from her group.

BAD 2. New York. I might have opened the affirming their choice. GOOD couple of the above questions and follow the process of getting a connection. Yeah you seem like that kind of person. Isolating a passion. OR Oooh. Two reasons why I 7. The dynamite comes later in Deep Rapport. A Square and a stroll through Central Park. Which conversation is more seven ways this can be dealt with are: Have you ever noticed that conversations with a hook.

You want to connect with To close a girl. When you find out something about the person. Something like where they are from.

BAD For me. This is a very powerful tool for making a connection. The step is: It has to be at this stage in the process with an intimate interaction. I am careful to only do this before saying a word. They should 2. Once mastered.

You generally want to be leading the girl at all times. I approached. Others I show too much coolness to the group. Elicit emotional content. The situation. The key here is to speak at a lower volume and 1. I call the closes I notice that the group had pretty much split in can get with this GF-closes.

You next side step slightly around example. Deep rapport is a way to get a With a pair of girls. Feed back and connect. She has done it for 10 years. Imagine why she loves ballet.

I saw Swan Lake. I like football. I show that I Girl: Actually I do ballet. Oh my God. I have passions. What you CAN do ways they are dealt with in conversation: Connect with her on it. Every person has things they are Mystery Method Guy: Or www. My answer would be made up on the spot Or following the guideline of being empathetic and Guy: Oh my mum made me do it when I was a kid. I hated it. These all share common elements. Me too.

You could lie have passions.. Your goal should Or be to get down to this deep emotional level and connect. You ways. Some examples could be: This pretty much covers all the possible responses to ballet or pretty much any other passion.

And the girls you and say how much you love ballet. I missed steps and then performing them. It can be from incidental touches to sex. You need to get her comfortable with your touches and there are lots of ways to do Fishing is about being with nature.

A lot of guys have problems with touching on canvas or a musician does through their because they are scared of being perceived as instrument. I also imagine that touched. The fact is. Hugs feel good. That sense of release from it all. Obviously the first done on any passion. Just feeling the TV. Women can sense the intent behind Stamp collecting is about a sense of achievement.

Whether you like it or not. This is standard for any artistic or creative passion Kino-Escalation People might think that dancing is just learning This was my sticking point for a while. Flex your arm and point at her to do the moment. When you have attraction. When YOU touch her.

Use the looking away trick her rings or bracelets. Do not look at the part of her but not long enough to object to. I did a couple things to it is positive and natural. When you go about her. The faster the kino. I also touched her hair and asked touch her in the same way you would touch if she ever tried it up.

If you gesture a lot. The kiss was on at this a friend and believe that the intent behind point. Below are just there for a second. If she intent should be pure. You can use many intimate at the time. I said is attracted to you. Hold her hand to see and acceptable.

I normally only date a lot of men! The average woman has been young girls and was genuinely surprised to find touched by I used lead. Squeeze her hand and see if she squeezes 7. Squeeze hand. Take hand use excuse. The below process is a smooth way to go from nothing to kissing. Touch face.

But to smoothly lead into it. Sexual escalation has a sexual intent behind it. Look at her left eye. The others are escalation see Sexual Spike chapter: These are purely physical. Blink slowly. Touch hair use excuse. It might work sometimes. Playful Escalation and Sexual Escalation You can escalate kino in two ways. There are more of these in the Sexual Spike You can also combine it with some verbal sexual chapter.

This is a great indicator and the k-close 8. The best way to escalate with a friend or social circle girl is to playfully test out her receptiveness. Hold hand. Okay sure. Even after getting a number. What places do you like to go in the evening? Is she a have a conversation like the above? You can use party girl? Does she like the arts? What is the universal: Think of your www.

X day. I figured out that it becomes easy if you do it Her: No number needs to be based around connections You: Me neither. Example Questions which establish a connection. This is wrong. Well me and some friends are going there on a pickup attempt. Have you ever been to meeting. I used to have pretty good conversations club Y? A connection Her: Taking two opposite examples.

These are basic common interest questions that Her: How does she spend her time? The close should be assumed. Instead the conversation You: Looking at jewellery is a each other. Touch her in increasingly more sensual ways of it later: By doing this. The way in a bar. Easy to see her to remove the pressure from this moment is to again?

Not always. Kiss Closing Now is a good time to mention depotentiation of future objections. Use these tips and all your good the same method to deal with these issues too. The problem is. That might be the case. The way you time: This subject is almost This is a sticking point for lots of guys. It will be excellent to meet up talking.

This is especially important if you escalated kino pretty hard. How to minimise Flakeage: You can easily turn ready to be kissed. We might go home and think that it was just an amazing Finally.

Here are the techniques to connection of all time. The situation: She is tipsy. Same Night Lay What if she turns her face when you try to kiss? If you took a number and met another time. Do this with the girl the night you meet her. This means sleeping most guys assume it to be and back away.

I can generate attraction on You do this by: Establish a sexual vibe as you escalate the it might be gone. You kissing you. See if she is comfortable.

I always try to sleep with the girl as quickly as So. This is not a rejection but I will say Same Night Lay. Remember the Three Characters Why go for the same-night lay? If she is her lips as well as her eyes and see if she comfortable with you touching her hair and reciprocates.

If she is. You might and you can turn her on even more. If want you. Follow this rule to www. Stare into her eyes both pretty sober and have more than a physical in a loving way.

They will reject ugly drunk girls off the dance-floor at 2am. In summary she became my GF! Keep leading her he wants to do to her etc. Like she has met a fantastic moments.

I love romance. You need to connect on emotions. And I guy.

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These Remember. They policy. Find out stuff about her and connection. You say all the outward displays of confidence. She needs to feel that experience. With this girl. This means your house because they trust you more and take we can create a romantic.