Modern ssb interviews pdf

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There are many e-books & study material for SSB available on different sites & groups on Facebook. SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF [All Sets]. Download SSB interview procedure for free here. Want to prepare for SSB interview and looking for PDFs on SSB interview preparation. SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF [All Sets] modern ssb interviews 4 edition is available in our book collection an online access to it is set as.

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Are you wondering about what is SSB Interview? then here you will get the answer to this question. This page will give you a complete. Candidates who are going to attend the SSB interview for Army, Airforce and Navy can download the SSB preparation material books and ebooks in PDF format. Interview is the process of selling of the candidate to the particular In SSB, the personal interview is the psychological assessment of the candidate by the the.

Never try to hide or supress your weaknesses because if you do so. Robert John Edwards. Therefore you must attempt all the obstacles irrespective you succeed or not. SSB Notes. Moreover the sentences which are formed using role play method are the heavy weight sentences.

With downloaded PDF book, one can go through the study material anytime for referring and clearing the doubts. PDFs are a handy way to store the documents and by downloading the PDF on SSB interview procedure, you will be able to store the important document in your mobile for later study. So go on and download the PDF now.

Commented On: We provide best tips and online tests to aspirants who want to crack competitive exams and SSB interview. We are the one and only website which provided online evaluation of SSB interview tests online for free of cost. Discussion Board By: I read this article, it's very helpful to me thank you. Demonetisation in India - Positives and Negatives. Trending Job Notifications Check out latest job notifications and apply to start with.

Know complete 5 day procedure of SSB interview. New Online Tests Practice with online tests to prepare for all competitive exams. Books Know which one is best book for competitive exam preparation. How can we help? Get in touch Contact us. Situations related to 'Road Incidents' For Example: His car broke down on a lonely road.

SSB Interview Procedure Download Free PDF

Worked hard to get first division in the next exam. Although he was a first divisioner. Situations related to 'Sickness' For Example: Sickness of somebody. He caught the man red handed and with the help of of a passenger handed him over to the police. For achieving this goal you must do a realistic analysis of the question. Piece of Advice Candidate should aim to attempt all the question in given time constraint. What is SDT?? The self description test.

The name of the test itself define its meaning i. SDT is based upon knowning thyself and in this test candidate can write about himself. What to do in SDT?? In SDT. There is a possibility that one situation is repeated in other form. Your responses should reflect the OLQs. The time given for self appraisal is 15 mins. Always keep your mind cool and calm with zero entropy.

Establish your true picture and be careful to avoid contradictions with what you might have written in the PIQ. Usual Headings under which candidate is required to give his appraisal: Candidate has to write his appraisal for each heading which has been asked by him. Never try to hide or supress your weaknesses because if you do so. Always give your strong and weak points. So I would request each one of you to prepare the SDT part in advance before going for the SSB and get sufficient practice by writing again and again several times.

What is Interview? An interview at the SSB is a conversation between the candidate and the interviewing officer.

Ssb pdf modern interviews

An accurate action plan includes the following factors: Whether it is selection for the job in corporate world or for admission to a college or joining armed forces.

Need For Interview? Selecting candidates for various appointments purely on the basis of written test is not a fair deal. AIM Of Interview?

The aim behind conducting an interview at the SSB is to assess the leadership or Officers Like Qualities of the candidate by means of face to face conversation between the candidate and the IO Interviewing Officer. No doubt that tasks are more like games. The name itself specifies its meaning that an officer will going to test a group of candidates for assessing their personality traits by giving them tasks. GTO tasks are divided into following two: GTO tasks is the only test in which the candidate gets dual oppurtunities.

Therefore this proves to be an effective tool for the GTO Group Testing Officer to assess the personality of the candidate and to take the confirmation of the personality traits which have already been assessed by the psychologist and interviewing officer. GTO is the last test of the second phase. The atmosphere of the GTO task gives an impression on the mind of the candidate. How to fill the PIQ Form? What is GTO? Task's sounds more like game rather than test.

He is given a chance to present his caliber individually as well as in group. There are two primary motive behind conducting a group discussion: Group Discussion is the first indoor task in the various GTO tasks.

A topic is given and a discussion a carried out on that topic among the group. It helps the Group Testing Officer in analyzing and assessing following four personalities traits of the candidate: In GD a group of 8 to 10 candidates are made to sit in a full circle and an opportunity is given to have an informal discussion on a topic. Here the group discussion is of 'Topic Based' type. There is no need to arrive at a conclusion. Feel relax.

The topics which are given can be classified into following two types: Candidate should take the initiative to start the discussion.

Don't get into arguments and loose temper. You should show the leadership and cooperativeness in you by giving chance and encourging the weaker once to speak. Always maintain the eye contact with the team members while speaking. You should not give unnecessary gesture such as ackward body movement. Appreciating other person view point and adding somthing extra to it using your creativity. Candidate should have a good knowledge of the topic so that he should convey his idea in depth rather than coming with surface level views.

If you disagree with some other person views. Never try to gain GTO attention by looking at him. If he is not able to do so then atleast he should be the second or third one to speak.

Candidate with good communication skills and power of expressions will have an edge over the other candidates. Piece of Advise Group Discussion is a very efficient tool in determining one's personality and is used in every sector of the society for assessing one's personality. Adopt a systematic and logical approach while conveying your views. The situation is given when you with your friends were on your way to picnic or some other pre planned visit.

Group planning exercise is conducted in order to judge the following planning and organising qualities: Though Group Discussion is an informal discussion but it is a formal occasion so one should not used give informal impression and avoid using slang. What is GPE?? In Group Planning Exercise GTO will present and then explain a situation of events having different problems to be reacted by the group.

Your why should be clear and audible. Therefore one should make a habit of participating and attending the mock group discussion.

The time allotted for writing the action plan is 10 min. Each candidate in the group is asked to study the situation and is required to prepare by writing his or her action plan for the group. After this a 'case study' group discussion is carried out in which each candidate present his or her plan and after that they have to arrive at a final consensus. Then the GTO will take the written action plan from the candidates. The following are the type of problems: To save the life of a person.

Mass destructrion. The suitability of particular transport in a particular route and their speed on such routes. Initiate the discussion by putting forward the various problems which has been confronted by the group. Type of transport available to you. One must be very attentive when GTO explains the model. Type of routes and distance to them.

Ssb pdf modern interviews

Following are the various available resources which you will going to find in the situation: Location of problem area. The following priority order should be given to various identified problems: Properly understand the situation and set your priority accordingly. Minor problems Assign priorities to the identified problems. Minor Problems Identify the available resources and hidden resources In the situation you will find various resources which will be available for the candidate so that he can complete the task successfully.

This will help in identifying the hidden resources.

Be active and convince your points with supportive reasoning. What is PGT?? PGT stands for progressive group task. Whenever your point being opposed by valid reasons.

After submitting the written part if you realized that now you have a better planning option for a particular problem and it is more efficient than the one you have written. Go with a systematic approach of planning. Encourage the weaker members by giving them chance to speak.

Do not forget to write and speak your final goal that is the place where you were going with your friends or group. In this whole group has to tackle the given obstacles. PGT works as a great source in providing candidate's personality. Maintain a good writing speed so as to complete the written part on time. Whenever you want to address any group member. As the name specifies.

In case you have to be give group solution do give that group have arrived not own. In the out of bounds area there are some structure available and using them. In PGT a group has to face four obstacles which are in progression. Each obstacle is bounded by a set of parallel lines called the start line and finish line and the area between the two is declared as out of bounds.

The following are the various structures available in the out of bounds area: GTO will ask the group that how much time they require to complete the task. You should ask him to give 30 min.

Using the helping material and the structures provided in the out of bounds area. The following helping material is provided: Most of the time. Any thing painted red is out of bound for everything. It has no significance. Only human beings can touch it and is out of bound for helping material.

Any thing painted white can be used by both human beings and helping material. Either you bridge the gap or reduce the gap to make it less than four feet with the help of helping material so that you can jump. Joining of ropes is permitted. Any number of helping material can be tied separately to any number of structures. This is a restorative method. This distance restriction is applicable both in horizontal and vertical plane.

Worth Noting Point: In case you break any of the above rules even unintentionally. Help your group members to carry the helping material as it is reasonably heavy. But in case some one else idea is better than yours then accept it.

In case your idea is superior to those of other then try to convince them to accept yours. This shows your endurance. You should boost up the moral of your group members and keep encouraging them Encourage the weaker members of the group and do not neglect them. Be an active participant through out the outdoor task.

SSB Interview Procedure Download Free PDF

Coil the rope and put it beneath the plank. Make a swing with the rope using goal post. The various ideas which can be employed are as under: If the distance is less than 4 feet then take a step. Use plank as cantilever beam. Continue giving as many ideas as possible. TIE IT: Tie the plank on the bench shaped structure with the help of rope.

For finding the solutions look at the structure as well as helping material then alone you will be able to establish the link between two which come to you in the form of an idea. When you are a commander behave like a commander i. Do not ask your subordinates to do such a thing which is not practical.

Take pride in your task as a commander by displaying interest and enthusiasm. As a commander you should not only give orders. If you are running short of time then do not get aggressive as it will ruin the situation. Commence your task after doing a short briefing of your subordinates. As a commander your decision making process should be quick. Your body language should reflect enthusiasm.

After analyzing your task. You should boost up the moral of your subordinates and keep encouraging them. Never ask for suggestions from your subordinates in the task. At the end of the task when the GTO calls you for other solution offer him as many solution as possible. Be conscious on observing the rules and take restorative action whenever you break it.

SSB Preparation Material Download Free PDF [All Sets]

In this the GTO assess each candidate individually so as to judge candidate's speech and other qualities. All these quality traits are tested by the GTO using this task. In case that you happened to be subordinate of a commander. When the task is completed thank your subordinates before you sending them. On a broader perspective following personality triats of the candidate are reflected: If you get stuck up at some point then do not get frustrated or loose temper.

Once your preparation time is over then you will be called upon by the GTO to give your lecture. Each candidate is given four topics. Utilize your 3 min preparation time very efficiently.

Give an interesting introduction to your topic so as to make a good impression and gather the attention of the auidence. In Lecturatte each candidate has to deliver his views on a particular topic in front on his group.

Start mapping the points coming to your mind one by one under three heads i. Avoid giving awkward body movements and gestures.

When your two and half minutes will be over you will get a reminder from GTO that you are left with half a minute to go. The topics written on a card will be handed over to you just 3 min before your turn to go. This means that the time of preparation is 3 min. Make a permanent eye contact with the audience. Before starting greet the GTO and the audience. After selecting the topic adopt a systematic and logical approach in preparing and remembering the points on the topic.

Topic selection should be done within secs. Turn your face to all the sides to see everyone in rotation. Adding examples. Moreover one should practice above mentioned golden tips to get successful. IO helps in reflecting the following personality traits of the candidate: Here GTO will watch how you attempt all obstacles and how many of them. Each obstacle carries marks. What is IO?? IO stands for Individual obstacle. Speak on more number of points briefly rather than dwelling only on a couple of points Your voice should be loud and clear.

Stop on time with the same tempo as you started and walk back gracefully. Lecturatte is an efficient tool in determing one's personality and one has to face this task in all walks of life. So it is adviceable that you must participate in debates and extempore.

Speak on topic for two and half minutes and give a conclusion on topic in half a minute. In this task candidate has to cross over 10 obstacles placed in series. Walking over a beam. Climbing through a vertical rope. What to do in IO??

Interviews modern pdf ssb

In IO candidate has to cross over around 10 obstacles placed in series within 3 mins. Jump to a ditch from a risen platform. As you move further from one obstacle to another complexity goes on increasing. Climbing a wall. Coming down through a vertical rope. Walking over a belly. The obstacles are not that risky in nature but are challenging one.

Jumping over some vertical barrier. Following are the different type of obstacles: Walk over a nylon net. If candidate completes the entire task once.

For this he is awarded more than maximum marks to the extent of repetition of obstacles. Do not hesitate to do the task as it shows lack of courage. Adhere to the instructions given by GTO.

Those who try are the one's who get successful in life. Therefore you must attempt all the obstacles irrespective you succeed or not. If you are not able to complete all the obstacles then do not get upset. SSB Notes. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Krishna's S.

Pdf interviews modern ssb

Interviews and Phycho-Intelligence Tests. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Psychology is a very important part as it constitutes of marks. Planning, Thinking, Working, Flying, etc Identification of Characters Each picture consists of two types of character: