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PDF | On Jan 1, , Soumi Banerjee and others published The History of Perpetual War: Indo-Pak Relations. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Indo Pak History Notes - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Indo Pak History Paper PAPER I 1. Analyze the political, social and religious conditions of India at the advent of Arab invasion of Sindh. 2. Elaborate on the. Solved Objectives tory-Past. html Indo Pak History Solved Papers Indo Pak History. Showing A Short History of Muslim Rule in India By Ishwari Prasad. Read more A Concise History of Modern India By Barbara D. Metcalf.

Penderel Moon. Khafi Khan: Shazad Yousaf. Syed Brothers: Pirthvi Raj. More From Attaullah Malakand. Basic terms A business:

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What was the Mongol threat to India? How far did the early Sultans of Delhi succeed in repulsing them from the frontiers of India? Critically analyse the economic and social policies of the Sultans of Delhi and its effect on the local population. Evaluate authority and kingship under the Sultans particularly the Theory of Kingship of Balban and its impact upon the Muslim rule in India. Analyse in detail art and literature under the Mughals. Discuss in detail the interaction of Islam with Indian Society and its effect on the future communal relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Indian Sub-Continent.

What factors were responsible for his shift from Indian Nationalism to Muslim sub-nationalism? Why the Hiindus were so vehemently opposed to the partition of the province of Bengal in ? Discuss in length the Hindu agitation against the partition which finally resulted in its cancellation. Write note on the elections of and the Muslim grievances under the Congress rule in the provinces from July to October Give an account of the factors responsible for the delay in the drafting of the first Constitution of Pakistan for nine years focusing on the differences between the political leadership of the East and West Pakistan.

Discuss in length Pakistan's relations with the United States in historical perspective. How did Ghayasuddin balban consolidate his rule? What were his major achievements as a ruler? Give an account of market regulations and price control system of Allaudin Khilji? Make a comparison between the teachngs, Khanqah organization and attitude towards the state of sufi saints of Chistiya and suharwardi orders or silsilahs of sufism in India?

Ustad Isa. A piece of land granted by the ruler to some of his subjects for his services. Mahabat Khan Ans. He was a renowned General of Jahangir. He arrested Jahangir and Noor Jahan. Malik Kafur. He was a General of Ala-ud-Din Khilji. He conquered Deccan. He was son of Bughra Khan. Alai Darwaza. It is the work of Malik Muhammad Jaisi. He was an Indo-Greek King who ruled from to B. It was a history written by a team of historians during the reign of Akbar.

Mir Jumla. He was a minister of Sultan Qutb Shah of Golkonda. Later on he joined the Mughals and served them in Deccan. It was the history written by Kafi Khan during the reign of Aurangzeb. Nasir-ud-Din Qubacha. He was a lieutenant of Muhammad Ghouri and served as Governor of Multan.

She was the ruler of Gondwana and was defeated by Akbar in A. Maham Anaga. She was the foster mother of Akbar the Great. He occupied Delhi but was defeated by Akbar in second battle of Panipat in Gulbadan Begum. She was the sister of Mughal King Hamayun. Infallibility Decree. It was a document signed by Akbar in , which authorized him to act as the supreme arbitrator in civil and ecclesiastical affairs.

Write the correct answers: Battle of Plassey was fought between: The English and French in India. The ruler of Bengal and the East Indian Company. Mughal King of Delhi and the English. Hidus and Muslims. Write the incorrect statement: Lucknow Pact provided for the representation of Muslims in the Provincial Lagislative Councils in the following proportion.

One-half of the elected members in the Punjab to the Muslims. One-half of the elected members in Bengal to the Muslims. One-third of the elected members in Bombay to the Muslims. One-Half of the Elected members in Bengal to the Muslims. Write the correct statement: When All India Muslim League was found in , one of its written aims was: To unite Muslims on one platform.

To fight for independence. To fight against Hindus. To promote loyalty to the British Government. It is book of history written by Minhaj-us-Siraj. King of Persia. It was the Capital of Raja Jai Chand. This is a history book of Arab Conquest written by Hamid Kafi. Resolving Hindu-Muslim differences.

Pak history pdf indo

Offering greater share to Indians in Services. Diarchy was introduced in the government of Indian Act of Aurangzeb was the last Mughal Emperor. It was the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

Offering autonomy to provinces. It is located between Delhi and Agra. Kanauj is an ancient city lying in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh.

Tipu Sultan was the ruler of Hyderabad Deccan. He wrote Tabaqat-e-Nasiri. Amir Khusrau: He was a historian in the period of Sultanate of Delhi. The August Offer was aimed at: Nadir Shah.

Answer in Yes or No: Amir Khusrau was a great poet who flourished in the Sultanate period. A history of Lodi Dynasty written by Abdullah during the Mughal period.

Pdf history indo pak

Khafi Khan: An Abysinian Slave who rose to the Chief ministership of Ahmadnagar. He was a maternal uncle of Emperor Aurengzeb.

He was a great saint of Suharwardi branch of mysticism and flourished in Multan. It is a history of the Aurangzeb reign. A history of later Mughals written by Azad Bilgirami.


During Balban period he was the Governor of Bengal and he revolted against Balban. He was the founder of independent Maratha Kingdom Sidi Maula: Compulsory Question: Juna Khan: Malik Ambar: Governor of Deccan with special mission. Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakariya: Juna Khan was the original name of Muhammad bin Taghluq. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. To revive the spirit of Islam in the sub-continent.

The day of Deliverance was observed on……… Ans. The Pakistan Resolution was passed on……… Ans. December Raja Muhammad Mehdi. Round Table Conference were held in London from……. The bill of One Unit was accepted by the Assembly on: To reform the beliefs of Muslims. Fill in the blanks with correct answers: Allahabad Address was delivered by Allama Iqbal in…… Ans. To fight against Muslims.

Indo Pak History Notes

To crush the Marhattas. To establish an Islamic State. To fight for Independence. The Objectives Resolution was accepted by the Constituent Assembly in: In order to inquire into the injustice done to the Muslims during congress ministries. When Indian National Congress was founded in Maulana Shaukat Ali. To be representative of the sub-continent. Chaudry Fazal Haq. Buland Darwaza: The Congress claimed that it was representative of the entire population of the subcontinent..

He was a renowned musician. Tarikh-e-Mubarak Shahi: The annulment of the Partition of Bengal set a wave of despair in the minds of Muslims of the sub-continent. The Indus Basin Agreement was signed after years of negotiation in……. A place near Bahawalpur district.

Indo Pak History

The right of separate electorate for the Muslims was accepted in Lucknow Pact. Baz Bahadur: It is the burial place of Makhdoom Jehanian. Faqir Ullah Saif Khan: He was the King of Malwa till he was deposed by Akbar. A Governor of Aurangzeb who served in Bihar and wrote a book on music. Mirza Haider Dughlat: A Governor of Qandhar. Nadir-ul-Asr Mansur: An officer under the Mughal Sultanate administration.

Muhammad Masum Nami: A revenue officer who managed the revenue division called Shiq. It is a small Island of coast of Gujrat. Fill in the blanks. It was an Officer of Mughal administration. Pakistan Resolution was passed on……. He served as a liaison officer between the Emperor and the people.

Fatuhat-e-Firuz Shahi: Sheikh Jamali: It remained in Portuguese possession. This is entertainment tax levied before the period of Firuz Shah Taghluq.

Baha-ud-Din shah of Gujrat took refuge in this Island. This was written by Zia-ud-Din Barani. Shams Siraf Afif: He lies buried at Sukkur. Amiri Tarab: A renowned Sufi of Firuz Taghluq period. His original name was Sheikh Jalal-udDin Bukhari a.

It is the autobiography of Firuz Shah Taghluq. British Cabinet Minister Mr. Objectives Resolutions was passed in by the session held at……. September in London. Cripps came to India in……. Second Round Table Conference was held in…….

Complete the following statements with the help of choice given in brackets: March Shah Waliullah started the Khilafat Movement. February Fill in the blanks.. Muslim League was founded in……. Answer the following questions in Yes or No. Zakat at the rate of……. June Allama Iqbal was elected as a member of Punjab Legislative Assembly in……. War of Independence was fought between Aurangzeb and Marhattas. Nawab Saleemullah Khan. First Constitution of Pakistan was passed in Iqbal was born in…….

Lucknow Pact denied separate representation of Muslims in Provincial Legislatures. Mir Bakhshi: Adina Beg: It is a biography of Mughal nobles compiled by Shah Nawaz Khan. This is a famous town near Delhi. Hussain Ali and Abdullah Khan who flourished in the early part of the 18th century are historically known as Syed Brothers. Three important battles were fought on this ground. They were King Makers for few years. The British Communal Award was announced in September This term refers to the forty slaves of Iltumish who played important role in contemporary politics.

Simla Conference was held in the year……. April The Forty: A Governor of Lahore in last years of Mughal Rule. He was an officer under Mughal administration and was the paymaster of the state. Diarchy was introduced in the government of Indian Act Gulbadan Begum: Moeen-ud-Din Ajmeri: November He was a great saint of Chisti sect of Islamic Mysticism.

Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed in April Syed Brothers: Muslims Holy religious places are termed as Auqaf. Rohtas Fort: Kashful Mahjub: Became the member of the All India Muslim League in…….

He flourished in 15th century. It is renowned work on mysticism by Ali Hajveri Data Sahib. Masjid Jamat Khana: It is a sacred Hindu town located in Kangra district.

Compulsory question. Founder of Bakhti Movement. This was a book on Syed Dynasty written by Yahya Sirhindi. Nagar Kot: Abul Fazl: Became the President of the Muslim League for the first time in……. Bahagar Kabir: This is a religious movement started by Mahavirs. Mudrasa Rahimia: The Quaid-e-Azam: The fort that was built by Sher Shah near Jehlum. Identify the following in two to three sentences.

Who wrote the following books: The present Agha Khan IV. Constitutional Development in Pakistan. Rawalt Act.