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Before presenting the review of 14th edition of this book let us see what HRM is. Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition pdf. Gary Dessler has . As this gary dessler human resource management 14th edition, it ends taking place beast one of Human Resource Management Gary Dessler 14th edition pdf. Dessler, Gary. Human resource management/Gary Dessler. 13th ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN

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Download. Human-Resource-Managementth-Edition-Gary-Dessler-Solutions- Zzn7mm Us8c7v. Full file at. PDF Download Human Resource Management (14th Edition) By Gary Dessler Full Ebook,PDF Free Human Resource Management (14th Edition) By Gary. GaRy DessleR pages cm. Revised edition of the author's Human resource management, A Brief History of Personnel/Human resource Management 13 Given the very positive response to the 14th edition and to the continuing.

Human Resource Management Words 10 Pages than ever before. Practical material helps managers perform day-to-day responsibilities. Equal Opportunity and the Law B. Need an account? Federal Agency Guidelines - Federal Agency Guidelines are uniform guidelines issued by federal agencies charged with ensuring compliance with equal employment federal legislation. Help Center Find new research papers in: In simple word Human resource denotes to employees that help to run and drives an organisation which is also the main workforce of any organisation….

Working individually or in groups, discuss how you would set up an affirmative action program. It is important that students reach a decision of whether to use the good faith effort strategy or the quota strategy.

Resource pdf human management edition dessler 14th

Most experts would suggest the good faith effort strategy is the most legally acceptable approach. The following list of six actions should be demonstrated in the student plans: Compare and contrast the issues presented in Bakke with more recent court rulings on affirmative action. Working individually or in groups, discuss the current direction of affirmative action. The basic questions addressed in Bakke focused on when preferential treatment becomes discrimination and under what circumstances discrimination will be temporarily permitted.

Neither question was fully answered. Subsequent cases have continued to address these issues and clarify more specifically the scope and intent of affirmative action.

Pdf human resource edition management 14th dessler

For example, in the Paradise case, the court ruled that the courts can impose racial quotas to address the most serious cases of racial discrimination. In Johnson, the court ruled that the public and private employers may voluntarily adopt hiring and promotion goals to benefit minorities and women.

The Johnson ruling may limit claims of reverse discrimination by white males. The EEOC can either accept the charge or refer it to the state or local agency. After it has been filed, the EEOC has 10 days to serve notice on the employer, and then investigate the charge to determine whether there is reasonable cause to believe it is true within days.

If the EEOC finds reasonable cause for the charge, it must attempt conciliation. If conciliation is not satisfactory, the EEOC can bring a civil suit in federal district court, or issue a Notice of Right to Sue to the person who filed the charge. If the EEOC is unable to obtain an acceptable conciliation agreement, it may sue the employer in federal district court. Explain the difference between affirmative action and equal employment opportunity?

Equal employment opportunity aims to ensure that anyone, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or age has an equal chance for a job based on his or her qualifications.

Affirmative action requires the employer to make an extra effort to hire and promote those in protected groups and includes specific actions designed to eliminate the present effects of past discrimination.

Assume you are the manager in a small restaurant; you are responsible for hiring employees, supervising them, and recommending them for promotion. Workings individually or in groups, compile a list of potentially discriminatory management practices you should avoid. Acceptable answers include the following: Ensure that recruitment practices are non-discriminatory, and avoid word-of-mouth dissemination of information about job opportunities when the workforce is substantially white, or all members of some other class.

Avoid giving false or misleading information to members of any group or failing to advise them of work opportunities. Avoid advertising classifications that specify gender or age unless it is a bona fide occupational qualification for the job. Do not deny a job to a disabled individual if the person is qualified and able to perform the essential functions of the job. Make reasonable accommodations for candidates that are otherwise qualified but unable to perform an essential function unless doing so would result in a hardship.

Apply tests and performance standards uniformly to all employees and job candidates. Avoid tests if they disproportionately screen out minorities or women and are not job related. Do not give preference to relatives of current employees if your current employees are substantially non-minority. Equal Opportunity and the Law Do not establish requirements for physical characteristics unless you can show they are job related. Review job application forms, interview procedures, and job descriptions for illegal questions and statements.

Do not ask applicants whether they have ever been arrested or spent time in jail. However, you can ask about conviction records. In groups of four or five students, do four things; 1 review appendix A; 2 identify the material in this chapter that relates to the required knowledge the appendix lists; 3 write four multiple choice exam questions on this material that you believe would be suitable for inclusion in the HRCI exam; and 4 if time permits, have someone from your team post your team's questions in front of the class, so that students in all teams can answer the exam questions created by the other teams.

Experiential Exercise: The purpose of this exercise is to provide practice in analyzing and applying knowledge of equal opportunity legislation to a real problem. Required Understanding: Be thoroughly familiar with the material presented in this chapter.

Gary Dessler Human Resource Management 14th Edition

Based on what you read in this chapter, on what legal basis could the year-old California attorney claim he was a victim of discrimination? On what laws and legal concepts did the employer apparently base its termination of this year-old attorney? Based on what laws or legal concepts could you take the position that it is legal to fire someone for poor performance even though there may be a discriminatory aspect to the termination? This is not to say that there necessarily was such a discriminatory aspect with this case.

Equal Opportunity and the Law If you were the judge called on to make a decision on this case, what would your decision be, and why? Video Title: A former HR director for UPS, now the president of the virtual HR director, give some perspective on what diversity means, and what its value can be to a company. Employees of a wide variety of backgrounds are intrinsically valuable to a company in the varied perspectives that they bring to the table, and can help a company find creative solutions to new problems that it has not encountered before.

What kinds of things does Gary Wheeler think a diverse workforce can contribute to a company?

What typical avenues are open to an employee who feels he or she is being harassed, in order to make sure it is dealt with properly? What does Gary Wheeler report is most often the basis of reported claims of harassment, and how are these cases dealt with? What else would you do to deal with employees who are hostile to the idea of diversity? To what extent do you believe that harassment, such as sexual harassment, is usually primarily a communications problem?

In this video, Mr. Wheeler focuses mostly on diversity and on sexual harassment. Discuss five other aspects of the equal employment opportunity at work that are also important Application Case: Do you think Ms. Browne Sanders had the basis for a sexual harassment suit? It does appear that Ms.

Browne Sanders had the basis for a sexual harassment suit. The timing of her termination should raise serious concerns because Madison Square Garden terminated her employment only one month after she complained to top management about the harassment. The Garden also did not present credible witnesses to corroborate the reason for the decision.

From what you know of this case, do you think the jury arrived at the correct decision? If not, why not? If so, why? The jury did arrive at the appropriate decision given the facts that were presented in this case. The Garden had a responsibility to demonstrate concrete reasons for their termination decision.

It does not appear that any specific reasons were shared with the jury. Based on the few facts provided, what steps could Garden management have taken to protect the organization from liability in this matter?

A number of steps could be taken. First, the Garden should have conducted a thorough investigation and documented the results in a written report. Second, the Garden supplied a very generalized response for the termination. Before terminating an employee for performance, an organization should demonstrate that a number of actions were taken to coach and counsel the employee before termination.

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Student answers will vary but look for answers that incorporate concepts from the chapter and take into account the seriousness of addressing this issue in the future. Opinions will vary but make sure students understand the bigger issues. Continuing Case: Is it true as Jack Carter claims that virtually all of our workers are women or minorities anyway, so no one can come in here and accuse us of being discriminatory?

Management pdf dessler edition human resource 14th

This is not true at all. Employers can be accused of discriminatory practices at any time.

In this case, female applicants were being asked questions about childcare that males were not being asked; minority applicants were being asked questions about arrest records and credit histories that non-minorities were not.

Potential charges include Title VII violations, Equal Pay Act violations, age discrimination, sexual harassment, and disparate treatment. How should Jennifer and her company address the sexual harassment charges and problems? The first step would be to document the complaint and initiate an investigation.

Dessler 14th resource edition human pdf management

If the investigation finds that sexual harassment occurred, then take the appropriate corrective action which could include discipline up to and including discharge. In addition, the company should develop a strong policy statement and conduct training with all managers. The department is also accountable for guaranteeing that the activities undertaken…. Abstract In this paper, you will find six questions regarding human resources and human resource management.

These six questions are based on course material learned. The paper will answer each of the six questions in detail to help readers gain knowledge of human resources, how it has evolved and the aspects involved in human resources.

The paper will also give you some further insight of what the human resource department does and the importance of it. The goal of reading this paper is to further…. Respond your finding with examples. Introduction Human resource management is more important in a changing environment than before. There are some challenges and changes, which have great impacts on organizations respective to human resource HR function behaviors.

Take a minute to reflect on all of the jobs and positions you have held, was there someone identified as a Human Resource Manager? What types of duties did the Human Resource Manager have?

Human Resource Managers work to build the capacity of employees to achieve these organizational goals by means of planning, recruitment…. In most cases managers look at human resource management as an expense to a company rather than a source of benefit to the company however, research has proved that human resource management practices can be of greater value.

Valuable decisions such as whom to recruit, what package to offer, the training necessary for the new recruits and how to assess employee performance directly affects the employee motivation and as such do affect the ability of the employee to provide products which the consumers….

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