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foreword Grails in Action is a book for practitioners from practitioners. Glen's “ hour challenge,” in which he implemented the service in. English Grammar Understanding the Essential grammar in use a self-study reference and practice Download Basic Grammar i. From the Foreword by Dierk König, author of "Groovy in Action". Grails in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to Grails 2 focused on making you super-productive fast. In this .. eBook $ pdf + ePub + kindle + liveBook.

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Contribute to chongqiongjie/soundofheaven.infonpdf development by creating an account on GitHub. Contribute to clojurians-org/groovy-ebook development by creating an account on GitHub. Grails in Action is a book for practitioners from practitioners. Glen's “hour chal- lenge,” in which he implemented the

Aggressive listening: Validating user input. Grails in Action, Second Edition combo added to cart. CModeling the domain 3. Building reliable applications Chapter

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Part 1 Introducing Grails

Resource comment. The core technology category. Download the resources to download.

The development of technology of hot labels. This week's hot resources. Command objects 7. Handling custom user registration forms. Working with images 7. Handling file uploads.

Rendering photos from the database. Intercepting requests with filters 7. Writing your first filter. Creating custom URL mappings 7. Optional variables and constraints.

Handling response codes and exceptions. Developing tasty forms, views, and layouts 8. Understanding the core form tags 8. A handful of essential tags. Adding pagination to the timeline. Extending views with your own tags 8. Simple tags. Adding delicious layouts 8. Introducing SiteMesh.

Pdf grails in action

Markup fragments with templates. Applying Ajax tags 8.

In pdf grails action

Choosing a JavaScript library. Adding sizzle: Building reliable applications 9. Running tests 9. Mastering test execution. Understanding Grails unit tests and mocks 9. Mocking core Grails artifacts. Mocking normal collaborators with Spock. Testing the application as a whole 9.

Grails in Action, Second Edition

Introducing browser-based testing with Geb. Using page objects for maintainability. Using plugins: Taking advantage of others' hard work Finding plugins. Installing plugins via the deprecated install-plugin command. Installing plugins via BuildConfig. Applying your knowledge: Adding mail support Sending mail inline.

Pdf action grails in

Using a view as your mail body. Caching for performance: The core caching annotations. Leveraging other members of the Cache plugin family. The cache taglibs: Database migrations: Installing and configuring the plugin. Implementing common migrations. Full-text search: Making objects searchable. Customizing what gets indexed. Query suggestions: Searching across relationships. Protecting your application Dealing with untrusted data and networks Validating user input.

Protecting your data in transit. Access control What is it and what can we use?

Action grails pdf in

Getting started with Spring Security. Getting hold of the current user. Further exploration of Spring Security Tightening restrictions on access.

Exposing your app to other programs Creating a REST interface What is REST? Improving the API Handling data representations. Securing and maintaining the API Configuring API security. Implementing functional testing. Single-page web applications and other UI stuff Revisiting Grails web resource management Defining your resources. Using resource modules in your view tier. Configuring your Grails app for AngularJS. Your first AngularJS controller: Creating a new post via REST.

Communicating between controllers. Better posting with live UI feedback. Implementing UI switching. Introducing an update feature. Finalizing lifecycles with delete. Understanding Spring and transactions Spring fundamentals What is dependency injection? Customizing an application at runtime. Using transactions with GORM Easy transactions with services. Transactions, the session, and me. Understanding events, messaging, and scheduling Lightweight messaging with Platform Core Installing Platform Core.

Using namespaces to integrate GORM and events. Aggressive listening: Integrating Spring Security using the grailsEvents bean.

Learning to think in async: Messaging terminology: Installing and configuring the JMS plugin. Using the Grails JMS plugin Our killer Hubbub feature: IM integration with Jabber. Scheduling tasks with Grails Writing a daily digest job. Fine-grained scheduling with cron.

Advanced scheduling Dealing with re-entrance and stateful jobs. Pausing and resuming stateful jobs programmatically. Job persistence with JDBS storage. NoSQL and Grails Types of NoSQL databases and typical use cases table.

Using Redis to work with key-value stores Installing your own Redis server. Installing the Redis plugin including pooling configuration. Working with the Redis taglib. Beyond the basics: Top posters with Redis sorted sets. Using MongoDB to work with document-oriented data Learning MongoDB terminology Getting set up: Creating your first database. Installing the MongoDB plugin.

Polyglot persistence: Hibernate and MongoDB working together. Stepping outside the schema with embeddables. Dynamic attributes: Working with low-level MongoDB querying. Using Neo4j to work with graph-oriented data Installing and configuring the Neo4j plugin.

Neo4j domain classes: Walking and visualizing the graph with Cypher.

Manning | Grails in Action, Second Edition

Beyond compile, test, run Getting to deployment Managing your dependencies. Continuous integration and deployment. Integrating Grails with Maven Creating a single-project POM. Grails with Gradle Building a standalone app. Grails in the cloud Getting to know the cloud What is the cloud?

The new kids on the block — PaaS providers. Running in the cloud Choosing a cloud provider and assessing Hubbub. Getting familiar with the platform.