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View and Download BlackBerry Z10 user manual online. Z10 Cell Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Blackberry Z10 user manual online. Z10 Cell Phone pdf manual download. blackberry z10 user guide is available in our digital library an online access to BlackBerry Z10 manual user guide is a pdf file to discuss ways manuals for the.

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BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone. Version: U ser Guide. Page 2. Published: SWD- What's different about the BlackBerry 10 OS?. BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone. User Guide View PDF files on your device and share them with others over email, BBM, and more. Phone. The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is built to keep you moving, and so is this User Guide. BlackBerry 10 OS, so you can access the full, updated User Guide by .. View PDF files on your device and share them with others over.

The battery door is flexible and may bend when you remove it. Hide the touch screen keyboard When the keyboard is visible, set the point of regard to the space bar, then double-tap and hold with one finger. The battery in the box that your device came in isn't fully charged. There is a lot more to learn about BlackBerry 10 OS, so you can access the full, updated User Guide by tapping Help on the home screen. In the Group Name field, type a new name for the group.

Insert a Media Card. Insert or Remove the Battery. Using Gestures. Show the Menus. Scroll and Move Between Items. Use a Slider. Select Items. Zoom in to or Zoom Out From the Screen. Personalising Your Device. Device Switch. Update Bbm.

After You Switch Devices. BlackBerry ID.

Phone and Voice. Phone Icons. Incoming Calls. During a Call. Making and Receiving Calls. Make a Call. Answer or Decline a Call. Take Notes During a Call.

Set Up Call Forwarding. Phone Options. Notifications and Ringtones. Find Your Own Phone Number. About Notifications. Notification Profiles. Change Your Ringtone. Change the Notification Settings for Level 1 Alerts. View and Respond to Instant Previews. About Lock Screen Notifications. Set Up Your Voicemail. BlackBerry Hub and Email. Add an Email Account. Search for a Message. Reply to or Forward an Email. Attach a File to an Email or Text Message. Forward a Text Message.

Managing Messages. Delete a Message. Mark a Message As Read or Unread. Create a Meeting From an Email. Add a Contact From the Blackberry Hub. Change the Media Volume. Camera Icons. Taking Photos and Recording Videos. Take a Picture. Record a Video. Using Time Shift Mode. Shooting Modes. Changing the Camera Settings.

Editing Pictures. Share a Picture. Playing Your Music. Create a Playlist. Editing Videos. About BlackBerry Story Maker. Media Sharing.

Customise Your Device Settings. Update Your Device Software. Battery and Power. Turn Off Your Device. Charge Your Device. Close Apps. Device and Battery Disposal. Wireless Connections Icons. Network Connections. Connections Between Devices. Vpn Connections. Turn On Flight Mode. Mobile Network. Connect to the Mobile Network. Switch Wireless Networks Manually. Bluetooth Connections.

Turn On Bluetooth Technology. Send a File Using Nfc. Usb Connections. Mobile Hotspot. BlackBerry Keyboard and Typing. Show the Keyboard. Type an Accented Character. Type a Symbol or Number. Delete a Word. Select a Suggested Word. Change Your Keyboard Language. Keyboard Input Methods.

BlackBerry Z10 User Manual

Screen Display. Set Your Wallpaper. Customise Your Accessibility Settings. Turn On Magnify Mode. Turn On the Closed Captions Setting. Media Cards and Storage. Supported Media Cards. Turn On Encryption. Applications and Features. Organising Your Apps. Rename a Folder. Deleting Apps. Reinstall an App or Game. About the BlackBerry Assistant. About the Calendar App. View Your Events. Invite People to an Event. Change or Delete an Event. About the Contacts App. Delete a Contact. Rename a Contact Group.

Search for a Contact. Share a Contact. Setting the Alarm Clock. Set an Alarm. Set the Timer. World Clock. Android Apps. Change the Clock Face. Amazon Appstore. Maps and GPS. Get Directions. About Location Services. Browsing the Internet. Delete a Bookmark. Security Settings. The Smart Tags Application Explained. File Manager. Managing Your Files. Add a Folder. Transferring Files. Productivity and Work. Change Your Work Space Password. BlackBerry Blend. Add an Entry to the Remember App.

Add Tags to an Entry. Send Something to the Remember App. Security and Backup. Passwords and Locking. BlackBerry Protect. Using Parental Controls. Import a Certificate From a Smart Card. Password Keeper. Legal Notice. BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone. BlackBerry Z10 User Manual pages. BlackBerry Z10 User Manual 80 pages. Page 2 Published: Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents Setup and basics Page 4 Browser Page 5 Security and backup Page 6: Setup And Basics Internet and provide a response.

Using the BlackBerry Assistant app you can start a BBM chat, make a phone call, send an email message, or add an event to your calendar. You can also update your status in social networking apps, and search for directions, weather forecasts, information about restaurants or shopping, and more.

Page 7 Modernised visual elements help you navigate your BlackBerry device and improve your productivity within apps. In the apps installed with the BlackBerry 10 OS, the action bar at the bottom of the screen uses colour to highlight the next, or next best action.

Page 8 Setup and basics Battery Improvements have been made to the BlackBerry 10 OS to help improve the life of the battery in your BlackBerry device so that your device is ready to perform when you are. Battery Saving Mode lets you set options to conserve battery power. By default, when your device is in Battery Saving Mode, the device reduces the brightness of the screen and doesn't turn on the screen when it receives notifications.

Page 9 Reminder notifications for events in the Calendar app have a fresh new look! From an event reminder, you can notify the meeting organiser that you will be late, locate the meeting using BlackBerry Maps, set a custom snooze time instead of the default snooze time, or join a conference call. Pictures and videos taken using the Camera app in your work space are saved in the camera and videos folders in your work space.

Page Blackberry Story Maker The Pictures app also now lets you mark pictures that you want to be able to hide. After you select the pictures that you want to be able to hide, before you pass your BlackBerry device to a friend or colleague, with a quick swipe and tap, you can hide the pictures that you selected.

Page 12 You can also adjust the quality of the sound in your videos by changing the equaliser options. You can quickly send videos to BlackBerry Story Maker to create a story or add to an existing story. Settings Menus Device Monitor To help you track your data usage, the Device Monitor screen lets you see the total amount of data used by your BlackBerry device, including data usage while roaming, and the total amount of data used by the apps on your device.

You can also specify limits and set notifications that are displayed on the device to help you monitor the amount of data you use. Your Device At A Glance Setup and basics To improve the security of information on your BlackBerry device, you can control what appears in notifications on the screen when your device is locked.

For example, you can change your settings so that only the name of the sender of a message appears; Find information about the home screen, settings, messages and apps. Learn where to find your phone number and PIN and find out how to search. Do any of the following: Tap Settings.

Page 17 You can peek at the BlackBerry Hub or open it from anywhere on your device. From the bottom of the screen, slide your Phone Keys Some of the apps that you previously used on your old BlackBerry device might not be available on your BlackBerry 10 device. In the BlackBerry World stopfront, you can check if your old apps are available on the My World screen or find new apps. Move text 1. Touch and hold your finger on a word or in a text field.

You can find your files in the File Manager app. If you have added a work account to your BlackBerry device and your administrator turned on BlackBerry Balance technology, your device data, apps and network access are divided into a work space and a personal space.

If you want to find something on your BlackBerry device, such as a message, a song or an app, or if you want to search the Internet, you can say or type your search in the BlackBerry Assistant. To open the BlackBerry Assistant, on the home To avoid possible damage to your device, do not insert a SIM card adapter into your device. Depending on your service provider and where you purchased your BlackBerry device, the SIM card might already be inserted.

Using your index finger, push the SIM card toward the battery cavity. Slide the SIM card out completely using your index finger and thumb, or by pressing on the top of the SIM card with your thumb. The way you insert a media card depends on your device model.

Insert or remove the battery Before you start using your BlackBerry device, you should charge the battery. The battery in the box that your device came in isn't fully charged. Page 26 User Guide Setup and basics Tip: The cover is flexible and may bend when you remove it.

Do one of the following: The way you insert the battery depends on your device model. If you aren't sure whether you already have a BlackBerry ID, on your computer, visit www.

Page 28 To get back to the home screen at any time, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. To see your messages in the BlackBerry Hub, slide your finger from left to right.

To see the apps that are open if any , slide your finger from right to left. To see all your apps, continue sliding your Show The Menus From the bottom of the screen, slide your finger up and to the right. Keep your finger on the screen while you peek at the BlackBerry Hub. To go back to what you were doing, slide your finger back down. To see the names of the icons that appear on the right side of the screen, touch and hold the icon.

Slide your finger off the icon to avoid selecting it. Scroll And Move Between Items Slide your finger to scroll through a list, pan a web page or move between pictures.

Use A Slider User Guide Setup and basics Use a slider If a slider appears on your screen, you can use the slider to progress through a file, such as a song or video, or scroll through multiple pages, such as the pages of an eBook.

On the slider, drag the slider handle. Tap and tap more items. To clear an item, tap it again. Zoom in to or zoom out from the screen If you want to see an image in more detail, or if you're having trouble reading words that are too small, you can magnify the screen by zooming in.

Page 34 Lift to wake If this feature is turned on, when you pick up your BlackBerry device from a flat surface, your device wakes up automatically. Tap the Lift to Wake switch. Personalising Your Device Before you begin switching to your new BlackBerry 10 device, take a moment to make sure that you have completed the following list.

To see which version of BBM you're running on your old device, look for BlackBerry Messenger in your list of installed applications. Page 38 Back up your device data Using a computer and BlackBerry Link, you can back up and restore most of the data on your BlackBerry device. You can back up your settings, phone history, fonts, saved searches, messages, organizer data, browser bookmarks and media files. It's important to use the same BlackBerry ID that you used on your previous device, since many of your apps and settings are associated with your BlackBerry ID.

You can transfer your contacts, calendar entries, pictures, music and videos. When you finish setting up your BlackBerry device, you can add all of your email accounts and sync the contact and calendar info to your new device. Page 41 You can use BlackBerry Link to transfer data and settings, such as phone history, media files, browser bookmarks and more to your new BlackBerry 10 device.

BlackBerry Link is designed to move the data in your personal space but not the data in your work space. As such, this data transfer method is only available if you're switching from another BlackBerry 10 device that uses a micro SIM card. After You Switch Devices User Guide Setup and basics After you switch devices After you finish switching to your new BlackBerry 10 device, if you used a media card in your old device, move it to your new device.

Also, consider doing the following: Page 44 Download your apps from BlackBerry World You can reinstall apps and games that you buy as many times as you need to on the same BlackBerry device, and on up to four additional devices, without having to pay for the items again.


You can log in to both a tablet and smartphone using the same BlackBerry ID. Phone And Voice User Guide Phone and voice Phone and voice Phone While on a call, you can switch between the speakerphone, headset and handset; mute a call or start a conference call by making another call. You can also open the dial pad, make notes while on a call and move a call to BBM Video. Phone icons Incoming calls Icon Tap Call. Call a recent number or speed dial contact In the Phone app, tap Tap a name, number or speed dial contact.

Tap Save. Answering calls automatically You can set up your BlackBerry device to automatically answer calls when you have a Bluetooth headset connected, or when you remove your device from a case or holster. When you turn on this feature and you have a Bluetooth headset connected to your BlackBerry device, your calls are automatically answered after 5 seconds. Page 52 User Guide Phone and voice Answer a second call while already on a call If you are using the call waiting feature, when you receive a call while already on a call, you can do one of the following: Touch and hold the circle in the middle of the screen and slide your finger to the left.

Page 53 User Guide Phone and voice that you can dial a number by pressing and holding a single key on your keyboard. By default, your voicemail access number is included in your speed dial list. In the Phone app, tap Touch and hold a contact or phone number. Add a contact to your keyboard speed dial list On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. When you block calls, you can stop all incoming or outgoing calls, and prevent all incoming or all outgoing calls when roaming.

Contact your service provider for more info on blocking specific phone numbers. Depending on your wireless service provider, this feature might not be supported. With Priority Calling, you can assign a phone line or app to use when you make calls.

In the Phone app, swipe down from the top of the screen. Page 56 When you set up and use fixed dialling numbers, you can only make calls and send text messages to the phone numbers that you have added to the fixed dialling numbers list. For example, if you give your BlackBerry device to your child to use, you can limit the phone numbers that your child can call. Notifications And Ringtones The Instant Previews and Lock Screen Notifications features allow you to manage the BlackBerry Hub without having to leave the app that you're in when you receive your messages.

Page 58 App Notifications. Add notification profiles to your device In addition to customising the default notification profiles on your BlackBerry device, you can also add your own profiles to your device. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Change Your Ringtone Change your ringtone Regardless of which notification profile is set on your BlackBerry device, you can change the ringtone to one of the default ringtones included on your device or use a ringtone that you download.

You can customise the notification settings for the Bedside profile. Level 1 notifications override the notification settings set for all profiles. To change the notification settings for Level 1 alerts, in the BlackBerry Priority Hub settings, you need to first add a rule.

View And Respond To Instant Previews While you're responding to a preview, incoming messages outside of the current conversation aren't displayed as Instant Previews notifications. To respond to Instant Previews, tap To show the keyboard on a BlackBerry device with a touch screen keyboard, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with two fingers.


Type your message. Set Lock Screen Notifications to only display the sender info You can set your BlackBerry device to only display the sender information in Lock Screen Notifications and to hide the subject and message content. Voicemail Phone and voice Troubleshooting: Notifications and ringtones If the notifications and ringtones on your BlackBerry device aren't functioning in the way that you expect them to, consult the following troubleshooting topics.

My device doesn't ring or vibrate when I receive a call or message Try the following actions: Set Up Your Voicemail Your service provider's voicemail system might automatically delete messages after a certain period of time. If you don't want a message to be automatically deleted, you can save it to your device. In the BlackBerry Hub, or the Phone app, touch and hold a voicemail message. Page 66 Clear the International Roaming tickbox.

Deactivate visual voicemail on your device If you deactivate your visual voicemail service on your BlackBerry device, you must contact your wireless service provider to reactivate it. Blackberry Hub And Email The BlackBerry Hub gathers all of the messages, notifications and events that you receive from your different accounts into one convenient location.

When you add an Evernote account to your device, your Evernote notebooks are available in BlackBerry Remember. Page 69 Enter the username, activation password and server address for your account.

Z10 pdf blackberry manual

Tap Done. After you add a work account, follow the prompts to set a work space password to use with BlackBerry Balance and to enter your work network password.

Enter the account information. Page 71 To stop receiving messages and notifications for an account and to stop syncing calendar and contact info for that account, you can remove the account from your BlackBerry device. Or, you can view messages for a specific account type or message type.

You can search for a specific message, or customise your view so that you see only the messages and notifications that are important to you. Page 74 Tip: Page 75 You can create a rule so that messages that are sent from specific accounts, or with a specific subject, or with other specific criteria are sent to your BlackBerry Priority Hub.

You can also set a Level 1 alert for specific messages so that you receive a custom notification when these messages are sent to you. Page 76 You can quickly find and view the files sent to you and avoid searching through your messages. In the BlackBerry Hub, do one of the following: When you tap Compose, the BlackBerry Hub suggests message types based on the messages you commonly compose. Forward A Text Message Bold, italicise and underline text; create ordered and bulleted lists; and change the font size and colours.

While composing a message, tap Use the formatting toolbar to apply formatting to your text. Forward a text message In the BlackBerry Hub, touch and hold a text message.

Managing messages Stay organised by managing your messages in the BlackBerry Hub. You can file messages, flag important messages or save draft messages for later. Delete a message In the BlackBerry Hub, do any of the following: Page 80 Touch and hold a folder. Flag a message When you flag messages, they appear in BlackBerry Remember so that you can add due dates, tags, voice notes and other files to them.

Pdf manual blackberry z10

In the BlackBerry Hub, touch and hold a message. You can change your settings for the actions that appear in the list view. You can store a key and certificate by importing the files from a work email message or a media card. Page 83 In the drop-down list, tap a signing or an encryption option. If your BlackBerry device is associated with a CRL or an OCSP server, when you add recipients to an encrypted message, your device tries to retrieve a certificate status for each recipient.

You are unable to send the message until Page 84 To select a key pair to use for encrypting messages you send, select an option in the PGP Encryption Key drop- down list. From the bottom of the screen, slide your finger up just a little bit. The current view shrinks to show your notifications. Page 86 User Guide BlackBerry Hub and email Peek at your messages and notifications while you're composing or viewing a message In a message, slowly slide your finger from the left edge of the message to the right.

Continue sliding to bring your list of At the top of your list of messages and notifications, where today's date appears, slowly drag down. Your upcoming events start to appear. For example, you can change your default email address or calendar or the order that your accounts appear in. You can also set an out-of-office reply using your BlackBerry device.

Page 89 When you share something for example, a picture or a website by email or when you compose a new email, your BlackBerry device sends the email from your default email address. When you add an event to your calendar or send a meeting invitation, your device adds the event to your default calendar.

Page 90 When Folder Isn't Synced switch. When you change your Display Style to Conversation, one line of preview text appears in each email in your list view so that you can quickly identify the email messages that you need to read in a particular conversation. Calendar and contact syncing aren't impacted by these settings. Page 92 Turn off mobile broadcast messages Your service provider might send you mobile broadcast messages when you're using your BlackBerry device in certain geographical locations for example, to tell you about local weather conditions.

There is no charge associated with these messages, but you can turn off them off if you'd rather not see them. Type your status. Tap Post, Tweet or Send. About public warning messages Public warning systems are used to send alert messages to users with enabled mobile devices. Public warning messages are text messages that alert users of possible threats to safety in their area. Page 94 I can only see emails from the last 30 days For some types of email accounts, by default, your BlackBerry device initially syncs email for the past 30 days.

To change this setting, on the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Joyn About joyn Do you have friends and contacts who aren't using a BlackBerry 10 device? If so, you can chat, call, send pictures and share videos with these contacts using joyn.

Blackberry Z10 User Manual

If your wireless service provider supports joyn, within the Contacts app or the Phone app, the icon appears beside contacts who are using joyn, so that you can easily find other users. You can find, start and reply to your joyn chats in the BlackBerry Hub.

Invite other joyn contacts to a chat Have something you need to discuss with a group? You can chat with more than one person to help make decisions faster and keep everyone informed. Page 97 If you block a joyn contact, you won't receive any messages from that contact and file transfers are declined automatically.

Messages are filtered to the Blocked Messages folder in the joyn app, and read notifications are turned off. Media Supported audio and video file extensions, formats and codecs Depending on your BlackBerry device model and wireless network, some file extensions, formats and codecs might not be supported.

File extension Supported video codec s Supported audio codec s H. Media Troubleshooting: Media I can't open a media file Make sure that the file is in a format that your BlackBerry device supports. Camera You can use the Camera on your device to take high-quality pictures and videos, and to capture that perfect moment, even in adverse conditions. Camera Icons To accept the suggestion, tap the suggestion at the top of the screen.

To make sure that your picture looks its best when being displayed on devices other than your BlackBerry device, such as a computer screen, make sure that you hold the camera in landscape view before you take the picture. Page Set the timer to take a picture In Normal and Time Shift modes, you can use the timer on your BlackBerry device to delay taking a picture for 3 seconds or 10 seconds. The timed delay allows you to get ready for the picture and even get into the shot yourself.

Record A Video Record a video Tip: To make sure that your recorded video looks the best when played on devices other than your BlackBerry device, such as a computer screen, make sure that you hold the camera in landscape view to record the video. Using Time Shift Mode Take a picture while recording a video Using the Camera on your BlackBerry device, you can capture a still picture while recording a video at the same time. You can take as many pictures as you like, without interrupting the video.

Now you can capture the same event in two ways! Page Change the capture settings In the Camera app on your BlackBerry device, you can change the scene mode, the shooting mode, choose whether you use your flash, switch between the front camera and rear camera, change the ratio and more. Shooting Modes User Guide Media Shooting modes Shooting modes change the way that the camera takes pictures and records videos.

For example, you can use Burst mode to take multiple pictures quickly. Icon Description Normal This mode is available for the camera and the video camera. Normal mode simulates a regular camera or video camera and allows you to take a single picture or video at one time. Changing The Camera Settings Turn off the Auto Suggest feature The Auto Suggest feature on your BlackBerry device analyses the conditions present when you're taking a picture and suggests the scene or mode best suited to those conditions.

The Auto Suggest feature is designed to help you select the right scene or mode to take great pictures. Page Save media files to your built-in media storage By default, your BlackBerry device is set to save your media files to a media card, if there is one present. You can change the settings to save your media files to the built-in media storage on your device. Charge your BlackBerry device and try again. Wait a moment and then try again. Pictures Pictures You can use the Pictures app to organise the pictures you take with and add to your BlackBerry device.

You can also edit, share and display your pictures. Automatically generated stories compile your pictures and videos based on location, the date taken and items that you added to the Favourites screen. Editing pictures Use the picture editor to turn a picture into a masterpiece! The picture editor offers many tools to enhance your pictures, as well as adding unique touches to make your pictures stand out from the rest.

You can also use the picture editor to reduce red-eye, increase the contrast of your picture, make it look like a cartoon, and much more.

Page About automatic stories Your BlackBerry device combines the pictures and videos that you take into automatically generated stories. Pictures and videos are selected by the date taken and location, as well as whether they are favourite pictures and videos. Page Turn off the Automatic Stories switch. In the Pictures app, touch and hold the picture that you want to use. Page Hide a picture from view If you have pictures on your BlackBerry device that you don't want people to see, you can hide those pictures from view.

In the Pictures app, tap the picture that you want to hide from view. Share A Picture. Tap the pictures that you want to share. Tap Take a screenshot of your device To take a screen capture of your BlackBerry device, press the Volume Up key and the Volume Down key at the same time.

To view your screen shot, do one of the following: Pictures added to the Favourites screen are also used in the automatic stories that your BlackBerry device generates. Music You can use the Music app on your BlackBerry device to play and organise your music and create playlists. The music currently playing appears at the top of the screen and you can tap the banner to access the music player controls.

Create A Playlist In the Music app, on the Playlists screen, you can create and listen to your own playlists or play the collections of songs that your BlackBerry device gathers for you. Blackberry Your device uses this information to try to predict what word you might type next and displays suggested words on the BlackBerry Keyboard. Page You can select a song for background music, add intro titles and end credits, and apply themes. Picture Editing Discovering great apps is easier than ever with app recommendations based on similar purchases.

Page 12 User Guide BlackBerry Your personal apps and information are kept separate and private from work data and apps. Easily switch between The battery door is flexible and may bend when you remove it. To remove the battery door, pull up the bottom of the battery door. Insert or remove the SIM card Do one of the following: The battery in the box that your device came in isn't fully charged. A media card is optional.

If a media card is included, it might already be inserted. If you are not sure if you already have a BlackBerry ID, on your computer, visit www.

BlackBerry World Download, buy, rate, and review apps, games, music, and videos. Remember A productivity app for collecting and categorizing the information you want to remember. Smart Tags Store and create tags that contain info such as text, phone numbers, and links that you can share with others on printed materials or by tapping the backs of your devices together.

Notification Icons Notification icons The notification icons show you that you have new or unopened items for your accounts in the BlackBerry Hub. When you have a new item, the indicator appears on the notification icon. You can peek at your notification icons by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen from anywhere on the device.

Scroll And Move Between Items Slide your finger to scroll through a list, pan a webpage, or move between pictures. You can also slide your finger to view the home screen. For example, if you're looking at the BlackBerry Hub, you can slide your finger to the left to see the home screen and your minimized apps. If the item can be opened it will open, if not it will be highlighted. Zoom In To Or Zoom Out From The Screen User Guide Getting started Zoom in to or zoom out from the screen If you want a closer view of a detail in an image, or if you're having trouble reading words that are too small, you can magnify the screen by zooming in.

To see more of the screen, zoom out. Slide your fingers apart to zoom in, or slide your fingers together to zoom out. This is great for multitasking as you don't need to do things like save and close documents before you use the browser, or restart your browser session after you check your email. Learn what transfer options are available to The types of data transferred depends on the transfer method you use and the type of smartphone you're transferring data from.

Your previous device must be running BlackBerry 7. You can use BlackBerry Protect to move supported data from your previous device to your new BlackBerry 10 device. It's still a good idea to regularly save a backup file for your device on a computer using BlackBerry Link in case your device is lost, stolen, or corrupted. To get a micro SIM card for your new device, contact your service provider. How do I reset my lost or forgotten Format your media card or purchase a new media card.

Save the items that you backed up to the media card and then try transferring the items again. There is no Menu key on BlackBerry 10 devices. You can open menus by tapping the icons at the bottom of the screen, and by touching and holding items on the screen. How do I get back to the home screen? It's at the core of the BlackBerry 10 experience, and it's always running so that you stay connected no matter what you're doing on your device.

Where Are My Apps Where are my apps? Some of the apps that you used on your old BlackBerry device might not be available on your BlackBerry 10 device. In the BlackBerry World storefront, you can check if your old apps are available for download on the My World screen or find new apps.

Z10 manual pdf blackberry

You can find your files in the File Manager app. If you added a work account to your BlackBerry device and your administrator turned on BlackBerry Balance technology, your device data, apps, and network access are divided into a work space and a personal space.

What is BlackBerry Link? It understands what you want to say and suggests words to help you type faster, more accurately, and with the least amount of effort.

Respond to emails, stay connected with BBM, or work on an important document on the go. To hide the keyboard, tap the screen outside a text entry field. If you want to hide the keyboard and there's nowhere to tap on the screen, swipe two fingers down from the top of the keyboard. Type An Accented Character Type faster with automated assistance settings You can change your typing settings to help you type faster on your BlackBerry Keyboard. For example, you can change your settings so that your device automatically capitalizes new sentences, or so that tapping the key twice inserts a period.

Connections Your BlackBerry device won't necessarily connect to every type of network that's listed on your device. Your device is capable of connecting to all the networks listed, but actually connecting to each type of network also depends on your wireless service plan. Page 45 You have no mobile network coverage. Your device is roaming.

Extra charges might apply. You are connected to the BlackBerry Infrastructure. The number of solid waves indicates the strength of the Wi- Fi signal. If the signal is weak, your device might use more power to try to maintain the connection. Choosing A Connection Tips: Choosing a connection Your BlackBerry device is capable of a wide range of connections, to increase what you can do with your device and how it interacts with other devices.

Take a look at the list of connections to learn about the different types of connections, some tips for when to use each connection, and maybe learn a few things you didn't know you could do.

Connect Your Device To An Hdmi Display Turn on airplane mode In some places, such as on an airplane or in a hospital, you need to turn off all the connections on your BlackBerry device. Airplane mode lets you quickly turn off your connections and, when you're done using airplane mode, turning off airplane mode restores the connections that were previously turned on.

The next time you're within range of the saved Wi-Fi network, if Wi-Fi is turned on, your device connects automatically. If the times are different, it could prevent your device from connecting for example, if connecting to the network requires you to have a certificate on your device, and the certificate has an expiration date.

Pair And Connect With A Bluetooth Enabled Device If the device doesn't appear in the Devices list and you can't connect by making it discoverable, you might need to initiate pairing from the device.

If necessary, enter your BlackBerry device password. Start the pairing process according to the documentation that came with the device. Turn On Nfc The NFC feature might not be available, depending on your wireless service provider, your administrator's settings, and your BlackBerry device model. With BlackBerry Tag you can exchange many kinds of files, including pictures, music, contact info, and even webpages, between your BlackBerry device and other NFC-enabled devices.