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B Is for Bad Poetry [Pamela August Russell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Forget Shakespeare. Don't count on Donne. Shelley and. B Is For Bad Poetry - [Free] B Is For Bad Poetry PDF Ebooks History of poetry The Classic of. Poetry, often known by its original name of the. Get Free Read & Download Files B Is For Bad Poetry PDF. B IS FOR BAD POETRY. Download: B Is For Bad Poetry. B IS FOR BAD POETRY - In this site isn`t.

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b is for bad poetry - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Forget Shakespeare. Don't count on Donne. Shelley and Keats: banished! And there's absolutely no poet laureate from the golden or any other age. So fawning . B is for Bad Poetry book. Read 53 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Forget Shakespeare. Don't count on Donne. Shelley and Keats: ba.

It's as if Jack Handy was a female english major. If you were to tear the book cover off and give it to a Hipster, they would probably think the work was sincere. I went into this collection of comically bad poems expecting to laugh a lot. C what is with your heart that it breaks so easy? Cow's Milk.

Feb 26, Dave Roberts rated it really liked it Shelves: It's been a long time since I read a book of poetry. This one is quite enjoyable. May 18, Dani rated it it was amazing Shelves: No idea where I bought or found this book, but I am so glad I finally opened it in a last-ditch effort to find accessible poetry to help teach rhyme to my students.

I don't think they give a fuck about it, but I'm absolutely delighted by this collection. Jun 06, Jamie Elvin rated it it was amazing. I devoured this book whole during a few lazy hours at my local library. A funny, witty, sad, morsel of a book, I couldn't help but order my own copy instantly so that I could re-read it at my leisure - just in case I need to smile at some brief irreverent thoughtful poems.

Jul 30, Maya rated it it was amazing. Actually a satisfying book of cynical, clever poems full of plays on words and puns, sarcasm, and skill. This isn't bad poetry at all. Jan 23, Vivek Tejuja rated it it was amazing. Pamela August Russell takes the ordinary, the mundane and the daily situations and turns them into poetry.

The title of the book is utterly misleading because her poetry is anything but bad. These poems shine. They make you want to believe in everything around you and as quickly convert you to a non-believer. They are tongue-in-cheek, raw, intense, stupidly funny at times and mostly they are just mocking all of us, with a lot of ease and panache. They can be referred to or picked at any time and the reader will feel good for a bit.

The feel-good factor and the melancholic angle of the book creates the right balance that is needed in a book of poems, and to top it all, Russell does this with a sense of humour.

The poems talk of demons of everyday life, but without making them sound like demons. They soothe you and comfort you and at the same time make you see things for exactly how they are. There is irony, humour and everything else in-between in this collection. Russell makes no bones about life, nor does she sugar-coat anything for the reader. She serves it the way she sees it or has experienced it.

I think that is the best way to write poems anyway. It is a small read, infused with doses of loss and love and humour to the brim. This is a book of poems for all — for some who take them seriously and for some who do not.

Is bad b pdf for poetry

I highly recommend this one for people who are just starting to read poetry. This one will not intimidate you for sure. Jul 23, Allyce rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review first appeared on the blog Ally's Appraisals: B is for Bad Poetry is everything the title says it is not. From the first to the last page, each poem is one that inspires either a This review first appeared on the blog Ally's Appraisals: From the first to the last page, each poem is one that inspires either a wistful sigh or warm chuckle.

This feeling however is not one typical to the genre and is dealt with in often obscure and imaginative ways. If you have are not a fan of poetry or anything of that ilk, I would highly recommend you give Russell a chance to sway your opinion, you will not be disappointed. Nov 05, Jason rated it liked it Shelves: I went into this collection of comically bad poems expecting to laugh a lot.

The book fulfilled my wishes somewhat, but I found some of the poems to just feel incomplete or overtly jokey as opposed to bad. The poem "Motto" is three short lines: When one door closes another door opens onto a cliff. To me, this seems more like a funny tweet than a bad poem. Somehow I like the equally short poem "Polaroid" better: That's a nice sunset in the background but you look sad. Like the previous poem, this poem's th I went into this collection of comically bad poems expecting to laugh a lot.

From a collection of over poems, these were my favorites: May 15, mentalexotica rated it really liked it. I don't know if there is some subaltern joke I am not getting or if the audience is meant to be the joke.

Because this is not bad poetry at all. It's pretty bloody unpretentious and has a certain refreshing rawness that feels like biting into a cold cucumber on a summer afternoon.

The adage, "do not judge a book by its cover" or in this case, its title, well applies. Ignore the outside. Dive in. And take a big bite.

Jul 02, Lexi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Poetry that emotionally slices and dices you and hits you in waves, but isn't remotely overwrought or ridiculous.

Also, as you watch her break all the conventional rules, it's clear she's doing it for a reason to underscore meaning and that makes it very, very good poetry. Read it as emotional consolation backstage at a play I was in, and it really brought me back to earth.

Feb 28, Stine Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this already from the first few poems; it's so clever and funny, full of irony, sarcasm, intelligence, originality - very entertaining! As others have said before me: All in all a well written and hilarious poetry collection. Mar 03, Manday rated it really liked it Shelves: I agree with the other reviews - not bad at all! Some of the poems were quite deep, others quite hilarious, others a slap in the face.

I would recommend this to anyone who thinks poetry is for everyone. Apr 09, Niina rated it liked it Shelves: A fast and easy read, quirky at places. It's no wonder most official reviewers have seen this as a comedic book of poetry, but I have to disagree. I feel these writings are just wry and jaded takes on relationships and, most of all, self.

Not too special, definitely not too deep. Aug 16, J. Kent Messum rated it it was amazing. This book is one of those rare little gems that hits the nail on the head and makes you laugh out loud more than once. If you were to tear the book cover off and give it to a Hipster, they would probably think the work was sincere. Feb 28, Tracy rated it liked it. This is my favorite, from a poem called 'A Beginner's Guide to Mediocrity': Don't bother getting out of bed. The world is crowded enough without you and your big ideas.

I don't like paying for library books. Oct 04, Hudak rated it really liked it.

My dad picked this up from Overall, I laughed a good bit, especially at the witty poem titles. One of my personal favorites: Mar 26, Daisy rated it liked it Shelves: Not B at all.

In fact, very G. An example: Platitude Omelet I've been walking on eggshells ever since I heard you say, 'She seems nice. Feb 01, Adnan Ali rated it it was amazing. B what is the name of your first pet? C what is with your heart that it breaks so easy?

Kiss me quick Kiss me quick before I have that dream again. With me dead the money's yours. Put me in a cement party frock make me tango all alone or waltz me into the gutter Oh. On top of that. Turns out. A verb. Effigy And Excuse It's not you. They stare Blankly As if to say.

B is for Bad Poetry

Some Not-So-Enchanted Evening I had the homemade meatloaf you thought you saw a woman who looked a lot like your wife. If it is. After dessert I was full of resentment. The Plight Virginia Woolf put stones in her pocket and wandered off into the sea.

My mother always said I have rocks in my head I wonder what will become of me? Napoleon In Vain No matter how many times I try to conquer my fear of intimacy I always come up short. I'm changing. Donner party review I tried to take a shortcut to your heart instead I got lost in the wilderness of my own desire Metaphor Diarrhea I'm falling in love with you like the rain full of intent like a bear in a garbage can like an engine leaking oil like a robber in your jewelry drawer like a doctor with a knife like a new electic razor like autumn in Central Park.

Urbane decay There are weeds now where your tongue once circled. Broken beer bottles and rusted car parts where your hands once caressed.

He's walking very fast and all I can think is where are we really going? Ilumination Handyman The light at the end of the tunnel needs to be replaced. It makes no sense yet I was asked to leave by Gertrude.

And a tow truck taking away the only orgasm left on this empty lot. Graffiti and paint chips where your lips once kissed. I blame the pot brownies Alice made and she made out with me and Alice are trouble in that we're in it.

Leaving me alone with my imagination. Or someone like me only much worse. A statement. You're blocking the writer's mind Hallmark Nightmare Dear blank. Hindsight I can tell you now when you sat naked on the edge of my lips and whispered how good it all felt. I'm so confused. You are kind of mean. Excuses Would the owner of the red Ford pick-up truck please move it.

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So make the bed and put the coffee on. Can we turn off the cameras. If the activity continues. I have seven cavities. She'll still end up here in front of this mirror where she figures if she stares long enough. Makes her eggs stop and tongue go Should I hiccup?

And it's catchy and brown Should I hiccup? Makes her hips sore at school Should I hiccup? Should I hiccup? I'm curious. I hate cauliflower. It's your turn. I think Ben's just going along with it because he's afraid of losing me since I met L Her name is Lucy her girlfriend's name is Liz they're both lesbians but I'm not sure what to do because I still love Ben Oh.

A Mystery to Me My ego is bigger than a bread box. I prefer lying over ignorance. Conjugating You We think you're boring. I need you. Thinking of you while you are gone as I lay here beside you. At least I am. As always. I feel so alone. Blank Plate Tectonics And Us When two oceanic plate meet each other oceanic-oceanic this often results in the formation of an island arc system.

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Rotten In Denmark Dare I ask about our love anymore? The question circles above us like a pack of vultures and when the time comes.

Why is she still here? Paranoid Novella "Are you okay? I forget to shower on a regular basis. As the subducting oceanic crust melts as it goes deeper into the Earth. Flag for inappropriate content.

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