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Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. Shadowhunters: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (Series). Book 1. Cassandra Clare Author Sarah Rees Brennan. Like The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy series is written by Cassandra 1) Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After living as a Mundane and a Vampire, Simon.

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CONTENTS. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. 9. The Lost Herondale. The Whitechapel Fiend. Nothing but Shadows. The Evil We Love. in decades to welcome trainees who could restore the Shadowhunters' ranks . “ Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy,” said Catarina Loss, her voice gentle. by Cassandra Clare. Welcome to Shadowhunter KB. The lost MB. The Whitechapel MB.

Accept Reject Read More. It's best if you finish this series before Lady Midnight because of the spoilers. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy. I'm starting to wonder if this is an addiction. I just finished reading RSOM and every single sentence was perfect and Her marking is the affect-less face, and she is adept in physical combat as well as using magic to fight. Simon learns the worst crime a Shadowhunter can commit:

I love him so much!

Pdf welcome academy to shadowhunter

And knowing to George I have nothing but good words for him, I think it will be a great support for Simon in the process of initiation, which makes me very happy because he will not be alone So I'm delighted and excited to go for the second novel: Seriously, this is getting out of control!

Jun 07, Veronika marked it as no-thanks. Why does she keep doing this to us? And the question is, do we really need more books in the Shadowhunter univers? Now, you must think that I'm going to send CC to hell and all that crap but actually, no. I read Vacations from Hell , which is a book full of short stories about how a holiday can go bad, and Clare wrote a novella in it.

Surprise, surprise I Why does she keep doing this to us? Surprise, surprise I loved it, it was too short and non-closed of course, still I saw some original ideas in it so I don't think she has no talent whatsoever. I will not say anything about her personality because I don't know her, yeah I heard all the gossips about her bullying others etcetera etcetera but I can't form an opinion because I wasn't there nor I know personally anyone who was involved.

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare

Meanwhile I'm going to tell you how disappointed I am after reading her last book in the Mortal Instruments series, it was pretty bad and failed all my expectations. What upsets me is how much people love it, as a reader and book lover it's sad to see how better written books get worse rating just because those books are not so advertised so are read by less people. I will not read any other books in the Shadowhunter World, though if Clare writes something new which I'll happen to like I'm going to read it without a second thought.

Here's my review of City of Heavenly Fire: Aug 21, Angelina rated it it was amazing. Wow this was an amazing start, I enjoyed it so much! It was hilarious and heartbreaking and I really get to see how Simon cope with what happened to him after then ending of the mortal instruments Don't worry no spoilers.

When Simon Said: He did not know the warrior ways of being bros. I was like: He had so many hilarious lines And George Let me tell you he was Scottish and I listened to it on audiobook.

In general, the plot wasn't something huge, I don't think it had it was rather an intro Wow this was an amazing start, I enjoyed it so much! In general, the plot wasn't something huge, I don't think it had it was rather an introducing to Shadowhunter Academy.

But near the end, the scene with Simon and Isabelle was just: Looking forward to reading the next and I definetely recommend it! Jun 10, Annabella marked it as to-read. Oh, by the Angel. It's Simon you guys. View all 5 comments.

Feb 03, Pinky rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know why, but recently, I have had a thing for nouvellas. Back in the day when I first started reading, I loved reading with physical books.

I wasn't a huge fan of ebooks and reading online.

To academy welcome pdf shadowhunter

And I still feel that way, but recently, I had no choice but to read on my phone because there are some short stories that haven't been released in a bind up. Or there are some really good books online that are not released in physical form. I knew that this series came out but I was waiting for the book bind-up. Michelle, one of my friends on Goodreads recommended this to me, but I was still waiting until the physical book with all of the nouvellas came out.

But then I watched Christine's video, and she convinced me and I felt that I had to read this ASAP and catch up with everything because if you don't read this before Lady Midnight, apparently you will be spoiled And I don't want that.

Christine is one of my favorite booktubers, her YouTube Channel is called Polandbananasbooks, if you haven't heard of her, I definitely recommend you watch her because she is awesome! Simon is the main character in this series.


After losing his memory, he has to go to Shadowhunter Academy and learn to find himself along with learning how to fight demons and other things. He needs to find the inner hero that he once was and has to live through the pained looks of his loved ones. This is basically a book where we might get some insight on what happens to Simon and where will this series take us next.

Simon was awesome as always but I hated the fact that I had to see him suffer. The pain of not knowing anything and forgetting the most important things that have happened to you. The pain of forgetting the people you love is just so horrid. And seeing the others try to move past what happened hurts so much. Isabelle misses Simon and has to deal with the fact that he forgot about her About them.

Reunited with Simon Me in my dreams: You take care of yourself," he said. She is so awesome, beautiful, and fierce, I look up to her in ways because of this. Simon and Isabelle's lines to each other were painful. He wants to be the guy he used to be but he doesn't remember anything and he doesn't feel like he will be the hero.

If you haven't read this short story or whatever it is called, I highly recommend you do so. It's best if you finish this series before Lady Midnight because of the spoilers.

Pdf academy to welcome shadowhunter

Also, you get to revisit the world and reunite with the characters you love! Though Magnus did seem to like Alec quite a lot. S Happy Valentines Day! View all 11 comments. Jun 09, Majo rated it liked it Shelves: I just need this!

Simon es un amor, pero la trama I just love reading about the shadow hunter world and after City of Heavenly Fire it's great to catch up with Simon again. I love his nerdy sense of humour like weeping Angel jokes! I'm glad to see that even though he's lost the majority of his memories that his personality has remained the same. I jut love the SIzzy ship and hope they fully work things out soon! Also enjoying reading about Simon 5 Stars - Wishing I got a shadow hunter academy invitation just as much as I want a Hogwarts letter!

Also enjoying reading about Simon's cool mundie roommate George and can't wait to read more about their endeavours in the rest of the book. View 2 comments. Jan 14, Liam rated it really liked it. Reading this made me realise how much I have missed Simon Lewis He's literally such a dork and super genuine and funny, I love him so much and just want to be his friend really! This story was really great and actually gave me Harry Potter vibes due to the whole Academy and lessons thing and I loved it!

I am well and truly already in love with George to be honest and I'm so excited to see where this series goes!! I loved this story!

I specially adored seeing everyone again. I missed them so, so much! I also really enjoyed seeing the Academy and how it works or how it tries to work. Catarina has confusing me at first but then she became the warlock I remembered! George surprised me, I ended up really liking him, I can see him and Simon being very good friends. The rest of the students were okay. I just want him to get his memories back or make peace with the fact that we won't ever be the guy he I loved this story!

I just want him to get his memories back or make peace with the fact that we won't ever be the guy he once was. I really loved the way he spoke him mind about the way he saw things. But the way he's dealing with Izzy? I think he should tell to start again. If only she could forget the boy he once was and just enjoy meeting this new Simon it would me a lot easier.

And speaking of Izzy, I loved her class! Sizzy for life PS. Does anyone remember why Alec has a problem with Simon? I'd like to know. View all 18 comments.

Mar 04, grace rated it really liked it. I love him so much. Oct 22, Maria Kaye marked it as never-ever-everrr. LOL I thought 5 shadowhunter series was enough. Apparently it wasn't. Oct 17, Melanie rated it it was ok Shelves: We get to meet so many new students, since the Shadowhunter world is in desperate need to replenish their fighters! I already love George. I already hate Jon. I want good angst, not forced angst.

This was a pretty good start to a new chapter in the Shadowhunter World. A tad bit slow, but an interesting start and introduction to the Shadowhunter Academy nonetheless.

I can really see these novellas taking off. I was devastated about what happened to Simon by the end of City of Heavenly Fire but I'm glad things are starting to turn around for him. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Simon's novellas will go. I love the new characters especially George Lovelace. He's an absolute sweethear This was a pretty good start to a new chapter in the Shadowhunter World.

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy

He's an absolute sweetheart! I'm hoping to finish all of the novellas before Lady Midnight! I don't think it'll happen but I'm hoping to get a few novellas down at least. View all 4 comments. Jul 15, Seeker of dreams rated it liked it Shelves: I want this more than anything. I need it now!! And I will be happy, very happy. I'm dying to read it. And him to be Izzy's boyfriend because they are adorable together.

Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy 21 34 Mar 19, Simon Lewis. Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. Short Stories. About Cassandra Clare. Cassandra Clare. Hello Goodreadsers. Here's my official bio: Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction.

Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts. Go sign up so you don't miss the conversation when it starts! Other books in the series. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy 1 - 10 of 11 books.

Books by Cassandra Clare. Trivia About Welcome to Shadow No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Welcome to Shadow She couldn't be talking about him.

Could she? Apparently she was talking about him. So if any of you think about trying to hurt him because he's a mundie or--may the Angel have mercy on your soul--pursuing him romantically, I will come after you, I will hunt you down and I will crush you to powder. I know you've had a lot of boyfriends. I remember that was a faerie, and"--another flash of memory, this time most unwelcome--"a Lord Montgomery? You dated a member of the nobility? How am I ever going to compete with that? Simon has an encounter with Downworlders and is reprimanded for not following the rules for Academy students interacting with Downworlders.

A story within a story: Andrew Blackthorn, while a student at the Academy, becomes enthralled by a faerie and has two children with her: Mark and Helen. Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn become parabatai. Simon and Clary both act as their witnesses, so they can see what a parabatai bond forming looks like as they want to become parabatai as soon as Simon graduates — and because Emma asked Clary.

The ritual goes unexpectedly. Simon, like the rest of the Academy, is stunned when a navy-skinned warlock baby is found on the Academy steps. They hand the child over to guest lecturer Magnus Bane, who has to bring a child home… temporarily, of course… to his man!

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