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In the novels of R. K. Narayan (), the forefather of modern Indian fiction , human-scale In The Financial Expert, a man of many hopes but few res. The Financial Expert by soundofheaven.infon - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ABSTRACT R.K. Narayan's The Financial Expert is a. Summary-RK Narayan - The Financial Expert - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. RK Narayan, The Financial Expert.

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PDF | On Dec 1, , Tanu Gupta and others published R. K. Narayan's The Financial Expert: The Role Of Passion For Money In Margayya's. ISBN 81 6 Printed by Bright Printers, Laxmipura, Jalandhar Chapter 15 INDIA IN R.K. NARAYAN'S NOVEL THE FINANCIAL EXPERT Brahma Dutta. Get news about Literary Fiction books, authors, and more. “Few writers since Dickens can match the effect of colorful teeming that Narayan’s fictional city of Malgudi conveys.”. “Narayan is a writer of Gogol’s stature, with the same gift for creating a provincial.

His behavior is have the playing. Balu remains busy in spending that money in and Rose garland round his neck. We fail to magnifying glass and catches it in its various tones. Pal and Balu come in a motor-car and then Margayya beats his son's companion, and there arc at least two motor-cars we hear of, the first is the one which brings Pal and Balu from the club and the second in which Margayya rides. Thus the message conveyed through The probing into subconscious and the unconscious as is Financial Expert is that human relationships are more the case with the modern novelist. As me tell you. All this signifies that Narayana's priest is a well-read man rather than an ignorant person.

Since there exists no organization of the farmers in this novel, it is evident that the farmers of Narayan's India in The Financial Expert have not made any effort to organize themselves into unions. In other words, Narayan's Malgudi has no organization to unite the peasants so that they may jointly fight for better economic gains in the market and for a better treatment from the government officials.

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India in R. Narayan's Novel The Financial Expert Since the Co-operative Bank supplies loan application forms free of any charge, and does not charge even cost-price it is evident that the Governors of the Bank want it to work for the welfare of the peasants rather than as a profit-making institution.

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Since Mallanna asks for money for his daughter's marriage even though he spends it on alcoholic drinks and gambling TFE, p.

Margayya's explicit statement: However, the condition of the urban population is different: The fact that at Dr. Pal's advice a large number of depositors withdraw their sums of money from Margayya's bank with the result that the bank fails and Margayya goes insolvent signifies that the depositors do not feel their money safe in a private bank and that they are bold enough to withdraw their money as and when they suspect some threat to its existence and appreciation.

In other words, the people of neither of these two categories leave their money at the mercy of fate: The fact that the showcase of the optician from whom Margayya buys spectacles but pays no money in return begins "to display powder-puffs, scents, chocolate-bars The implication is that those who buy these items of luxury pay better than those who buy spectacles. In other words, in the India of The Financial Expert money is flowing into the pockets of the sellers of powder-puffs, scents and chocolate-bars, the publishers of pornographic books, wine-sellers, the beneficiaries of gambling, and the fathers of bridegrooms.

The fact that a tourist's home is run by Dr. Pal also Contemporary Indian English Fiction signifies thai some people here have money enough to spend on sight-seeing.

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The existence of the club which Dr. Pal and Balu join affirms that a substantial number of people of the town arc rich enough to spend their money on such 'pleasures'. Another meaning implied here is that clubs have an undesirable influence on people's morals.

Since Balu gets the job of a supervisor over boys selling tea in Madras as soon as he reaches the city, it can be inferred that in Narayan's Madras menial jobs of the kind arc available in plenty and one can get one of them quite easily.

The fact also shows that tea sells very well in the market. Since in Malgudi there are people who pay for the last rites of a destitute so liberally that some of the people engaged in "scavenging, load-carrying and stone-quarrying" TFE, p. The fact also highlights the traditional Indian value of charily in some people living in Narayan's India too. The bank officials who figure in the novel do not explain the details of the peasants' accounts to them on the ground that they are busy TFE, p.

All these facts and the fact that Margayya remains busy throughout the day helping peasants in getting loans indicate that these bank officials are not adequately sympathetic towards the peasants, try to refrain from helping them and indulge in the practice of taking bribes.

Narayan also mentions certain facts which throw light on the political activities of the town. For instance, it is evident that elections for municipalities arc held here and the persons in power play the trick of getting welfare activities done shortly before elections so that they are able to get people's votes before what they have done has become stale.

The fact is evidenced by the Municipal officials' having left the gutter of the Vinayak Mudali Street unclcancd till the next elections and people's saying, " 'They are only looking for the election voter there!

The fact implies that people working in the political field are clever enough to use their measures for people's India in R. Narayan's Novel Hie Financial Expert welfare for political gains for themselves. It also throws light on the fact that the voters' memory is short and that they vote for only those candidates who arc engaged in welfare activities at the moment ralhcr than those who have worked for ihcm in the past.

Like their political masters, the voters arc also guided by immediate consideration and not long term benefits. Technology is being used for both desirable and undesirable purposes: Pal works as a journalist, arc printed, there is also Madan Lai's printing press in which the pornographic book Domestic Harmony is printed.

Machines here have made Mangal Seth rich and unlike the cobbling machine in Mulk Raj Anand's story 'The Cobbler and the Machine' have driven none to a pre mature death. The fact that the book Domestic Harmony sells so well that Margayya gets money enough not only to live comfortably but also to spare for the election for the post of the Secretary of the governing body of a school signifies that Narayan's India is a flourishing market for books of pornography written in English language.

That there are laws here to discourage the publication of such books is evident from Madan Lai's saying to Margayya that he will consult his lawyer before agreeing to print the book TFE, p.

The India of Tlie Financial Expert has in it not only those who make people resort to praying to gods and goddesses to achieve their ends but also those who believe they can achieve their ends through prayers. The priest of the temple Margayya visits, the Municipal Chairman, and the.

However, the novelist docs not give any suggestion to the effect that the priest makes people believe in the efficacy of prayer in order to cheat people into giving him money. The people who believe in the efficacy of prayers and devotion include the handloom weaver whose son is suffering from a wasting disease TFE, p.

The priest is able to tell Margayya the story of Markandaya and expresses his belief in the teaching of the Bhagvadeita that action is man's duty, reward not his concern TFE, p.

The Financial Expert

He also tells the story as told in the Mahabliarata TEF, p. In The Financial Expert , a man of many hopes but few resources spends his time under a banyan tree dispensing financial advice to those willing to pay for his knowledge. As charming as it is compassionate, this novel provides an indelible portrait of India in the twentieth century.

Narayan — , born and educated in India, was the author of 14 novels, numerous short stories and essays, a memoir, and three retold myths. His work, championed by Graham Greene who became a close friend , was often compared… More about R. Narayan is one of them. The Financial Expert By R.

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