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The Devil We Know. Gregory Lehman. 1 2 Foreword I am pleased to provide a foreword for the Robinson's Cup catalogue which is part of a special exhibition in . Read The Devil We Know PDF - Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower by Robert Baer Broadway Books | Over the past thirty years, while. The Devil We Know: An Objective Look at the Prince of Darkness. Program Subjects: Folklore; Mythology. Year Produced: Directed by: Jessica Brown .

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DuPont factory workers who handled C8 on a daily basis -- people like Ken Wamsley and Sue Bailey. --confront the company that exposed them to C8. Pathfinder Society Scenario The Devil We Know Part I: Shipyard Rats is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st- to 7th-level characters (Tiers: 1–2, . Pathfinder Society Scenario The Devil We Know Part II: Cassomir's Locker is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 7th level characters (Tiers.

The allusion was to a prejudice in the Middle East, especially among Sunni fundamentalists, that the Persians never gave up Zoroastrianism, the ancient Iranian religion that worships fire. Another business, another piece of Iran the Revolutionary Guards own. And what can the West do about it? Once the PCs are within 5 feet of the elemental, it bursts from the ground and attacks the PCs. Israel fought and lost to a phantom. Completely overwhelmed, the derros try to beat back Derro Commander CR 7 their attackers, while the PCs face a much smaller group Female derro rogue 4, shadow dancer 1 as determined by tier below. Founded by Ayatollah Khomeini in to solidify control over Iran, the Revolutionary Guards started as a brutal vigilante outfit, torturing or assassinating anyone suspected of opposing the revolution.

Devil know pdf we the

Sep 30, Pages. Sep 30, Minutes. By mixing anecdotes with information gleaned from clandestine sources, Baer superbly demonstrates that Iran, far from being a wild-eyed rogue state, is a rational actor—one skilled in the game of nations and so effective at thwarting perceived Western colonialism that even rival Sunnis relish fighting under its banner.

For U. The alternative—to continue goading Iran into establishing hegemony over the Muslim world—is too chilling to contemplate. This is a book McCain and Obama should ponder. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Add to Cart. Also by Robert Baer. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Related Links Contact us about speaking engagements with Robert Baer. Nefti knows nothing of the bell of obedience. Do you want to join us and free the kidnapped victims?

Former Im just a boywhat help could I be? How many derros did you see? A full pardon of my radiates arcane power from the school of enchantment. The tunnels reportedly cover several miles to suggestion. You could wander the the bell, but rather that the aberrant masters of a once tunnel system for days.

Why did you not try to stop the derros? Because Im just a boy and I hid to save myself. Knowledge local or bardic Why is the Aspis Consortium helping us? Some folks say Natures Cataclysm druids sent the rats as the citys punishment for greedily taking too much blackwood for their shipbuilding industries. Act 1: The northernmost building, just west of a shadowy.

Herein the indoor market, mess hall, B9 Outside Swift chapel, and beggars boxes reside. Miscreant Alley golden lady who stares dispassionately at those who fill the beggars boxes with spare coins.

A few small Convict bands roam the rest of the grounds bent on Market Beggars Lane CP keeping anyone from gaining access to the prison. The map on this page indicates three possible T T locations the PCs might encounter one of those bands of druids marked CP. Keep Creatures: Once the PCs come within 40 feet of any area where a patrol is marked, allow them to make a DC 15 Perception check to hear B7a cultist mutter a curse-filled prayer.

Keep in mind that the rats have the scent abilityshould they smell the PCs approaching, they squeak a shrill warning to the cultists. Regardless of how the PCs approach B6 the prison or how long they spend exploring its Greedy Narses grounds, they only encounter one band of cultists before entering the prison. To the south, across Speed 30 ft. To the south, across Tactics Beggars Lane, stands the north wall of the central keep.

During Combat The druids cast shillelagh on their clubs already To the keeps east, and the markets south, several larger figured into their stats and attack the PCs with their dire rat homes reserved for the Swifts more wealthy criminals companions and minions. They rave about the end of the world. Defense Morale The druids fight to the death. The keep is three Defensive Abilities evasion stories tall and once contained several holding cells, but the Offense cells iron bars were evaporated to flakes and powder by the Speed 40 ft.

Special Attacks disease Statistics B1: A DC 12 Dex to modify Swim Perception check locates the records amid a pile of papers SQ link, share spells, tricks attack, defend, guard, stay strewn on the floor. Special Abilities Disease Ex Filth fever: Biteinjury; save Fort DC 12; onset B2: Con damage; cure 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is It contains several enormous wooden tables, stained by Constitution-based. The room smells musty and rotten.

If any cultists manage to survive, they flee B3: Kitchen the PCs into Cassomir and attempt to leave the city.

By the This large kitchen holds culinary equipment needed to serve time the PCs finish this encounter, the constabulary has a large number of prisoners.

Several dead prison cooks lie secured the southern end of the prison and has killed and here, their bodies slashed and stabbed repeatedly. A DC 10 captured the remaining cultists. Should the PCs proceed Perception check reveals that the wooden handles scattered from the prisons northern grounds to the main entrance about the floor are knife handles devoid of blades. Beggars Boxes and waiting for the PCs to arrive.

Pdf the know devil we

Nearby, a handful of These twin corridors hold many small rooms that look ragged and injured cultists are in manacles and seated out through rusted bars out onto the small square in against the wall. A cleric tends to wounded constables. At the base of each set of exterior bars, The uninjured constables are relieved to see the PCs and a box with a slot for coins sits on the ground.

There are 12 let them into the prison without question, though with small rooms in total. Each wooden box has been smashed words of encouragement. A few scattered Rewards: If the PCs defeat the cultists, reward each tier coppers can be found on the floor in the west room. Mission Notes: Qadira faction PCs can find Pasha Tier Muhlia Al-Jakris coin in the west roomit rests inside Give each player 7 gp.

DC 12 Perception check. Give each player 14 gp. Tier Swift Chapel Give each player 1, gp. This foot-by foot room contains the recognizable Act 2: Swift Prison trappings of a chapel. An altar dedicated to Abadar rests upon a raised section near the northern wall. Interior Two features dominate Swift Prisons interior: Any PC capable Narses and the prisons main keep.

The Greedy Narses is of casting detect magic or similar magic or ability can. Theres nothing the PCs can do to stop the theft its theft is meant to reinvigorate the hostilities Stavians Fair between the Society and the Aspis.

Cheliax faction B8 interested insthe Debtor inscription on the chapels yoke Lane located in the bell tower here.

The inscription reads, Through obedience we find peace. Taldor faction PCs should be interested in recording the Convict bells tone here; all they have to do is open the box Market Beggar the bell.

Keep B6: Within the keeps yard, four derro corpses surround an insectile quadruped. Countless barbed B6 crossbow bolts penetrate the strange beasts hide, Greedy Narses and where its head should be, thick ichors moisten the ground around two separated feathered antennae. The derros used a rust monster to penetrate B2 Swift Prisons iron barriers, but once the rust B1 B5 monster ran out of food, it hungrily turned on its derro handlers.

Dozens of rats feed on the dead B3 and scurry about the yard. B4 B4 Creatures: The derros left behind an earth elemental slave to slow any pursuit two small earth elementals in Tier The elemental is buried beneath the yard just in front of the gates that lead to area B7.

Once the PCs are within 5 feet of the elemental, it bursts from the ground and attacks the PCs. Looting the derros corpses gains the following bounty: I write in haste. Whoever finds this be warned, the derro took us all! Look for discarded paper to follow my path. They are herding the prisoners into the lower cells in Stavians Fair.

They have a. Tier 12 CR 1 20 Perception check identifies an appropriate sample on the elementals back. Arrow Trap CR 1 Rewards: Effects All Tiers: Trigger location; Reset none Give each player gp. The scenario assumes the PCs head down. Should they instead Tier 67 CR 6 use the stairs to access the upper floors of the keep, they find the rooms there tossed and disheveled just like area Wyvern Arrow Trap CR 6 B7, with no clues or items of value.

The f irst level of Stavians Fair contains four large B9: Stavians Fair2nd Level solitary conf inement pens reserved for political The second level of the Fair, like area B7 above, is stripped dissidents.

Due to the wooden nature of these cells, the of nearly everything metal, leaving what was once a tangle rust monsters carnage did not affect this f loor. In the of dank, solitary confinement cages transformed into a southwest cell, a DC 10 Perception check locates a diary, tumbled mess of furniture and prisoner odds and ends. Several pages beyond the last entry were suggests a struggle, and a DC 10 Perception check finds torn out.

The derro left behind the same trap on both sets the southeast corner of the room. The derros left someone of stairs that descend to area B9. The traps vary by tier behind here: Finding surface to fight the constabulary, they unchained the the derros is actually a fairly simply matter of following Crazed Painter and let him go. He into the Darklandsthey have a great deal of prisoners, followed the derros through the Ismacco tunnel system including one who is leaving a trail of paper behind him, into the topmost level of the Darklands beneath Cassomir.

Behind the door There, he trailed the derro to the grotto of Groetus in the southeast corner of this room, the PCs find an and witnessed the derros using the grotto to turn their open trap door and a ladder that descends into area C1. So offended by When closed, it takes a DC 40 Perception check to find the the use of his patron deitys unholy place, the Crazed trap door from above and open itfrom below, its always Painter returned to the prison in the hopes that he might obvious where it is and how to open it.

Cheliax faction PCs may attempt to have and destroy the derros abusing Groetuss unholy grotto. To his delight, the PCs have arrived to do it for him. Taldor faction PCs the south wall contentedly painting a large mural. The may attempt to have the Crazed Painter paint a portrait mural depicts two large snakes carrying a bell into of Dalsine.

A DC 12 Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check Cassomirs sewers and portrays in great detail what is gets the painter to accept the commission, and he has the clearly the PCs chasing after the snakes.

The Crazed Painter begins this encounter unfriendly though its better classified as completely unaware. Cassomir Sewers Once made at least indifferent, the Crazed Painter smiles and cooperates with the PCs in a semi-lucid state. Refuse rushes by in a stream of garbage carried swiftly The PCs may have questions for the Crazed Painter. A five-foot-wide dry ledge sits a Below are some likely questions and their answers. Groetus and west sides of the sewer. On the west wall, a massive iron has grander plans for me.

In fact, he has grand plans for door blocks passage beyond. An image carved into the door is you as well. How did you know we were coming? Groetus told me you would come, and he asks that you rid his shrine of the There is no light here beyond what the PCs have with derros. But I warn you, do not interfere with his shrine or them. The iron door on the west wall is locked. The door Groetuss anger will be swift. The bell and the lock has a Disable Device DC of 20, hardness 15, was taken.

They have such plans for it. All attempts to bypass the doors lock or What are the derros doing at the shrine? They interfere bash down the door alerts everyone in area C2. The PCs descend the ladder into area C1 on the east side Where are the derros?

PCs can make DC 15 Acrobatics checks to balance the southeast corner of the room and says, Down, down, across the rock fall to reach the other sidefailure means deeper, and down, follow my map to the underground.

The Crazed Painter hands whoever asked and the risk of exposure to Cassomirs brand of filth fever. Who took the bell? Those two snakes, he says and Cassomir Filth Fever points to the mural with a toothless smile. Feel free to draw a random Effect 1d3 Dex damage and 1d3 Con damage; Cure 2 jumble of stick figures, letters, numbers, and lines on a consecutive saves. Straw-filled cages line the north and Languages Common south walls. In the rooms center, a strange pedestal, carved Combat Gear potion of inflict light wounds; Other Gear in the likeness of dozens of grasping tentacles, sits fixed into masterwork torturers tool masterwork artisans tools , gp the stone floor.

Biteinjury; save Fort DC 14; onset The bodies of six thief-takers rest in the cells. All of 1 day; frequency 1 day; effect 1d3 Con and 1d3 Dex damage; them are barely alive 0 hit points and a DC 12 Heal or cure 2 consecutive saves. The save DC is Charisma-based. Knowledge religion check identifies the wounds on the A humanoid who dies of ghoul fever rises as a ghoul at the thief-takers as ghoul bites.

All of the thief-takers suffer next midnight. A humanoid who becomes a ghoul in this way from ghoul fever and will change into ghouls in 48 retains none of the abilities it possessed in life.

The Devil We Know: Dealing With the New Iranian Superpower

It is not under hours if not cured. A minutes after the ghast has been killed or otherwise humanoid of 4 Hit Dice or more rises as a ghast.

The derros left a single ghast behind to watch Tier 34 CR 4 the thief-takers as they transform. If he knows the PCs are coming they bashed down the door or picked at the Raging Ghast CR 4 lock , he waits for them in the square marked G. Offense During Combat Because of the close quarters, the ghast tries to Speed 30 ft.

Should the PCs back out of the room, the plus paralysis ghast hides at the spot marked G again and waits.

Fort DC A humanoid who dies of ghoul fever rises as a ghoul at the next midnight. A humanoid who becomes a ghoul in this way retains none of the abilities it possessed in life. It is not under the control of any other ghouls, but it hungers for the flesh of the living and behaves like a C1 normal ghoul in all respects. A humanoid of 4 Hit Dice or more rises as a ghast.

Tier 67 CR 7 Offense Speed 40 ft. Fort DC 17 Mission Notes: Osirion faction PCs should be interested Statistics in defeating the ghast here and taking his head. Weapon Focus claw Tier Languages Common Give each player 1, gp.

Combat Gear potion of inflict serious wounds; Other Gear brooch Tier Biteinjury; save Fort DC 19; onset Act 4: Into the Darklands 1 day; frequency 1 day; effect 1d3 Con and 1d3 Dex damage; Once the PCs enter the Ismacco tunnel system from area cure 2 consecutive saves.

C2, have them make DC 10 Perception checks. Success A humanoid who dies of ghoul fever rises as a ghoul at the means the PCs find small scraps of paper scattered about next midnight. A humanoid who becomes a ghoul in this way the tunnels. An additional DC 15 Survival check enables retains none of the abilities it possessed in life. It is not under any of the PCs to follow the scraps of paper as dropped the control of any other ghouls, but it hungers for the flesh of by the mysterious author of Handout 1 , and following the living and behaves like a normal ghoul in all respects.

A them eventually leads the PCs out of the Ismacco tunnel humanoid of 4 Hit Dice or more rises as a ghast. Below are some likely before picking up the obvious trail of the derros where questions and their answers.

Where did the derros go? They rotated this chamber While in the Darklands, there is no light beyond what and left through another tunnel. The cavern How do we rotate the chamber? I am not exactly sure, ceilings reach an average height of 40 feet, and stalactites but I saw the derros playing with the floor tiles in the far and stalagmites litter the chambers.

Devil know the pdf we

How far ahead of us are the derros? Im not sureIve D1: Abandoned Camp lost all track of time down here. A DC 15 Perception check finds a hidden switch Salt deposits line the cavern ahead and several side passages beneath a floor tile at the far west end of the room branch east and west and run rich with blue crystals before pulling that switch rotates the entire room 90 degrees ending at cave-ins.

Eight smoldering torches illuminate a counterclockwise, effectively sealing the door to area C1 small tunnel aheadbeyond all is pitch black, though the as it now faces a blank wall and opening a new door in sound of running water echoes out from the darkness. This is the antechamber to the grotto of Groetus the Treasure: A large chest rests in an empty cell containing derros took over from the Cult of Natures Cataclysm.

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The 1, gp worth of Cassomir trade bars for Tier 12, derros used this chamber the night before to camp and 1, gp for Tier 34, and 2, gp for Tier On the organize their captives for the next days activities in the floor next to the chest sits gear from the last thief-taker grotto see area D2 , but during the night, several of the captured the derros took the rest of the gear with them.

The thief-takers give the PCs this gear as a reward for A DC 15 Survival check while searching this room their salvation, saying they can always requisition more confirms signs of a battle dried blood, discarded rusted from the prison. For Tier 12, the gear consists of one daggers, and several mite corpses , but also confirms that.

Hope is lost. The mites attempted a coup, but were betrayed by their own and murdered.

Pdf know devil the we

My mind tires and I long for mercy in the bellies of the mites vermin rather than face the unknown terror that waits when the derros force me into the fetid pool Ive heard bubbling in the room beyond. A DC 12 Perception check Tier 12 CR 3 finds a note tucked under a rock near the torch-lit tunnel written in the same hand as the journal entry in area B8 see Handout 2.

Darklands, but assume the torch-lit area illustrated hp 20 Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 70 on the map is actually a tunnel between the areas and not Notes a bridge over a chasm. This derro recently fought the rebellious mites. He is wounded 20 hit points instead of 25 and lost his crossbow, poisoned D2: The Grotto of Groetus bolts, and aklys in the fight.

This effectively reduces his CR to 2. The pool is open to Tier 34 CR 5 the cavern on the south and east sides, but borders the cavern walls to the north and west. On the north side of the cavern, Wounded Derros 3 CR 2 a small alcove sits above the water line, inside of which rests hp 20 Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 70 a small stone table. Dozens of corpses float serenely on the Notes surface of the pool. These derro recently fought the rebellious mites.

They are wounded 20 hit points instead of 25 and lost their crossbows, Hundreds of prisoners, both human and mite, fill poisoned bolts, and aklyses in the fight. This effectively reduces the caverns to the west of the pool. A line of prisoners, their CR to 2. Each time a body dips Tier 67 CR 8 beneath the water, the stone table in the alcove north of the pool flashes in a near-blinding green brilliance, Derros 2 CR 3 filling the entire cavern with near daylight brightness hp 25 each Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 70 this brightness has no effect on the derros or the mites.

Tactics The author of handouts 1 and 2 has already been led to During Combat The derros work to keep the PCs away from the his death in the pool. If able, they work together to flank any PCs Creatures: There are several dozen injured derros here that manage to get close to her.

Pathfinder Society the Devil We Know Part IV - The Rules of the Swift

Once they Morale While the derro commander lives, the derros fight to the see the PCs, the derros ready themselves to attack, but death.

Otherwise they surrender when reduced to fewer than 5 are then swarmed by several brave prisoners and the hit points. Completely overwhelmed, the derros try to beat back Derro Commander CR 7 their attackers, while the PCs face a much smaller group Female derro rogue 4, shadow dancer 1 as determined by tier below.

CE Small humanoid derro.

The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower

The Rules of the Swift player handout 2. Hestia, You pathetic hag! Thanks to you and your Pathfinders, my assistant Nefti and I took one of Taldors greatest treasures. Dont waste your time trying to track us, by now we sail on open waters, bound for a relics auction. Thanks for making us incredibly rich.

The one who bested you, Kafar. They use Medium spider venom Tactics to poison their crossbow bolts, and generally carry 10 pre- During Combat The derro commander prefers to fight from poisoned bolts at all times.

Once concealed within the darkness, she flees to the Vulnerability to Sunlight Ex A derro takes 1 point of Con damage safety of the rooms edge farthest from the bulk of the PCs. Next she uses ghost sound to trick the PCs into believing she is still within the sphere of darkness. Once more she hides and Development: The PCs discover two letters on one uses sound burst or her crossbow to attack her foes.

Otherwise, of the derro corpses. The first confirms that the Aspis she isolates her foes and uses sneak attack. Consortium agent Kafar funded the smugglers who in Morale The derro commander fights to the death. Feats Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility, As for the derros prisoners, once freed the mite coup Weapon Finesse leader signs a crude eagle symbol with his hands to any.

Andoran faction PC, and then immediately flees. The might know about the stolen chapel bell stolen while the surviving Swift inmates and guards stand dazed in the PCs were in the Darklands below , and after they offer grotto. The stone table in northern alcove is a shrine to answers, he hands them Handout 3 and explains that a Groetus hardness 10, 30 hit points.

The pool is filled fellow constable found the note nailed to the front door with dozens of corpses of prisoners, guards, mites, and a of the Greedy Narses. Should While the PCs were below, Nefti and Kafar reentered they not be removed from the pool and destroyed such the Swift and finished their plot to steal the bell. The as by fire or acid , they will eventually rise as ghouls and bells theft and the documents found on the derro plague the city of Cassomir.

Pathfinder Society the Devil We Know Part IV - The Rules of the Swift

Whether or not the PCs deal corpses confirm the Aspis Consortiums involvement with the corpses here is up to them, though the results in the kidnapping plots, which will likely renew local are beyond the scope of this scenario. Andoran faction PCs should be Society and the Aspis. In addition, Andoran faction PCs should also be interested the note found on the derro corpse that proves the Aspis fund the Faction Missions Andoran smugglers. PCs from the Andoran faction who free the missive inside a hidden pocket.

PCs may attempt to gain a sample of lazurite from any of from the Andoran faction who also find the Aspis missive several sources in this cavern. A DC 12 Perception check in the derros hidden pocket in area D2 earn 1 bonus identifies an appropriate sample. Prestige Award. Cheliax Faction: PCs from the Cheliax faction who Rewards: