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toukokuu Katalogi. Kosmos Awesome Hulk Vol. 1: Cho Time (The Totally Awesome Hulk ()) eBook PDF. On December 27, , Dina quickly got on board. and Evan Lefkowitz were told that Junior Nicole Imhof, a student Adam had more than Cover of "doc! photo magazine / Special Edition / FotoArtFestival ". doc! photo magazine / Special Edition / FotoArtFestival by doc! photo magazine.

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Katalogi. Kosmos The Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 1: Cho Time (The Totally Awesome Hulk ()) eBook PDF. Millions of readers find and share the magazines, catalogs and publications they love on issuu. Title: Hoofbeats december pdf, Author: Jason Boland, Name: Hoofbeats december pdf, Length: 16 pages, Page: 1, Published:

For women feminist. Stu- pay for their snow days. A few examples of the help we have received recently are highlighted, however, I would like to add my personal thanks to all the parents and carers who support our Home School Association events, and to those individuals and organisations that enable us to enhance the wonderful facilities and learning opportunities we offer our learners. Thanks Laura, Kate and Paul!. Governors, staff, pupils and the whole Meadowside community would like to say thank you and farewell to Mrs Vickers who is retiring at the end of this term after 14 years at Meadowside School. Morgantown Showcasing the many perks to living in the college town of Morgantown. To start, we must first recognize the presence of this discrimination and encourage open discussion.

Even if the plot is resolved, the world in or-so years is not magically fixed. Despite how terrible this epilogue is in the book, the movie managed to make it worse. The scene preceding the epilogue with Katniss and Peeta lying in bed is nauseating. It is unrealistic and rushed.

The best aspect — possibly the only redeeming value — of the film was Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is an impeccable actress. Katniss faces a lot of terror throughout the film, and Lawrence displays this excellently. Katniss has to act as a symbol, standing strong despite the fact that she is internally crumbling, and Lawrence epitomizes this in her facial expression. The scene in which Katniss shockingly aims her arrow at President Coin Julianne Moore and fires is absolutely stunning.

It leaves a bitter taste that overcasts three preceding films that were amazing, so much so that they were better than their source material. Sadly, this atrocity is what Hunger Games fans will remember as they think back to the franchise. As a teen phase — one that was legitimately excellent — comes to an end, it sadly could not be tied up well. Rather, it was merely garbage with random scattered events stashed together into a horrible film. Another teenage obsession has reached its conclusion.

No longer will there be any new Hunger Games memorabilia; there are no more books, so there cannot be any movies following. While there is a prequel and an amusement park in the talks, the large Hunger Games craze seems to have primarily reached its conclusion.

This has been a rather momentous year on all fronts, music in particular. Reunions of various bands and artists have occurred, artists have put out long-overdue records, and new artists have emerged.

Here are the best of the year. After almost 40 years of being a recording artist and following a surgery for vocal nodules, her voice is as clear and distinct as it has ever been. The album has proved to live up to the hype. Underneath instrumentation resembling classic alternative, Barnett spews out witty, streamof-conciousness lyrics in what has become her trademark deadpan, accented delivery. However, Barnett proves that she is her own artist throughout the album and truly hones in on her sound.

On an album dominated by drums, bass, and synth sounds, there are barely any guitars within audible range. From switching to rock music to going country to performing Gospel-tinged music, Dylan has done almost everything. The songs dealing with heartache and loss suit Dylan perfectly. These tunes prove to be no exception as he Dylanizes these songs, giving them the feeling that only one with as much experience in life as Dylan. Following 10 years of nothing but quiet on their front, the band has finally made a return and are back better than ever.

With songs no longer than 3: The chorus booms out of the speakers, especially following the softer bridge section of the tune. With the changing of the leaves comes the chilly weather and, eventually, the falling of snow. People are excited to be ditching the stringy tank-tops to loosefitting, comfy and cozy sweaters,. Take a piece of tape, masking tape preferably and put it on your face to the angle you want your wing to be. Next, take your liner and follow the masking tape with the tip of your liner.

It works and pairs well. All of these will. Let them eat cake and look amazing.

Issuu 2015 from pdf

Take a hint from style icons such as Marie Antoinette and put a modern twist on it. Using masking tape to apply pencil liner can help you get the right angle for the trendy cat eye look in just a few easy steps. A simpler way to spark the trendsetter inside you is to take that pencil liner we all know you have around and create a smudgy, grungy look on your eyes.

Take the color of the leaves and use it as your color palette for this season. Colors that are definitely in are burnt orange, dark camo green, brown, burgundy, and other dark reds. Also, black, purples, and blues are staple colors to have in your closet. These colors are easy to pair with everything. Play with textures and do something out of the ordinary. Maybe pair a knit sweater with a leather skirt and chunky boots or plaid with a warm knit jumper. The possibilities are endless and all up to you.

Another option for those classic and elegant trendsetters is to combine suede with a menswear flare. Take the trends, tips, and tricks and put your own spin on them. Lace and ruffles give a touch of the Victorian Era above. As for footwear, various types of boots can accent any look, from jeans to a skirt inset. Say goodbye to your boyfriend jeans, choker necklaces, and scrunchies, and say hello to suede everything, bell-bottom jeans, and fringed accessories.

Issue 8 pdf Autumn by Meadowside School - Issuu

The s were an exciting era for fashion filled with variety and innovation. From hippies to disco to punk to sportswear, the creativity ran wild. Its return to the spotlight is certainly justified. One thing has remained constant: From boyfriend, to mom jeans, to the highly soughtafter flared jeans, a more relaxed fit is the way to go. This fall, update your wardrobe with a pair of flared jeans. The peasant blouse - Perfect for any occasion and flattering on practically all body types, the peasant blouse is the quintessential sensical shirt of the season.

It embodies the traditional, youthful, hippy feel of the 70s and is probably the easiest route to hopping on this trend. Layering - The weather is typically very confusing: Senior Blake Fisher models fashion from the 70s that has come back into style.

From fringe to layering to the peasant blouse, there are plenty of choices for people of all budgets. With the gradual resurgence of s style, fringe has become increasingly popular over the years, but.

With a little wild-west twinge or hippy vibe, donning fringe is a surefire way to update your wardrobe. Providing extra height without the discomfort of spike heels, they are convenient to wear anytime and anywhere. It is Friday, Day 5. This is the sweet sound you used to hear every morning at 8: Whether that woke you from your nap in social studies or it excited you that first period was over, the announcements were a tradition.

Within the last two years, a limit has been placed on communication, as announcements were taken away and flyers can no longer be taped up all around the school. The morning announcements allowed for students to hear about club meetings and the great accomplishments made by athletes.

From issuu 2015 pdf

It was a way to engage students in the activities taking place in the community and a reminder about their after-school plans. In order to supplement the announcements, flyers used to hang around the school, urging people to attend specific events or join.

Starting last year, though, not reliable. Why remove the two account. Few stube informed. Ac- likely heading to class, not looking cording to Ms. Hollings, the limit up at a bulletin board. Although they are sporadic and on flyers was originally created to save paper and keep the hallways unreliable, announcements have clean.

She said the administration come back. This is a step in the right direction. Reissuing flyers thing. A student walking upstairs to science, for example, can briefly glance at a flyer and see that Key Club is meeting on Wednesday. Having flyers scattered around the school allows students to see what news is coming up and what activities they can participate in. Moreover, a visitor can marvel at the abundance of flyers and see how invested in extracurriculars our school is.

Perhaps in lieu of announcements, students can have all upcoming events e-mailed to them, not just to their parents. E-mails are checked by everyone, and unlike Twitter, they are not beacons for distraction and take two seconds to check. Communication is integral in such an active community. In order for students to know what is happening, they must have a reliable, convenient, absolute way of knowing what is happening. Hoofbeats serves as a source to inform its readers of news and events and as a forum for the students of Calhoun to express their ideas and opinions.

Hoofbeats accepts letters to the editor, but reserves the right to edit or refuse the publication of submissions. Letters should be sent to the school or placed in the Hoofbeats mailbox.

All letters must be signed and include a contact number for the writer. The paper also accepts advertisements for a fee, but reserves the right to refuse advertisements for any or no reason. The views expressed in Hoofbeats do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the administrators, teachers, editors, or faculty adviser.

The contestants step onto the stage one by one to showcase their talents. They will be applauded for having the best performance and are lauded for exhibiting the most outrageous or humorous behaviors. They constantly try to outdo each other; they mock and humiliate each other to showcase their strength, their power, and their persistence. The bigger the response, the more confirmation they receive that they are following the right path.

The contestants are periodically evaluated via audience participation and the contestant pool is whittled away until only one of the many applicants is left standing.

The prize for the lucky winner? Besides even more publicity, they will also obtain a temporary gig heading one of the largest organizations in the world — the United States of America. The candidates for the Presidential Election are no exception.

The candidates say whatever will give them the best ratings, and their ideas, consequently, are constantly changing. For example, according to the Washington Post, Donald Trump changed his mind about immigration policies six. I would not have gone into Iraq. This crop of candidates never learned the lesson preached by every school social worker: Who will emerge as victor is yet to be determined.

The hashtag prayforparis was made famous after the gruesome and appalling terrorist attacks that took the lives of at least people in Paris, France last month. Almost every person knows what happened in Paris and how cruel and uncalled for the attacks were, but how many people know about the funeral bombing in Baghdad or the suicide bombings in Beirut that occurred on the same day of the Paris attacks?

The funeral bombing in Baghdad was targeted at Shiite Muslims and left 19 dead and 33 wounded in its wake while the suicide bombings in Beirut killed 43 people and wounded others.

The extremist group, ISIS, executed both attacks. These attacks on innocent civilians left a spate of victims and countries in need of international support. Maybe the international community was more focused on the Paris terrorist attacks because there was more media coverage than in Baghdad or Beirut.

But so do Baghdad and Beirut, and Baghdad and Beirut may need even more backing to get back on their feet after a disastrous and damaging attack than Paris. So what is really going on here? Humanity is up in arms about the recent attacks — and rightfully so — but why did it take a terrorist attack in a mostly white country for anyone to finally realize how big of a threat these attacks are? If anything, the world is rejecting anyone who is trying to leave this war-torn country.

The heartbreaking terrorist attacks in France are unjust and inhumane, and the surge of support for the victims is not only well-deserved, but it is necessary to facilitate the healing process in French families. However, attacks and acts of terror like those in France are a reality that innocent people in countries like Syria and Iraq face every. People should be equally as enraged when the exact same situations happen in Third World countries.

Terrorist attacks are by no means something to be ignored; that is why the citizens of the world rallied behind the French. Yet, when Syrian or Iraqi citizens try to escape the violence surrounding war-torn countries filled with the same terror attacks that took place in Paris, the international community does the worst thing they can possibly do: Woman scream for equality, but they do not say why they are screaming.

I did not know why I was screaming either. In 17 years, I was never denied an opportunity because of my gender. I was never stereotyped because of my gender, and I never experienced what many other women in the world face on a daily basis.

All I knew was that I was a feminist because of the articles I read and because I. I knew what other women faced, and I understood why feminism existed in our world today, but I never really felt enraged by the inequality. Not until it happened to me. It was a simple moment, a split second, but it changed everything. Go get a strong man to carry them for you.

22-June-2016: Hatfield Record (2009 – 2015) added (PDF and Issuu)

This very conversation is the reason there are woman screaming on New York City streets in protest, why organizations are growing, and anger is residing in the hearts of many. This is why I am a feminist. This was my first encounter of gender. My friends described my reaction as a cartoon character having steam streaming out of my ears.

What I experienced was a small aspect of the belief behind gender equality and feminism. Women are deemed inadequate in many walks of life, whether that is being physically fit, respected in positions of power, granted equal education and equal pay, or even being respected sexually. These are just a few statistics, but they highlight why we are screaming for equali-.

We are not the stereotype many imagine, but we are passionate individuals who deem inequality an important aspect of our culture. I may not experience unequal pay or be denied education because I am a woman, but I still believe in pursuing those goals for women, because when I scream for the right to lift a box, I am also screaming for girls in Palestine who are raped and abused every day, for female CEOs who are not taken seriously, and for female congressional candidates who are not taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

I can scream with other men and women against gender inequality, but for the first time I have a reason why I am screaming and I have a goal to change the mind of those who told me I could not lift a box.

When you scream for something, make sure you know why you are screaming. Should Christmas be omnipresent? The War on Christmas. And I like the snowflakes, the deer, and the snow-covered forest on the red cups at Starbucks, as well. Neither does Hanukkah. The idea of Christmas is fun. Hanging up lights around the house, and watching the Santa h the night to see Tracker all through mazing.

The War On Christmas is bogus. Would it help if a mall put up a gigantic menorah right next to the Christmas tree? Letters to the editor Calhoun already has a notoriously bad school network on top of old, slow, and ill-equipped computers.

According to the school, it was more a reliable network that all devices could use. Android phones are having issues connecting to and using the school wi-fi on their devices. Even when it does work, the network is a chore to connect to because you have to sign in through your settings every time.

It is slow and unreliable. The school has a faulty network that frequently crashes and does not work on android phones, but it still chooses to buy a Mac Lab. But they also break easily and are expensive to fix. I learned this all too well. Contrary to popular belief, December does not belong solely to Christians. Because of things like this, people of other religions often feel forgotten because December is basically handed to the Christians with no intent to share.

Many Simon malls, including Roosevelt Field, banned Christmas displays but later fixed that mistake when they received so much public criticism. Having one small, dimly lit menorah for every five shimmering Christmas trees is not representation. The controversy over the Starbucks cup design is ridiculous. There have been years where the design was snowflakes and snowmen, neither of these being heavily related to Christmas but instead to the winter season.

Like us on Facebook: Also, why do the students who take photography and art classes get to use these new computers, while the rest of the student population has to use Windows 7, Windows Vista, or other slow computers? Want some context? Vista is commonly chosen as the worst Windows OS ever, and Windows 7 came out six years ago!

Plus, the hardware that the Windows computers use is sub-. Using slow and outdated computers is a hassle to users, and keeps time away from actually working. Yet, we decided to blow money on a Mac Lab when investing in our current computers would have been smarter. France was once a land of peace and sheer unbreakable courage.

November 13 will ring in the minds of the men and women there as the day France became a land of riddled with fear. The French can attest to the fact that migrant men and women of the Syrian world are good for nothing. One of the men who played a key role in the attacks in Paris was a Syrian migrant himself.

Terrorist, rapists, murderers — among other horrible people — are present among these migrants. Consequently, these refugees are not to be sympathized with. President Obama is vehemently in support of allowing these refugees onto American soil, announcing plans to bring in 10, refugees.

Presently, though, 31 American states have gone on record saying that they are not permitting Syrian refugees. Those in support of allowing the Syrian refugees into the United States feel that it is our duty as a powerful nation to protect these people from the wars that plague them. Currently, civil wars plague Syria. While these wars profoundly impact the lives of more than 11 million Syrians, the vast majority of refugees are not seeking peace; they seek to impose destruction on more parts of the world.

This is akin to homeless people walking down streets and smashing car windows, only then to ask for a room to sleep in. As a nation, we have no reason to allow people displaced by war to immigrate into our country without proper papers, especially considering the rising hatred toward Americans from Middle Easterners.

These are not people running from war; these are people trying to start war. The media feeds American minds with poignant stories of starving Syrian children in an effort to garner support.

The media only shows part of the story. There truly are some Syrian refugees. Seldom — if ever — will a viewer see things such as migrants hurling rocks at Hungarian civilians in a train station or flocks of greedy men stealing food from Hungarian men. Nor will horrifying statistics such as the sheer fact that the rape rate has dramatically risen in Sweden since the door has been open to the migrants. These stories get no news coverage because they do not evoke the intended message the media is trying to portray.

These men and women have no. They are rapists, murderers, thieves, cowards — people Americans do not wish to associate with. They run from turmoil in their country and impose such turmoil on the pristine lands of Europe. Pupils are learning control, coordination, balance and other cross curricular skills while having lots of fun.

In Science this term Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils have been learning about keeping healthy, looking at what makes up the human body, eating healthily and lifestyles and benefits of regular exercise. Fusion group has been out in the community trying out different exercise equipment. Flair group has been learning about space, looking at earth and beyond. In PSHE this term pupils have also been learning about healthy lifestyles and what we can do to stay healthy.

doc! photo magazine

They have looked at planning balanced meals, food and exercise diaries, different types of exercise, using different equipment to experience the negative effects of being drunk and how your senses are altered and the differences in good and bad drugs.

Flair Lessons have involved experiences related to London Life: Pupils have completed research tasks, learnt about Victorian Education, the Tutors and the story of Guy Fawkes. Geography The Acorn group has been busy using maps, globes and the internet to find the names and the locations of the oceans, seas and major cities associated with the United Kingdom.

The have competed in team quizzes and team building tasks to find out facts based on London, Liverpool and some local places. Pupils visited classrooms that had been transformed into different countries where they could learn about and experience activities related to the country, such as its location, national language, culture, music, dance, food and crafts.

It was a great way for pupils to learn and have fun too. The Acorn group has worked on kitchen safety and basic hygiene rules. They enjoyed a cup of tea after making it to demonstrate their understanding and listening skills.

KS4 pupils made lots of foods including fruit salad, scary Halloween fingers, parkin and mince pies. The fingers were so realistic that some pupils and members of staff were reluctant to try one!

Fusion Practical food lessons pupils have involved making toast, fruit salad, sandwiches and a smoothie and then enjoying what they made by eating their food in the lesson. Post 16 This term learners have been working on adapting recipes by changing one or more ingredients to make different meals. The majority of pupils now eat the meals that they make in the morning for their lunch. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with so many pupils who have attended Meadowside School over the years.

Ms Hoffmann. Environmental Education In Post 16, the aims of Environmental Education are to encourage a personal responsibility for the environment and a greater understanding of the effects of human behaviour on the environment. Each group is responsible for an area inside the school and an area of the external school environment: Display areas in one half of school, and The Kitchen Garden and two raised beds in the Sensory Garden for early harvest vegetables.

Display areas in the rest of the school, the Sensory Garden out side Gold Room for early harvest fruit and raised beds under the vines. Well done, everyone!

Careers Education Acorn Group has been focusing on personal finances, understanding how to manage their money and beginning to understand how to become a critical consumer, for example, querying advertising claims. Key Stage 4 learners have focussed on economic well-being in greater depth. They looked at the role of money in a personal context e.

They also looked at the role of money in a world-wide context, investigating trade and looking at how to help people who are less fortunate than they are. Post 16 groups have been developing their understanding of self-awareness and providing information for their All About Me booklets, in preparation for their Annual Review meetings.

Flair Group has been experiencing sensory activities which support the development of an awareness of themselves and others, including an awareness of personal space. Tasks included using Sensory Books, puppets and materials with a range of textures. Fusion Group has explored feelings in the context of the learner as an individual, developing self awareness and understanding feelings as well as considering their own strengths and weaknesses as learners.

It has been great to work with Dan, a past pupil from Meadowside School from many years ago! Links with Primary Schools This term we have further developed our programme of links with local Primary Schools for children with special educational needs.

Meadowside staff have run Rebound Therapy, Art, Cookery and Soft Play sessions which the primary pupils and their staff have thoroughly enjoyed. These sessions will continue next term but we will also be offering Boxing, sessions in our Immersive Theatre and pupils from Gilbrook School will be joining us for fun swim sessions in our pool. We are fortunate to have such wonderful facilities, and look forward to welcoming staff from Hayfield School who will be using our Immersive Theatre in the New Year.

We have been able to run some new after school clubs this term. History Club, where pupils looked at Ancient Egypt, was very popular. Pupils got to make Pharaoh head dresses and turn each other into real life mummies. Pupils have also taken part in Science Club, looking at the world of forensic science. They have learnt how to take fingerprints and what a crime scene might look like. It was fantastic to welcome some past members of the Signing Choir, ex-Meadowside pupils who came along specially to join us.

Thanks Laura, Kate and Paul!. We also sang at two Residential Homes for the elderly. The Christmas songs teach us a host of new Makaton signs that we remember throughout the year. School Lunches at Meadowside We launched our new menu at the beginning of this term and it is proving popular with pupils and staff alike. Sharon and Shelley are excellent cooks and each day we look forward to a main meal or a vegetarian option served with a salad platter and vegetables.

Sharon also bakes her own homemade bread each morning. We have a cooked pudding twice a week with yoghurt and fruit available every day. Pupils can also help themselves to a delicious fresh fruit platter every day. Kate Green. It has been wonderful to see the skills and creativity that they have used. Their work is currently displayed in our Meeting Room.

Governors, staff, pupils and the whole Meadowside community would like to say thank you and farewell to Mrs Vickers who is retiring at the end of this term after 14 years at Meadowside School.

We would like to wish Mrs Vickers a long and happy retirement. We would like to thank Helen McCall who completed her term of office as a School Governor earlier this year, and also Peter Wilkinson who has been a Governor for 8 years. A large print version of this magazine is available on our website Meadowside School.

Pool Lane, Woodchurch, Wirral. CH49 5LA Telephone: Follow us on our Facebook page. Keep up to date with our Twitter feed. Thanks again to our sponsor Newhall Publishing, for printing this edition of the magazine. The December issue of the Meadowside Magazine. Fantastic day. Pauline Freeman This term we have been looking at digital creativity, focusing on design, style and imagination. Mrs Hughes This term we have been visiting local supermarkets and cafes, developing life skills and social interaction.

Mrs Hughes Learners in Flair group have enjoyed a multi-sensory curriculum, mixed with a balance of activities for physical development. Mrs Cliffe Key Stage 4 learners have tried out Batik technique. Ms Hoffmann Fundraising for our pupils I am pleased to say that it has been a busy and successful year for fundraising, with several events over the past few months. We hope to return to Morrisons for another pack next term, and we extend many thanks to the store team for their continued support.

Loren Miller We would like to say thank you to Wirral Lung Exercise Group, based at Moreton Community Centre, whose generous donation enabled us to buy a magnificent Christmas tree, some unbreakable baubles and some lovely crackers for Christmas lunch on 17th December. Ms Hoffmann Fusion group has been learning about religious celebrations.

Ms Hoffmann This term, learners in Key Stages 3 and 4 have practised their basic number skills, such as adding and subtracting ,and money skills by sorting coins and making different values. Mrs Cliffe This term is very busy in P. Mr Stubbs In Science this term Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils have been learning about keeping healthy, looking at what makes up the human body, eating healthily and lifestyles and benefits of regular exercise.

From 2015 pdf issuu

Mr Stubbs In PSHE this term pupils have also been learning about healthy lifestyles and what we can do to stay healthy. Mrs Jones The Acorn group has worked on kitchen safety and basic hygiene rules.

Ms Hoffmann Environmental Education In Post 16, the aims of Environmental Education are to encourage a personal responsibility for the environment and a greater understanding of the effects of human behaviour on the environment. This work leads to accreditation supported by the Quality and Credits Framework. Mrs Vickers Careers Education Acorn Group has been focusing on personal finances, understanding how to manage their money and beginning to understand how to become a critical consumer, for example, querying advertising claims.

Jenny Wilson Links with Primary Schools This term we have further developed our programme of links with local Primary Schools for children with special educational needs. Jenny Wright We have been able to run some new after school clubs this term.