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Download Asterix adventures in PDF (English). The complete Obelix and Co.. ( MB) Asterix and Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book. Obelix and Co. is the twenty-third volume of the Asterix comic book series, by René Goscinny . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. OBELIX COMICS COMPLETE COLLECTION PDF Download. ASTERIX AND OBELIX COMICS COMPLETE COLLECTION PDF Download Albert Uderzo, Tintin, Asterix Y Obelix Obelix & Co. Bibliotheek · Romeinen en de Romeinse tijd.

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JULIUS CAESAR AND I DON'T. WANT TO STAY A CENTURION. MY WHOLE LIFE LONG! ЕН? SOUNDS. LIKE YOUR. WHOLE. LIFE WON'T. BE LONG. Asterix Obelix and Co - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Obelix and Co. is the 25th Asterix story and the 23rd volume of the Asterix comic book series, by René .

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The resulting workload causes him to neglect his faithful companion Dogmatix , while Asterix refuses to help him, concerned on what this is doing to him. As Obelix grows wealthy and begins wearing ostentatious clothes, many of the village's men are criticised by their wives for not matching his success. In response, many turn to making their own menhirs to sell to the Romans, despite not knowing what they are for, with Getafix supplying them with magic potion for their work.

As most of the village grows wealthy, only Asterix, Getafix, Cacofonix and Vitalstatistix are not engaged in the new economic system, with Asterix estimating that this new change will not last. Caesar soon becomes angered when he learns that Preposterus' plan is placing him in financial debt. To counter this, Preposterus decides to sell the abundance of menhirs to patricians on the pretext they are a symbol of great wealth and high rank.

However, this causes problems as other provinces begin making their own menhirs to sell to the Romans, creating a growing Menhir crisis that is crippling the Roman economy and threatening a civil conflict from the Empire's workforce. To put a stop to this, Caesar orders Preposterus to cease further trading with Gauls or face being thrown to the lions. Unknown to him, Obelix becomes miserable from the wealth and power he made, having never understood it all, and how much it has changed other villagers, making him wish to go back to enjoying the fun he had with Asterix and Dogmatix.

Asterix soon hears of this and agrees to go hunting boar with him if he reverts to his old clothes, knowing that the villagers' lives are about to return to normal. When Preposterus arrives to announce he will not be buying another menhir, the villagers claim Obelix knew of this in advance when he called a halt in his work but did not tell them, causing him to fight with them. Asterix soon breaks up the fight, directing the villagers to attack the Romans for causing the whole mess they are in.

As they head off to wreck the camp Preposterus is residing in, Obelix decides to take no part in the fight. While the villagers' wealth is gone, after events in Rome caused the sestertius they received to be devalued, they hold a traditional banquet to celebrate the return to normality.

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