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Kia ceed 2010 manual pdf

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KIA Cee'd - Owner's Manual - PDF ( Pages). View and Download Kia Ceed owner's manual online. Kia Ceed. Ceed Automobile pdf. The Owner's Manual will familiarise you with the operational, maintenance and safety information to make the most of your Kia car. KIA CEED SPECIFICATION Pdf Download. 14 results for workshop manual kia ceed Save workshop manual kia ceed to get e-mail alerts and updates on.

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Download manual KIA Cee'd. Manual Description This could increase the severity of accident when they are restrained by a injuries in. Let's leave the daily grind behind and enjoy a life full of surprises. Like the new- generation Kia cee'd. This truly stunning hatchback combines sporty. View and Download Kia Ceed owner's manual online. Kia Ceed. Ceed Automobile pdf manual download. Kia CEED Owner's Manual pages. Kia Ceed audio system User Manual 16 pages. Kia CEED Specification 4 pages.

Page Then double-check each nut for tightness. Raise the wiper arm and turn the 4. Be the first to like this. If an excessive amount of replace any damaged or leaking are required. The armed stage will be deactivated ton on the transmitter is pressed. Open the rear door. Remove the screw 1 using a cross-tip screwdriver.

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Kia Ceed Owner's Manual

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You can start through the Intro and Description to have a glimpse regarding the subject. Warnings And Indicators All warning lights are checked by normally. Have the vehicle checked light if equipped turning the ignition switch ON do not by an Authorized Kia Dealer as soon start the engine.

Any light that does This light illuminates if the key is as possible. Page The individual indicators illuminate to an Authorized Kia Dealer. Have show the automatic transaxle shift an Authorized Kia Dealer correct lever selection. Page 3. Do not drive the vehicle if leaks are found, the warning light remains on or the brakes do not operate properly.

Have it towed to any Authorized Kia Dealer for a brake system inspection and nec- essary repairs. Page ON. Dealer for immediate service. Page ESP light will remain off. When a will illuminate indicating the ESP is by an authorized Kia dealer as soon slippery or low traction condition is deactivated. If this indicator stays on as possible. Page Common Rail.

If this occurs, have your vehicle checked by an author- ized KIA dealer as soon as pos- sible. Page Driving your vehicle When the minute digit is lower than 30 and the RESET button is pressed less than 1 second, the minute digit will change to 0 while the hour digit does not change.

When the minute digit is over 30 and the RESET button is pressed less than 1 second, the minute digit will change to 0 while the hour digit The trip computer may not regis- ter additional fuel if less than 6 liters of fuel are added to the vehi- cle. Warning System can be affected If the vehicle is moving at a speed by several factors including Page Driving your vehicle Non-operational conditions of The detecting range may decrease Back warning system precau- back warning system when: Page KIA dealer as soon as possible.

Always visually check behind the distance, size or material, all of vehicle when backing up. The system automatically imately 5 minutes after the ignition turns off the parking light when the key is removed or turned to the ACC driver removes the ignition key and Page Driving your vehicle OED OED OED Auto light position if equipped Parking light position Headlight position When the light switch is in the AUTO When the light switch is in the park- When the light switch is in the head- light position, the taillights and head- ing light position 1st position , the light position 2nd position the head, Front Fog Light Driving your vehicle Lane change signals B To signal a lane change, move the turn signal lever slightly and hold it in position.

The lever will return to the OFF position when released. If an indicator stays on and does not flash or if it flashes abnormally, one of the turn signal bulbs may be burned out and will require replace Only front of your vehicle during the day.

Page Driving your vehicle Listed below are the examples of proper switch settings.

2010 KIA Cee'd - Owner's Manual (442 pages)

For loading conditions other than those listed below, adjust the switch position so that the beam level may be the near- est as the condition obtained accord- ing to the list. Loading condition Switch position Driver only Normal wiper speed Type B 2: Fast wiper speed Operates as follows when the igni- tion switch is turned ON.

Page Driving your vehicle If the washer does not work, check the washer fluid level. If the fluid level is not sufficient, you will need to add appropriate non-abrasive windshield washer fluid to the washer reservoir.

The reservoir filler neck is located in the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side. The indicator on the ductors bonded to the inside rear window defroster button illumi- surface of the rear window, nates when the defroster is ON. When you must make such enable this feature. Temperature control knob 4. Air conditioning button if equipped 2. Mode selection knob 5. Air intake control button 3.

Fan speed control knob 6. Rear window defroster button OED Page Driving your vehicle Face position Floor position Air flow is directed toward Most of the air flow is the upper body and face.

Page Driving your vehicle Recirculated air position Outside fresh air position The indicator light on the The indicator light on the button is illuminated when button is not illuminated the recirculated air posi- when the outside fresh tion is selected. With the recirculated air With the outside fresh air position selected, air from Page System operation Heating Air conditioning if equipped 1.

Set the mode to the position. Set the air intake control to the 1. Page The air conditioning system should be serviced by an When the amount of refrigerant is authorized Kia dealer.

Improper low, the performance of the air con- service may cause serious ditioning is reduced. Overfilling also injury. Temperature control knob 6. AUTO automatic control button Air quality control system button if equipped 3. Front windshield maximum defrost button 4.

Page Driving your vehicle 2. Turn the TEMP knob to set the desired temperature. If the temperature is set to the lowest setting Lo, the air condi- tioning system will operate con- tinuously. To turn the automatic operation off, press any button except tem- perature control button and AQS button.


Page Driving your vehicle Manual operation Temperature conversion If the battery has been discharged or The heating and cooling system can disconnected, the temperature mode be controlled manually as well by will reset as Centigrade degree.

Page Driving your vehicle Recirculated air position The indicator light on the button is illuminated when the recirculated air posi- tion is selected. With the recirculated air position selected, air from passenger compartment will be drawn through the heating system and heat- ed or cooled according to OED OED ON will cause fogging inside the vehicle.

Manual kia ceed pdf 2010

Page Driving your vehicle OED Mode selection button The mode selection button controls the direction of the air flow through the ventilation system. If you push the button once, the cor- responding switch will turn on, and if you push the button again, the switch will turn off.

Set the temperature control to warm or cool. When the cool box is not used, turn the lever to its closed position. The difference between the tempera- ture of the outside air and that of the windshield could cause the outer surface of the wind- shield to fog up, causing loss of visibility. Page Driving your vehicle Defogging logic Automatic climate control system To reduce the probability of fogging Manual climate control system up inside of the windshield, the air To reduce the probability of fogging intake control is set to outside fresh up the inside of the windshield, the air position automatically if any of fol- air intake control is set to the outside lowing occur.

KIA Cee'd - Owner's Manual - PDF ( Pages)

Either of these fuels may maximum performance with Emission Control System Follow the instructions This vehicle should not be modified. Leaded fuel or leaded gasohol. Page Do not park the vehicle time with the engine running, authorized Kia dealer. Accelerate slow- When hazardous driving conditions If it is necessary to rock the vehicle ly to avoid spinning the drive are encountered such as water, to free it from snow, sand, or mud, wheels.

Page Driving tips Smooth cornering Driving at night WARNING - Spinning tires Avoid braking or gear changing in Because night driving presents more Do not spin the wheels, espe- corners, especially when roads are hazards than driving in the daylight, cially at speeds more than 56 wet. Do not for- specification. Low tire inflation pres- loss of vehicle control, and get to check both engine coolant and sures will result in overheating and Page Winter puts additional burdens on er anti-freeze is available from an the battery system.

Visually inspect authorized KIA dealer and most auto the battery and cables as described parts outlets. Do not use engine in chapter 7.

The level of charge in Page Driving tips Don't let your parking brake Don't let ice and snow accumu- freeze late underneath Under some conditions your parking Under some conditions, snow and brake can freeze in the engaged ice can build up under the fenders position. This is most likely to hap- and interfere with the steering.

Page Driving tips Your vehicle can tow a trailer. Remember that trailering is different than just driving your vehicle by itself. Page Driving tips Weight of the trailer Load-pulling components such as If you do decide to pull a trailer the engine, transaxle, wheel assem- How heavy can a trailer safely be? It Here are some important points if blies, and tires are forced to work should never weigh more than the you decide to pull a trailer: Crosswinds, large weight in the rear than in the because it affects the total gross trucks going by, and rough roads are vehicle weight GVW of your vehi Page Driving tips Safety chains Trailer brakes Driving with a trailer You should always attach chains If your trailer weighs more than the Towing a trailer requires a certain between your vehicle and your trail- maximum trailer weight without trailer amount of experience.

Before setting er. Page Driving tips Following distance Backing up Turn signals when towing a trailer Stay at least twice as far behind the Hold the bottom of the steering When you tow a trailer, your vehicle vehicle ahead as you would when wheel with one hand.

Then, to move has to have a different turn signal driving your vehicle without a trailer. With the manual transaxle in Your vehicle will need service more trailer usage, overheating Neutral or automatic transaxle in P often when you regularly pull a trail- might occur in hot days or Park , apply your brakes and hold The label locations are identified in the illustrations shown. In Case Of An Emergency While Driving Do your vehicle will not start, contact not apply the brakes immediately an authorized KIA dealer or seek or attempt to pull off the road as other qualified assistance.

If the engine still does not start, charged. Check the starter connections to seek other qualified assistance.

2010 pdf manual ceed kia

Therefore, to avoid motor, ignition system, and other away from the battery. Page In case of an emergency Connecting jumper cables Jump starting procedure 1.

Make sure the booster battery is Connect cables in numerical order and disconnect in reverse order. Jumper Cables 2. If the booster battery is in another vehicle, do not allow the vehicles to touch. Page If the cause of your battery discharg- rect ground.

Do not lean over the ing is not apparent, you should have battery when making connections. Overheating 3. If coolant or steam is boiling out of time for it to cool. Electrical Circuit Protection If the replacement fuse blows, this remove fuses because it may indicates an electrical problem. Avoid cause a short circuit and dam- using the system involved and imme- age the system.

Page Spare fuses are provided in the inner fuse panel or in the engine compartment fuse panel. Push in a new fuse of the same rating, and make sure it fits tightly in the clips.

If it fits loosely, consult an authorized Kia dealer. Turn off the engine. Turn off the headlights and tail Memory fuse from the fuse panel, the warning lights. Page 4. If it fits loosely, consult an Authorized Kia Dealer. Towing It is acceptable to tow the vehicle we recommend having it done by an with the rear wheels on the ground authorized Kia dealer or a commer- without dollies and the front wheels cial tow-truck service.

Proper lifting off the ground. Failure to place the transaxle 1. Page Contact an that the hook is not broken or dam- easy visibility. Authorized Kia dealer or a aged.

Page Have the system checked by an adjust the tires to the recom- authorized Kia dealer as soon as pos- mended tire inflation pressure. Page Have the flat tire repaired pressure and re-installed on the supply cable or radio transmitter by an authorized Kia dealer as soon vehicle. This compact spare tire takes up less space than a regu- lar-size tire. Page In case of an emergency 9. Loosen the wheel nuts and remove them with your fingers. Slide the wheel off the studs and lay it flat so it cannot roll away.

To put the wheel on the hub, pick up the spare tire, line up the holes with the studs and slide the wheel onto them. Page Then double-check each nut for tightness. After changing wheels, have an authorized KIA dealer tight- en the wheel nuts to their proper torque as soon as possible. Wheel nut tightening torque: Page Be sure to the spare tire. Adjust it to the use extreme care in checking specified pressure, if necessary. Maintenance Services Kia dealer.

Page Maintenance Scheduled maintenance serv- If your vehicle is operated under the above conditions, should inspect, replace or refill more fre- Follow Normal Maintenance quently than the following Normal Schedule if the vehicle is usually Maintenance Schedule. After 96 operated where none of the following month or , km 80, miles, conditions apply. For your convenience, it can be replaced prior to it's interval when you do maintenance of other items.

An authroized KIA dealer should perform the operation. Refer to the chart below for the appropriate maintenance intervals.

Replace I: If the diesel fuel specifications don't meet the European standards EN, replace it more frequently. Consult an authorized Kia dealer for details. If an excessive amount of replace any damaged or leaking are required.

Page Vacuum crankcase ventilation Air cleaner filter hoses if equipped Inspect all parts related to the timing A Genuine KIA air cleaner filter is belt for damage and deformation. Inspect the surface of hoses for evi- recommended when the filter is Replace any damaged parts immedi- replaced.

Page Maintenance Cooling system Automatic transaxle fluid Parking brake if equipped Check cooling system components, Inspect the parking brake system such as radiator, coolant reservoir, The fluid level should be in the "HOT" including the parking brake pedal hoses and connections for leakage and cables.

2010 manual ceed pdf kia

Replace any damaged off, check for excessive free-play in parts and, if necessary, repack the the steering wheel. Page Maintenance At least monthly: At least twice a year At least once a year: Page If several procedures can be done only you lack sufficient knowledge sure even after the engine by an Authorized Kia Dealer with stopped.

The fuel jet produced and experience or the proper special tools. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it clean, and re-insert it fully.

Manual kia pdf 2010 ceed

Page Used engine oil may cause irri- Have engine oil and filter changed by tation or cancer of the skin if left an authorized KIA dealer according in contact with the skin for pro- to the Maintenance Schedule at the longed periods of time. Used beginning of this section. Page Bring the level to F, but do not over- and freezing. Brakes And Clutch If the fluid fluid, the vehicle should be level is excessively low, have the inspected by an Authorized Kia brake system checked Dealer.

Authorized Kia Dealer. Do not let it come in result. Place the shift lever in N Neutral position and confirm the engine is running at normal idle speed. Loosen the air cleaner cover 2. Replace the air cleaner filter.

Lock the cover with the cover It must be replaced when necessary. Page Conditions in this section. Use of non-genuine part could dam- age the air flow sensor or tur- bocharger. Climate Control Air Filter fresh are position is selected.

If this hap- pens, have the climate control air fil- ter replaced by an Authorized Kia Dealer. Open the glove box part way, 3. Pull out the cover pressing the 4. Replace the climate control air filter. Reassemble in the reverse order tic line and push the retaining clip ter case. Raise the wiper arm and turn the 4. Compress the clip and slide the 6. Install the blade assembly until it wiper blade assembly to expose blade assembly upward. Install the new blade assembly by inserting the center part into the replacement if equipped slot in the wiper arm until it clicks 1.

Raise the wiper arm and pull out into place. Tires And Wheels If a tire frequently needs refill- on hot days and when driving at ing, have it checked by an high speed. This can potentially Authorized Kia Dealer. Page Maintenance Remove the valve cap from the tire Tire rotation With a full-size spare tire valve stem. Press the tire gage firm- To equalize tread wear, it is recom- ly onto the valve to get a pressure mended that the tires be rotated measurement.

Page Maintenance Disc brake pads should be inspected Wheel alignment and tire for wear whenever tires are rotated. Page Tire Label or then replace the two front or ing a regular size tire. Page Maintenance Wheel replacement Tire traction When replacing the metal wheels for Tire traction can be reduced if you any reason, make sure the new drive on worn tires, tires that are wheels are equivalent to the original improperly inflated or on slippery factory units in diameter, rim width road surfaces.

Page Maintenance Tire speed ratings 2. Page Maintenance 3. Checking tire life TIN: Tire 5. Maximum permissible inflation WARNING - Tire age Identification Number pressure A tire more than 6 years old may Any tires that are over 6 years, based This number is the greatest amount sustain separation of cord lay- on the manufacturing date, tire of air pressure that should be put in The The tread wear grade is a compara- grades represent the tires ability to The temperature grade for this tive rating based on the wear rate of Bulb Replacement Prior to working on the light, expertise, consult an Authorized firmly apply the parking brake, caused by the temperature difference Kia Dealer.

In many cases, it is between the lamp inside and outside. Page If the light bulb is not operating, have touch the glass with bare the vehicle checked by an authorized hands. Residual oil may cause Kia Dealer. A bulb should be operated only when installed in a headlight.

Page If the light bulb is not operating, have 5. Install the socket in the assembly the vehicle checked by an authorized by aligning the tabs on the socket Kia Dealer. Insert the socket into the assembly and turn the socket clockwise. Page Maintenance Interior lights bulb replace- Front map lamp Glove box lamp ment 1.

Using a flat-blade screwdriver, gently pry the lens from the interi- or light housing. Remove the service cover by turn- ing the plastic screw counterclock- replacement 2 Rear turn signal light wise and removing the cover.

Loosen the lens retaining screws 3 Back-up light with a cross-tip screwdriver. Page Pull the bulb the vehicle checked by an authorized the assembly. Kia Dealer. Insert a new bulb by inserting it into the socket and rotating it until it locks into place. Page Maintenance 4. Remove the bulb by pulling it straight out. Insert a new bulb in the socket. Reassemble the socket and the lens part. Connect the bulb electrical con- nector.