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Industrial Policy - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. During the last quarter century, India has made significant progress on various initiatives listed in the industrial policy and much more. The list of. The New Industrial Policy of comes at the center of economic reforms that launched during the early s. All the later reform measures.

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The all-round changes introduced in the industrial policy framework have given a new direction to the future industrialization of the country. Evolution of New Industrial Policy of Government of. India. 60 . , Ahiuwalia, ) and by a broad consensus had emerged on the need for. PDF | This chapter argues against using industrial policy to protect European firms from Industrial policy should be horizontal rather than sector-based and it should be The Excess Burden of Taxation in the United States. Article. Oct

List of all Five Year Plans of India. Expansion 2. The year is an important landmark in the economic history of post-Independence India. Akash Chadha. As part of the policy, the role of public sector has been redefined. Home Classroom What are the features of New industrial policy of ? In this policy private sector has been freed from licensing and other restrictions.

Industrial licensing represented red tapism. Because of the large scale changes, the Industrial Policy of or the new industrial policy represents a major change from the early policy of The new policy contained policy directions for reforms and thus for LPG Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation.

It enlarged the scope of private sector participation to almost all industrial sectors except three modified. Simultaneously, the policy has given welcome to foreign investment and foreign technology. Perhaps, the most welcome change under the new industrial policy was the abolition of the practice of industrial licensing. The policy has limited industrial licensing to less than fifteen sectors.

What are the features of New industrial policy of 1991?

It means that to start an industry, one has to go for license and waiting only in the case of these few selected industries. This has ended the era of license raj or red tapism in the country.

The industrial policy contained the root of the liberalization, privatization and globalization drive made in the country in the later period. The policy has brought changes in the following aspects of industrial regulation:. Industrial delicensing policy or the end of red tapism: Under the industrial licensing policies, private sector firms have to secure licenses to start an industry. This has created long delays in the start up of industries.

What are the features of New industrial policy of ?

The industrial policy of has almost abandoned the industrial licensing system. It has reduced industrial licensing to fifteen sectors. Now only 13 sector need license for starting an industrial operation.

Dereservation of the industrial sector — Previously, the public sector has given reservation especially in the capital goods and key industries.

Industrial Policy 1991

Under industrial deregulation, most of the industrial sectors was opened to the private sector as well. Previously, most of the industrial sectors were reserved to the public sector.

Under the new industrial policy, only three sectors- atomic energy, mining and railways will continue as reserved for public sector. All other sectors have been opened for private sector participation. Reforms related to the Public sector enterprises: The government identified strategic and priority areas for the public sector to concentrate.

Similarly, loss making PSUs were sold to the private sector. The government has adopted disinvestment policy for the restructuring of the public sector in the country. Foreign investment policy: Trade policy reforms 3. Exchange rate management 4.

Fiscal policy 5. BIFR or 2. Other similar high level institutions created for it. Industrial Policy Uploaded by alenwilson. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page.

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Pdf 1991 industrial policy

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Pdf 1991 industrial policy

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