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A single copy of this Handbook is distributed free to all students registered for a TOEFL ITP test. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in. contoh soal reading comprehension tes toefl dan pembahasannya Tes TOEFL bagian Reading Comprehension Section bertujuan untuk. Di bawah ini akan kami bagikan contoh soal bahasa Inggris toefl dan cara penyelesaiannya.

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In this section of the test, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your you take the actual TOEFL test, you will not be allowed to take notes or write in your test book. PART A Untuk mendapatkan soal + pembahasan secara lengkap. Soal TOEFL Lengkap, Listening, Structure, Reading - Free download as PDF File Soal Toefl gratis Lengkap Pembahasan, Contoh Soal latihan Toefl CPNS , Sama dengan soal TOEFL pada umumnya, soal latihan TOEFL gratis ini. Lihat di sini untuk Contoh Tes Listening TOEFL Beserta Audio MP3 Kunci Jawaban. Sesi structure and written expression terdiri dari 40 soal. 40 soal itu terbagi.

The problem can be fixed. Member banks can also borrow money from the Fed, and an additional way that the Fed can control the money supply is to raise or lower the discount rate, the interest rate at which commercial banks borrow from the Fed. They lived on the land, in the sea, and in the sky. Sebelum mengikuti tes ini biasanya Anda membutuhkan sebuah latihan khusus untuk mengerjakan tes agar Anda dapat memperoleh hasil yang maksimal. Dengan kata lain permintaan terbesar berasal dari penduduk kota yang terus berkembang.

C The car that he got was not his first choice. D He didn't really want a new car 27 A Mr. Drew pointedly asked the president about the committee. B The president pointed to Mr. Drew's head. Drew became head of the new commission. Drew was committed to the president's appointments. B She wasn't furious. C She felt there should have been more fairness. D She was extremely angry. B The plates did not need to be washed.

C The man would not be ready to go.

D The dishes would not be done. He knew that grapes were cheaper than cherries. He didn't know that grapes were cheaper than cherries. He bought grapes because they were cheaper than cherries. He didn't buy either grapes or cherries because of the price. Part B Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear longer conversations.

After each conversation, you will hear several questions. Remember, you are not allowed to take notes or write in your test book. A Attend a football game alone. B Go to a sporting event. C Eat in the cafeteria and study. D See a play. A It's the final game of the season.

B It's better than the drama department's play. C It's a very important game. D It's close to the cafeteria. A A play. B A game. C A study group meeting. D Dinner in the cafeteria. A Saturday night. B After dinner in the cafeteria. C Sunday afternoon. D Maybe next weekend. A Trash orbiting Earth. B A trip by an astronaut to the Moon. C The overabundance of garbage on Earth. D Becoming space scientists.

A From a lecture. B In a magazine article. C In a book. D On a television program. A 17, pounds B 3, tons C 3, pounds D tons A She will be able to travel in space.

B The problem will take care of itself. C Scientists will find solutions to the problem. D The junk will fall to Earth. Part C Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several talks.

Pdf dan soal pembahasan gratis toefl

After each talk, you will hear some questions. The talks and questions will not be repeated. Here is an example. Wood began drawing animals on the family farm at the age of three, and when he was thirty-eight one of his paintings received a remarkable amount of public notice and acclaim. This painting, called "American Gothic," is a starkly simple depiction of a serious couple staring directly out at the viewer.

Now listen to a sample question. A narrator What style of painting is known as American regionalist?

Now listen to another sample question. A narrator What is the name of Wood's most successful painting? A On the first day of class A Later today A Journal and magazine articles B Books from outside the library C Books listed in student journals D Both books and journals A Two B Three C Five D Seven A Seasonable, with warm summers and cold winters.

B Fairly constant and moderate. C Very humid. D Extremely hot year-round. A They come from the Southwest. B They come most days of the year. C They are the hardest during the night. D They increase the humidity. A It's a poem about the author. B It's a poem about Abraham Lincoln. C It's a collection of twelve poems that remained unchanged. D It's a volume of poetry that grew with its author. Turn off the recording. Kunci Jawaban 1. B - See more at: Sesi structure and written epxression terdiri dari 40 soal dengan lama pengerjaan soal 25 menit.

Soal sesi ke dua ini terbagi atas dua jenis yaitu structure yang dimulai dari nomor 1 sampai 15 dan soal written expression yang dimulai dari nomor 16 sampai D - See more at: Related Papers. By Linda Claudia.

Toefl pembahasan soal pdf dan gratis

By Ozaan Zan. By Kang Ahsinnur Myna Inmoria. Dan Kelas Percobaan Gratis Ayo daftar sekarang! Alamat Email. Kebijakan Privasi. Pusat Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. D Depok. G Gresik. J Jakarta Jember. K Kediri Kupang. L Lampung. T Tangerang. Y Yogyakarta. Klik di sini. Mari kita coba strategi umum untuk mendapatkan jawaban yang benar Pilihan 1 dan 2 terlihat menyerupai, untuk itu kita dapat menyingkirkan pilihan ini dan melihat pilihan lainnya terlebih dahulu.

Untuk pilihan 3, kita dapat melihat bentuk kata kerja pada kalimat ini tidaklah benar: Sekarang kita dapat kembali ke pilihan 1 dan 2: Dengan begitu urutannya akan menjadi: Never have so many women received law degrees as today.

In the realm of psychological theory Margaret F. Rumus dari adjective clause adalah: Who she believed Who did she believe Kalimat soal sudah memiliki Subject dan Verb yang lengkap, sehingga bukan Subject atau Verb yang kita cari untuk menjawab soal diatas. Researchers use ……….

Their scientific paper The scientific papers What is scientific paper What their scientific paper Langkah yang sama bisa Anda gunakan untuk menjawab soal ini. Pada penelitian terba Silahkan klik di sini dan tinggalkan pertanyaan Anda. Seseorang akan menghubungi Anda kembali. Kota Anda 0. Terima kasih! Mohon isi alamat email yang benar. Pilih kota tempat Anda tinggal.

Hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut. Shes not sure if the ideas are workable. That he wouldnt take the trip. That he would take a break from his study. She understood nothing about the lecture. She thinks the lecture was really interesting. He thinks the speech is too consuming time.

He decided to pull out of it. That Clark would pick them up for the concert. She did hear what he said. She agrees with what he said. She should take the following boat. She should application. After each conversation, you will hear several questions. Remember, you are not allowed to take notes or write in your test book. To show her the bottles of wine B.

To make a list of his purchases D. To open his suitcase. After each talk, you will hear some questions. The talks and questions will not be repeated. Here is an example. On the recording, you hear: Listen to an instructor talk to his class about Helen Adams Keller. Helen Adams Keller was an American author. She was the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

It recounts the story of her life up to age 21 and was written during her time in college. The best answer to the question What was Keller issued at the age 22? Therefore, the correct choice is D. Now, listen to another sample question.

The best answer to the question, Who did help Keller in writing her autobiography? When the students are able to work.

What the students majors are. Why the students want to work.

Contoh Soal TOEFL dan Cara Penyelesaiannya 1

By digging sites D. By observing them closely They lived on the land, in the sea, and in the sky. They were meat eating as well as plant eating. Scientists have studied them for centuries. Items in the first part of this section are incomplete sentences. Under each of these sentences, there are four words or phrases.

Pembahasan toefl dan gratis pdf soal

You will choose the one word or phrases A , B , C , or D that best completes the sentence. Agronomists work to improve the quality of crops, increase the yield of fields, and of the soil. There are two basic kinds of air compressors, reciprocating and. From to , the U. Weather Bureau obtained information about the weather from to box kites. One purpose to decide if there is sufficient evidence to try a person for a crime.

Scientists stress that the overall warming trend of the last decade holds much more significance single years temperatures. When impulses from many of the neurons in one part of the brain, an epileptic seizure occurs. A slipped disk as a condition the intervertebral disk protrudes and presses on nerves. The rest of the items in this section consist of sentences in which four words or phrases have been underlined. You must identify the one underlined expression A , B , C , or D that must be changed in order to correct the sentence.

Latex rubber is made from a milky substantial in plants and trees of the A B C D sapodilla family. Ballads, like folk tales, began thousands of years ago among people who could A B C not read or writing. The first professional baseball game it took place in when the new York A B C nine defeated the new York Knickerbockers 23 to 1.

More than different kinds of nails is manufactured in the United States. The state of new Mexico is not densely population, with an average of only A B C D four people per square kilometer.

Soal TOEFL Lengkap, Listening, Structure, Reading

Alike bases which cause litmus to turn blue, acids cause litmus to turn red. Plant cuttings who are placed in water will develop roots and can then be A B C planted in soil. Lead poisoning can result if to much lead builds up in the body. From to , the capital of the U. Many Civil War battles were fought in Virginia than in any other state.

When T. Eliots The Wasteland appeared in , critics were divided as to A B how well it was wrote. The Wagner Act guarantees workers in the U. According the kinetic theory, all matter consists of constantly moving particles. The average salt content of seawater is more than 3 percents. The isotopes of one element can have different weighs. The differing curricula at the community colleges in Kent County reflect the A B fact that the student population at each sites is not consistent.

Of the two Diomede islands, only one belongs the United States. The novels of Kurt Vonnegut present a desperately comic aware of human nature. Some toxins are produced by alive bacteria, but others are released only after a A B C D bacterium dies. This section is designed to measure your ability to read and understand short passages similar in topic and style to those that students are likely to encounter in north American universities and colleges.

Each one is followed by a number of questions about it. You are to choose one best answer, A , B , C , or D , to each question. Then on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Answer all questions about the information in a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage. Read the following passage.

John Quincy Adams, who served as the sixth president of the United States from to , is today recognized for his masterful statesmanship and diplomacy. He dedicated his life to public service, both in the presidency and in the various other political offers that he held. Throughout his political career he demonstrated his unswerving belief in freedom of speech, the antislavery cause, and the right of Americans to be free from European and Asian domination.

Example 1. Serving the public C. Working on his private business According to the passage, John Quincy Adams dedicated his life to public service. Therefore, you should choose B. Example 2. This implies that the belief did not change. Therefore, you should choose C. Now begin work on the questions. Read the text to answer questions 1 to 9. The next famous woman writer to be considered is Dorothy Parker, an American poet, short story writer, and literary critic who became famous in the early twentieth century for her witty but cynical observations on life.

She got her first paying job as a writer in at the age of twenty-three when she began working for a womens magazine, and nine years later she became a contributor to The new Yorker and regularly had her book reviews appear in Constant Reader, a column in that magazine. This volume of poetry was followed by Sunset Gun , Death and Taxes , and a collection of short stories, Here Lies Her book reviews were published in in a volume entitled Constant Reader.

What topic does the paragraph preceding the passage most likely discuss. Dorothy childhood. American literature of the nineteenth century C. An introduction to literary criticism D. A well-known female author other than Dorothy Parker 2. According to the passage, Dorothy Parker was nOT famous for. The word observations in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by.

Dorothy Parkers first job was. The expression biting wit in paragraph 2 could best be replaced by which of the following? Sadness C. Sharp humor D.

Read the text to answer the questions 10 to Fog occurs when moisture from the surface of the Earth evaporates; as this evaporated moisture moves upward, it cools and condenses into the familiar phenomenon of fog. Fog differs from clouds in that fog touches the surface of the Earth, while clouds do not. Of the two types of fog, advection fog occurs along the ocean coast or near rivers and lakes.

This type of fast-moving fog, which may cover vast areas, occurs when the temperature of the wind blowing over a body of water differs from the temperature of the body of water itself. This kind of fog can occur when warm air moves over a cold surface of water; this commonly occurs along the ocean coastline or along the shores of large lakes. Advection fog can also occur when cooler air moves over the surface of warmer water; this is very common in the winter in an area such as Florida, where the temperature of the lakes is quite warm in relation to the temperature of the air.

Radiation fog, quite different from advection fog, is immobile, cloudlike moisture generally found hovering over wintertime valleys. It occurs on clear nights when the Earths warmth escapes into the upper atmosphere; the ground gives off heat through radiation. As the land becomes cooler, the air above it also becomes cooler. This cooler air is unable to hold as much water vapor as it had when it was warmer; in this manner fog is created.

According to the passage, fog is formed when wetness in the air is.

Contoh Soal TOEFL dan Cara Penyelesaiannya 1

The word familiar in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by. The word vast in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to A.

According to the passage, which of the following statements about fog is nOT true? Advection fog occurs when the cooled atmosphere meets with heat from the Earth. Radiation fog is the type of fog that occurs in small valleys on clear nights. The pronoun it in paragraph 3 refers to which of the following? The authors purpose in this passage is to.

The word manner in paragraph 3 refers to. The fact that cooler air is unable to hold as much water vapor B. The way the fog is created C.

A warmer condition when the fog is created D. The way the cooler air becomes fog. Read the text to answer questions 20 to Harvard University, today recognized as part of the top echelon of the worlds universities, came from very inauspicious and humble beginnings.

This oldest of American universities was founded in , just sixteen years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth. Because of this support in the colony for an institution of higher learning, the General Court of Massachusetts appropriated pounds for a college in October of and early the following year decided on a parcel of land for the school; this land was in an area called newetowne, which was later renamed Cambridge after its English cousin and is the site of the present-day university.

When a young minister named John Harvard, who came from the neighboring town of Charlestowne, died from tuberculosis in , he willed half of his estate of 1, pounds to the fledgling college. The amount of the bequest may not have been large, particularly by todays standards, but it was more than the General Court had found it necessary to appropriate in order to open the college. Henry Dunster was appointed the first president of Harvard in , and it should be noted that in addition to serving as president, he was also the entire faculty, with an entering freshman class of four students.

Although the staff did expand somewhat, for the first century of its existence the entire teaching staff consisted of the president and three or four tutors. The main idea of this passage is that. Harvard is one of the worlds most prestigious universities B.

John Harvard was key to the development of a great university D. Harvard University developed under the auspices of the General Court of Massachusetts. Which of the following is nOT mentioned about John Harvard? What he died of.

Where he came from C. Where he was buried D. How much he bequeathed to Harvard. The word fledgling in paragraph 3 could best be replaced by which of the following? The pronoun they in paragraph 2 refers to.

Oxford and Universities. Henry Dunster spent much of his time as president managing the Harvard faculty. The word somewhat in the last paragraph could best be replaced by. Where in the passage does it indicate how much money Minister Harvard was really responsible for giving to the university?

Read the text to answers questions 31 to A binary star is actually a pair of stars that are held together by the force of gravity. Although occasionally the individual stars that compose a binary star can be distinguished, they generally appear as one star.

The gravitational pull between the individual stars of a binary star causes one to orbit around the other. From the orbital pattern of a binary, the mass of its stars can be determined: Scientists have discovered stars that seem to orbit around an empty space. The empty space is known as a black hole, a star with a strong gravitational force that no light is able to get through. Although the existence of black holes has not been proven, the theory of their existence has been around for about two centuries, since the French mathematician Pierre Simon de Laplace first proposed the concept at the end of the eighteenth century.

Scientific interest in this theory has been intense in the last few decades. However, currently the theory is unproven. Black holes can only be potentially identified based on the interactions of objects around them, as happens when a potential black hole is part of a binary star; they of course cannot be seen because of the inability of any light to escape the stars powerful gravity.