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PDF | One hundred and seventy-three years ago, the last two Great Auks, Pinguinus impennis, Jessica Emma Thomas at Swansea University. PDF | Evidence that experiences of nature can benefit people has Lara S. Franco 1,*, Danielle F. Shanahan 2 and Richard A. Fuller 1 Bate-Smith, E. Attractants and repellents in higher animals. Emma Lawton. Speakers: Buddy D. Ratner, PhD, David G. Castner, PhD, Lara J. Gamble, PhD and Daniel Moderators: Emma Gargus and Hunter Rogers.

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Application of this technique to Romano-British deposits in the Exmoor region has enabled the development of a classification scheme of smelting waste contexts which has in turn permitted stratigraphic sequences of such deposits to be interpreted in terms of the patterns of technological activity which produced them. However, there is some evidence of very comprehensive metal processing which is sometimes erroneously claimed as evidence of primary production. Hunter, G. By the courtesy and curiosity of director Madeleine Betschart of the Museum Schwab in Biel it was possible to do several analysis on two ingots which differ in shape and weight. This paper discusses the findings, to-date, of doctoral research being carried out in the School of Archaeology, University College Dublin.

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